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New Age Music

Abandoned toys - new age music
Beautiful ambient, new age, and modern classicla music composer
Advancing Independent Music
for musicians and music industry personnel
Composer Bryan Tewell Hughes puts a contemporary twist on traditional New Age E-Music - site includes bio, ordering info, and many audio samples in RealAudio, WinMedia, and MP3 formats...
Airbrush Tattoos
E. B. A. - Airbrush Tattoo Supplies - FREE samples, waterproof inks, stencil superstore, airbrushes, compressors, complete kits, how to - DVD. For discounts and specials: Call toll free 1-800-991-4322.
Angels ~ Angelic Music ~ Ann Warner
Angel Music cassettes offered by donation. For meditation, relaxation and healing.
Attila Kovacs, musician-songwriter, New-age, classical
Attila Kovacs, independent artist. CD release: Hungarian Dawn - newage, classical Quote: A beautifully structured neo-classical album. This superbly crafted work is both elegant and orderly whilst retaining exciting and stimulating elements.
Calliope Media
Click on ScruTiny in the Great Round. It's a great multi-media, music, art --- you name it experience.
Catherine Duc
Instrumentals blending elements of Ambient, New Age, Electronica and World music. Similar in style to Enigma and Enya.
costa verde production
Music for Relaxation, World Music
Creative music, styles and multimedia for relaxation

Dead Poets Society - official site.
official site of the electronic soothing American band Dead Poets Society, featuring free mp3 downloads, streams, news, pics, show dates, wallpaper, and more!
denebulae instrumental soundscapes for Tai Chi, Reiki, meditational ambience,ritual enhancement,personal growth practice. DJ Benno Veugen, ABRadio 105.8FM Holland, promotes denebulae every week in New Age program TEP ZEPPI broadcast to Amsterdam
Natural Nourishment, Self-education, the right use of the Cosmic Energy, Holistics and other brand new updated information and instruments for this changing civilisation. Also natural products, contacts, astrology, downloads and many more. Enjoy it carefu
Ephemeral mists
Ambient world fusion music
Iceberg Music
Tracy Berg's instrumental music is a very colorful blend of New Age/Jazz/Pop performed in different settings. From solo acoustic piano to synthisizers with rhythm section, there is virtually something for everyone.
Journey Of The Spirit - An Inspirational Story
Inspirational Story of the discovery of a thousand year old message. Stories of enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, awakening, inner peace. Uplifting inspirational music by Gary Pecorella, positive, inspiring, motivational, mystical, spiritual.
Keoki Trask - The Hidden Forest
Rated #1 for New Age music world-wide. Visit The Hidden Forest and discover how award-winning New Age / Electronica artist Keoki Trask is bringing back the story to the CD. Free MP3 streaming audio samples, artwork, poetry, fan club and much more!
Ladyslipper Music
"A non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to heighten public awareness of the achievements of women artists and musicians, and to expand the scope and availability of recordings by women."
Mindvoyager Audio
High-quality CDs and downloads for relaxation, meditation, creativity and alertness, all with brain entrainment frequencies.
New Age Music
New Age Music is a specialist in every new age music, classical, jazz, world music, opera, unfindable CDs. I
New Age Music Center
Home of Only New Age Music, Inc. a consulting and marketing service company, the recordlabel Beyond and Suzanne Doucet, president and founder. The New Age Music Center provides also information and vast links.
Nuevas Mķsicas: meeting point of indie new age musicians
Meeting point of indie new age musicians all over the net. Find free music, and get to know new age independent artists. Includes ezine and forum
Good selection; nice people. Browse and enjoy the samples.
Priscilla Hernandez singer-songwriter and fairy illustrator
Ethereal, haunting, discover the bittersweet spellbinding side of fairytales in her music.
Radio Druid
Radio Druid...Radio for Druids...and those who love them...and peace....
Relaxing New Age Music MP3 Instrumental Downloads Amid Haunting Ambiences.
New age music in hypnotic space ambient compositions with free mp3 downloads. Mark describes his music as Yanni meets Pink Floyd's synthesizer sound effects.
Robbies Guided Meditation
Online store providing the Guided Meditation CDís of Cornish Healer Robbie Wright. Background music by Neil H.
Round Sky Music
Round Sky Music is the home of Grammy Nominated Composer Paul Avgerinos . His latest album , Phos Hilaron , is in the top ten on the Charts ( ) . There are free MP3s to download and full length pieces stream.
Sequoia Records Online
Music of Earth and Spirit from David and Steve Gordon, Gary Stadler, and Zingaia. Free samples in MP3, Real Audio, and WAV formats, plus artwork.
Timothy Pike - Help Me Go Platinum
Timothy Pike composes soothing music he describes as "melodic adventures." His goal is to become a platinum-selling artist while donating a portion of the sales to community programs that help kids in underserved neighborhoods achieve dreams of their own.
Vibratune - Meditation Relaxation music
Vibratune music is a new form of meditation music that blends ancient instruments and modern technology to create a powerful and deep atmosphere for relaxation.
World of Sound Records
World Music,New Age Distribution

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