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New Age Products & Self-Help Tools

-: THERIACA :: Rejuvenating Tonic Tea :: For Vitality and Well-Being :: www
Theriaca is a Superfood naturally alkaline and extremely high in anti-oxidants, saponins, germanium, resveratrol, beta-glucans and a full spectrum of rare health-enhancing nutrients and minerals, has powerful antiaging, antiviral, antifungal properties…
50 Spiritual Movies
Free Ebook - 50 Spiritual Movies - reviews motivational and spiritual cinema and features links to worthy charities. Help others and find out how many of these 50 inspirational movies you've seen. In PDF format - Free to brand with your links!
A Free Metaphysical Newsletter
We've had a tremendous response to this Newsletter ....join us today !
A Heavenly Alchemy
A Heavenly Alchemy offers products to help you on your spiritual quest whatever path you may choose. Free Shipping on orders over $45.00 & FREE MONTHLY CONTEST!
A Star Language: CODEX
A powerful and unique spiritual technology featuring 180 interdimensional symbols. Work with mandalas, sigils, blueprints, energy circuits and more. These symbols have been downloaded from six star systems for transformational use and accelerated change.
A Yawn Machine
A free self-help method of easily and thoroughly discharging bad energy connected to unpleasant people, places, events, thoughts, emotions etc. in this lifetime or earlier.
Ancient Journey
Ancient Journey is a New Age, Metaphysical & Spiritual Product, Gift & Supply Store. Offering 100's of Unique Products & Gifts including Museum Quality Reproductions of Cultural & Historical Artifacts. Visit us Today & Experience Ancient Journey!
Angelica Rose-The Heart of Motivation
Angelica Rose, a national gifted training specialist and spiritual teacher since 1984. Providing private session to transform into higher conscious living. Author of Living life as you always dreamed and Secrets to running a successful business
Astral Projection
A downloadable tool to help induce astral projection
Awakening Mind by Enlighteded Enterprises
Books and e-books on using mind machines to create spiritual and natural states of consciousness, including spiritual enlightenment. We also have mind machines, biofeedback devices, subliminals and hypnosis programs and East Indian gifts.
Azure Moon Jewelry And Gifts
Handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry, Buddhas, candles/holders,crystal balls, Ganesh, gemstone power bracelets, pyramids, Guan Yin, incense & burners, Metaphysical/Pagan/Wiccan items, mystery balls, Ohm items, Quartz wizards and much more!
B Witched Products
This is the BEST site on the web for all your magickal needs!! You will even find a forum, magickal calender, online BOS, and so much more!
Balsamic Moon - jewelry, magical gifts and more
Offers quality handmade magical gifts and gorgeous one-of-a-kind magical gemstone pendants. Lots of tarot and magical information! FREE tarot reading, too.
Barry Long Books
Catalogue of the work of Australian spiritual teacher Barry Long. Books on meditation, self-discovery, love and relationships, enlightenment and the spiritual nature of man and woman.
Bella Luna Metaphysical
Bella Luna has a large selection of New Age, Metaphysical, Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Hindu and other spiritual products. You'll find products for whatever path you are on. We also offer self-discovery and meditation items.
Blessed Moon
New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, Occult and Ritual Supplies. Books, jewelry, music, candles, incense, home decor and moe.
Bodhisattva Trading Co.
Incredible Tibetan singing bowls site with tons of really high quality photos, Mp3 sound samples, videos, history of the bowls, etc. They ship worldwide and offer a 30-day satisfaction or your money back guarantee. Check it out! - The Web's Favorite Book Price Comparison Site compares book prices from numerous online bookstores and publishers, and also provides lots of other useful literary resources too, including searchable book review archives and more.
Cape Cod Crystal Creations
Unique natural quartz crystal macrame decor.Plant hangers,fairies, fish bowls for betas,flower and rooter vases,display shelves,handbeaded crystal valances,design your own!
CenterPeace, spiritual events and experiences
CenterPeace creats and produces workshops, seminars and conferences focused on holistic health, expanding awareness and spirituality including the Wise Women Weekend.
Charms To Enchant
Online new age gift and witchcaft supply store with over 1,000 items featuring herbs, candles, angel and fairy figurines, tarot cards, incense, cds, jewellery gothic furniture and much more. Worldwide shipping, excellent customer service.
Coconut Coast Natural Products
Offering handmade natural soap and solar bath salts. Our all natural bath products are handcrafted in Hawaii with pure essential oils and locally grown organic botanicals.
College of Metaphysical Studies - New Age Ministries, The
The College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS), located in Clearwater, Florida, was established in 1986 and offers education for on-campus or distant learning (home study). We are authorized by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities t
Colour Energy
Colour Energy is the leading source for colour and aura products, services and education.
Connections, Jigsaw Puzzles for Healing
Unique and beautiful jigsaw puzzles with the power to heal through meditation and self-awareness. Life is a puzzle... let your puzzles help you figure yours out!
Constant Creator
Here is a straightforward, almost humorous approach to self improvement and actualization! This book is all about getting you back to your own creative power in as simple a manner as possible. Visit the site for inspiring articles as well.
Cosmic Counter
Cosmic Counter New Age Shop, Witchcraft Supplies and Pagan Gifts Cosmic Counter has been developed to provide New Age, Mystical, Alternative and Spiritual lifestyle products.
Cosmic Stars
An eyecatching array of Fantasy Ceramic Art Tiles as well as a unique blend of esoteric, pagan, medieval and Far Eastern products.
Creative Creations Crystal Potpourri
Our all-natural line of crystal potpourri is made from hard, yet porous crystals. These crystals are infused with pure oil
Crow Talker
Wholesale New Age, Pagan, and Ethnic molds for making soap, chocolate, concrete, and other items.
Crystal Balls
Your online retailer for Spiritual/Mind, Body & Spirit gifts, including Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Incense, Dreamcatchers & More. Fast UK Delivery & Secure Online Ordering.
Crystal Healing Pendants To Create an Abundant life
The Most Powerful Spiritual Awakening Tool In the World, Money Back Guarantee.
Crystal Seas
Handcrafted jewellerey made with crystals and stones, crystals, pendulums and newage music.
crystalwear - metaphysical store
suppliers of crystals and crystal products, tarot and tarot accessories, runes, pendulums and many more tools for divination and communication. We have many gift ideas and some wonderful healing and spiritual items.
CyberMoon Emporium
Witchcraft supplies for all your altar, ritual and spell crafting needs. Charmed, celtic, pagan, wiccan, witch, goddess, fairy, dragon and elfin jewelry. Free online Book of Shadows and spells. Sign up for our free newsletters.
Darwin's Spiritual Evolution
Esoteric Spiritual Classes, attunement based, Hawaiian, Tibetan, Egyptian, Taoist and many others. Taught distant by phone, email, internet messaging. Free information on meditation, spiritual advancement.
Dreamtime Meditation Systems
Has a great line of self-hypnosis cd's and casettes with lot's of backgrounds. Also has a site w/ music cd's for meditation, yoga, etc..
crafting candles for your personality,and tarot readings
Earth Spirit Emporium
Earth Spirit Emporium is an online source for metaphysical, wiccan, magickal and other spiritual supplies such as books, oils, herbs, candles, incense and baths. Also a place for like minded people to meet, post messages and even chat
Earth Spirits
An e-commerce site specializing in World Arts and Crafts, Feng Shui, Fine Interior Furnishings and Yard and Garden Items including Fountains and Sculptures.
Earthoracles offers free decision-making tools: Oracles. These animated oracles games with music are free to website owners and their visitors. Should you wish, these oracles can be purchased for mobile phone.
Elysian New Age Shop Online
New age music, astrology reports, new age gift kits and boxed sets, divination items, books and hypnotherapy videos, oracle cards and self-help CDs.
Emoon Jewelry
Handcrafted gemstone jewelry as well as nice quartz and other gemstones available.
Enchanted Charms
Products to help focus your positive thoughts to heal any problem, physical or spiritual. Candles, incense, oils, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, Celtic, crystals, herbs, therapy teas, I-Ching coins, amulets, new age books, tapes, posters and CD's.
Equinox Books & Gifts
Online new age gift store featuring beautiful and unique holistic products such as alternative and new age books, aromatherapy oils and candles, flower essences, pendulums, lavender dream pillows, blank journals, gemstone jewelry and more.
Essence of Time
Discover ancient vibrational healing properties of flowering plants and their contribution to modern times. Includes charts, descriptions, online ordering
Eternity Sky
offers a large selection of new age gifts including greeting cards, stickers, astrological gemulets, magical spell gemulets, jewelry, and more!
Etheric Realms
Publishers of spiritual books music poetry and articles
Evolving World Creations
Metaphysical and New Age Gifts and Products
Fey Dragon Metaphysical Witchcraft Supplies
A metaphysical supply and witchcraft store featuring many handcrafted items including ritual inks, chocolates, wooden athames, and others. Pagan clergy listing and recommended reading lists.
FREE HEALING CATALOG and other healing links
Free healing catalog request. After submitting, you have the options for free web traffic, neem herbal medicine, or protect Krishna's cows.
galactik connections. Awaking Tools.
Moon & Mayan Calendar. Chakra Poster. Galactic Connections 2009 booklet. Awaking tools and graphics. Goadaydreamer artwork.
Surround yourself with new age home decor that will ground you in your personal space. Fountians, fairies, Morrocan home accents, dragons, incense burners and other beautiful gifts.
Healing through Compassion...Fire through Spirit
CORBIE has been on the healer's path for seventeen years. “If our hearts are open, whole, and aligned with Spirit, anything is possible!" Aura cleansing/balancing, intuitive counseling, spirit retrieval/reconciliation, energy healing. Phone consultation
High HavingnessCoaching - Spiritual Life Coaching
Discover Your Life Purpose from your heart's desires, inner guidance & Soul's urges & manifest your purpose in the world. Begin your journey! Suzanne Strisower, M.A., PCC, Spiritual Life Purpose Coach - New age shop for the body, mind and spirit
New age and health products including flower essences, crystals, tachyons, mystical and angel gifts, yoga supplies, jewellery, new age music and health books. High quality at reasonable prices.
Himalayan Bowls
Singing bowls from the source - fine antique Tibetan singing bowls from Himalayan Bowls. Mp3's, photos, videos, info.
Home spa, day spa and resort spa
All you need to know about spa
India Pilgrimage Videos & Srimad Bhagavatam CDs at cost
See some incredible home movies of holy places in India. Yoga of Traveling videos sold at cost for $5 including shipping in the US. Srimad Bhagavatam CDs for $3.50. Free Vedic Ebook downloads. Om Namah Shivaya Shantayay!
Inspirit Me
Theme of individual, societal & global transformation. Articles, books, artwork and product links for meditation, self-work, right livelihood creation and much more.
Intrasound Gel and Powder
I have used these frequency-resonated products for over three years and consider them gifts from Spirit in these accelerated times. Original formula Intrasound Gel and Powder - Powerful balancing tools.
Intuitive Life Coach
Creative Problem Solving Solutions by your own Personal Intuitive Life Coach. Coaching you to make your own miracles and to design your own future!
iSiS Crystals
shop and healing centre, crystals, reiki, reflexology, indian head massage, hypnotherapy, past life therapy, shiatsu, counselling, aromatherapy, acupuncture. shop selling new age products including: crystals, minerals, fossils, books, music, videos, wind
Kadmon Life Coaching Training
Distance training in life and personal coaching with a holistic and spiritual perspective. Become a New Age coach!
Life Balance Energetics
LIFE BALANCE ENERGETICS a gentle, noninvasive healing treatment; releases stuck energies using the latest Vibrational Medicine/Energy Psychology modalities. Uses the energy field to restore balance via Phone consults/Coaching/Distance Healing sessions.
Llewellyn Publlishing
Llewellyn is the world's Oldest publisher of New Age Books.
LuminesScents Black Leather Scented Candles
LuminesScents offers hand poured black, leather scented candles. These candles stay entirely black throughout their long burn, with an intoxicating leather scent. Available in pillars, votives, tealights, specials.
Luna Arcana
New age & spiritual themed webstore: We carry celtic and pagan/wiccan jewelry, Blessed Herbal candles & incense, keepsake boxes, handcrafted candle tiles, affirmation and intention spell kits, journals and more! We are dedicated to great service!
Lynda Hilburn's Guided Hypnotherapy CDs
Explore your inner worlds, uncover your beliefs and change your life. These powerful, healing and transformational Guided Hypnotherapy sessions on CD are like having an individual hypnotherapy appointment with Lynda in the privacy of your own home.
Magic Charms
New Age ,Pagan and Wicca suplies shop packed with all you need for spell casting and rituals
Magical Gifts
Online Metaphysical & New Age Shop selling tarot cards, oracle cards, pagan, wicca, books, self help, crystals, divination & much more. We provide fast shipping worldwide.
Take charge of your destiny in one consultation and a name change and reach the goals you have in life, with the quality of life you want.
Magick Moods
We carry ritual supplies including wands, chalices, athames, pendulums, statues, robes, magickal supplies, incense, enchanted jewelry, cauldrons, wooden boxes, books, rings, pendants, pentacles, herbs, and much more!
Magickal, Metaphysical Mall & Community - Mystical Planet, A covers holistic and metaphysical interests (from feng shui and magick to spirituality and aromatherapy), that offers charitable contributions, newsletters, moon aspects, daily quotes, free e-mail, and more.
Magickalystics Online Metaphysical Store
One-stop shopping for Pagan, Wiccan, Metaphysical, Occult, and New Age needs. Select from thousands of books, giftware items, herbs, incense, oils, jewelry, sarongs, ritual tools, altar supplies, and statuary.
Marie's Crystal
Handcrafted Swarovski Crystal Chakra products in the Metaphysical Category. Great for Chakra clearing meditation. Great gifts for friends working with Chakra levels.
Merry-meet online store...for all of your magickal needs!
Merry-meet has all of your magickal needs...herbs, incense, oils, stones and crystals, altar supplies, hand-made candles, Ivory Coast drums, and much more!!!
Metaphysical Art and Metaphysical Life coach
Metaphysical Art and Metaphysical Life coach Metaphysical Art created with Sacred Geometry, copper healing orgone and crystal tools, copper pyramid and platonic solids .Stereo gram healing new DNA technology activation prints .Spiritual cosmic coaching
Metaphysical Glass Pyramids and More
We specialize in unique and beautiful New Age/ Metaphysical Glass Wishing Pyramids, Art Glass Tarot Boxes, Glass Incense Holders, and Glass Candle Bases.
Metaphysical products for soul growth and personal development
Books, cassette tapes, correspondence courses and workshops for spiritual psychic development and personal growth
Millineum books and gifts
We hope you enjoy shopping here. We have a variety of products that will enhance your spiritual journey and path to self discovery. We offer our products at 20% lower cost then most other companies.
Mind-Body-Spirit Central
A community of metaphysically-inspired individuals. We offer free ebooks and solicit articles on metaphysical topics. Metaphysical gifts and supplies: banners, candles, essential oils, meditation tools, incense, pendulums, singing bowls and more.
Moondance - New Age and Metaphysical products for mind, body, and spirit
Whether you're searching for your spiritual path, or you are already on one, you'll find our products to be most helpful. We offer a large selection of products for followers of many spiritual paths from New Age to Pagan.
Moondust And Angels
A new-age resource with a wide range of interesting products, jewellery and gifts which cater to the new-age, wiccan, pagan and esoteric communities.
Moonlight Mysteries: Mystical Gifts and Accessories
Beautiful Pagan, wiccan, and celtic jewelry and supplies. Find Pentacles, talismans, Cloaks, tapestries, and much more.
Moonsurfing is a heart based lunar-astrology tool to cultivate the gardens of our souls by revealing the subconscious influences of the phases of the moon on everyday life.
Morningstar Flower and Vibrational Essences
A wide range of Flower and Vibrational essences for personal and planetary transformation and healing. Articles on everything from astrology to shamanism and a free monthly newsletter!
Mystic Gems
Pagan, Wicca and new age supplies. Books CD's herbs, Oils, Incence ritual tools and much more
Stonehenge healing energys with cropcircle playing cards druid playing pieces and merlin energys with ESP help you develope your enlightenment Aura
Mystical Parties - New Age Party Plan
General New Age, Metaphysical, Wicca product sales via Party Plan in Australia and Online Worldwide.
Natural Salt Lamps
Our Salt Lamps are Nature's Ionizers and Vitamins of Air. They purify Air and improve healing in many diseases.
New Age Alternative
Your one stop shop for New Age and Alternative supplies and jewellery. A UK based site. A large selection of books and jewellery, Tarot and witchcraft, herbs and candles.
New Age Pagan
An International Wicca Supply Store With A Reputation For Superior Customer Service. We Stock A Wide Selection Of Altar Supplies, Ritual Items And Divination Tools.
New World Library
New World Library publishes books and audios that inspire us to improve the quality of our lives and our world.
Online book store for the new age book worm
Books and resources for the enlightened alternative lifestyle
Pagan Shopping Online
Witchcraft supplies and ritual items for the practicing Wiccan and Pagan. Affordable plus Convenient and Secure.
Pagan Wind
Wiccan owned site with ritual supplies, clothing and more
Paradise Fountains
Paradise Fountains are high quality, charming, original, beautiful, inspirational, all-natural works of art. They open the inner and outer senses with the sounds and sights of flowing water, reminding us that flow and change are a natural part of life.
Partners Within - Partnership Between Our Human and Higher Powers   http://www.PartnersWithin.Com
Offering ten partnerships between our human and higher powers. These partnerships use prayer to guide our behavior and thoughts, and meditation to nurture our feelings and beliefs.
Passages OnLine Store for New Age, Metaphysical, Spiritual
A cyberspace venue of Passages retail store for metaphysical, new age, magical and spiritual products and gifts, books, music, incense, candles, essential oils, ritual items and more.
PathAsGoal Spiritual Auction provides auctions and classified advertisements for spiritual, religious and health-related goods and services. product and service categories include Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Martial Arts, Christianity, Metaphysical, Me
PATINKAS: One Stop Crystal Healing Shop
Dazzling array of Gemstone Jewellery + Extensive Healing Tools: Pendulums, Wands, Palms, Chakra Sets, Platonic Solids. Crystals for Pets & Children, Rare Crystals & Specimens + free info & features. UK-based, award-winning, online store
Wholesale "New Age-Metaphysical" Crystal, Minerals, Healing Stones & Gemstone Supplier
Quantum Healing Center
QHC offers a variety of beautiful and life-changing products and services to assist people in their spiritual growth and personal transformation.
Radiant Journey - Essential: for the Spirit
Radiant Journey offers aromatherapy products that promote and inspire spriritual awareness and acknowledgement of your unique spriritual essence.
Beautiful crystals, minerals and jewelry wholesale & retail. Transformational and innovative energy tools created by the Rainbowologist. Celebrating the beauty in each of us.
Raise Money A New Way
Set up a money legacy for your child or grandchild's church, school, PTA, Little League, teen program and not be bothered anymore with pleas for donations. Go to:
Raven Spirit Creations and Spiritual Medicine
Shamanic and Celtic Art: Spiritual counceling, spirit guide communication and channelings offered by a practitioner of shamanic healing and European mysticism.
Reiki Vision Cards

ReikiJoy Jewelry
ReikiJoy Jewelry has a directory for practitiioners, articals and information about Reiki, and Reiki kanji, energy and yoga earrings, pendants, and pins.
Relaxation Emporium
Everything you need to relax. Information about relaxation and stress management. Products include tea, music, fountains, candles, and more.
Restoring Harmony
We are a new age retailer with the desire to help people by providing products that soothe, calm and rejuvenate. Enjoy our selection of gifts and products including angels, candles, essential oils, incense, fountains, windchimes and more.
Robert Coon - Vision 2020
Earth Chakras, Sacred Sites and Physical Immortality
Rocklady, The building of a Labyrinth
One womans gift to help world peace!!
Quality business research @ competitive prices RocSearch offers a broad range of exclusive, customized general business services and in-depth research capabilities.
Ruby Rock Bookstore
Your New Age home for all things Metaphysical: Books, Audio, Gifts, Free Events Calendar, Articles, Links to Radio Stations and Archived Radio Talk Interviews of the Masters
Science Fiction Fantasy posters, astronomy
Moon poster, constellations, star machine, stellar computer, fantasy posters, science fiction posters, lunar wall chart
Secret Changes
Providing tools for personal growth and achievement to help you begin a path to self improvement and overcome limiting beliefs by using the law of attraction, affirmations, visualization, subliminal learning and more.
Self Help Books | Self Improvement Seminars
Self Help Self Improvement Online Seminars. Money, Relationships, Marriage, Children, Problem Solving, Goals, Success, Happiness, and more...
Sensitive World
Angels, Dragons, Wizards, Books, Music, Figuerines, Oil Burners, Incense & Burners, Home Decor, Wiccan, Tarot, Runes
Shaman´s Online-Shop
Reichhaltiges Warenangebot für den esoterischen Bedarf.
Shankari jewelry Online Web Store
My pendants, rings, earrings, wands and sacred objects are living fields of energy, created in sacred space by loving individuals. My designs speak for themselves. They are clean, harmonious, integrated, intricate, original and empowering to the wearer.
Silver Lake East
We are the largest New Age/Holistic Center in Putnam County New York!
Silver Unicorn Spirit Gifts
Providing Healing, Miracle Vial Aromatheray Necklaces combine reiki, essential oils, gemstones, and personalizing with Astrology
come on in and sit for a spell. see what we have to delight you . If you don't see what you need we will find it for yoy .tarot readings by request via cam for live reading.
Sounds True
Sounds True is a publisher of more than 600 audio programs and learning tools featuring the leading spiritual teachers, healers, thinkers, and visionary artists of our time.
Speaking Tree Books
We specialise in bringing you the best titles in spirituality, healing, new age and underground culture, fiction, childrens and more, at outrageously good prices.
Spirals of Light Handcrafted Jewelry
Unique handmade jewelry: gemstone chakra jewelry, Yoga jewelry; dolphin jewelry, wire wrap jewelry and crystal suncatchers.
Spirit Circle Metaphysical Gifts
Heartfelt, positive and healing gifts for wellness of body/mind/spirit. Peaceful and empowering tools for transpersonal growth. Especially popular in metaphysical, spirituality, 12-step and self-help communities. Secure online ordering.
Spiritual Beginnings
Chakra Water has been created as a tool to help during or before moments that a person is working with their chakras, to give them a boost of energy as well as to help cleanz and clear any debris that may be blocking the flow of energy.
Spiritual Guidance Tarot
Spirituality and personal empowerment resources
Spiritual Life Coach, Metaphysical Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Energy Balanc
Lynda Koenemann, JD., C.Ht., Metaphysical Spiritual Life Coach provides success tools to help you enjoy a happier, more fulfilled life, career or business. Services: Metaphysical Counseling, Hypnotherapy Ohio, Energy Clearing and Balancing.
Fantasy New Age Gifts and Books including inspirational items, wicca supplies, and psychic/tarot/spirit readings and New Age Education.
sticks stones crystals and gnomes
We present our handcrafted natural fountains,centerpieces, angels, gnomes, fairies, nightlights, custom made crystal jewelry, quartz, amethyst, lapis, turquoise and much more...All created with the respect that Mother Earth deserves.
Terra Spiritual Wares (beta site)
Terra Spiritual Wares is a convenient source for Specialty & New Age Products where you will have a peace of mind with your socially conscious purchases. Updated Weekly
The Chakra Shop
The Chakra Shop offers crystal healing wands, chakra pendants, crystal massage tools, acupressure wands, enchanted gemstone notebooks, zodiac sign jewelry and rune stone tarots sets and pendants - Designed with love and crafted with joy!
The Crystal Cloister
Universal gemstone prayer beads, crafted by a spiritual artisan, for aid in meditation, prayer, stress relief and wellness. Our website also includes information on using prayer beads, gemstone lore and the artisan's blog.
The Goddess Closet
The Goddess Closet is a new age store devoted to customer satisfaction. Specializing in new age, pagan, wiccan supplies which are beautiful and unique. Feel free to look around, stay a while and please do return often.
The Guided Meditation Site
An in depth site providing information on how to meditate, music for meditation (including some free music), assistance for meditation teachers, personal development guidance and guided meditations to download.
The Healing Waterfall
Guided imagery and guided meditation programs. Hear free samples and download MP3s.
The Herb's n Stuff Store
We provide proven high quality nutritional products which are easy to select and incredibly effective. Top notch products at reasonable prices!
The Higher Source store
Meditation supplies, herbs and herbal remedies
The Midnight Dove Herbs, Oils, and Heling Arts
Products and supplies for Energy Healers and Lightworkers of all kinds.
The Old Age Metaphysical Country Store
Metaphysical products for self discovery, self empowerment or spiritual enlightenment. We specialize in high quality crystals and minerals; an excellent selection of jewelry, metaphysical books, tarot decks, incense, candles, essential oils, and music.
The Radionics Magnetic Shop
You can purchase online our "Spiritual Radionics Energy Drawing Symbols" and other irradiating products like magnetic board. These are among the best active and beneficial "Radionics Energy Drawing Symbols" ever created.
The Sacred Feminine
Inspiring art work, candles and jewerly, designed by Montserrat with her images of Goddesses, Faeries, Angels and Mermaids.
The Silver Violet Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry
Factory Direct Sterling silver jewelry set with Natural gemstones. Hundreds of styles to chose from. Your choice of gemstones. Distributor is located in the US. Custom orders welcome.
The Spiritual Inspiration Shop
Online shopping for a wide range of spiritually inspired products and gifts for personal growth. Regardless of faith or religion there is something here for everyone. Tarot and Spiritual Counselling available.
The Tranquility Training Method
The Tranquility Training Method is a 21st century approach to meditation that will help you achieve a profoundly peaceful state of being as easily as wearing headphones! This site provides valuable information on exploring consciousness.

Toolboxes for Women
Self-Help Products and Personal Growth Tools for Women for Self-Empowerment, Self-Development & Success! Inspirational & Motivational books and workbooks, health and beauty aids, motivational CDs, to help you create a balanced success-filled life.
Traditional Tibetan Herbs
Offers Tibetan medicinal herb supplements and related health products for a wide range of problems.
Tranquility Books & Wellness Center

Triple Moon
Triple Moon sells crystals, candles, relaxing music, tarot and other tools for spiritual self-development, as well as providing free information about different spiritual paths and healing.
Universal Spirit University and Seminary
Universal Spirit University offers Bachelors, Master, and Doctorate degrees by distance in any spiritual or religious major. We also offer certification in Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Hypnotherapy.
Venusnin Aquarius
Venus in Aquarius sells a range of new age and metaphysical gemstone jewellery, crystals, healing music and much more. Access to a huge database of crystal information and the chance to join the venus online community.
Enter a Virtual Meditation Room - Download a Free Guided Meditation Technique - Spiritual Energy Healing - Sacred Space for Meditation, Attracting Abundance, & Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment
Way Out There And Back on the Web
We offer a wide range of New Age products, if we don't stock it we will know someone who does, We also offer Tarot Readings both in house and over the phone as well as Palm Readings in house and also Palm Charts
Wings of Love
New age gift shop for spiritual books, crystals, music, Love, going Green, astrology, music, much more!
Wolf Moon - Alchemy Gothic, Nemesis Now figurines & altar supplies for paga
Wolf Moon online store for your Alchemy Gothic and Nemesis Now figurines. Gothic jewellery, dragon figurines or fairy figurines. We stock a range of altar supplies from herbs to crystals, spells to tarot cards.
Ravi Singh & Ana Bretts Kundalini Yoga DVD's, Tour Schedule, live food, more...
Your Chakra Superstore
Chakra superstore offers chakra tools from around the globe. Aromatherapy, colortherapy, candles, pyramids, bodycare, music and books.
Your New Age Spirituality Store
We are dedicated to providing products to focus and enhance your spirituality and in aiding seekers to find their own spiritual path while providing superior customer service.

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