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Occult & Metaphysics

Love Magic Spells at
Custom love spells and spell casting services for a broad variety of occult needs. Money back guarantee.
21st Century Freemason
21st Century Freemason seeks to explore the Freemasonry as it stands in the modern world. Facilitating discussion and ideas about the past, present, and future of the fraternity.
7th House Seasons of the Witch Calendars Planners
The best witchcraft resources featuring the only witches' day planner. Magickal books, art, greeting cards, music and more for Wicca, Neopagan, Solitaries, cross-tradition Rebels and Rogues.
Adonai - Willkommen im Leben - Bücher und numerologische Beratung - Flower
Ich biete Bücher und numerologische Beratung an. Informationen über Flower of Life, Heilige Geometrie, Merkabah, Kabbalah, Erzengel, Christusbewusstsein, Kundalini, Ägypten
Alchemy - Review of Metaphysical Sites on the Internet
ALCHEMY is a FREE ezine that promotes tolerance and assists souls on their spiritual paths in a positive and uplifting manner. We review websites covering a wide range of alternative beliefs and systems of thought. Subscribe today, and we'll take you on
All Magick
We offer Magick, Witchcraft and wicca supplies and ritual items for the practicing witch, Wiccan and or Pagan. We carry Wicca supplies including athames, chalices, pagan books, jewelry, incense, pentacles, cloaks, and robes
astrology,tarot,rebirthing, hypnotherapy in australia
Amazing Out of Body Secret
How to leave your body. Fly, travel to far away places, and visit exciting new worlds.
Amethyst's Wicca
This site is dedicated to those who are seeking knowledge and information concerning Wicca and more.
Anathema Occult Books
Portal to the Occult Underground: Sex Magick, Crowley, Chaos, Satanism, Dark Art, Links and more...
Astral Emporium
Offering an extensive selection of the best in occult, pagan, ritual and metaphysical supplies and wares. Jewelry, wands, staffs, besoms, to name a few! Lots of one of a kind items!!
Astral Thyme
Psychic Development through Holistic living. Articles on Astral Projection, Psychic development, talking boards, channeling, herbs, and scrying.
Authentic Voudou Magick
Handcrafted, Authentic Voudou Spellkits, Magickal Gris-Gris/Mojo Bags, Hand-milled Voudou Soaps, Love Oils and Rare Magickal Hand-brewed Voudou Potions for Love, Money, Luck, Protection and Banishing. Voudou & Gypsy Tarot Readings available online.
Mark Pritchard, whose spiritual Being is Belzebuub, is founder of a spiritual school called Gnosticweb and author of 'A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams'.
Canadian Theosophical Association
A site bringing you lots of wisdom documents whatever the source
Cauldron Crossroads
Green Witch Products and Sacred Circle Products created in sacred space
Tools for your mind, soul and spirit to empower you and transform your life. Self-help articles to assist in changing self-defeating beliefs. Affirmations, online classes.
Central Spiritual Sun
Shamballa School of Ageless Wisdom, Highden Manor, Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Concept: Synergy Presents Lazaris - or the Lazaris Web Site
We are the organization that publishes & distributes the work by Lazaris. This includes over 200 titles of books, tapes, and videos that have been produced over the last 21 years that Lazaris has been communicating. Stop by and enjoy!
Creation of Dreams
The Law of Attraction , metaphysics, and general philosophy all in one place. Includes articles, illustrations, inspirational quotes, poetry and a very extensive blog.
Custom Love Spells - Love Magick - Magic Spells
Custom love spells and spell casting services . Love spells, Money spells, Healing spells and protection spells.
Darques Emporium
Darques Emporium offers a complete line of occult and metaphysical supplies. Also supplier of wicca ritual supplies, new age supplies, occult and metaphysical books, incense, oils, herbs, herbal teas, goth and pagan jewelry.
Die Prophezeiungen des Narren
The free prophecies of the celebrate visionary from Germany
Earth Spirit Community, The
"EarthSpirit is a non-profit organization providing services to a nationwide network of Pagans and others following an Earth-centered spiritual path."
Earth Spirits 2.0
Earth Spirits is a resource for pagan networking. Find pagan groups worldwide, a pagan events calendar, and resources & links . An online community for discussion of witchcraft, pagan and general occult topics. A very diverse group, all paths are welcome.
Esoteric Philosophy - Table of Contents - Works by Alice Bailey and Djwhal
All of the Alice Bailey books are online here
Esoteric Science - The Science of Spirituality
Integrates the individual systems of science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion into a unified system that describes the multi-dimensional nature of man and the universe.
Resource and collection of Occult and Underground writers and information. Everything you want to know about what is dark. Occult books, community submitted poetry and stories.
Faulks Books
FaulksBooks is a spiritual book distributor and importer in the UK. Stocking Pagan, Hermetic (Franz Bardon) and other esoteric titles.
Gnosis Today
Today Gnosis teaches how to acquire spiritual knowledge through direct experience and to gain understanding of the ancient teachings of the past.
GRACE esoteric training center
A source for original esoteric and new age thought, information and spiritual development - oriented to Earth Volunteers
Grimoire Library, The
An information site about occult, alternative lifestyle and health, mataphysics, divination, witchcraft and more.
Grupo Metafísico Serapis Bey
Dedicated to the Teachings of the Masters, as presented in Spanish by Conny Méndez inspired by her teacher, Emmet Fox. Publications of books in Spanish. -Jorge A. Carrizo, Panama, Rep. of Panama.
HarmNone Metaphysical
New age website that provides information of a metaphysical nature. We have a growing library of herbs that provides magickal and medicinal uses. We also cover Candle Magick,Herbalism,and have 2 shops where customers can order supplies and other items.
Herbal Brews
My new favorite supply store online. Great stuff.
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, The
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a non-profit organization based in Florida, has been training initiates in the Western Esoteric Tradition since 1977.
HermeticKa: The Ceremonial Magick Webstore
Serving the Thelemic, Pagan, Magickal, Wiccan and Occult Communities!
Journey of Light
Spiritual Life readings, Orhai healing, animal totems, readers question and answer forum, techniques, articles for soul growth, products for spiritual awakening and more
Katerina's Custom Spell Casting
Free love spells, money spells, psychic services and more. All magic spells will be cast by Katerina, one of Ebay's top psychics.
Light Matrix
Light matrix is a site for the awakening consciousness -- metaphysics, spirituality, mysticism explained in simple English. There is also information on Alternative healing, Meditation and Tarot Readings and Astrological Charts available.
Lori Baratta Artworks
Online shop of Symbolic, Metaphysical Art & Giftware. T-Shirts, Spell Candles, Tarot Boxes & Pouches, Notecards, Pendants, Altar Tiles etc. Ref. Charts on Crystals, Candle Magick, Herbs, Chakras, Lunar Phases, & much more. Retail & Wholesale welcome.
Ageless Wisdom Pondered Here--Alice A. Bailey, Master D.K. (Tibetan-Djwhal Khul), H.P. Blavatsky
Magic Love Spells
Authentic Love Spells cast on your behalf by notoriously known witch Ms. Aisha. She offers Love Spells with fast and powerful results.
MagicAura - the secret search engine!
The biggest resource for astrology, numerology, divination, magick, alternative medicine, psychics, psychic mediums, tarot cards on-line readings, metaphysics, paranormal, hypnosis, reiki etc.
Magnus Opus The Movie
Magnus Opus is a hillarious comedy about the tortured soul of an esoteric performance artist, reminding all to never take themselves so seriously. If you are into the occult and like films like Spinal Tap you will surely love Magnus.
Master Ho's Reality Box
The Reality Box is an on-line bi-weekly newsletter and discussion group with several chats. Subjects include astrology, Native American topics, metaphysics, spirituality, and much more. Also here are Master Ho's pages on classes, private sessions...
Medieval Botanica: Mythical Plants of the Middle Ages.
Very interesting, entertaining.
Mobile Magick
Have you ever asked, When is the full moon? Is the Moon Void of Course? Is Mercury Retrograde? When is the Solstice or Equinox? Answering these questions is what Mobile Magick is all about.
MORE OF THE SAME, from God's unfolding divine plan
Resource index for all things spiritual. Mysticism, Esoteric Christanity, Western Mystery School Christanity, Gnosticism, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism. Essays, articles and suggested books that feed the soul.
MySanteria A Network for the Pagan and African Religion Practicioner.
A community for Pagan & African Traditional Religions. It is the Largest social network serving the Elders, the Initiated and the Uninitiated. It is a networking site where people are free to discuss topics pertaining to the ATR and Diaspora Religions.
Mystical Wonders
Large community of psychics, scientists, occultists, new agers and normal people sharing quality information. Topics like Psychic Power, Healing Energies, Manifestation, Magick, Remote Viewing, Dowsing and much more.
For Esoteric, Spiritual & Mystical Awareness. The site includes: Astral Projection, obe's, Self-Knowledge, Gnosis, Alchemy, Tantrism, Enlightenment, the Occult, Spirituality, Self Awareness, Inititation, Consciousness, Awakening, Meditation, Intuition. Fo
New Age Metaphysical Meaning and Science Site
Here you will find Metaphysical Poetry as well as Metaphysical Studies and Research. We provide first hand experiential knowledge and wisdom in regards to a large and intuitive amount of information through Metaphysical Study.
New Orleans Voodoo Crossroads
An Authentic Voodoo Priestess & Medicine Woman with over 30 years experience offers in-depth psychic and Tarot readings. Also Powerful Voodoo products, spells and rituals, Spiritual Services, Voodoo Dolls, Talismans and much much more.
Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils (Bill Beaty's Homepage)
The most overlooked and unsung inventor-scientist, ever. And why, you ask, is it in Occult and Metaphysics? It is the principles he uncovered that were occulted, and those principles are metaphysical. Pure science; pure beauty; beautiful mind.
Noumenal Net
A comprehensive site covering magick, the paranormal and all things esoteric.
Occult Links
Occult Links not only has the best links of the occult internet; including a links section for beginners, but a library full of information on wicca / witchcraft, magick, demonology, herbology, - you name it, it's here!
Occult Underground
Download FREE eBooks and Software on the Occult, Esoteric, Magick and Metaphysics
A forum for Occult Practitioners of all Paths and Persuasions
Oceans of Spells: Spiritual Energy Products for Everyone.
Publishers of the most unique metaphysical products in the world: 'The Axle of Keys' tarot deck, 'Healing with Cabawave' CD's, the 'Know the Truth' DVD, Ritual Kits, Spiritual Energy Works and more. We offer wholesale accounts too!
Our company is called Omniquest, and the main purpose of our site is to help others in their search for metaphysical truths and their own psychic awareness.
Orden Hermetica de la Golden Dawn en Argentina
Orden Hermetica de la Golden Dawn (Aurora Dorada). Templo L.V.X. THOT Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in Argentina.
Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati
The Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati is a Magickal Order of Self-Initiation dedicated to the establishment of the Dominion of the Law of Thelema.
Other Worlds Forum
astral projection and dream forum,magick,science,meditation topics, live chat rooms, reserch on out of body, great community!
Pagan Auction House
Pagan Auction House is a free online Pagan auction, classifieds and links. Specializing in pagan, celtic, glbt, wiccan, occult, metaphysical and new age merchandise and services. No Registration Fees! No Listing Fees! No Auction Closing Fees!
Paragon Peacock Publishing
Specializing in Arthurian, Wiccan and Metaphysical Literature.
Part Of
Part Of Inc. manufactures and wholesales an entire line of metaphysical / energy products. We offer wholesale accounts too. If you are a store or a business with a retail or online store, call us about opening up a wholesale account with us!
Sadducee Printouts, The
In Israel it's God; elsewhere Goddess.
SakredGardens Nook
The Nook in association with offers a vast array of Pagan related books, as well as Celtic Music, Meditation, and New Age Music CD's.
Simply Sacred Ltd
Spiritual awakening and transformation. Outreach arm of Shamballa School of the Ageless Wisdom in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Products and services. explores the relationship from the atom to the infinite through interpretation of ageless wisdom, meditation, music, cosmology, loving nature, healing arts and a new world religion.
SpellsMagick: Personal and Confidential Spell-casting Services
A web site offering powerful custom magic spells for love, attraction, money, wealth, luck, power, fame , health and protection.
Spirit Web
A huge collection of articles of anything metaphysical. Lots of Atlantis stuff.
Spiritual Growth
Dedicated to mysticism, metaphysics, and transformation
Spiritual Information Center
The UNIVERSAL TEACHING is the lost and secret KEY to all spiritual teachings - the knowledge of the initiated.
Spiritual Practice, Occultism, and Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Free articles on all things spiritual - Angels,Astral Travel, Astrology, Ascension,Channeling,Healing & Energy,Health,Meditation,Money & Abundance,Reincarnation and much more..
Spirituality Information to Help You
This web site is aimed at help people find comfort, hope, clarity, strength, and happiness. The site is independent and not affiliated with any spiritual organization or movement. Its only agenda is to help you meet your spiritual needs.
In the New Age in Religion, the mysticism about some Ancient Mysteries they revealed today across to the Psyche Archeology study the Occult and the Metaphysics of the Apocalypse book and the Invocatory Talisman, to prepare in remenber of the Espiritual En
Tantra gallerY
Images of Tantra and neotantra
Tau - The Road Within - The Guide on the Road of Love and Light
"At a certain degree of self-exploration, you will find the knowledge of God."
The Gift of Gabe
A mystical musical novel about higher levels of communication.
The Meta Magazine
The Meta Arts Magazine provides a spiritual feast for the soul to deepen understanding & nourish spiritual growth. Intriquing columns by internationally acclaimed experts of every discipline. Lots of Resources!
The Metamorphoses of Change
Before time was - - in the dim dawn of antiquity before history began, when humanity was in its infancy - - there came Great Beings from another world to bring wisdom and knowledge to the minds of men.
The Metaphysical Institute
The Metaphysical Institute offers a series of beginner courses in many subjects (such as Wicca, Magick, Psychic Development, Divination, Alternative Therapies, & Meditation). We also offer many more advanced course in those subjects and others.
The Power of Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction
How Cosmic Ordering and the amazing power of the Law of Attraction can improve your life. Includes articles from top researchers, books on related subjects, a Cosmic Ordering blog and product reviews.
Third Eye, Inc
Something WITCHY this way comes! Third Eye Inc-pagan and new age products for the new era: athames, cauldrons, crystals, spell kits, and more!
Toltec Foundation
Personal growth, self awareness through the Toltec teachings on Freedom by Theun Mares - an action-based approach to living.
Traditioanal Cornish Witchcraft
Information on traditional Devon and Cornish witchcraft. Traditional witchcraft tools and powders and other information about the Cornish Cunning tradition.
Transformation Learning Center
Education, Gifts and Unique Tools for a Seeking Spirit in The New Age
Travaux occultes - Magie d'amour - Retour d'affection - Rituels de magie bl
Site de travaux occultes se specialisant dans la magie d'amour, l'attirance sexuelle et le retour d'affection. Puissants rituels de magie blanche et de magie noire.
Urania Scenia & Itipcap
Peruvian site. Issues on yoga, parapsychology and the occult are treated. Official language: Spanish.
Westgate Necromantic
Since 1979, Westgate has been the world's Premier Source for Necromantic Art and Literature with a specific focus on personifications of Death, Azrael, and necromantic practice.

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