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Philosophy & Psychology

21st Century Philosophy (4th Dimensional Perception)
Step by step process leading to 4th dimensional perception
A Course in Miracles Study Resources
Internet Resources for study of A Course in Miracles, a profound integration of non-dualistic philosophy with a psychology of forgiveness; articles, essays, book excerpts; search engine for relevant topics; no cost
Alexandria on the Web
"In ancient Egypt the city and Library of Alexandria was the meeting place where philosophical, spiritual, and cosmological teachings flowed together to create vital new syntheses and a flourishing cultural environment."
Apollo Home Page
Resources ranging from ancient philosophies of all cultures to modern theories of the imagination and hermeneutics; metaphysics, myth, poetics and music.
Circle of Good Will
The Circle of Good Will works for the spiritual synthesis between East and West. Newsletter, Publications. Website in English, German, French and Spanish
Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present
Fundamentals of world religious philosophy: Thoth-the-Atlantean, Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras, Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching, Teachings of Jesus Christ, Gospel of Philip, Quran and Sunnah, Agni Yoga, Teachings of Juan Matus and others.
Divine Heritage
Explores the concept of nonduality (the idea that fundamentally all is one) as a catalyst for spiritual awakening. Offers an ebook on this topic and links to other resources. Also material on using dreaming interpretation as tool for spiritual growth.
Thanks to meditations on places of power and love to beauty of the Creation and the Creator, we can increase the speed of own spiritual growth. Books, lectures, videos, photos, screensaver, slideshow, wallpapers.
Healing Care Resources
This site is filled with insights into the nature of soul, and how, people can find support and healing in their heart and soul.
Inner Path
The name Inner Path alludes to the metaphorical journey we go on, within ourselves, as we explore our beliefs, our strengths, and our weaknessess.
Inspired Wisdom
RON SCOLASTICO, PH.D., Transpersonal Psychologist, author, and Spiritual Counselor. Since 1978 he has been the voice for the wisdom of "The Guides."
Jesus Christ, Krishna, Lao Tse, Babaji, Juan Matus, Sathya Sai Baba
Selection of sayings of Great Teachers, Who brought to the people of the Earth the Teaching from One Universal God-the-Father. Books, video, slideshows, screensavers and other material.
Love Is Not Unconditional - Love is Moral
Love must have moral conditions to be love. Don't be fooled by those who wish to take advantage of you.
Mind and Spirit Counseling
A Metaphysical counseling site that integrates mind,body,and spirit to help people attain inner peace and harmony.
New York Chiropractor
Esprit Wellness is a unique and innovative clinic in New York that has a team of expert doctors who offer effective chiropractic treatment.
NLP Courses, Training and Resources
NLP Training Courses in the UK with comprehensive NLP techniques and information. Providing a FREE NLP Newsletter on Neuro Linguistic Programming. Delivering courses for NLP Practitioner training and certification.
Online Medieval and Classical Library., The
Worth your valuable exploration time; many useful resources.
Philosophy Now
News-stand magazine for everyone interested in ideas.
audiotapes, CDs, and books, written and narrated by Dr. Judy Marshall, a therapist with many years experience, which provide fundamental, understandable information on psychology and spirituality
Renewal of the Spirit Institute & Interfaith Wholisitic Health Ministries
We provide ordination, training, certificates and degrees for those men/women called into the wholistic healing ministries. Some of our training is in Pastoral Counseling, herbology, and Touch healing and more. Noone is turned away. Peace
School of Pythagoras in the Past and Today
Golden Verses of Pythagoras. Conversations with Pythagoras and His Students. Initiation into the science of cognition of the Creator. Higher philosophy.
Seekers of the Rainbow
An esoteric viewpoint in an exoteric world. A meditative approach to understanding the seven rays of energy through an analysis of daily news.
Shandarism, A New Horizon Opens To You...
The Shandarism, another spirituality without guru,prophet or messiah,free from prayer,devotion and idolatry, only established on the freedom of conscience, the life experiment and personal growth of the person.
Spirit Teaching
we are engaged in bringing forward to all who enquire, the elements of their gifts each individual has, working with spirit individuals of the White Cloud Group through right thought and action to bring love and peace.
The Aquarian Age
The classics of world philosophy: Tao Te Ching, Bhagavad Gita, Teachings of Gautama Buddha, Teachings of Jesus Christ, Gospel of Philip, Quran and Sunna, Teachings of Babaji, Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba, Teachings of Juan Matus.
The Dragonfly Group
Power through research, indepdendent thought and action. Books, films, and info on mind control programming, the hidden history of the world and the illuminati.
The Flowering of Human Consciousness
This site is dedicated to spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle. Truth-seekers will appreciate his universal teachings - teachings which offer a way out of human suffering, thereby creating a more compassionate and peaceful world.
The Game of Time
This site promotes a WONDERFULL
The Newpy Movement Home Site
The Newpy Movement appeals to everyone who wishes to renounce the imbalances in our lives brought about by indulgence, but who are reluctant to ally themselves with organizations that also condemn such actions as part of their wider anti-life platforms.
The Stranger Box Philosophy Pages
A collection of essays on existentialism and self-consciousness, Nietzsche's declaration, science and mysticism as equally valid knowledge paradigms, and Western ethical systems.
Transpersonal Conversations
Transpersonal Conversations is a six-part series of cinema-quality documentary interviews with the founders and leaders of Transpersonal Psychology, the field of psychology that scientifically studies Human spirituality and consciousness.
Yogi Impressions Books
Yogi Impressions is dedicated to publishing books that inspire to enhance the quality of our lives and our world. We seek to bring out the best initiatives in spiritual and new age books from India.

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