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$9, Extended, & Once in a Lifetime Tarot Readings
$9, Extended, & Once in a Lifetime Tarot Readings by Chris Ehren Life.
Abstract Thoughts and Meditations
Spiritual Awakenings... Sudden Enlightenment...
Adonai - Living in the Light
Just for the joy of Spirit. Life time Tarot profile, free day Tarot card. Art, articles and more.
aeclectic tarot
Cards and information from 150+ Tarot, Oracle and Divination Decks, including as yet unpublished decks.
All Tarot
All Tarot has been providing unique, high quality products for over ten years. We offer Tarot cards and decks, music and art, green and fairy supplies, rubber stamps and velvet fashions, and much more.
Amethysts psychic visions
FREE tarot contest to win a 3 card reading, FREE automated readings, FREE newsletter. Accurate Affordablr intuitive tarot counseling from a top uk Psychic
Angel Paths
Journey through the Tarot: free readings, online guides, courses, card of the day, Forum and Flash the Cat's page!
Beyond Within
Insightful readings by Gehenna, the "Bad Girl" of tarot! Gehenna and Palehorse also offer a variety of healing and energy clearing services, as well as a growing body of free articles on metaphysics, spirituality and personal development!
Chris Ehren Life's Home Page
Chris Ehren Life, tarot reader & editor of several online magazines.
Circle of Learning
Convenient home study courses in Wicca, Tarot, Spellcasting, Wicca Gardening and more. Safe practical lessons, experienced qualified tutors. Visit our website, email us at or write to us at PO Box 36050 London SW16 4XG
Consultations with Katie-Ellen
Tarot reader in Lancs. UK, 10 yrs exp. Featured in national magazine. Personal/business questions, using tarot skills and quals/experience in Business, Arts and Education. Insightful & practical readings. Distance readings by arrangement.
Divine Divination
Druid divination, powerful spells, free tarot readings, subliminal CDs to find a soulmate, astrology for relationships, and more.
Dollys Tarot
Tarot readings by a Certified Professional Tarot Reader. Readings by phone, email, private. Tarot, psychic, dreams, relationships
Dreaming in Color
This breakthrough deck uses color and dreamscape imagery to access the inner self without years of study or arcane symbolism. Soak your soul in color.
Eclipse Psychic Solutions
Professional and caring psychics, astrologers and tarot card readers available for telephone or online consultations. Metaphysical mall on site, as well as a psychic chat.
Email Tarot Reading
Intuitive Email Tarot Reading by Gillian Claire. Specialist in compassionate love and relationship readings. Free Reading - your question answered with insight and accuracy.
Essential Pathways: A Spiritual Solution using Pre-Cognitive Re-Education.
Transformation Cards are designed to help us clear away negative beliefs. They are drawn from the work of Pre-Cognitive Re-Education whose focus is reclaiming our True Identity and creative essence. FREE online demo!
Everyday Supernatural
Highly entertaining, lighthearted dialog touching on astrology, astral projection, tarot, ___-___-___ taking questions from readers and answering them in a straight forward, thoughtful manner. Includes descriptive accounts of the everyday life of a psych
Free Online Tarot Readings, Love Tarot, Runes, Numerology, Astrology
TAROT THE ORACLE: Readings of the Oracle, one of the most enriching readings. It provides specific advice on each subject: love, health, work, trips, business, relationships, money, and so forth.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Tarot   http://www.Facade.COM/Occult/tarot/tarotfaq2.html
Ask and it shall be answered. A lot of good work went into this and your visit will be rewarded.
Ihre Zukunft in meinen Karten
Mit Hilfe meiner Karten stehe ich Ihnen liebevoll und kompetent zur Seite. Egal welches Problem Sie derzeit beschäftigt, reichen Sie mir Ihre Hand und zusammen finden wir einen Weg.
Immortal Tower's Tarot Realms
This tarot site offers illustrated email tarot readings and dream analysis along with Free aftercare consultation. We also have a new section that features articles on these topics. We accept Paypal,Credit Cards and foreign Currency.
demystifying the mystical arts with accesible information on tarot, runes, spells, crystals and more as well as being the place online to buy genuinely insightful tarot readings from TABI endorsed reader
King Solomon Cards
Just published “King Solomon Cards” - a new deck of extraordinary reading cards. For more information please visit:
La Maison du Tarot
La Maison du Tarot is a specialist in every tarots cards..
Lighting the Way with Spell Bound Readings
Each reading done for you personally. Years of experience along with an eclectic blend of reading styles offering both accuracy and helpful information.
Linda Beattie (Holistics Ltd) - Professional Tarot Card Readings
Linda is a very experienced and qualified Tarot card reader. You can order your reading online by credit card and receive your reading by email or normal mail.
Llewellyn's Web Tarot
Free tarot readings
Lotus Tarot Free Online Readings
free tarot card readings online from internationally renowned tarot expert Alison Day, a learn tarot course, card meanings and a discussion forum
Michael's Tarot
Clearly a work of love. Lots and lots of tarot information.
Moonvision Tarot
A website for open minded individuals who know there is more to us than what we see..In the clarity of a still and open mind, TRUTH will be reflected Advice and therapies online
Mystic Touch is a website offering advice and therapies online to people who believe in and are in favour of natural, gentle and holistic treatments or divination techniques.
Oceanoftranquility spiritual psychic readings
Oceanoftranquility spiritual & soothing guided meditation CDs. Teardrop pendulum crystals & quartz crystal balls. Feng Shui, room scenter candles, incense sticks in dewberry & jasmine. Essential oil burners in Buddah & Ganesh designs.
Online | Spell Casting | Tarot Reading | Love Spell
CaringSpirit has been performing spells and tarot readings with astonishing results. Love spell, job spell, health spell and many other spells are performed by Emma.
online tarot reading
Click to find out what your cards says what is ahead for you in the near future.
Orlando Tarot
Transformative Tarot Readings by Michael Orlando Yaccarino: Reveal — Understand — Transform
Guia del mundo esoterico,tarot,videntes,consultas esotericas
Past Life Readings by Aaliyah
I work with people who are interested in the idea of reincarnation, and who want to look at their past to gain more insight into their present experiences.
Tarot-Software with readings and tarot games: support for relationship issues, business and important decisions! Evaluation version free of charge!
Psychic Angel Card Readings, Relationship Coaching and Tarot
Providing insights for women to have successful and fulfilling relationships with themselves, God, their Angels, family and friends.
Psychic Readings By Maureen Holleran
Maureen Holleran - About me information as well as booking and paying for reading on line with paypal. What Tools used in a reading. Reading by email and telephone.
Gary Williams offers authentic psychic readings, psychic advice, psychic mediums readings, tarot card readings and clairvoyants that answer your questions about love, money, career and relationships.
Psychicfred - Listen to Live Readings
Psychic offering answers for your past, present, and future with psychic readings that include astrology, tarot, past live regressions, psychometry, and new age events / parties.
Pythagorean Tarot
Another interesting approach to tarot. Worth some extra time for serious study.
Queen of Pentacles Tarot: Tarot Reading and Learning Center
Tarot newsletter, card and spread explanations, forum, archetype finder, local reader directory, resources, more.
Ravensong's Tarot
Information site on the Tarot. Includes historical information, card meanings, spreads, deck reviews, and divination with playing cards.
Reading tarot cards
Offering reviews of popular tarot card readers.
Roswila's Taiga Tarot
The designs for a new Tarot deck as they are developed. "Taiga" are illustrated tanka. "Tanka" are five line poems.
Roswila's Tarot Gallery & Journal
Different Takes on Tarot Images & Meanings, With An Occasional Book/Deck Review, & Article
Explore and utilize the tarot as a mirror of the soul in a supportive learning environment. A basic primer for pursuing the psycho-spiritual implications of tarot symbolism and using the cards as a means of personal and professional divination.
ShadowFox Tarot
Free Tarot Tutorials, videos, Correspondences & Keyword Definitions, Our original Tarot decks, Sun Sign Associations, Astrological Aspects, Free online Tarot, Runes & I-Ching readings, Humor, Book and Software Reviews, Animal Oracles, Resource pages
Simplified Tarot: A Brief Introduction to the Cards
Simplified Tarot is a basic course in Tarot reading. It is designed to give the new reader a sample of what Tarot is and what you can learn from the cards.
Starcana Tarot
Organize your thoughts, your relationships, and life with a psychic phone reading.
Start your own Tarot Cards Reading Business
Start your own business reading tarot cards. Work for yourself, set your own hours, and earn money doing what you love!
Studio, Inc., The
We offer Tarot software with excellent learning tools for beginners and professional full-color reports for pro readers to provide to clients. We also offer a Tarot video for beginners and Tarot magnets for inspiration and support. Download FREE software
Talk Dimensions
Talk Dimensions© Consultants' are an eclectic group of advisors that specialize in the following: astrology, tarot readings, divination readings, psychic readings, mediums, grief counseling, reiki practitioners, numerology and homeopathic medicine.
Computer-generated tarot readings - different decks, spreads, from Facade, a site design shop dedicated to helping their clients. Clearly shows what they do. We're looking forward to their links pages. They'll be a boon to the community.
Tarot at Worldwide Mediums and Psychics
Our online tarot certification course is designed for both beginners and those wishing to increase their knowledge of the tarot. Students have full tutor support during the course and can interact with co-students via the message boards and chat rooms.
Tarot Card Reading Online
Variety of free spreads; love, career, money, spirituality etc. Personal journal. In depth interpretations. Free email readings.
Tarot Card Readings and Dream Interpretations by Email
Free Psychic/ESP Test Online, Free Mind Reading Game, Free Rune Information and much much more.
Tarot Card Readings by Rita
Tarot Card Readings are similar to a myth or parable and decribes your Life Path. The true purpose of the Tarot is to construct a future narrative and make decisions to change your fate.
Tarot Experience
Everything the tarot, paga, wiccan follower needs to practice their craft
Tarot Guide
Let us be your guide to the tarot. Visit the directory or get free readings, advice for beginners, psychic tarot readings, & psychic development resources.
Tarot Insights
An exploration of tarot, through indepth articles, tips for beginners, questions, tarot deck reviews, original spreads, and more; frequently updated.
Tarot Inspirations
Certified Tarot Reader can help you explore relationships, problems, and new opportunities. Experienced, insightful, and affordable. Online/phone readings. Site also includes articles and Tarot resources. Enter to win a free reading!
Tarot Reading offers FREE 5 minutes of accurate and honest psychic readings, tarot readings, and horoscope and future predictions. Call 877-LIFE-LUV now!
Tarot Reading by Email
Accurate Tarot reading from professional caring readers. A personal tarot reading will reveal what's happening in your life, the potential for new romance & relationships, guidance on career, business and family etc.
Tarot Readings, Spirituality, Metaphysics and More!
This site contains links to free on-line Tarot readings and interactive Web oracles; including Nancy Garen's Fortune Teller, Matrix Interactive and Helig Predicts (runes, astrology, numerology, etc.) as well as enlightening books, creative graphics and oc
TarotMeister: Certified Tarot Master
Tarot readings by a Certified Tarot Master. About Tarot. Who is TarotMeister? For centuries Tarot has helped people find their way. Let the wisdom of the ancient, mystic Tarot go to work in your life!
TarotMeister: Certified Tarot Master
Tarot card readings by a Certified Tarot Master. Numerology profile. Crystal healing, Tarot history, spiritual Tarot, the human aura, the chakras and much, much more! A metaphysical & New Age website.
Explore the world of the Tarot. Shop here for over 29,000 items. Tarot books, Tarot Decks, Free Tarot Readings, Inspirational Decks, Message and Heating Oils. Get an interactive personal free tarot reading.
Tarot-vision for accurate tarot and psychic readings
Live accurate tarot psychic readers waiting for your call plus free on-line tarot and rune readings
The Blessed Empress
Find yourself with a Personalized Tarot Reading via email.
The Mystereum Tarot
The Mystereum Tarot, a bright star in the skies of the tarot world! Evocative, flowing geometries of vibrant color and energetic images for meditation and divination. The seat for the mind gifted makes for a Mindbodybeautiful experience. Must-have deck!
tina's tarot card readings
Genuine, no nonsense advice by Tina's tarot readings via email. I also do palmistry, horoscopes and compatibility charts.
uk psychic tarot readigs by email,live and post
experienced psychic spiritualist medium and healer offering free absent healing,crystal healing,email tarot readings,postal psychic tarot readings and live readings.
Wheel of Life Counselling
Counselling and spiritual healing/Reiki; using the Archetypes of the TAROT to access deeper layers of the self for self awareness and personal growth, help for decision making and guidance in difficult life situations; meditation on the path of the soul,
White Light Tarot - the light from within
White Light Tarot offers free on-line Reiki-Tarot readings, Tutorials, Tarot card meanings, and more.

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