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There are two kinds of eclipses — solar and lunar — and both types stir you up. Eclipses bring on a period of instability when you feel you must react and take some type of action on outside changes. The secret is, of course, that the best action is little to no action. The eclipse brings on an exceptionally emotional time which begins ten days before and lasts for three days after the actual eclipse. The pressure may be on in business, love and money, but wait three days after the eclipse until the shadow of the eclipse is over before you act or decide on a course of action. An example — Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married in the shadow of the eclipse. It was no surprise to see all the unexpected and tragic things that have happened to them.

Do you want that new job? Are you ready to pick up and move to a new apartment? Have you fallen madly in love? That’s great. That's what eclipses are for; to get the old blood pumping. But wait if you want things to work out. When the shadow of the eclipse is over, ascertain whether all that glitters is in fact gold. Then go for it... or forget it!

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