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Herscopes: A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians
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Madam Lichtenstein’s
best-selling book
“HerScopes: A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians” (Simon & Schuster, 2000).
The book was launched to great critical acclaim from such publications as Publishers Weekly. It sold to the Book of the Month Club two months after publication launch..
Available in major bookstores and online book sites.

Madam Lichtenstein has received many kudos for her book “HerScopes.”

herscopes (( buy it )) i love this book! i almost died laughing when i read what it said about cancer and sagittarius (me and my gf). this is, if you didn’t guess, a horoscope book for lesbians. it also contains more than just love and relationships, and for whatever reasons it was a refreshing change from the usual astrology books I have read. maybe because it is a little more fun. anyways, no one really needs a book like this but its a fun thing to read! i love mine. (found on web 1/8/02)

received 3/8/02
you are right about me and my girlfriend! she is like that and i am like what you said so i think that we are going to be good for one another in so many ways! i cant thank you enough for all your help! you have been great and your book is brill! so thanks again! and take care!
regards t

Stacy Bias, webmistress of — Review May 2000:
If Spock, Nathan Lane and Bette Midler had ever collaborated on an offspring — Charlene Lichtenstein would be she. This divinely witty, slightly naughty and highly gifted astrologer has produced “HerScopes, A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians”, due out in June.
Reading through the book, it’s blatantly obvious to me why she’s the most widely published astrologer in the gay and lesbian press. “Madam Lichtenstein”, as her Leo ascendant demands she be called, really knows what she’s talking about! HerScopes can serve as light reading for those of you who just want a dating cheat-sheet, or double as an indepth look into the psyche of yourself, or your partner, or your best friend, or boss... the possibilities are endless.
Making no apologies for her “blatantly crass generalizations”, Charlene starts with a quick intro to each member of the zodiac. Her wit irrepresible, she chides and teases, then strokes and pets us through our strengths and weaknesses. Then, once we're good and familiar with ourselves, she guides us through such potentially overwhelming terms as quincunx, semiconjuncts and sextiles (wait.. I like that last one..) with amazing ease.
Then — the meat of the book... indepth looks at each sign. Vital Statistics, General Personality, Career, Home, Friends, Money, Secrets and Fears are just a few of the subheaders in each chapter. Darlings, if there’s something about yourself that you didn’t want anyone to ever know... make sure they don’t get this book. Think your ego is masked, Ms. Leo? Think again. Got your
Obessive/Compulsive disorder under control, Cancer Grrls? Right. She’ll be home in 15 minutes. Relax.
If you really aren’t sure that you’re compatible with your mate, check out the “Relationships with Other Signs”section at the end of each chapter to find out for sure. If Charlene doesn't think so, she'll be sure to let you know. “Leo with Leo? My Suggestion: Buy a pet instead.” And, as if that wasn’t enough astral fodder, there's even an indepth astrological analysis of the StoneWall Riots at the end of the book!
Sign by sign, section by section, this book is a lesbians dream guide to celestial savvy. I give it 5 stars. (Uh, Charlene — can you tell me what alignment they’re in?)

Hiya there Miss Lichtenstein!
Started reading HerScopes today, a very good read indeed. Then I wanted to see about getting a new chart made for myself (the one I have is not exactly accurate, the time of birth is off by twenty minutes). Soon came to realize that I am internet illiterate. Went to your website and hadn't a clue what to do. I is. If the twenty minute discrepency in my already exsistent chart is unproblomatic then I think I’m in trouble. ;-> Hopefully you can help me out a bit here. Muchas gracias for the time already invested.
Kat G. -- 1/8/02 — News For Week Of May 22nd, 2000
Lesbian Love Lives Analyzed With Astrology
Tongues are wagging in the lesbian community over the first astrology book written for gay women.
Stargazer Charlene Lichtenstein says she wrote the book, “Her Scopes”, to deal with the unique astrological problems of lesbian relationships.
The charts reveal that although Aquarians like Ellen De Generes are usually compatible with Geminis like Anne Heche, Ellen and other Aquarians are occasionally cold fishes between the sheets.
Lesbians lusting after k.d. lang should be aware that if she's a typical Scorpio, she probably loves nipple clamps and zipper masks.
The charts also show lady-loving Libras like Martina Navratilova often fall asleep during sex, while gay Pisceans like Chastity Bono choose partners by looks, not brains.
Charlene Lichtenstein - HerScopes; a guide to astrology for lesbians
Heeft je vriendin (of je ex) je ooit verteld dat je een typische Boogschutterslons bent? Heb je ooit het pantser van die leuke maar verlegen Kreeft in je favoriete boekwinkel willen doorbreken? Lees je altijd de horoscooprubrieken in de damesbladen, terwijl je je afvroeg wat dat nu voor jou zou betekenen dat je binnenkort de "man van je dromen' zou ontmoeten? Hier is dé gids voor alle lesbische vrouwen die geinteresseerd zijn in sterrenbeelden, astrologie en horoscopen. Alle sterrenbeelden worden uitvoerig beschreven, verdeeld in werk, vriendinnen, liefde, seks, familie, geld etc. Natuurlijk worden ook alle mogelijke combi's van sterrenbeelden op hun postieve en negatieve aspecten bekeken. En dat alles exclusief over en voor lesbische vrouwen.
Simon & Schuster, ƒ39,95 — HerScopes, Astrology for Lesbians - by Charlene Lichtenstein
Speaking as one of the foremost astrologers in the gay and lesbian press, Charlene Lichtenstein offers a comprehensive guide to the zodiac that, for once is imbued with wit, wisdom and more than a knowing wink in the direction of lesbian life.
OUR OPINION: Written in a dry, humorous style, reminiscent of Amy Lame, this is an entertaining and spooky book, summing us all up just a little too well. There’s lots of it too — 233 pages: somewhere around 20 full pages per sign, details of who relates romantically (and who doesn’t) and a list of famous people who share your sign and your birthday. (My birthday pal is Greta Garbo — who's yours?) Very comprehensive, very enjoyable. Not too serious. Jenny

I received HerScopes as a gift and it is amazing! Is there any place on the web where I can find your daily horoscopes? - Patti 12/2001
“Malcolm McKay, aka Dr. Ruthless, on Stellar Network’s”— Review September 2000:
HerScopes, a guide to astrology for lesbians, by Charlene Lichtenstein, Is spot on and often hilarious as she guides lesbians in their voyages Through the heavens. Her astrological acumen is matched by an intimate, Personal knowledge of lesbian lifestyles. Her coverage of the houses of the horoscope includes information about family and friends, work habits, and who is and isn't a suitable partner. She includes a guide for each sign to indicate what possibilities exist with each of the other signs of the zodiac, and gives sage advice, should two quite unlikely combinations attempt to nurture a love between them. Her earthy humor and accurate eye will push at least one of your buttons. If your zodiac is important to you, this is a must-read and a valuable resource.
Charlene, this is a work of love and you had a great time writing it! I Love the description of Taurus-Gemini lesbians as crude, lewd and shrewd! Thought I recognized a shadow of my cusp self in that one!
I can only hope that the HisScopes is forthcoming! I'm sure it's not just substituting male nouns and pronouns for female. I'm waiting!

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