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Simon & Schuster
2000 to present
Author, “HerScopes" Astrology Book
Read the Rave Reviews
1998 to present

Self-Syndication of Horoscope
1989 to present

“HerScopes: A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians”

Contact Madam Lichtenstein

Does your newspaper or magazine want a great, award-winning horoscope?

Madam Lichtenstein offers “Insightful advice for all cosmic beings.” Her weekly, bi-weekly and monthly horoscopes are carried in newspapers and websites around the world. All columns are self-syndicated. For more information contact Madam Lichtenstein directly.

For a sample of her general monthly horoscopes good for all audiences, visit the Zodiascope page. Her Stargayzer columns are written for the LesGayBi community and have been described as “The best regular gay column. But of course, it’s by Lichtenstein!” ( Her widely popular Petscopes are even translated into Italian!

Contact Madam Lichtenstein to inquire about how you can order her horoscopes for your publication, website, or whatever.

Are you looking for an insightful, entertaining interview?

Lichtenstein has appeared as a guest on many esteemed radio shows and websites. She has a hilarious, yet poignant, interview originally published on Brill’s Content website.

Lichtenstein is the author of the best selling asrology book, HerScopes (Simon & Schuster, 2000). The book was launched to great critical acclaim from such publications as Publishers Weekly. It sold to the Book of the Month Club two months after publication launch.

Madam Lichtenstein often lectures on both Astrology and Tarot to anyone who will listen.

Sample Articles Written by Madam Lichtenstein

Zodiascope, monthly horoscopes good for all audiences

Void-of-Course Moons, improve your timing

Your First Saturn Return, calling all late twenty-somethings and fifty-somethings

Poisonality Plus — What the astrology books don’t tell you (for all audiences)

Eclipses, what they do

What is an Ascendant?

Stargayzer, monthly horoscopes for the LesGayBi community

Gay Love Signs

The Stonewall Riots, an astrological interpretation

National Coming Out Month, a special astrological profile of all the closets in your chart

Poisonality Plus — What the astrology books don’t tell you (for LesGayBi community)


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