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Madam Lichtenstein offers a range of personalized readings. Some can be ordered right here.

Other readings, which answer specific questions, are hand-analyzed, read into audio cassettes and snail-mailed to you. These of course are far more expensive. email her for cassette descriptions and prices.

Madam Lichtenstein has garnered rave reviews for her work.
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In-depth Astrological Character Profile —
Do You Dare to Hear the Truth?

Personality Profile: Astonishing 47+ page personality character analysis revealed from your own birthdate, time and place. No two people have the exact same birthchart because no two people are born at the exact same time at the exact same place. Read about the true, unique you — your strengths, challenges and future opportunities. A complete glossary of all astrological terms is included.
What a great gift!   $35.  
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Astrological Forecast Report — Intensely Personal
Timing is everything. Be able to plan ahead with an astrological forecast report. Derived from your own birth data, this reading is more personally accurate, relevant and powerful than any newspaper or magazine column. You owe it to yourself to get ahead of the game with a personal forecast. (Available in 6 month and 12 month packages.) A Great gift!
Six Months ($35)       Full Year  ($65)
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Relationship Analysis — True Love? Good Business Partner?
“Are we meant for each other?” “Should we form a business partnership?” Be sure with a Relationship Analysis. This reading examines all aspects of any one-to-one relationship whether it’s for friendship, business....or love.   Only $25
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Ascendant Calculation and Study Sheet
Your ascendant (or “rising sign”) is calculated using the exact day, time and place of your birth. It is your “face to the world” so what mask are you wearing?   Only $5
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