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Q 5/12/1966, Time = 1630, sarnia Ontario, n5p 3h4 Question = there's this guy i like lot and we are becoming friends. he has a girlfriend but they split up all the time. should i try to get together with him or should i look elsewhere? if so, where? i'm f\getting real tired of being alone and i really like this guy. he is either a Cap of an Aquarius. please help me. thanks.
A Compatibility is more than just a sun sign. I would need to know his birthdate, time and place to see if he is compatible with you. You happen to have sun in Taurus, moon (how you express your emotions) in aquarius and venus (how you express love) in aries. Generally you are strong, a bit stubborn and prone to habit. You can be somewhat aloof emotionally and gravitate to humanity and your principles. You can be very direct in love – once you see some one you like you do not hesitate to go after them. So send me more info and I can see where we are with this particular guy.
Q Born august 12, 1975, 1:10am, washington dc question = my life needs a kickstart! i moved to nyc from dc 2 years ago for a boost but not much has happened yet. i am looking for love (still a virgin) and a career rejuvenation. i'm starting grad school in the fall, part time. do you see any significant changes coming in the future to my dull life?
A You are in the middle of your Saturn Return which is a three year period every 28 years or so where transiting Saturn conjuncts your birthchart Saturn placement. During the three years between 27-30 we want things NOW! But they either do not happen of if they do, they are not what we wanted at all. Anything begun during the return may not last because we are in a constant state of change and personal confusion. But if we work on on Saturns lesson’s for us, we emerge at 30 in fine shape, able to make our way successfully. Before the age of 30 women are more like their moon sign – y ours is Libra, playful, not serious and prone to procrastination. Your sun is leo. Learn to maximize Leo qualities but seeking creative, theatrical outlets. You will become more confident expansive and dramatic as you approach and surpass 30. In the meantime, take an art class, visit museums, theaters dance performances etc. You never know who you will meet!
Q 03/03/1972, 11:30 PM. Kathmandu, Nepal question = I would like to know when will my family be blessed with kids? And Should I make a change in my career at this time?
A You have the sun in pisces, moon in libra, mercury in pisces, venus in aries and mars in Taurus. You are generally romantic, creative and in love with love. Can be a bit impractical but that is part of your charm! You may be a bit intuitive and when you are in love, you are very direct and go right after your target! Yet you also are rather careful when you take action and can be very practical and very determined. You have scorpio rising which makes you very determined and strategic when starting new things. Transiting Pluto is currently squaring your 10th house of career so I think you are experiencing changes, transformations and upheavals in your career that you may feel are uncontrollable. Plutos job is to clear away the debris so you can move forward. While it may seem uncomfortable and uncontrollable at this time, you may find that in the long term, this period was necessary and needed. Your 5th house of children has robust aries on the cusp and loving venus in it. I think that anything that you want in this area you can achieve through sheer willpower and energy. Keep working at it and it can happen.
Q 9/16/1977, 10:19 p, youngstown, ohio question = dear madam: i am writing because i can never seem to 'have it all' at once! ;) currently, my career seems to be on an upswing (although i'm not sure that i will pursue it all of my working years, i am content until i feel ready to write full time), and i am in a good position to proceed. i seem to be making the right connections with professionals in my field, and people are generally looking favorably upon me. i cannot, however, get my love life together. i chronically date, and didn't really give much thought to long term relationships, until rather recently. what i'd like to know is whether i will be on a path to a sustaining relationship anytime soon. not talking marriage, just more than a month or so. thanks! p.s. also 'small' issue of a best friend with whom i share amazing chemistry...but is that all? bday is 10.21.77 in los angeles, and i don't know what time. probably early in the morning (he's a morning person).
A Ha. Ain’t that the way it always is! Well, you have sun in virgo and venus in leo. You are generally rather picky and precise but can also be a bit earthy when given the chance. In love you loooove to be the center of attention and adoration. You need to find someone who can give you great amounts of love, loyalty and attention and you will absolutely blossum. You have Gemini rising in your chart which places independent sag on the cusp of your 7th house of relationships. And you have idealizing Neptune in that house. I think you do best seeking someone who is mor eof a friend, at first, and who may be foreign or a well traveled fellow. You tend to idealize partners and will have to develop a more pragmatic side in this area. Pluto, planet of volcanic is currently transiting your 7th house. Expect great change sin this area over the next few years. You may completely change the type of person you are looking for. Expect the unexpected! This man could be good for you – he has venus in libra which is well aspected to your venus. Is he a bit of a flirt?
Q March 19, 1975, 3:13 am, Bismarck, North Dakota question = I am struggling with both career and love issues. I graduated with my masters degree a year ago, and the path I've been pursuing (government and international relaitons) does not seem to be fruitful. I'm also interested in studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine, but that would require another 3 to 4 years of school and numerous loans. In addition to being in two minds about career, I am also having romantic difficulties. I'm seeing two people-- an Aries (also pisces-aires cusp) and a Sag. Feeling unsatisfied in both relationships-- the Aries is in a different city, and the sag is here but flakey and thigns are undefined between us. Please help! Any advice to either area will be much appreciated.
A You have sun in pisces, moon in flirty Gemini, mercury in pisces, venus in aries and mars in aquarius. You are naturally creative and intuitive with a creative mind that can sometimes get too imaginative. You are robust and pioneering in love - almost fearless. Yet you can be a bit passive aggressive tending to be very unusual in the way you take action. You have libra on the top of your chart so I would say that diplomacy and government are right up your alley – you are naturally diplomatic and seeking harmony and balance in your career. I would not rule out Chinese medicine since you have both sun and mercury in pisces. Pisces is the healing sign and the sign of the new age, occult and holistic movements. Those areas pique your interest and you can be very good in them too. I suggest trying both areas. Get settled in your government career and then as you go along, with tuition refund etc, you could take some acupuncture courses. Just a suggestion. I would need more information on your two love relationships – need to see where their venus signs are for example. So send on their birthdates, times and birthplaces.

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