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Several selected questions and answers are posted here when the Madam feels like it. Send your question to Madam Lichtenstein and check back often for your personal response.

Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.: I'm planning to buy a house this year and would like to know what insights you can offer re: this house-hunting and purchasing process. My birthdate 10/14/66; Springfield, Mass.; 11:30 a.m.

A My suggestion would be that when you find the house you like, avoid negotiating when the moon is void or in an eclipse or when Mercury is retrograde. Also, don't sign anything during these planetary phases either.
You have sun in libra, mercury in scorpio, venus in libra and mars in virgo and possibly capricorn rising which places aries on the cusp of your 4th house. I would say that you would be happiest where you have room to maneuver - perhaps a work area or a place that is entirely yours to rule. You libra sun would also require a social room where you can entertain (it will be put to very good use!). Mars in virgo is practical so it will be a very functional house too.
Mars is transiting your 4th house. I bet you will see a little action in your house hunting in the next couple of months.

Q Caracas, Venezuela: I was born on Oct. 25, l936 in Caracas, Venezuela at 4:55 a.m. I have always been troubled with laboral problems and economic shortages. Things would come through, eventually but at such slow pace and up hill difficulty that it really makes me ask you the obvious question -- Do you see it on my sign? Can it be improved? Thanks for your attention.

A Always? Let's check your 2nd house of money. You have sun in scorpio and possibly libra rising. That would place your sun in your 2nd house of money. Very interesting! Obviously money is exceptionally important to you. The house that our sun is in is where we need to feel secure or we never feel quite right!Those with sun in the 4th house (representing the home) may always feel on the verge of being on the street and do everything they can to solidify their home. SO there you are with your sun in the 2nd house. Always concerned of not having enough resources. It may be actually true or it may just be your perception of it. But as you say, it always come through - that is the luck of the sun.
I would say, see how you yourself are looking at money and resources. Are you overly concerned? You may have more control and more resources than you first realize. I think it can be improved because I see it as more of your own personal outlook.
What do you think?

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