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Other readings, which answer specific questions, are hand-analyzed, read into audio cassettes and snail-mailed to you. These of course are far more expensive. email her for cassette descriptions and prices.

2/29/02 email from Reuben K:
Man, you are 100% DEAD ON with how you describe the experience of one's first Saturn Return. I just turned 31 on May 21 and looking back at what my life, what my consciousness, my career, everything was like at 28 compared to now -- whew!!

2/7/02 email from Darren P:
Very interesting and true!!!
Thanks, Darren

Subj: tapes
Date: 03/06/2001 12:53:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: gabriele
THANKS soooo much for the tape! It was wonderful. And, I would agree with about 98% of what you said in it! It did give me some insight into myself and did explain a few things. It was AWESOME. THANKS!!!!!!! I will be getting in contact with you in the near future for some more stuff. First, I have to digest what was sent to me first and I must listen to the tape several more times to get things straightened out for myself. Once, I do that I do intend to get back with you with some questions. GREAT WORK!
thanks again,
gabriele ;>)

To Madame L and the wonderful people at Technodyke:
This is just a letter of appreciation. I’ve loved technodyke for months now, and one of my favorite parts is Madame’s herscopes and question/answer section. I imagine that she is often bombarded with questions and yet — everytime i send one in, she answers it! what a fantastic woman! What a wonderful part of Techdyke! S'il vous plait, Madame, keep it up!
— Sarah (birhtdate: Oct. 16 1983)

You are an ABSOLUTE RIOT!! I love reading your horoscopes. I'm not gay, but I figure they’re still on target for boring straight people too!

mary jean n.
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 09:36:15 -0500
I was just looking over your emails about my chart and boy are you right on the money! Thanks again
Tonya M., 12/30/2001

Hi there,
Just thought you should know that the “Secrets.....” book totally changed my life in 1982, and continues to do so. It’s about time Debbi got some recognition for her work, this is the first time I’ve ever heard her work mentioned — it’s ABOUT TIME. Good for you !!!!
A fellow Student,
A. M., July 17, 2001

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