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The Saturn Return

Does this sound familiar?

My life is a wreck”, the 28 year old confided to me, “Everything I want to do is stymied or in such terrible flux that I feel out of control. What should I do?”

I advised this person to wait until their 30th birthday and things would fall into place. This poor tortured soul was experiencing a Saturn Return; a three year period which occurs every 28 years when Saturn returns to it’s original position in the natal chart. Sounds complicated? It’s not.
Saturn is our stern taskmaster who requires us to learn our lessons well and apply them to personal life issues and dealings with others. Where does Saturn (and Capricorn) sit in your natal chart? That’s where Saturn will strike.

Important things to remember during your Saturn Return are:
1. The Return lasts three years or so from age 28-30.
2. Expect changes, changes, changes.
3. Listen to what Saturn is trying to teach you and apply that knowledge to difficult areas in your life.
4. If you don’t listen to Saturn now, the planet will kick you in the patoot during the next Saturn Return (age 56 or so). How would you like another go-around? I certainly wouldn’t!

For a study sheet on the Saturn Return, click here.

A Saturn Return Poem
“27 1/2”
Amongst the confusion inside my head
are fleeting moments of sanity and clarity.
Convincing myself and others with
my ever changing plans, theories and revelations.
Trying to open my heart while struggling to
decipher between insincerity and true compliments;
who to trust and who to fear.
Craving focus and stability but
finding complete and utter chaos around every corner.
Fearing I have gotten on the never ending rollercoaster,
only to find there is no seatbelt.
Laughing, crying, screaming, obsessing, demanding, creating,
reaching, dreaming, interpreting, misinterpreting and letting go
all in the same breath.
Watching, waiting and wondering how long I will be drowning
in Saturn Return.
- - By H.G. May 25, 2000

Let’s Start a Dialog. This email was sent to me and requested feedback from other Saturn Return sufferers.

Subject: What is happening to me??????
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 00:28:59 EST
Please Please Please connect me with other people and with more information about this Saturn Return experience. I turned 28 in March of 2001, and this last year has been an unexpalinable emotional Hell for me. I am experiencing moments of such intense clarity coupled by deep painful depression around issues in my life that I didn't even realize were issues before. I feel like the minor shit of my early
20's somehow cornered me into this emotinal headlock, and is insisting on breaking me until I arrive at some really intense breakthrough in my life. I am willing to get the lessons. I am so willing to do the work, as painful as I know it will be. I've already felt the pain of it. I don't know anyone in my life who is currently experiencing this, and I know I could benefit from some fellowship and support from other Saturn-Returnists. It would help me to help others in this transition as well, if only I knew what in the hell this was all about. I hope you'll be able to teach me something more about this.

Thank you,
Holly at

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