Angel Number 1

Are you ready to learn all about angel number 1 and the messages hidden within it?

Angel number 1 stands out among other numbers – it is quite literally singular. When you see it, it is a clear sign that a new cycle or chapter is just about to start for you. This could involve a fresh start in your love life, or it could mean finding new possibilities in unexpected places.

There is a great sense of positive energy surrounding angel number 1, and one of its most important angel number messages is to cultivate a positive attitude and self-reliance. Angel number 1 demands that you step up to bat and keep moving forward in pursuit of your highest potential and deepest desire. It is also a reminder that you are in charge of creating your own reality, and that you have the power to do so.

In some cases, angel number 1 can serve the function of a spiritual wake up call, a sudden and stark reminder that you need to realign your everyday life with your life purpose.

But so far, we’re only scraping the surface. Are you ready to take a deep dive into the deeper layers of meaning contained within angel number 1? If so, then just keep reading.

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Why your guardian angels are showing you angel number 1

Angel number 1 is a number you cannot help but notice if it keeps cropping up in your everyday life. You mgiht see it on the front of the bus you have to catch, at the end of five license plates in a row, in social media handles, in phone numbers, on supermarket bills. The point is that wherever you go, angel number 1 seems to be following you around.

The reason for this is that your guardian angels are trying to relay a message. Angels often communicate using angel numbers, becasue numbers have universal yet specific meaning.

An angel number may appear in response to a question that you have been mulling over lately, or it may appear spontaneously as a message of divine guidance. Either way, once you receive an angel number it is up to you to decipher its meaning and then find a way to practically apply it.

The many layers of angel number 1

Like any other angel number, angel numnber 1 has multiple layers and facets of meaning.

If you want to truly get a handle on what angel number 1 means, the best way to go about this is to view the number through a number of different lenses. You will find that many different perspectives on the number 1 overlap while also adding something new to your overall understanding.

Numerological meaning of the number 1

Numerologically and symbolically speaking, angel number 1 represents new beginnings, new opportunities and possibilities, new energy.

Number 1 is a very spiritual number, and is often considered a lucky number as well. Because it precedes all other numbers, it is imbued with a sense of excitement, freshness, intensity and leadership.

Its very shape suggests that number 1 is a forward-moving, action-oriented number. It looks almost like an arrow, a wand, or an exclamation mark.

When angel number 1 appears, nothing stays the same. It is time to embrace change and make space in your life for something new, whether this is a new romantic relationship or a new career.

Life path number 1

Let us stay within the realm of numerology for now, because it can help us shed a lot of light on what angel number 1 means.

In numerology, people with life path number 1 are said to be born leaders and entrepreneurs. They’re creative, individualistic, eccentric, ambitious, self-confident and commanding. Their thinking is often ahead of their time, which can make them feel misunderstood – but when their ideas pay off, it can also turn them into some of the most celebrated, admired and best-paid individuals in the world.

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘it is lonely at the top.’ There is some truth to this statement where the number one is concerned. People whose life path number is one tend to dance to the beat of their own drums. They may struggle to conform to the norms of society. They may also enjoy challenging and disrupting the status quo.

Number 1 in Christianity

In Christianity, the number 1 is associated with God the creator, as well as with his one and only son, Jesus Christ.

The number 1 implies being chosen and singled out for an important task as well as for a great burden. From a Christian perspective, redemption comes only through sacficice and noble perseverance.

On the first day of creation, God said ‘Let there be light.’ Light could be seen as a metaphor for human consciousness, as well as for the creative spark that drives us all to invent, write, paint, start businesses or pursue spirtiual enlightenment. In other words, the divine glimmer within all of us is what drives us towards unfolding and expressing our potential.

Number 1 in the Kabbalah

In the Kabbalah, the number 1 is associated with the first and topmost sphere on the Tree of Life. This sphere is called Kether, which very fittingly means ‘The Crown.’

Kether is associated with the highest, with Godhead, with divine consciousness and energy. Kether is the animating principle – it is the sphere through which divine light and life-giving energy are able to filter down through the rest of the tree.

Number 1 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 1 is embodied by the enigmatic Magician archetype.

The Magician is depicted standing before his alter. Laid out on the altar are the magical tools that give the Magician power over the four elements and therefore over the physical realm. There is the wand, held alof in his hand as though it is a lightning rod through which he cannels divine energy. The wand is associated with the element of fire, which stands for passion, drive, desire and ambition.

In addition to the wand, there is a cup, a sword and a pentacle. The cup represents water (creativity, receptivity, emotion, dreaming, intuition), the sword represents air (imagination, ideas, communicaiton skills, perception), and the pentacle represents earth (organizational skills, practicality, finances, framework, foundations).

The Magician has everything he needs right in front of him. Because he has the power to channel divine energy, he can command the four elements and the spheres of life that they each rule over.

What it means when you keep seeing angel number 1

By now you should have a solid grasp on the multi-faceted, secret meaning of angel number 1. But is this the same thing as knowing what your guardian angels are trying to tell you by repeatedly showing you angel number 1?

Perhaps not. So here are some practical examples of how the meaning of angel number 1 might apply to your life in a practical sense.

New beginnings

Angel number 1 is always, without exception, a sign of a new beginning, a new journey, turning the leaf and plunging ahead into a brand new chapter.

New beginningers, whatever form they take, can be both thrilling and daunting all at once. When you are at the beginning of something, it means that you do not yet have the full picture or the full skillset you need. But if you cultivate a positive attitude and trust in your ability to figure things out as you go, approaching a new project or possibility with a beginner’s mindset is not a bad thing at all.

Being at the very start of a new relationship, a new university course or career requires a lot of mental energy and concentration. You’re essentially venturing into a brand new territory without a map. All you have to rely on is your gut instinct and your ability to learn.

If you handle a new beginning well, it can be the start of an exciting and meaningful adventure. If you handle it badly, it can seem overwhelming and you may long to retreat and climb back inside your comfort zone. But just remember, all changes and new ventures are the most difficult in the beginning. This is true whether we’re talking about starting a new gym habit or getting to know a new subject, a new person or a new city. If you just stick with it and know that you have made a good decision, you’ll soon know your way around and will start feeling more at ease.

A new spiritual journey

The new beginnings that angel number 1 is hinting at are not necessarily physical or immediately tangible. Sometimes, the new chapter purported by angel number 1 is a renewal of the mind and a journey within.

Whether you already have a rich spiritual life and practice or are a complete beginner, angel number 1 hints at a strong internal drive towards higher consciousness and self-expression.

A spiritual awakening might be on the cards. The guardian angel message here is to let the natural ebb and flow of your curiosity lead you where you need to go. Are you feeling drawn to reiki, meditation or Buddhism? Or do you feel compelled to dive into the works of Aleister Crowley? Angel number 1 is telling you to go for it, because knowledge is power. And by leaning about spiritual philosophies, divination tools and occult lore, we learn and develop ourselves in the process.

Receiving green light from the universal energies

Seeing angel number 1 is a sign of being plugged into the universal energies.

What this means in practical terms is that your intuition is particularly acute at the moment, and that the signals and inspiration you are receiving are coming from the highest, deepest source of cosmic consciousness.

Seeing angel number 1 is akin to receiving the thumbs-up or green light from the universe. It is a clear sign for you to act on what you are feeling and sensing. As you enter this new phase, angel number 1 is essentially telling you to trust in your own intuitive power and in the fact that your life path has sa mission and a purpsose.

If you have been mulling over a particular project or idea for a long time, wondering whether or not to act on it, this is your sign to pursuit it. Start acting on your inspiration and making something of it today, right now.

A flash of inspiration

As already mentioned, angel number 1 implies a very spiritual person, someone with a strong and clear line of communication with the divine realm.

When you keep seeing angel number 1, it is a sign that inspiration is all around you, and fantastic creative ideas a coursing through your veins. All you have to do is let it through, find a way of giving your inspiration a form and an outlet.

Seeing angel number 1 indicates that you are a highly creative and powerful individual, and when it comes to manifesting divine energy, there is no limit or restriction as to what you can create or do with it.

A positive mindset

Angel number 1 is an indication of a positive mindset and of deliberately cultivating and expressing positive energy.

1 is a number that exhudes confidence, self-reliance and optimism. Take these energies as your inspiration as you head into the next chapter of your life.

The law of attaction is only one of several divine laws at work in the universe, but it is nevertheless true that if you resonate positivity, optimism and self-esteem, attracting the things, the people and the circumstances you desire into your life becomes a lot easier. Trying to achieve anything while emanating negative energy and not believing in yourself isn’t going to get you very far in comparison.

A wake up call

Sometimes, seeing angel number 1 can be a powerful wakeup call – a call to arms, if you will.

The reason for this is that everyday life has a way of losing its intensity and meaning, unless you yourrself intentially infuse it with some of both on a regular basis. Angel number 1 is a reminder to stay alert, stay focused, keep on your toes and view your life as a grand adventure. If life has lost its intensity, excitement and spiritual meaning, it is time to start looking at how you can bring these elements back in.

From the point of view of the soul, leading a comfortable existence is far from enough. You need excitement, novelty, adventure, connection, and not least meaning.

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