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Pluto Synastry

Pluto synastry: What does it mean to have a Pluto aspect in a synastry chart? Pluto is a mysterious planet that rules the most profound

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Lilith Synastry

Lilith in Astrology represents our shadow side and primitive impulses. It unveils our repressed sexuality and the topics that make us feel most vulnerable. The

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Gemini Men

The first thing you should know about Gemini men is that they are some of the most interesting people you are ever likely to meet. 

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Leo Men Characteristics

What are the most prominent Leo men characteristics? The male Leo is easily recognizable by his striking appearance – broad shoulders, confident stride, large intense

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Venus Trine Pluto

What does it mean if you find a Venus trine Pluto transit in the synastry chart you share with your romantic partner? Venus-Pluto aspects in

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Vertex in Synastry

The Vertex in synastry is considered a point of karmic connection, and it’s mostly used to discover a predestined relationship. Find out if you’re on

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Capricorn Moon

Each planet in our natal chart represents a different function in our psyche. For example, the Sun sign symbolizes our external self and the manifestation

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Sagittarius Moon

Do you have a Sagittarius Moon? Have you ever felt that your zodiac sign does not fully represent you? This is because most people are

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Libra Moon

What does having a Libra Moon say about you? The Moon is a mystical satellite which emerges after the Sun sets on the horizon and

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