The Five Human Design Types

Human design is the study of the underlying mechanics that drive and shape the human personality.

When you study human design it will lead you to a much deeper understanding not only of yourself but of the other human design types you interact with in your everyday life.

Peel back the outer layers of anyone’s personality and you will find that they are fundamentally hardwired in one of five different ways.

Knowing which of the five types within the human design system applies to you gives you the secret key to unlocking the mysteries of your own personality and helps you understand what drives and motivates you. With human design, you will be able to see the potential downfalls and shortcomings that are unique to your type, and by the same token, avoid them.

Understanding the human design types provides us with a clearer understanding of our fellow human beings, enabling us to understand them better, communicate and work with them better. Understanding how others work and what makes them tick can also inspire us to become more patient and compassionate.

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Armed with the knowledge of our own inherent human design we may also learn to become more tolerant and accepting of ourselves.

Consider human design your metaphysical roadmap to enhancing your physical, mental and emotional well being while staying on track as you make your journey through life. Human design gives you a key to working with the natural flow of your life force energy rather than pushing against it and by doing so, limiting yourself. Human design is a tool to help you unfold and experience the full spectrum of your personality.

There are five primary human design personality types – manifefstors, generators, manifesting generators, projectors and reflectors.

The Human Design System

Human design is a relatively new idea combining elements of I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakras, Western astrology and quantum physics.

The concept was first formulated by Ra Uru Hu (aka. Alan Robert Krakower) following a profound mystical experience he had. He brought human design to the world in his 1992 book called simply The Human Design System.

The new astrology

Sometimes labelled ‘the new astrology,’ human design offers a potent self-help method, refreshingly free of religious undertones.

The system is intended to help us understand ourselves and each other better. Human design is a key to help us unlock inner peace and find success, without sacrificing our inherent personality in the process, but rather by understanding, working with and leaning into it.

The human design chart

In a human design chart the planets are arranged in a type of horoscope formation called a BodyGraph. The BodyGraph is a comprehensive map of our energetic and genetic code.

The BodyGraph also features the 64 hexagrams familiar to practitioners of the I Ching, placing them at various areas of the body. Occasionally the BodyGraph also includes a mandala overlaid with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The information the BodyGraph contains can both help us find and manifest success in our own way, and steer clear of situations that do not gel with our particular spiritual makeup.

Your human design journey, or human design experiment, is all about learning to lean into your personality and its unique strengths.

What are the 5 human design types?

The five different human design types are manifestors, generators, manifesting generators, projectors and reflectors.

The human design system differentiates them primarily based on how they respond to and meet the world around them, what drives them (what their inner authority is) and the overall vibration of their aura.

The two most important tools the human design chart offers us is the knowledge of our strategy and authority. Knowing what our strategy and authority are helps us find success and avoid frustration in life. Knowing our authority types and the unique strategy with which we most naturally approach the world and other people in it can give us the rare blessings of both self-assuredness and inner peace.


The aura is the electromagnetic energy field which surrounds and radiates outwards from our bodies.

Although most people cannot see it with the naked eye, the quality and vibe or our aura is usually one of the firs things they subconsciously register about us.

Auras can be differentiated by the direction of their energy flow. In the case of an open and enveloping aura, the energy and impressions are being drawn inwards. In the case of a closed and repelling aura, the energy is flowing outward instead, making a repelling aura quite a piercing aura, exerting a slight but distinct physical pressure against your own aura.


Our inner authority is our driving force, the seat of our personal power.

Every major decision we make in life is run past the inner authority first. Often, this process is entirely subconscious.

Knowing what your inner authority is enables you to navigate through life with greater ease and self-assuredness – it allows you to stop questioning why you always have to feel a situation out in your gut before you can commit with a clear conscience. We function the way we do for a reason – trying to divert our seat of power to a different inner authority than the one that comes natural to us is a futile and frustrating endeavour. Embracing the human design system means embracing our true inner authority, whether it is our solar, our heart, our sacral or our root chakra.

When our choices and actions are in perfect alignment with who we truly are, we will experience less resistance from the external world, and life will seem like less of an uphill climb and more like a pleasant and thrilling journey of constantly expanding self awareness and discovery. When you know your inner authority you will be equipped with the wayfinding tools you need to make the decisions that are most aligned with your highest evolution. When you know what you true inner authority is, every decision making process becomes smoother and every obstacle you encounter becomes easier to tackle and overcome.

The drivers

According to human design, the personality has different potential drivers or motors. Your primary driver is what determines inner authority.

The personality motors consist of unique qualities and energies and are mainly based on the chakra system. When you know which of the drivers plays a critical role for your human design type’s decision making you will know how to make your best decisions. You can use this knowledge to avoid frustration and stay on the right track as you continue your life journey.

Emotional authority

Approximately 47% of the population is governed by the solar chakra and an emotional authority.

Emotionally governed people are sensitive and creative souls who process things in their own time, sometimes needing to sleep on a decision overnight – or over the course of a lunar cycle.

Emotional authority is connected to the solar plexus chakra and its energy, which is depicted as a glowing yellow sphere of bright, sunshine-like energy. The solar chakra is located in your stomach area and governs life force, confidence and self-esteem.

When the solar chakra is in a state of balance, you will feel powerful, confident and good about yourself and your abilities. If, on the other hand, your solar chakra is unbalanced, you may be feeling angry, or you may be feeling low energy and lacklustre.

Sacral authority

Approximately 34% of the population is governed by the sacral center.

People governed by the sacral energy source have open and enveloping auras that pull consistent energy to themselves.

The aacral energy authority is linked with the sacral chakra, which is depicted as a glowing orange orb and is located in the lower belly, near the genital region.

The sacral chakra governs passion, pleasure and zest for life. When your sacral chakra is in balance, you will feel excited about life, confident, driven, creative and motivated. If, on the other hand, the sacral chakra is unbalanced, a depression may set in. You will feel a lack of appetite for the richness of experience that life can offer and there will be a sense of disconnect between your body and your mind.

Splenic authority

About 11% of the population is governed by the splenic authority, which may also be called the intuitive authority. The spleen is not governed by any chakra, but by the spleen, which is located in the gut.

The spleen is our primordial awareness center, predating any notions of the chakras. The spleen is responsible for intuitive knowing, acting and assimilating information much faster than the logical mind.

People governed by the spleen prefer paying attention to what their gut instincts are telling them, rarely needing outer validation or support when making their decisions.

Environment/no inner authority

Approximately 3.53% of the population have no inner authority.

People with no discernible or undefined centers are mental projectors and are characterised by their exceptionally open aura. Because these people do not possess a clear sense of inner authority, environment becomes extremely important to them. In other words, people with no inner authority benefit tremendously from placing themselves in positive, enriching and stimulating environments that can help shape and guide their path through life.

People with no inner authority are expert in adaptation and tend to make incredible collaborators and sounding boards.

Those driven by the energy of the environment they are in rarely feel angry, elated or express other big emotions on their own accord, but tend to react to the moods and energy of the people and environments they are in.

Self-projected authority

Around 2% of the population are projectors governed by a powerful and deep inner, self-directed authority. This is the only type of authority that is projected directly from the inner seat of power, the so-called G center.

People governed by a self-projected authority have a penetrating aura and a strong and clear sense of themselves . They speak things the way they seem them, without filter. Authentic self expression is key to this personality type.

Lunar cycle authority

Only an approximate 1% if the population is governed by the lunar cycle. These people are Reflectors whose authority works, ebbs and flows along with the full moon cycle.

It is important for this personality not to be rushed into making decisions or commitments without first processing them and thinking them through. Preferably, this personality type should await the passing of a full lunar cycle before they can commit to their stance. In today’s fast-paced world, awaiting the passing of a full cycle of the moon is not always practical or even possible.

Waiting for a full moon cycle has passed before making any important decision is not the only way for a projector to make a decision, but it is the best way. If you are unable to let a full cycle pass, the next best option is to make your decisions when the moon is full and there is a strong sense of inner clarity.

Ego authority

Only just over 1% of the population come from an ego-led, heart-centred authority.

People who are driven by their ego-led authority tend to be spontaneous and outspoken, embracing and reacting in the moment. Their authority is self-projected and compelling, and they radiate unbridled life force. Their inner sense of self is forceful, expressive, and at the same time, deeply anchored.

Ego-led people don’t generally like to brood or mull decisions over. Instead, they trust their immediate reaction to things and reach for what they want in life with great confidence and an admirable amount of self-belief.


While authority is how we process and make decisions, strategy is how we respond to and meet the world around us.

Strategy can be either pro-active or responsive, active or waiting.

What is your human design?

Are you a manifestor, generator, manifesting generator, projector or reflector?

To discover your own or someone else’s human design type, I recommend you use an online BodyGraph calculator rather than trying to create your own human design chart.

Calculating your own human design chart is complex, while entering your details into an online calculator is equally fast and reliable. You will need to enter your name, birth year, birth date, birth time and birth place.

If you are new to the concept of human design, your BodyGraph chart will seem to contain a lot of detail; it will give you a lot to think about and work with.

What is the most common human design?

People don’t fall evenly into the five different types of human design – some occur with much higher frequency than others.

The most common human design type are generators, accounting for up to 70% of the population.

Generators are characterised by their clearly defined sacral center and their responsiveness to the world around them. Chances are, most of the people you know are generators, however, not all of them may be pure generators.

What is the most rare human design?

Conversely, the rarest human design type is reflectors, accounting for only about 1% of the population.

Reflectors process energy very differently to the other types within the human design system. Most likely, you only know a few reflectors.


The multi-passionate creator

Generators are the most common human design type, making up an estimated 70 percent of the population. Generators are the driving force of the human race. They are the builders and creators – they man the engine that drives human evolution.


A generator’s aura is open and enveloping, drawing life and its experiences to them like a magnetic forcefield. Their energy feels compelling and welcoming. They often feel no need to chase what life has to offer, but draws it to themselves instead, trusting that things happen for a reason.


The generator’s strategy is to wait and respond, rather than to initiate and seek out. Their response to the world is sacral, meaning that they will know whether they have the energy to give to any given situation based on their sacral reaction to it.

When generators attempt to approach the world and make decisions from a mental place, rather than a place seated in their sacral power, they can become frustrated and feel disconnected. To avoid frustration and disconnect, it is important for generators to lean into their immediate reaction to the energies and people around them. Their sacral authority center will always give them the right answer.

If a Generator falls into a state of imbalance, their so-called not self, they will not be able to hear or feel themselves clearly. Their decision making faculties will be compromised and muddied. Meditation is a powerful tool and can help energy centers open up and rebalance themselves.


The fire starter

Manifestors make up about 9% of the population and are the initiators, explorers, entrepreneurs and provocative thinkers of humanity.

Manifestors thrive when they are active and have an impact on the world around them – they have a true desire to help shape and mould the direction of the future. Manifestors can be restless and hectic, because they prefer it when things are moving fast. Never leave a manifestor waiting – they always like working while the iron is hot.


Manifestors have a closed and repelling aura. Sometimes, this forceful aura can feel threatening or provocative to others, who in turn may attempt to control or dampen the manifestor’s boundless and fiery energy.


Manifestors are natural leaders and initiators, but they still have a team spirit and their strategy is to wait to inform others of their plans before they take actions on them.

Every Manifestor likes to be seen as a good role model, and the approval and support of others is important to them. Manifestors are people people, and when they focus their energy and intention on putting others at ease, they can do so remarkably well. Manifestors are gifted when it comes to helping others transcend their energetic blockages and restrictions.

If Manifestors fall into their not self, for example by bypassing their own inner code and plunging headfirst into new projects without first having rallied their troops and supporters around them and let them in on the grand plan, they may struggle with inner resistance and struggle to finds success. Ultimately, they may turn their disappointment towards themselves in anger.

Manifestors Generators

The life force powerhouse

Manifestors Generators make up an unknown percentage of the population. In many ways, you may say that they have hit it big in life by combining the powers and abilities of Manifestors and Generators.

Manifestors Generators are very independent spirits and are uniquely equipped to both initiate and complete ambitious projects. Manifestors Generators tend to dream and plan big, and they like to rally others around their ideas. However, the main difference between Manifesting Generators and pure Manifestorsis that Manifestors Generators don’t share the same deep and intrinsic need to be met with approval that characterises pure Manifestors.

Manifestors Generators are flexible, mallable changeable. Sometimes, they may change direction many times in their lives, as they have a lot of energy to live out and express. They may even find success in more than one arena.


Manifesting Generators have a powerful, vibrant aura. Its energy may ebb and flow. Sometimes it may seem the open and enveloping aura of a Generator, drawing life to itself, and at other times it may seem the closed and repelling aura characteristic of a Manifestor.

Because Manifesting Generators have this shifting, lively aura, their energetic imprint may appear to be ever changing, like the sea. It may even ebb and flow like the tide.


The Manifesting Generator’s strategy is to wait and respond to the energies and circumstances that life brings into their orbit Governed by their sacral power center, Manifesting Generators react quickly and unfalteringly to life’s stimuli.


The seer

Approximately 20% of the population are projectors. Projectors possess the ability to look deeply into the hearts and minds of others.

Projectors are humanity’s most gifted seers, teachers and guides. Their powers of perception are acute and they are capable of digesting and transmitting vast amounts of information and wisdom.

Projectors have a clear and deep understanding of the world and the people around them. They latch onto new concepts and assimilate new knowledge quickly and effortlessly. They enjoy sharing knowledge and learning with others.


Projectors radiate a clear, focused and piercing aura.


The Projector’s strategy is to wait for invitation, recognition and stimuli from the external world. Projectors don’t initiate but react to their environment and its stimuli.

Because of their openness, Projectors can sometimes be vulnerable to negative influences and conditioning. It is very important for Projectors to focus their time and energy on the right people, as they may otherwise be led astray, pushed off balance and become bitter and resentful.

Projectors are governed by the moon cycle and make their decisions slowly and deliberate whenever possible, preferring, when possible, to await a full cycle of the moon before committing to anything potentially life-changing.


The shapeshifter

Finally, we have the Reflectors, making up only an estimated 1% of the population. If your energy is made up of all open centers, you belong in this exclusive club.

Reflectors are, if possible, even more gifted and seeing and reading their fellow man and their environment than are the Projectors. Reflectors have a unique ability to effortless tap into the flow of life, following a seemingly blessed path of inexplicable synchronicity.


Reflectors are surrounded by a mysterious, resilient and absorbing aura. The aura of a Reflector absorbs and processes the flow of life force energy very differently to others, by sampling the energetic sparks around them and reflecting them back like a mirror.


A Reflector’s strategy is to wait and reflect. Because of this, Reflectors may seem very elusive, mysterious and hard to read. They, in turn, read every subtle vibration and movement around them.

If a Reflector falls into their not self and becomes unbalanced, it is often the result of the Reflector having come to identify with what they are mirroring back into the world. This over-identification with something outside of themselves may leave Reflectors feeling weary and drained, and perhaps even confused about their own identities.

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