Moon Opposite Moon Synastry

The Moon opposite Moon synastry aspect is one of the more challenging ones you might come across in the synastry chart.

The Moon is the planet of feeling, emotion, mystery and sensuality. When two romantic partner’s Moons are drawn tighter, the connection is deep, meaningful and filled with promise – but the opposition is a hard aspect, a guarantee of emotional miscommunication and misinterpretation.

Normally in relationships we can rely, to an extend, on our partner processing and expressing their emotions in a similar way to ourselves. But this is really not the case here (or in other hard aspects involving a Moon-Moon connection). In the Moon opposite Moon synastry relationship, the two partners operate very differently on an emotional and intuitive level. This means that many of the things the two sense about each other – such as their partner’s moods, wishes or values – turn out to be off the mark, and perhaps very far off it.

If you and your lover share a Moon opposition Moon synastry aspect, you are in for an uphill ride, replete with twists, turns and frustrations. In the Moon opposite Moon relationship, both parters are sensitive to each other’s criticisms and slights, and both have a tendency to misunderstand the other’s emotions and intentions.

What might make up for this, at least in part, is the intuitive attraction and the spiritual connection you have for your partner.

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Overall, is the Moon opposite Moon relationship still worth pursuing? Can the Moon compatibility be redeemed and transformed into a flourishing romantic connection? Keep reading to discover more.

Synastry: Love astrology

Synastry is an area of astrology dedicated to looking at the romantic compatibility of couples. In order to be able to assess how well two people work together on a romantic level, a shared synastry chart is composed by overlaying the couples’ two individual natal charts with each other.

The synastry chart shows where the different planets fall, and crucially, how they are aspected to each other. Aspects in astrology describes the angles at which planets or other celestial bodies are positioned in relation to each other.

There are both soft and hard aspects. Soft aspects include the conjunction, the trine and the sextile, and they ensure an easy and harmonious flow of energy between the two planets involved. Hard aspects, on the other hand, indicate friction and disharmony between the planets. The opposition is a hard aspect.

Having an opposition or another hard aspect in your chart doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed, or that the friction you and your partner experience cannot be reconciled. What the presence of one or more challenging aspects tell you is simply that you and your partner have something to work at, something to overcome if your relationship is to flourish and put down deep roots.

The Moon in synastry

The Moon is an ethereal satellite, associated with mystery, secrecy, creativity, intuition, emotion and the unknowable depths of the subconscious mind. The Moon signifies your emotional self, your inner self, your emotions, your intuition and extrasensory perception.

In astrology, the Moon is associated with the Scorpio and Cancer zodiac signs. Scorpio and Cancer are both water signs. While Scorpio is known for its intensity, mysterious vibe and emotional nature, Cancer is emotionally sensitive, intuitive and creatively gifted. The Moon encompasses all of these qualities.

In the Tarot, the Moon card depicts a moonlit, watery landscape. In the foreground is a crab, symbolic of the Cancer star sign, emerging from the watery depths of the subconscious. In the middle of the card are two other animals, a domesticated dog and a wolf. Their heads are tilted back and lifted towards the Moon, and they are howling in unison. The dog and the wolf represent the two different sides of consciousness and nature – the conscious versus the unconscious mind, the socially integrated side of the personality versus the irrational and animalistic.

The Moon plays a significant role in astrology, and in synastry in particular. When your Moon is aspected to any of your partner’s personal planets, you are going to be deeply attracted to them on an emotional and intuitive level.

The opposition aspect in synastry

In astrology, an opposition happens when two planets are positioned directly opposite each other in the chart. In the case of the Moon opposite Moon synastry aspect, it means that one person’s Moon sits directly across from the other’s.

The opposition aspect causes tension, as the two Moons are constantly pushing against each other and pulling the two people involved in opposite directions.

When two people’s Moons are in opposition to each other, their emotional natures are at odds. The two simply don’t process or express emotions in the same way, which can seem disorienting and frustrating to both of them.

Other Moon-Moon aspects

Moon in opposition to Moon isn’t the only Moon-Moon configuration out there. Others aspects include the conjunction, the trine, the sextile and the square. Out of all of them, the opposition is by far the most challenging.

If you and your partner’s Moons are in sync, as they would be in a harmonious aspects such as the conjunction or the sextile, your emotional natures wold also be aligned, and you would find it much easier to express what you truly need and feel to your partner.

The opposition, or other hard aspects such as the square, causes friction between the two people’s Moons and can make it difficult for both partners to emotionally reach and make themselves understood to the other.

Characteristics of the Moon opposite Moon relationship

We’ve already taken a look at what it means when one person in a romantic relationship has their Moon in opposition to their partner’s. Now, let us delve a little deeper into the characteristics of the Moon opposite Moon pairing.

There is a very deep connection

One of the truly beautiful things about any Moon-Moon connection is the sense of deep spiritual attraction that the two partners feel towards one another.

In the case of the Moon opposite Moon synastry combination, the connection comes with its set of challenges. Although the two partners are deeply attracted to each other

The Moon person and the other person are never on the same page

In any Moon-Moon aspect, the two people are challenging each other in different ways, but this is particularly clear in the case of the Moon opposite Moon pairing.

This is a relationship where both partners crucially share some of the same strengths, but also some of the same weaknesses. In this synastry aspect, both partners are eeing things through a filter strongly coloured by their own feelings, and both may be incapable of seeing things from their partner’s perspective.

Because each romantic partner has a very different way of feeling and expressing emotion to the other partner, they can both seem incomprehensible and irrational to each other. Obviously, this is a recipe for friction, misunderstanding and discord.

The two Moons pull in opposite direction

One of the defining (and damning) features of the Moon opposite Moon relationship is that the two people’s Moons are pulling them – and as a result the relationship – in opposite directions. This poses a great challenge when it comes to making the relationship grow and evolve along a unified path.

Both partners in this union feel very strongly about their own values and comforts – and they expect their partner to share or at least understand them. However, they might find it both frustrating and hurtful that they cannot get their partner to see the world like they do, or get get them onboard whether we are talking values, views, dreams, goals or desires. On top of this, both partners have a tendency to give the other a hard time because of their fundamentally different ways of processing and expressing emotions.

In short, buckle up: Misunderstandings are going to be both frequent and unavoidable in the Moon in hard aspect to Moon relationship.

The verdict

So, what’s the verdict on the Moon opposite Moon relationship?

In and of itself, Moon opposite Moon is one of the more challenging and uphill aspects to deal with in a relationship. Although the two are very attracted and sense the potential for cultivating a deep and meaningful bond, their different and sometimes opposing ways of feeling and expressing themselves can make the road to a healthy and thriving romance rather difficult.

But one hard and challenging aspect doesn’t wreck a relationship. Depending on which other planets and aspects you and the other person share, the Moon-Moon opposition may be either cushioned or amplified by the other astrological goings-on in your composite chart. And of course, you and your romantic partner have agency and free will. It is up to you to decide how you are going to play the astrological hand you’ve been dealt.

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