This "cheat sheet" reveals the future of your relationship based on your ancient synastry archetype

Find out if you're with the right person based on 1000s of matching case studies!

Scientists have struggled to explain the shocking accuracy of Synastry Archetype Profiles that reveal the true path of your union. It’s like an instruction manual for how you work together!

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What is my synastry archetype?

Hey, I’m Lucius – chief relationship astrologer at Access New Age.

Thousands of people come to me for help with their compatibility every week.

You’ve probably read some of my in-depth guides to synastry on this site.

If so, you’ll love what I have in store for you.

The New Breakthrough In Astrological Compatibility

I lead a group of leading relationship astrologers at the forefront of astrological research into unusual phenomena and energies affecting relationships.

Every now and then, we stumble onto something big.

It’s inevitable really, given that we scour huge volumes of ancient wisdom and material, from forgotten volumes in antique libraries to archaeological finds.

If we find something new, we’re quick to then talk to current couples at all stages of their relationship to test it out.

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I don’t like to advertise these findings too much. 

The trouble with being “woo” is you get a lot of (often quite abusive) criticism and doubt – no matter how compelling your evidence is.

Now I’m not against science. But the whole point of science is it is (or should be) based on evidence.

Recently we discovered something new. 

Something powerful.

The kind of breakthrough that justifies years of searching and manifesting.

It could help MILLIONS of couples in navigating the complexties of their most intimate relationships.

What we found were strong correlations in some powerful ancient relationship forecasting methods.

The thing is science can’t explain how this can work.

But what we see in the EVIDENCE is that it does.

The vast majority of people who have tried it have reported feeling uplifted and empowered. 

They feel the confidence to either fully invest in their relationship or walk away and hold their power.

Gone are their days of anxious ambivalence. “Is this right for me” “What if…”

They have DIRECTION and FOCUS.

36 Clear Archetypes EVERY Romantic Relationship Falls Into

From Ancient Egypt to the Maya, we were able to establish 36 clear archetypes based on astrological phenomena that showed strong evidence in all real-life couples we tested against.

The result is a clear template or “blueprint” that gives you a clear instruction manual for your relationship.

Wouldn’t you love to know how your partner is likely to change over time, or respond to certain situations?

And wouldn’t you breathe easy knowing how you should respond to their behavior? Synastry archetypes decode how you work together as a couple. 

Does any of This Sound Familiar?

Our first couples to receive their Synastry Archetype Profile found big answers to familiar situations like:

  • I find their texts a bit cold but they are warm in person. I can’t tell if they’re angry or they’re just being direct.
  • Our dates are intense and romantic. But then I don’t hear from them for days.
  • I feel they are The One. But I’ve felt that before and had my heart broken. How do I know if I’m right this time?

Jane's Story

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