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Are you interested in discovering what a personalized synastry report can tell you about your relationship?

Astrology doesn’t only offer valuable insights into our personality and unique outlook on life. It also sheds light on the dynamics of our relationship, helping us overcome our blind spots and nurture our strengths.

Sometimes love is not enough to sustain a relationship. Our different characters, tastes, and perspectives can become a barrier separating us from the people we love.

Understanding our natal chart is very helpful, but putting it in conjunction with your partner’s chart will give you specific hints on how to improve your bond.

A synastry chart reveals our compatibility with other people in an accurate and enlightening way. It shows what makes us feel attracted to our partners and what traits of their personality drive us crazy.

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In the following, we will discuss the significance of the synastry chart and how it can help you heal your relationships. So get your partner’s birth time and birth city and immerse yourself in this beautiful Universe.

What is a synastry chart?

Each one of us has a unique birth chart that reveals our personality traits, talents, and shortcomings. It also displays our outlook on life and the kind of experiences we are likely to live.

The synastry chart overlaps two charts and explores the dynamics formed between their planets and celestial bodies, offering an accurate overview of the relationship’s astrological compatibility.

One person’s chart and planetary arrangement are placed in the inner ring of the bi-wheel chart, while their partner’s placements are in the external one.

Think of a birth chart as the map of the cosmos of the exact planetary coordinates of your date of birth. Now when we overlay another person’s map over yours, we can appreciate where their celestial bodies were located in relation to yours. That’s the basis of synastry compatibility.

A synastry chart looks just like a regular birth chart. The only difference is that there are twice as many elements and zodiac signs. In this chart, we can appreciate the aspects between all the planets, which is the geometric relationship between them. An example of an aspect shape includes the conjunction, square, and opposition (the most challenging ones) and the trine and sextiles (the most beneficial).

Both synastry and composite charts explore relationships, but the first ones are more specific. They reveal how one person affects another, helping us interpret the essence of the relationship.

These charts also highlight our blind spots and the aspects we must pay attention to if we want to proceed with this bond.

More than just a birth chart

Most of us are familiar with studying the Sun sign compatibility, but the synastry charts examine relationships from a more profound standpoint. Studying two individual’s birth charts helps us determine their compatibility and sustain the relationship in the long run.

Each chart forms a special and unique link with the unique energies of the other charts, which explains the different vibes we experience with each other. 

We naturally feel comfortable with some people, talking fluently for hours and enjoying each other company. With others, we hardly stop fighting or arguing. And with some, we have an undeniable sexual attraction, and we don’t even know why!

We can review all these aspects in the synastry chart, which will inspire us to get the most out of our relationship.

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