Crystals for Protection

Using crystals for protection against bad vibes and dark energy is nothing new. In fact, healing stones and protection crystals have been in use since ancient times and have stood the ultimate test of time. Different crystals have different powers. Some can help you form a protective shield around your aura, while others boost your […]

Wheel of Fortune Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana. A symbol of the ever-turning wheel of time and fate, the Wheel of Fortune speaks of change and transformation, with a door left open into the unknown. The Wheel of Fortune deals with the great and mysterious forces and energies that drive […]

Aura Color Meanings

The aura is an inexplicable energy field surrounding the human body, as well as the bodies of animals and even plants. However, the human aura is by far the most concentrated and vivid. Being able to see and read other people’s energy can teach us a great deal about them. Perceiving aura colors helps us […]