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The Red Lion Mars relationship archetype is an avoidant archetype where the two partners have a tendency to drift apart due to a lack of communication. Not establishing clear boundaries and expectations is often one of the great challenges that manifests itself in this relationship constellation. 

 Having said that, a Red Lion Mars relationship can be one of the most exciting and dynamic relationships you will ever find yourself in, so provided that you and your partner are both willing to work on the relationship, there is real potential for a beautiful shared future.

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Our Research Shows the Majority of Red Lion Mars Relationships fall apart shortly after 18 months

The Red Lion Mars relationship starts out with plenty of promise. You and your partner are powerfully attracted to each other right from the start – the magnetism and spark between you is simply undeniable. The connection can seem fated, meant to be.

Initially, this relationship will unfold naturally and easily. There is a real desire on both sides to get to know the other person, to share experiences, and to open up to one another.

It is when the relationship starts maturing that difficulties may arise. 

But With The Right Guidance, Even Red Lion Mars Relationships Can THRIVE

A Red Lion Mars Archetype can be scary. The risks are very simple: small pitfalls like weak communication or missed needs that compound over time, all the time building resentment. 

Until the couple simply don’t care about each other anymore. Nevermind love.

But the good news is couples who address it early on, who unlock their “secret code”, experience the opposite:

Deep, Intimate Love That LASTS

A Red Lion Mars relationship is like a castle: inpenetrable if it has the right foundations.

With the right foundations it’ll last for centuries, resisting attack from all kinds of adversaries – weather, wars, corruption.

A Red Lion Mars couple who understand their dynamic is stronger and more powerful than the easiest Synastry Archetypes, regardless of changes in life aspects like careers, health and economics.

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