Numbers in Tarot – How Numerology Unlocks the Cards

The Tarot draws on numerous spiritual, mythological and archetypal principles – numerology being a crucial one of them. Numbers play a vital role in the understanding and interpretation of each of the 78 cards that make up the full Tarot deck. When it comes to the Tarot, the numbers on the cards are extremely useful. […]

Full Moon Tarot Spread

The moon cycle has always had a profound effect on human beings. By moonlight, our intuition is amplified while our deepest desires and most powerful emotions well up from the realm of the subconscious and come into full view of our conscious awareness. On full moon nights, a liminal space of opens up, like a […]

A Three Card Tarot Spread for Any Occasion

Three card Tarot spreads are some of the most popular and commonly used by Tarot readers everywhere, and with good reason. Not only are three card spreads among the best Tarot spreads for beginners who are only just starting to learn the craft, they are also endlessly versatile and adaptable. Three card Tarot spreads can […]

The Best and Worst Questions to Ask Tarot

Every Tarot reader has their own approach to reading the cards, but there are some questions that are universally well received by Tarot readers, and others that aren’t. When a querent comes into a reading, they don’t necessarily have any previous experiences with the Tarot to rely on, and some of their impressions of what […]

The Five Tarot Suits

A standard Tarot deck consists of a staggering 78 cards – that’s a lot to take in, not to mention memorise, when you are first starting out in Tarot. Fortunately, the Tarot divides into five distinct suits of cards, which makes all Tarot readers’ lives a lot easier. The Tarot is complex and many-layered, but […]

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross is one of the most versatile and universally applicable Tarot spreads you are likely to come across. No other spread helps you view all the different aspects of a situation in the querent’s life with quite the same level of accuracy and detail. A full Celtic Cross Tarot spread uses ten card […]

Tarot Zodiac Correspondences

The Tarot draws on many different spiritual and esoteric references and traditions – one of themes important ones is Western astrology. Understanding the underlying systems and patterns that the Tarot is built on gives you a significant leg up when it comes to understanding, in depth, each of the Tarot cards in your deck. When […]

Tarot Spreads: Top Choices for You

Whether you are a Tarot reading pro or a beginner reader just starting out, Tarot card spreads form the scaffolding behind every insightful and impactful Tarot reading. Some Tarot readers who swear by the no spread spread, where instead of following a set Tarot spread structure with predetermined card positions, the cards are drawn and […]

Career Tarot Spreads

A good percentage of the questions Tarot readers get asked relate to money, career, and related topics such as creative and professional pride and fulfilment. Having a career used to be simpler – just one or two generations ago, most people would work for the same company throughout their working lives before retiring with a […]

Relationship Tarot Spreads

It is no mystery why a very high percentage of the questions Tarot readers and fortune telling pros get asked are related to love, romance and relationships. Love is, after all, one of the most primal, fundamental and universal desires we have as human beings. The Tarot is a particularly useful divination tool when it […]