6 of Swords

The Six of Swords presents us with a scene of transformation, change and forward movement. Three characters are leaving the past behind. They are travelling by water, their boat steering towards a distant beckoning shore where lush trees hint at the potential for a fruitful future. The Six of Swords card often comes up in […]

6 of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles Minor Arcana Tarot card conveys a scene of generosity, of the giving and sharing of material blessings. The Three of Pentacles shows a well-dressed man dressed in extravagant clothing and standing upright – he appears to be a wealthy benefactor – while two beggars are kneeling at his feet and reaching […]

10 of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles, sometimes referred to as the Ten of Coins, presents us with a comforting and compelling scene: A wealthy patriacrh and his family are gathered in what appears to be the courtyard of a large castle. The atmosphere in the card is happy and relaxed. The older man is rightfully proud of […]

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups overflows with inspired ideas, creative potential, emotional wisdom and deep intuition. The Ace of Cups is much like the mythical Holy Grail -precious, rare and coveted. The good news is that we all possess the holy grail, represented by the Ace of Cups Minor Arcana card, within our psyche. There is […]

10 of Cups

The Ten of Cups Tarot card reveals a vision of happiness and domestic bliss. A man and a woman with their arms around each other are admiring the view of the reality they have been able to manifest together while their two children are playing nearby. A colourful rainbow illuminates the sky above them, and […]

3 of Cups

The Three of Cups greets us with a festive and inviting scene. Three women are dancing, celebrating, lifting their golden chalices aloft in joyful celebration of their friendship and shared accomplishments. Thee Three of Cups Minor Arcana card oozes lightheartedness, joy and revelry. It may come up in Tarot readings to indicate a positive outcome […]

8 of Cups

There are no purely positive or negative cards in the Tarot, but the Eight of Cups is decidedly on the more negative end of the spectrum. The card presents us with a scene of disappointment and withdrawal; a figure is walking away from the eight golden chalices he has worked so hard to gather. Now, […]

6 of Cups

The Six of Cups emanates nostalgia and soft, positive emotion. The Tarot cards rarely portray children, but the Six of Cups is a notable exception – it is the only card in the deck, apart from the Sun, in which children are the primary focus. The scene depicted in the Six of Cups card is […]

4 of Cups

The good news about the Four of Cups is that you hold the key within you; you are the solution to your own problems. The bad news is that you are currently overlooking that key, and are failing to see the world around you as abundant and beautiful. When the Four of Cups comes up […]

2 of Cups

The Two of Cups sets up a promising scene: A young couple are gazing deeply into each other’s eyes while exchanging cups, and presumably promises or vows. There is a great sense of mutual trust, appreciation and attraction between them. A romantic relationship or union is the obvious interpretation, but the Two of Cups may […]