How to do Telekinesis

Imagine having the ability to control and move objects with your mind. Apparently, this skill that we only thought superheroes could do, is something that you can learn to do. I bet you have heard somewhere that humans only use 10% of their brainpower. This might not be entirely true but it is a fact […]

Aura Color Meanings

The aura is an inexplicable energy field surrounding the human body, as well as the bodies of animals and even plants. However, the human aura is by far the most concentrated and vivid. Being able to see and read other people’s energy can teach us a great deal about them. Perceiving aura colors helps us […]

Best Online Psychics

The future is always uncertain. It is only natural to wonder where everything leads. Sometimes, insightful guidance to life’s complicated questions is needed to help us take the next step. There is so much stress and pressure when it comes to career and relationships that there is a huge demand for psychic readings as a […]