1234 Angel Number

If you keep seeing the angel number 1234 reflected back at you everywhere you look, you can be certain that strange synchronicities are at play in your life, and that the universe is trying to deliver a message to you that you should be paying attention to.

Angel number 1234 is a remarkable number sequence, one that immediately conveys a sense of progression and growth. The number 1234 is also perhaps the most familiar number sequence known to man, and it may remind you of when you first learned how to count. But what deeper messages and spiritual meaning does angel number 1234 convey?

If you are a spiritually attuned person – and the fact that you are reading this right now indicates that you are – you are probably attuned to angel numbers as well as other signs and symbols that may appear in your everyday environment. But noticing these angelic messages is not the same as understanding them. This is why this article was written – to give you a full and practical understand what it means when you keep seeing angel number 1234.

How your guardian angels speak

It doesn’t matter how you prefer to think about the spiritual forces that shape your journey through life – call them ascended masters, guardian angels, or your own higher self – the fact remains that they are always communicating with you. It is their job to ensure that you are on the right path, moving forward towards your highest evolution and the full expression of your gifts and talents.

Angels and other spiritual forces don’t possess human communication skills but instead speak in numbers, symbols and synchronicities. How can you be sure that a number or another physical form you are seeing is a message from the spiritual realm and not mere coincidence? Well, let us delve a little deeper.

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Angel numbers

There are numbers and then there are angel numbers.

What makes a number an angel number and not just a regular, random number, is how frequently you see it repeated. To give you an example, seeing the number 12 once in a day is not unusual and isn’t likely to hold any secret meaning. However, if you keep seeing the number 12 repeated in various places throughout the day, or over the course of several days or even weeks, there is a high likelihood of it being a message from the divine realm.

Angel numbers are often long strings of numbers, typically three or four digits long. The 1234 angel number is a great example of a four-digit angel number. It is a number sequence common enough to be used in many different contexts, but unusual enough for you to notice it if it keeps appearing to you with unusual frequency.

The universe has a great sense of humor, and angel numbers can appear in a great many different places, including on unexpected bills, as the final digits of your crush’s phone number, on billboards and so on.

Signs, symbols and synchronicities

Spiritual messages aren’t limited to angel numbers, but can also appear in the form of repeated signs, symbols, colors, words or other synchronicities.

Whether your angelic messages come thugh as numbers or other types of symbols, what makes them stand out as communications from the divine realm is that they keep leaping out at you frequently enough for you to notice them.

What the individual numbers mean

Understanding an angel number always demands that you look at and extract the meaning from the individual numbers it consists of. In the case of angel number 1234, the individual numbers we are going to look at in this section of the article are 1, 2, 3 and 4.


First things first, let us look at what the well-known number 1 means.

In and of itself, the number 1 is a very particular number. It is, of course, the first number out of all of them, and as such, it conveys a fresh start, a new phase, new beginnings, creative energy, taking a step forward, action-taking and leadership qualities.

The number 1 is universally considered to be a positive sign, and a number byrsting with positivity and posibilities. There is something simply fresh, clean and promising about the number 1; it’s a clean slate. Because it precedes all of the other numbers, it is both untouched and untainted by their energies and meanings. It represents the first decisive or faltering step on a new journey or in a new direction.

Number 1 in the Kabbalah

The first and topmost sphere on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is called Kether, which means ‘Crown.’ Kether represents the divine realm, naturally located at the very top of the tree.

Kether represents the superconscios mind, a concept which in itself is associated with endless potential, possibility, inspiration, vision and super-knowing.

The energy of Kether is what redeems humanity and makes life worthwhile. It is associated with life purpose and higher vision – it is where true and divine inspiration comes from.

Number 1 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 1 is one of the most significant. We enconter it both in the Major Arcana (Greater Mysteries) in the form of the beloved Magician archetype, and in the Minor Arcana where it takes the differing shapes of the Ace of Wands, the Ace of Cups, the Ace of Swords and the Ace of Pentacles.

The Magician is the second archetype in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, preceded only by the Fool card, which is labelled with the numeber 0. The Magician is shown standing in front of an altar and wielding is magical tools – the wand, the cup, the sword and the pantacle. These tools represent the four elements, and indicates that the Magician is taking charge of the four areas of life that they represent. The Magician is shown as an active, willful, capable and inventive participant in shaping his own fate and reality. Rather than waiting for the circumstances of life to show him the way or bounce him around, he is actively, through his magic, weaving his reality and sticking out the course of his spiritual journey. The Magician archetype has tremendous significance for how you might choose to interpret the number 1.

The Tarot’s Minor Arcana is divided into four suits, one for each of the four elements. There is the suit of Wands (Fire), the suit of Cups (Water), the suit of Swords (Air), and finally the suit of Pentacles (Earth). Each of the four suits has ten cards each, running from 1 to 10. The first card in each suit is called the Ace, like in a traditional deck of playing cards.

As well as the enigmatic and animated Magician, each of the four Aces can also help us get to a deeper understanding of what the number 1 means. In each of the Aces, an etheral or angelic hand is presenting a wand, a cup, a sword and a coin respectively. These are the very same tools that we see the Magician using in his ritual. It is also worth noting that the hand depicted in each of the Aces appears from the clouds, indicating that it is in fact the hand of divinity, offering spiritual awakening, guidance and gifts.

In the Ace of Wands, the hand of divinity offers a wand, a solid manifestation of everything that the Suit of Wands represents, namely willpower, drive, passion, ambition, confidence, positive energy.

In the Ace of Cups, the same hand offers a golden cup on its upturned palm. The cup, or the chalice, represents the purest essence of the Water element including creativity, receptivity, fertility, emotional intelligence and intuition.

In the Ace of Swords, the hand emerging from the clouds is holding a sword, symbol of the air signifier of intelligence, inspiration, vision and communication skills.

Finally, the hand emerging from the clouds in the Ace of Pentacles above a verdant landscape is presenting a golden coin, a solidified symbol of the Earth, and a promise of material wealth and a practical attitude to life.

What the four Aces all have in common is that they are filled with positive energy and positive vibrations. They each contain a sense of excitement and newness.


As for the number 2, it represents the natural expansion and progression from the number 1.

The number two is widely regarded as a positive number, and whereas the number 1 is indicative of individualism, self-expression and singular focus, the number 2 represents emotional connection with others and with the surrounding world.

It follows that the number 2 is associated with mutual attraction, as well as with deepening connection and understanding. The number two is the number most often associated with attraction to the opposite sex, or with other types of meetings between two complimentary opposites such as night and day, yin and yang, black and white.

Often, the number two is also associated with discovery, mirroring, learning, collaboration and expansion. All in all, whenever the number 2 appears, you can be sure that your horizons are going to expand.

Number 2 in the Kabbalah

In the Kabbalah, the second sphere on the Tree of Life is Chokhmah, ‘Wisdom.’

Chokhmah has to do with channeling the positive energy and will of the divine realm. As such, it is closely associated with self-knowledge and self-actualization through a connection with divinity, or if you will, the holy spirit.

Number 2 in the Tarot

The meaning of the Kabbalistic Chokmah is evident in the Tarot as well, where we encounter the number 2 in the Major Arcana in the form of the High Priestess.

Many Tarot buffs consider the High Priestess to be the female counterpart to the Magician, whom she follows in the progressive order of the deck. Because the Tarot uses Roman numerals, the High Priestess is given the headline ‘II,’ which visually indicates two ones becoming a new whole or creating a new balance.

The High Priestess is depicted as sitting on the throne of her mysterious, moon-lit temple between two pillars, one black and one white. This in itself indicates balance and nuance, as the Priestess is sitting directly between them. In the background, inside the temple, ripe fruits and luscious flowers grow, hinting at riches and delights waiting to be discovered through a deeper connection with the divine realm.

The High Priestess archetype carries a powerful message of inner connectedness and spiritual growth. She is the embodiment of the human desire to lead a spiritual life in pursuit of ever-deepening inner wisdom.

In the Minor Aracana, the number 2 is also signficant. In the Two of Wands, a young man is standing between two flowering wands, symbols of his sense of drive and ambition. He is gazing off into the horizon, as if contemplating his next move. The Two of Wands often comes up when the querent is hesitating on the brink of positive change.

In the Two of Cups we see two youths clinking their golden chalices together, as if in celebration. The two appear to be a couple in the process of forging a powerful emotional bond and perhaps even entering into a marriage contract. Looking past the traditional values that the Two of Cups can seem to embody, the bare bones of it are romantic feelings, deep connection, emotional bond, agreements. Depending on the surrounding cards or numbers, the number two in and of itself might hint at a twin flame relationship.

Looking at the Two of Swords, the situation is quite different. Here we see a woman holding two swords, their tips pointing in opposite directions. Blindfolded, she cannot see where she is pointing, and as a result, she is at an empasse. The Two of Swords deals with choices, difficult decisions, dilemmas, and the importance of choosing the right direction despite a lack of clear information from external sources.

At last we have the Two of Pentacles, which depicts a carefree youth dancing while balancing two golden coins between his hands. The coins are encircled by the infinity symbol. It seems that the young man understands that his current sitation is not the end goal and is able to navigate it with ease, grace and lightness as a result. The situation itself may be stressful, but the card’s protagonist has accepted the hand he has been dealt and is resourceful enough to play it to his advantage.

If there is a commonality between all of the Tarot’s twos, it has got to be change, and our own attitudes to change. Are you able to approach change with positive thoughts and in touch with your own sense of agency, or do you remain paralyzed, waiting for an answer to come from somewhere else than from within?


Now, the number 3. Three is perhaps the most famous and beloved number out of all of them.

Three is associated with magic, luck and wish fulfillment. Just think of the three sisters or brothers of most fairytales, Hercules of Ancient Greece encountering the Three Fates, or the Genie appearing from the lamp to grant Aladin three wishes.

The number three is also significant in most of the world’s major religions, including Christianity and Buddhism.

Number 3 in the Kabbalah

The third sphere on the three of Life is called Binah, which means ‘Understanding.’

Understanding is what naturally follows wisdom, often as a result of deep introspection and hard-won experience. Binah is associated with the divine mother, with the womb, and with creation.

Number 3 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 3 carries a lot of the same meaning and spiritual message as it does in the Kabbalah.

To illustrate, the Major Arcana card labelled with the number 3 is the Empress, a powerful femine ruler. Sat in her flowing garden, she is looking out over her creation. She has the power to create new life, great works of art, great material wealth, whatever she desires. It is easy to see why the Empress is associated with conception, fertility and birth.

In the Minor Arcana, the Three of Wands indicates expansion, travel and personal growth and is depicted as young man making his way across a hilly and barren landscape towards wider horizons and more fertile ground.

In the Three of Cups we see three young women dancing and clinking their golden cups together in an obvious and lighthearted display of triumph and celebration. They’re rejoicing, celebrating their victories, absorbed in the present moment.

The Three of Swords is rather more gloomy – it depicts a wounded heart, three swords going through it, rain falling in the background. Finally, in the Three of Pentacles, a monk and an architect are consulting with a young craftsman who is decorating the church. The three are collaborating, putting their different visions and skills together in order to achieve the most pleasing outcome. The meaning of this card is collaboration, apprenticeship and attention to detail.

In the Tarot, all of the threes have to do with growth and learning, which can sometimes be a painful experience, and at other times a celebration. Either way, there is expansion, growth and forward movement.


Now, the number 4.

Just like the four points on a compass or the four corners of a house, the number 4 indicates stability, structure and framework. The number four often has to do with building foundations and with setting yourself up for furture security, comfort and success.

Number 4 in the Kabbalah

Chesed, which means ‘Kindness,’ or ‘Loving-Kindness,’ a concept that is also well known in Buddhism as the practice of Loving-Kindness.

In addition to kindness, Chesed deals with perseverance, faithfulness and the pursuit of constancy.

Number 4 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, we first encounter the number four in the form of the Major Arcana’s Emperor. He is the male ruler of the Tarot, the male consort to the preceding Empress.

Like the Empress, the Emperor is depicted seated on his throne, but the landscape behind him is very different. Whereas the Empress is surrounded by writhing and luscious plants, the Emperor’s stone throne is standing in front of a mountain. What this tells us is that the Emperor is rather more starn and rigid than the Empress. He represents stubborn dedication, leadership qualities, relentlesness and control.

Moving on to the Minor Arcana, the Four of Wands is clearly a victorious scene, a scene depicting a bountiful harvest. In the foreground, four wands are laden with fruit and flowers, and in the background we catch a glimpse of revellers in flower crowns and flowing garments. On the hilltop above them a beautiful castle hints at material abundance.

In the Four of Swords, a knight is taking a timeout from the battlefield and is resting inside a church. He is lying on his back on the cool stone, recharging his batteries before heading back out there again to fight for what he believes in. This card hints at necessary readjustments to plans, and of the importance of reconnecting with the vision now and then to make sure you remain on the right path.

The Four of Pentacles shows a merchant stubbornly sitting on his four golden coins, refusing to move. He is holding on so tight that he is in fact stifling his own possibilities for growth and development. He’s squarely in his comfort zone.

All in all, the fours of the Tarot all deal with practical matters – the things that provide a sense of stability and comfort as we face life’s challenges. The key is finding precisely the right balance between, on the one hand, structure and security, and on the other hand, risk, volatility and growth.

The hidden meanings of angel number 1234

When we put our four numbers together, the result is the 1234 angel number.

The 1234 angel number consists of consecutive steps, a natural and self-evident progression from one stage of development to the next. Its meaning can apply to all areas of life.

When you keep seeing angel number 1234, it means that you are on the right track in life, and that ‘all’ you have got to do is keep going. This, however, is not necessarily easy. The steps might be visible right in front of you, as seemingly simple as 1, 2, 3 and 4. But it is still up to you to take the steps, to take to the path with gusto, guts and discernment.

At least, seeing the angel number 1234 wherever you look is as clear an indication as any that hte guardian angels and ascended masters are on your side – they have your back and are gently ushering you along, encouraging you to take the next step, and then the next.

The 1234 angel number often appears when you are at the beginning of a thrilling new life chapter or a new journey, whether it takes place in the arena of your love life, your career or your own spiritual life.

Let us say, for example, that you are at the very beginning of a new relationship. Seeing angel number 1234 can be a hint that this is a twin flame relationship, a particualarly intense and transformative romance.

If you keep seeing angel number 1234 in connection with your career, it is a clear sign that you are on the right track towards great success and fulfilment.

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Frequently asked questions about angel number 1234

What does 1234 mean in love?

The 1234 angel number has spicific meaning when it comes to your romantic life. One of the most important meanings of angel number 1234 has to do with progression, evolution and growth. There is clearly a step from 1 to 2, from 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4. This is great news in connection with romance, as it often indicates a developing, growing and deepening connection.

Since the 1234 angel number begins with the firts and smallest number there is, angel number 1234 as it pertains to romance and love is often a sign of brand new beginnings, either a brand new and developing relationship or the reinvention and overhaul of an existing relationship.

What does 1234 mean in soulmate?

Angel number 1234 does not necesssarily indicate that you have found your soulmate.

What it does mean is that there is an interesting, new and exciting journey unfolding ahead of you. If you are at the beginning of a new romantic liaison, this could mean that you are entering into a twin flame or soulmate relationship. Certainly, there is a lot to be learned from this connection, both about the other person and about yourself.

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