1919 Angel Number

The 1919 angel number is one of the most interesting examples of angelic numerology. It contaisn within it bot the smallest and the largest, the first and the last, single digit numbers. Both are repeated for added emphasis.

If you see the angel number 1919 you are bound to notice it – it’s one of those numbers that you simply cannot overlook. But what exactly does it mean?

The primary signifiance of angel number 1919 is endings and new beginnings. It’s a number that often comes up when you are perched between the ending of one life chapter and the next. There’s no doubt that angel number 1919 indicates an important and transformative period in your life, but the rapid changes it brings with it may seem overwhelming, depending on your own attitude and approach.

This is why angel number 1919 is considered to be a wake up call from the divine realm. It’s a reminder to remain positive while pursuing and livign your life purpose. It could be that you have some heart-based project waiting to be completed, or some accomplishment to attain far beyond the confines of your comfort zone. Angel number 1919 encourages self-reliance and reminds you of your inner strength when you need it the most.

Why the guardian angels are showinging you angel numbers

Why are the guardian angels and ascended masters showing you angel numbers, anyway?

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The angelic forces watching over you as you make your journey through life are there to guide you towards the highest and truest expression of your life’s purpose at all times. To help you stay on your true path and in perfect alignment with your energetic blueprint, they gently nudge you with divine messages in the form of signs, symbols and number sequences.

If you keep your senses open and pay close attention, you will find that there is new and unexplored knowledge to be found everywhere you look. Angelic messages, including angel numbers, may appear in the most trivial and mundane places, for example on your phone screen, as signs on doorways or on household bills.

Whenever you receive a message from the divine realm, it is up to you to decode it and implent its wisdom into your life.

What the individual numbers mean

If you want to understand what the powerful number 1919 means, you will have to start by breaking it down to its individual parts – which in this case are the numbers 1 and 9.


The number one is, of course, the very first number, preceeding all of the others.

Great importance is placed on the number 1 in cultures, religions and spiritual traditions throughout the world. Everyone understands such concepts as being firstborn, or first in line to the throne, or the first man to set foot on the Moon.

The number one is undeniably singular, spectacular and clearly dominant. Its vibrational frequency is intense, powerful, positive, creative, driven and ambitious. It is not much of a leap to say that the number 1 is associated with leadership qualities, as well as courage, power, passion and accomplishment.

Number 1 in the Kabbalah

In the Jewish Kabbalah, the very first and topmost sphere (or sepiroth) on the Tree of Life is called Kether. The Hebrew word Kether is directly translated to ‘Crown.’ This is extremely apt when you think about what the number one means throughout the entire world.

Kether represents the divine realm, with its divien message and godly energy.

Number 1 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 1 is, of course, also of great importance.

We first encounter it in the Magician archetype, which depicts a young Magician in action as he stands before his altar, commanding the four elements by manipulating and wielding the magical tools that represent them – the wand, the cup, the sword and the pentacle. The Magician is a potent symbol of creative power and the ability to take command of universal energies. The Magician embodies both the desire and the ability to shape your own reality in positive ways. The Magician is a master manifestor, a far cry from a passive passenger on the journey of life.

The Ace of Wands shows a single wand held aloft by an ethereal hand emerging from a cloud. Below is a green and fertile landscape. The Wands in the Tarot represent the fire element and its various connotations, such as willpower, action, boldness and passion. The Ace of Wands in particular is often accused of being a phallic symbol, and this interpretation is not necesarily inaccurate, although, if taken literally, it is too simplistic. Still, the Ace of Wands can be associated with energies that are traditionally seen as mascule, including boldness, decisiveness, courage, action-taking and leadership. The Ace of Wands can also indicate self-mastery, self-leadership and self-expression, as well as pure, unbridled good energy.

If we look at the Ace of Cups, it carries similar connotations of new beginnings and positive energy. But where the Ace of Swords is masculine, the Ace of Cups is its feminine counterpart. The Cups in the Tarot are all associated with the water elements and its connotations of receptivity, fluidity, emotional intelligence, fertility, nurturing and creativity. The Ace of Cups is depicted as an ethereal hand, palm up, presending a golden chalice to the viewer. A white dove is diving into the cup, an obvious symbol of the angelic realm and imbued with spiritual significance. The cup itself is spilling over, its water falling in rivulets into the pond below, which is filled with water-lillies. As well as being a sign of fertility, both literally and metaphorically, the Ace of Cup is a clear symbol of richness and abundance. The golden chalic in the Ace of Cups is full to the brim, and then some. There is a sense of giving of yourself and nurturing the landscape around you. For this reason, the Ace of Swords is often associated with the soul’s calling.

Moving on to the Ace of Swords, we see again the etheral hand, this time extending from its cloud to present an upward-pointed sword. The Swords in the Tarot represent the Air element, which in itself is strongly associated with the mind, the intellect, and the realms of ideas and communication. The Ace of Sword is usually an indication of a powerful message, a powerful vision that the querent has a need to express. Much like the Ace of Wands, the Ace of Swords indicates boldness and is a very active card. It reverberates with clarity of purpose as well as inner wisdom.

Finally there is the Ace of Pentacles, which shows the same etheral hand emerging from the clouds, this time to present on its open palm a shining golden coin. The Pentacles, or the Coins, are linked to the Earth, and throughout the Tarot they represent the practical, earth-bound side of life – think of your bank balance, your possessions and resources, even your physical body. The Pentacles represent all of these. The Ace of Pentacles specifically represents a brand new start in a tangible, practical sense, such as a new business venture, moving to a new house, or something more subtle and gradual, for example the acquisition of a new skillset that is going to bring you closer to some tangible goal.

What binds the Tarot’s four Aces together is a sense of new beginnings, of possibility, and of being able to control the outcomes in the various areas of life that the wand, the cup, the sword and the pentacle represent.


The number nine stands in interesting contast to the number 1. Whereas 1 indicates a new beginning, the number 9 indicates an ending, if an open-ended one.

The number 9 is often associated with a transitional phase between planes of existence, or between life chapters. For this reason, the number 9 holds the seed of a new beginning within it.

Even just looking at its shape, the number 9 forms an open-ended spiral, leading off into the unknown. There is mystery to it, there is thrill, and there is the necessity of letting go of the old so that the new chapter can commence. This, of course, is not always easy, and whether or not 9 seems to you a positive number is highly dependent on your own attitude and readiness at any given time.

Number 9 in the Kabbalah

According to the Kabbalah, the ninth sphere on the Tree of Life is hovering just above the tenth and final sphere, called Malkuth, or ‘the Kingdom.’ The ninth sphere, however, is called Yesod, which means ‘Foundations.’

Yesod is the sphere that connects the rest of the Tree of Life to the root, to the earthly Kingdom below. As such, Yesod is both a transition point and a connecting point between the earthly and spiritual realms.

Number 9 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 9 also appears to indicate endings and new beginnings.

In the Major Arcana, the ninth archetype is the Hermit, seemingly an older and more venerable version of the energetic young Magician we’ve already discussed earlier on in this article.

The Hermit card is rendered in cool grey, blue and white tones. The only exceptions are the Hermit’s golden staff and the golden light emitted by the star trapped in his lantern. The Hermit card is imbued with a sense of gloomy majesty, as the elderly but determined wizard makes his way up a cold steep mountainside towards higher realms and a deeper connection with self. It is clear that the Hermit is on a mission, lead by some divine message towards the mountain’s tallest peak. The Hermit card indicates moving forward in accordance with your soul mission, even when it entails hard work and traversing a potentially inhospitable landscape. The unseen mountaintop may represent the calling of the Hermit’s higher self.

An interesting evolution appears to have taken place between the scenes depicted in the Magician card and the Hermit card. In the former, a youthful sorcerer is concerning himself with shaping his tangible reality in the present by manipulating the four elements of the physical world, and in the latter the much older wizard appears to be much more interested in attaining knowledge and wisdom than he is in changing the world around him.

In the Minor Arcana, the number 9 continues to deal with transitional phases, with questions of ending and beginning. In the Nine of Wands, a man stands in the foreground, bruised from battle and the obstacles he has encountered on his path. He is clutching and perhaps slightly leaning against a flowering wand while contemplating eight others. Is he on the verge of giving up, or is he simply taking a breather before he keeps advancing towards his goal?

In the Nine of Cups a trim and wealthy man is seated lightly on a wooden bench in front of a tableu of golden chalices. He looks proud and content, his arms folded across his chest. His fabulous outfit (replete with an extravagant feather-topped hat) and the presence of the chalices themselves indicate that this is someone who is already very accomplished in life. And yet, he is perched so lightly on his bench as if he is just about to head off on his next treasure hunt or adventure. The Nine of Cups may represent a positive ending, but only one that is momentary and to be added to a long and as yet unfinished list of accomplishments.

The Nine of Swords depicts an older woman sat upright in her bed, her head buried in her hands. On the wall above her, nine sharp swords are hanging, looking ominous and disturbing. They represent her regrests, her worries or her dounbts. Unable to let them go and put them away, she is unable to rest. The Nine of Swords hints at difficulties letting go of the past – and with that, difficulties being able to embrace both the present and the future.

Finally, the Nine of Pentacles depicts a wealthy and successful woman standing in her luscious garden. Fruits and flowers grow all around her, nine golden coins are stacked behind her, and a well-trained falcon sits on her gloved hand. The Nine of Pentacles indicates material accomplishment, successful manifestation and all kinds of success.

The red thread running through the Tarot’s fours is, of course, a sense of ending and beginning, of embracing or rejecting the new chapter, of letting go of, celebrating or regretting the past.

The significance of angel number 1919

When you keep seeing angel number 1919 it is because your guardian angels are insistently trying to communicate a message that has to do with the significance of the numbers 1 and 9. Both numbers are repeated for extra emphasis.

Angel number 1919 signifies the closign of one door, and the simultaneous opening of another. When this angel number appears, it is often an indication that you are ready to grow beyond your current circumstances.

Wake up call

Angel number 1919 can sometimes be a wakeup call from the divine realm, a reminder to stick to your true life purpose and path, rather than getting caught up in trivialities or distractions.

The numbers 1 and 9 both demand your full attention, presence and effort. Wrapping up one chapter and embarking on a new journey takes courage. Seeing angel number 1919 tells you that now is an auspicious time to make any changes you have long been thinking about or dreaming about making.

Positive energy

Angel number 1919 contains within it a powerful positive energy. It is exactly the boost you need to be able to traverse the steep mountains rising up in front of you.

The number 1, in particular, is indicative of a positive mindset and an attitude of self-belief.

If you have been going through a difficult chapter lately, the appearance of angel number 1919 is reminder to stay positive and to keep moving in the right direction. As long as you are staying true to yourself and to your vision, moving ahead and expressing your creativity with a positive attitude cannot fail.

Endings and new beginnings

As already mentioned a couple of times, the angel number 1919 is strongly indicative of both endings sand beginnings.

Going through big shifts or making dramatic changes to your life is not necessarily easy – in fact, you wanting to change, grow and expand may even upset a few of the people around you. However, your guardian angels and the benevolent universal energies that are watching over you have got your back. When they show you angel number 1919, it means that you are ready to live your truth, to reach for your best life, and to overcome the challenges life throws at you.

Realigning with your soul mission

Angel number 1919 may come up at the end of a period of feeling out of touch with your true life path and purpose. Like the Hermit’s lantern, the angel number 1919 is there to guide you back to yourself and your vision.

A soul mate connection

In some instances, seeing angel number 1919 can be a sign that an important, life-altering development is about to take place in your love life. We are talking soulmate material, a true and deep connection.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the significance of 1919?

Angel number 1919 contains several layers of profound meaning. Most important among these are; endings and new beginnings, and realignment with your true mission in life.

What does 1919 mean for twin flames?

Sometimes, seeing angel number 1919 can mean that a twin flame or soul mate connection is about to develop.

You may see angel number 1919 when a new person has just entered your life. What is indicated here is that this person is going to be a perfect mirror to you, and that the relationship the two of you forge has the possiblity of being utterly transformative, for both of you.

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