Angel Number 5

Are you seeing angel number 5 everywhere you look and wondering what it’s trying to tell you?

If you have been seeing angel number 5 everywhere you turn lately, it is no coincidence. When the same number appears over and over again in your everyday life, it is because it contains important messages just for you. Messages that, if you manage to unlock them and apply their wisdom to your life, can help you reach the next level of your personal journey.

Angel number 5 is a divine number, and if you keep seeing it, it is a powerful sign that powerful changes are about to unfold in your life in the near future. If you have been working to create positive change whether in your spiritual, financial or romantic life, this is great news. 

However, angel number 5 can also point to unexpected changes and challenges, and not all of these may be welcomed by you. Changes, even ones that ultimately turn out to be both positive and necessary for your further growth and development, catapult you out of our comfort zone. This is rarely what the ego wants, but it often precisely what the soul needs.

With the help of your guardian angels, you will be able to lean into any life change or challenge with a positive outlook and self-confidence. In a nutshell, this is precisely what angel number 5 is here to remind you of.

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Want to learn much more about what the number 5 means and what messages it contains? If so, then keep reading.

How to receive guidance from your guardian angel

When you are tuned in to the universe all around you, you tap into the reservoirs of divine forces that are always there to help you and guide you.

If you haven’t received any messages from your guardian angels, or you aren’t sure, simply ask them to send you a sacred number with the answer to your question. Let us say, for example, that you are faced with a dilemma in your personal life. Your intuition may feel clouded and unclear as to whether to stay and work on the relationship, or whether to call it quits and move on. In this scenario, asking your guardian angels for input is a great idea. You can ask them in a prayer, in writing on a piece of paper that you place under your pillow or carry around with you, or simply just in your thoughts.

You might have to ask a number of times before the guardian angels respond. Speaking to the angels and ascended masters is never as simple as picking up the phone or shooting someone an email. Receiving angelic communication and advice requires a bit of patience. When they respond, it’ll be worth the wait.

Guardian angels rarely speak in words, but instead make use of signs and symbols that you are already surrounded with in your everyday life. Numbers, letters and pictograms are all common vehicles of divine communication.

Angel numbers always carry a message

Every number means something, but when the same number or number sequence seems to be following you around, appearing on the fronts of buses, in social media handles and on phone bills, you can be certain that it is not just a random number but an angel number containing a message meant for only you.

Angel numbers can be translated into life lessons, and if you pay attention to them and apply them to your life, you’ll start seeing major changes, whether your goal is to propel yourself forward towards spiritual enlightenment or to work on your physical health.

Of course, communications from the divine realm can never constitute medical, financial or legal advice, but it is possible to take the general princples that guardian angel messages convey and use them to inspire positive and practical action.

Viewing angel number 5 through different lenses

When you receive an angel number, it is up to you to decipher its message and follow its advice as best you can. 

If you want to really dig deep into the layers of meaning that your angel number contains, the best way to go about it is to look at what the number means when viewed through different spiritual, religions and symbolic lenses.

So, let us take a good look at the angel number 5 meaning from a few differt vantage points.

Number 5 and the step into the unknown

In numerology, the number 5 represents the first step into the unknown, into what lies beyond the merely physical.

To give you a bit of context, the number 4 represents stability, foundations, secure boundaries, the four corners of the world. The number 5, however, takes a step further than that, and reaches higher than the physical. 

There is an inherent sense of longing to the number five – a longing to transcend, to grow, to expand. For this very reason, the number five can be a diffult one to dance with, because it implies a sense of longing and striving for more than what is currently given 0r achieved. After all, if humans were completely content being comfortable, so many of the world’s most beautiful and meaningful achievements would never have been accomplished.

In a positive light, the number 5 can represent ambition and drive, a desire to push against the limitations of reality as you find it. This kind of drive can result in amazing achievements, incredible artworks or feats of imagination. 

Number 5 and the human body and soul

The number 5 is often used to represent human beings, and specifically the physical body. This is because, as a general rule with few exceptions, we humans have five fingers, five toes and five senses. In other words, the number 5 represents the human navigation system and is vital to us navigating and making it on the physical plane.

The number five is also representative of the place we as humans occupy in the cosmos, bridging as we do the gap betwene the physical and the spiritual. We’re creatures of flesh anad blood, but we have higher sentiments and we all crave more than simply sustenance. In our different ways, we all strive for personal and spiritual fulfillment.

Number 5 in the Kabbalah

In the Jewish Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is an energy diagram of life. It consists of ten spheres, or sepiroths, each representing a different energy and area of reality.

The fifth sphere on the Tree of Life is called Geburah, which means ‘strength.’ Geburah is associated with Mars, the warrior planet. Geburah represents the tension and growth that happens when inner and outer worlds meet. When our expectations of life, or our spiritual intentions, meet reality, there is bound to be friction. The inner and outer worlds rarely if ever align perfectly, and if you let it this can be a source of discouragement.

Geburah can be seen as a reminder of the fact that when you apply a forecful and positive attitude to your life and keep moving relentlessly forward, you become able to bend reality to your will. This takes both power, strength and resolve.

Number 5 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 5 is primarily associated wit the fifth archetype of the Major Arcana, the Hierophant. In traditional Tarot decks the Hierophant was always depicted as a Catholic Pope, which should already tell you a few things about what the Hierophant card represents.

The Hierophant is the custodian and safekeeper of tradition. In a direct sense, the Hierophant is the embodiment of religious traditions and hierachies, but in a more abstract sense he can also be seen as simply an embodiment of ‘the establishment,’ such as the major corporations and institutions that all of us have to deal with and perhaps even work within. In some cases, the Hierophant can simply represent a conservative individual in a position of power. 

In the Hieropant card, the archetype is seated on an ornate throne between two equally ornate pillars. Both of his hands are uplifted, one holding a three-tiered staff representing the holy trinity, the other held heavenward as if he is receiving communication directly from the divine.

There are both good and bad things to say about the Hierophant, and whether the energies this card embodies are challenging of welcome in your life is going to depend very much on your own disposition and outlook. On one hand, the Hierophant is wise and presides over centuries’ worth of proven values and ways of navigating life. In other words, you can learn a lot from him. On the other hand, the Hierophant is inflexible and can be experienced as controlling and restrictive.

This is what it means when your guardian angels keep showing you angel number 5

Now that you have firm grip on what the number 5 represents and means when viewed from different vantage points, you can begin to extract the messages of angel number 5.

Still, between the many different layers of meaning that angel number 5 contains, how do you translate its wisdom and message into actionable advice? To help you along, here is an overview of how angel number 5 applies to different areas of life and how you might choose to act on its message.

Seeking personal freedom

Angel number 5 represents a longing and craving for a greater sense of personal freedom, personal responsiblity, personal self-expression. 

This always manifests as ambition. A few examples could be the ambition to become financially free, the ambition to write a book that expresses something vital that has been lying dormant in your soul, or the ambition to shake off your religious upbringing. What these seemingly disparate ambitions have in common is that they move you towards greater personal freedom and self-expression.

If you have been wondering lately whether to pursue some big, audacious goal, seeing angel number 5 is a clear indication that you should do it, that, in fact, you should throw the weight and fire of your desire into it.

Going freelance or pushing against an existing work culture

A perhaps oddly specific example of what angel number 5 might mean is going freelance, starting your own business, or going up against existing boundaries or hierachies at work.

This angel number 5 meaning is somewhat tied into the desire for more personal freedom and agency. As long as you are working for a major corporation or company, your destiny is somewhat tethered to and restricted by the destiny and work culture of that corporation.

In some cases, this can be a great blessing, since being part of a major corporation provides you with a degree of stability, security and predictability that you would not otherwise have. On the other hand, you might find your creativity capped and restrained, which can be very frustrating.

Angel number 5, as it relates to your professional life, means going against the grain. The literal and obvious ways of going against the grain would be to start your own business or going freelance, thereby giving yourself the full spectrum of possibility and responsibility for your own professional fate.

Alternatively, angel number 5 can simply mean that you feel compelled to change something about the work culture that you are part of. This can be a daunting task, as you are essentially up against the Hierophant, suggesting alternatives to the established status quo.

Difficult as it is, challenging the norm and suggesting new and refreshing alternatives can be incredibly rewarding and worthwhile. True, you risk pissing some people off and maybe even creating a few workplace enemies, but then again, if you don’t try you will never know, and also never benefit from the changes that might be welcomed and implemented. 

To give you an example, it is not unheard of for employees working within major corporations to create new roles for themselves that suit them and their creativity a lot better than the ones they were originally hired for or assigned to do. As long as you’re able to offer something valid and valuable, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be one of these self-directed employees, who get to enjoy more freedom, more self-directedness, and often a better salary than those who simply show up, do their work and go home. 

Getting back on the right path

Sometimes seeing angel number 5 is a sign that you are getting back on the right track after an often challenging period of feeling lost and rootless, disconnected from your goals and dreams.

We can all lose sight of our path sometimes, but it is important to listen to the promptings of your soul and your intuition – and your guardian angels – telling you to get back to yourself, back to who you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing in this lifetime.

A personal growth spurt

It is not unusual for angel number 5 to indicate a growth spurt on a personal level. This could mean that you are feeling fired up, unusually inspired and ready to take your life to the next level.

As you move your life, your work, your health, your love life and so on, from one level to the next, there is inevitably going to be a modicum of discomfort involved. While some will cheer you on, it will also surprise you how many loved ones might try ot talk you out of your self-improvement project and renewed sense of ambition. The key, of course, is not to listen to them and let their lack of vision cloud your own.

Overcoming physical and mental health challenges

Because angel number 5 is strongly associated with the human body, it can indicate struggles and challengs you are facing with your physical vessel. It is important in these circumstances to remain positive, and to do what you can to focus on strenghtening yourself and taking practical steps towards good health. 

Angel number 5 can also indicate facing mental health challenges. Again, the important thing here is to face the struggle head-on and to take one practical step after the other in order to improve your situation.

When it comes to dealing with your health, whether physical or mental, angel number 5 is telling you to keep the goal of ultimate improvement and recovery in mind, while training the focus of your energy and efforts on the step that’s right in front of you. What you are looking for is a long-term solution, not a quick and temporary fix. Angel number 5 is indicating that you must be patient with yourself, and kind to yourself as you make the journey towards better health.

A fresh start after a difficult period

Seeing angel number 5 often happens when you are deliberately turning a new leaf in the wake of a difficult and challenging period.

It could be that you have gone through a period of unemployment, depression, addiction, or some other life situation that has caused your energy to retreat into survival mode. If this is the case for you, seeing angel number 5 is massively good news as it indicates the presence and power of your spirit – and its desire to grow and to soar.

Getting back on track and back on your feet after a set-back doesn’t happen overnight. What is much more important than making a giant leap (Although, giant leaps are certainly not discouraged) is making gradual and constant improvement.

Inevitably, pulling yourself out of a slump isn’t an easy and cheerful endeavour – in fact, it can be really tough. Sometimes it may even feel like you are sliding backwards, but remember that the journey is the sum of its parts rather than a single step.

A re-dedication to spiritual development

It is not at all unsual to be seeing angel number 5 when you are or have recently rededicated yourself to your personal growth and spiritual practice.

Most spiritual people don’t have a consistent practice, but rather one that tends to ebb and flow througout their lives in response to whether it is or isn’t needed or useful. Since the number 5 often indicates facing challenges and pushing against boundaries, limitaitons or restrictions, it is useful to have a spiritual practive or at least a spiritual curiosity to help bolster and supprot you as you make progress.

Spiritual enlightenment needn’t be the end goal. Your spirituality can be whatever you want it to be, and whatever you find to be the most helpful and meaningful.

Love life changes

Seeing angel number 5 means that shifts and changes are happening in your love life. These changes can be either positive or negative, depending on your vantage point, your wishes and desires – as well as, of course, the wishes and desires of the person you are involved with.

Inevitably, when angel number 5 comes up, it means tension and growth, and it comes with the growing pains and discomfort that are part and parcel of these things. 

It could be that you feel like you have outgrown your current partner or relationship – or perhaps you and your partner appear to be growing apart. In some cases, depending on the size of the gap between the two of you, the relationship might be doomed. In other cases, however, the two of you might be able to challenge each other and grow together – ultimately becoming a stronger and more intentional couple than you were before.

Angel number 5 can sometimes represent a twin flame romantic relationship. A twin flame union is always a thrilling ride with an unknown destination. What’s more, a twin flame romance is rarely smooth sailing. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid or turn down a twin flame experience if one is presenting itself, but it means that you should brace yourself for being challenged and pushed to grow. 

Twin flame relationships are rare, so most people don’t experience more than a few in a lifetime (Others might not experience them at all). For this reason alone, a twin flame relationship is diffcult to skip.

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