77 Angel Number

Is the 77 angel number seemingly following you around, appearing in your line of sight wherever you look?

You might notice it on the bill at the restaurant, as the final digits of the phone number blinking on the screen, or in all sorts of other seemingly random places. But what does it mean?

The first thing you should know about angel number 77 is that it is a very positive sign. The number seven is powerfully associated, throughout the world, with luck, blessings and magic, so when you keep seeing angel number 77, it is an indication that you are on the right track on your spiritual journey and that the just rewards for your efforts are about to manifest.

Angel number 77 is practically bursting with positive energy, mystical possibility and important self-realizations – but because it is such a powerful number, it can also represent a challenge. The energy contained within angel number 77 is going to awaken and transform you – whether or not you’re feeling ready for such intense transformation.

Keep reading to learn much more about angel number seventy-seven and how its magical message can change your life for the better.

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How to receive messages from your guardian angels

Receiving messages of guidance and encouragement from your guardian angels is a simple matter of paying attention. The universal energies all around you are always trying to guide you towards your highest good and your most authentic self-expression.

Of course, the angels don’t communicate in the same direct way as two human beings who are having a conversation. Instead, your heavenly guardians rely on subtle forms of communication, inlcuidng angel numerology, signs, symbols and synchronicities to get your attention.

Angel numbers

Angel numbers are number sequences that stand out and repeat themselves in your environment.

Seeing a number sequence once doesn’t necessarily hold any special meaning, but if you keep seeing the same number sequences over and over again over the course of days or weeks, you can be sure that it is an angel number filled with secret meaning and a message just for you.

Any number can be an angel number, but when a number is repeated once or many times over, as is the case with angel number 77, the number contains an increasingly pronounced message.

Signs and symbols

In addition to angel numbers, the spiritual realms also make use of other signs and symbols to get spiritual messages and guidance across. A few examples include exclamation marks, or particular animals, colors or place names.

In some cases, angel numbers may appear in combination with particular symbols or colors. Wheat this means that your guardian angel is being as loud as it possibly can be and is delivering its mesage with a sense of urgency.

Significance of the number 7

True understanding of angel number 77 cam only be built on a thorough understanding of the single-digit number 7.

It is fair to say that the number seven is imbued with a great sense of meaning and importance. The answer as to why this is woven into the world’s greatest religions, systems of magic and occultism, as well as fairytales and folklore from all around the world.

The number 7 is archetypal – ir resonates deep within the soul of every human being as a symbol of the divine light and the spiritual journey that is part and parcel of every life worth living. In short, there is a sense of heroism, spiritual guidance and conneciton to the number seven.

Now, let us delve deeper by looking at what the number seven means in various religious and occult contexts.

Number 7 in the Kabbalah

In the Jewish Kabbalah, the seventh sphere on the Tree of Life is called Netzach, which means eternity. It refers both to the concept of infinity and with eternal life.

Netzach is really dealing with the immortality of the soul, as it indicates that the life and journey of the spirit goes on long after the physical body has ceased to exist.

Number 7 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the seventh archetype we encounter in the Major Arcana is called the Chariot.

The Chariot gives us an interesting take on the meaning of the number seven. It depicts as golden-locked warrior returning to his hometown, riding in a glorious chariot pulled by two sphinxes. It is implied that the warrior has returned victorious after vanquishing some unknown enemy or perhaps conquering new lands.

The Chariot represents a rather idealized take on victory, triumph and accomplishment. The card desribes that magical feeling of pushing through some personal barrier and reaching some longed-for peak or goal, whether personal or professional. The sense of triumph in the Chariot card is palpable, and the warrior looks rightfully proud of his accomplishments.

The charioteer is clearly a man in his prime – still young, but not inexperienced. Because of the journey he has been on and the battles he’s fought, he has reached a remarkable level of self-knowledge and a well-earned sense of confidence in his own abilities. He embodies vitality, boldness, and the potential for more.

In the Chariot card, the young warrior is celebrating his recent victory. However, he is not stepping down from his chariot or removing his armour – it is easy to imagine that, once the victory parade is over, he will be off to his next adventure with his eyes fixed on an even higher peak of personal accomplishment.

When the Chariot card comes up in a Tarot reading, it means that the querent is on the right path, moving forward in the right direction and is in the process of unfolding their highest potential. Simply put, the Chariot is a great card to pull – a sign that you are already on the right path and should simply keep reaching and pushing forward. Great rewards and victories belong to the brave.

Number 7 in religions, myths and fairytales

Seven is a universally powerful number and had special significance in numerous ancient civilizations. One of the old superstitions connected to the number seven is that the seventh son of a seventh son is bound to possess magical abilities and mystical powers.

The number seven also forms the basis of many myths and fairytales from all around the world – just think of Snow White’s seven dwarves or the seven brothers or sisters we encounter in most of the classic European fairytales made famous by the Brothers Grimms.

The number 7 is a vitally important number in most of the world’s oldest religions, including Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism.

There is not one singular biblical meaning to the number seven – but the number is found again in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Anyone who has even a cursory familarity with the Bible knows that there are seven deadly sins (In case you had forgotten, these are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride), as well as seven corresponding Christian virtues (chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, kindness, patience, and humility).

Most are also familiar with the Biblical fact that God rested on the sevent day, after creating the world over the course of the previous six. To this day, the Jewish Sabbath is held on the seventh day of every weeek to commemorate the momentous occasion of God’s creation.

In Buddhism, seven also has significance as the number of steps Siddartha Buddha allegedly took immediately after his birth.

The true meaning of angel number 77

Now that you are well-versed in the meaning and significance of the number seven, I’m sure you can see the outlines of what angel number 77 truly means.

To boil it down, seeing angel number 77 means that an utterly transformational, transitional and liminal life chapter is about to begin, or is just beginning. This is a chapter that you cannot hide or shrink away from, daunting as it might also be.

For the sake of an even deeper understanding of angel number 77, let us go over the key meanings of this powerful number.

Major shifts

Angel number 77 is powerfully associated with major shifts. These shifts can pertain to your career, your love life, your children, your friendships, your sense of life direciton and purpose, your spiritual practices or beliefs, or even all of the above.

Seeing angel number 77 means that transformation in various areas of your life is inevitable – whether or not you feel ready for major shifts is a different question. If you can, lean into the flow of the changes that are coming your way instead of trying to resist them.

Angel number 77 is telling you that change is needed in your life. It could be that you have been overstaying in an unfulfilling job or relationship, and that it is time to sever the ties.

Of course, even when you know that changes are necessary and for your own highest good, they can still feel overwhelming or difficult, particularly if it means the end of relationships, habits or environments that you have been used to. Making big or dramatic changes requires a combination of guts and trust in the universal energies both around and within you.

Spiritual awakening

If there is one angel number that is particularly strongly tied to the concept of spiritual awkening and the spiritual journey, it is angel number 77.

Angel number 77 often appears when it is time for you to heed the call to adventure, the desire to explore and develop yourself further. It might be that you are feeling curious and want to explore a new religion, philosophy or occult system, or that you are feeling drawn to go on some other kind of spiritual journey. Whever the spirit moves you, you should follow, because there are invaluable life lessons to be learned, connections to be made and inspiration to be found.

Spiritual awakening is not necessarily something that happens once. Instead, it can occur at many different stages of our lives and personal development. It is always a good time to go on a spiritual journey, no matter what your age, background or existing beliefs.

Self-discovery and self-expression

There is a potent sense of transcendence to the 77 angel number. Its energy pushes you to transcend your perceived limitaitons in order to become all that your potential dictates that can and should be.

Angel number 77 may be a sign from your guardian angel, urging you to express and share more of your potential with the world.

Self-discovery and driving yourself towards greater self-expression are daunting, no doubt about it. Sharing your gifts, talents or visions with the world automatically entails the possibility of rejection or ridicule. Let us say, for example, that you have a long-standing habit of writing poetry, but then leaving your creations in your desk drawer without ever sharing or showing them anywhere.

The angel number 77 is calling you out, telling you not to hide, even if you are afraid of how others will perceive the paintings, words or ideas that you have created. You need to get them out and present them to the world if you want to feel as accomplished and fulfilled as the young warrior in the Chariot card.

In other cases, the angel number 77 can be a sign to explore certain aspects of your character more, or to let your curiousity lead you towards new self-realizations. Again, the emphasis is on not shying away or trying to hide from the glare of your own potential and the divine light that is within you.

Growing psychic powers and gifts

Becasue angel number 77 is so strongly associated with magic, shifts and spirituality, it can also hint at a discovery of or a desire to develop and hone your spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gifts can emerge slowly over time, and when they do, they call on you to explore and use them in some way. It could be that you are starting to see auras – fields of colored lights surrounding both people, animals and other living organisms -, or you might surprise yourself by dreaming a series of lucid dreams.

Discovering and delving deeper into your spiritual abilties can be a great joy and also a source of profound meaning. In other words, angel number 77 is telling you not to hold back.

Twin flame relationship

Yet another potential meaning of the 77 angel number is a twin flame connection that is either alredy unfolding in your life or about to develop.

You have probably heard of twin flame relationships. They are typically, though not always, romantic relationships that have the power to transform the lives of the people involved.

There is much more to a twin flame relationship than mere romantic desire. Twin flame connections go deep – they reach all the way into the souls of the two lovers and awakens and transforms them.

Twin flame connection sare known to be incredibly intense – too intense, in some instances. Getting involved in a twin flame connection is comparable to being catapulted forward in your personal development and having your entire understanding of the world, and of love, transformed.

A twin flame relationship may last forever, or it may last a few blessed and super intense months or years. Whatever the case may be, there is a sense of absolute intensity and magnetism to a twin flame relationship that exists right from the beginning and lasts until the very end.

Some say that twin flame relationships are fated, pre-determined, written in the stars, the result of a soul contract between the two parties involved. Whatever the case may be, a twin flame connection is like no other, and when a twin flame comes into your life, you are most likely going to be completely unable to resist the adventure that it represents.

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Frequently asked questions about angel number 77

What does the number 77 represent?

The angel number 77 is one of the most remarkable numbers you can encounter.

The number seven, in and of itself, appears over and over again in fairytales, religions and superstitions from all across the globe. There are many shades of meaning to the number seven, but the red thread of significance associates this number with spiritual awareness and growth, as well as magic and possibilities.
Whenever and wherever the number 7 appears, the material world gives way to something special and rare, whether this is expressed as spiritual awakening, self-realization or the onset of a twin flame relationship. Either way, the number seven always hints at a particularly interesting life chapter, one that brings with it more blessings in the form of valuable life lessons and personal growth than you could have anticipated.

When the number 7 is doubled up, the significance of the number seven is highlighted even more. 7 is one thing, 77 another. When the number 7 appears, you are in for a period of rapid personal and spiritual development. In other words, you are going to be catapulted forward in terms of your personal growth.

What does 77 mean twin flame?

77 is one of the angel numbers most strongly associated with twin flames and twin flame relationships.

A twin flame connection is no ordinary romance – it entails a soul-deep connection that is bound to transform you and your life forever. Entering into a twin flame relationship, in whatever form it takes, can be a daunting experience. It is similar to getting onto a spiritual rollercoaster, not quite knowing where you are going to end up but knowing that you cannot resist going on the ride, or if you will, accepting the challenge.

Twin flame connections burn with a bright intensity that make them stand out among more run-0f-the-mill relationships. This is both the pro and the con of entering into one, as a twin flame romance can either make or break you – or a bit of both. A twin flame relationship may be the greatest love story of your life, and it seems to be connected to your life purpose, but it can also turn destructive or vindictive.

The only thing that’s sertain when you embark on a twin flame relationship is that you will never be the same again once your life has been touched by the white-hot intensity of this connection.

Why do I keep seeing 77 or 777?

If you keep seeing angeln number 77 or 777, it is a sign that your guardian angels or (Or your higher self, if that’s how you prefer thinking about it) are trying to communicate with you and deliver a message pertaining to the meaning of the number 77, 777, or even 7777.

Whether we are talking about angel number 77 or 777 it boils down to understanding what the number 7 means. When the number is repeated once or twice, or even three times, it is simply the universe underscoring the importance of the message.

The number seven is associated with transcending the material world and reaching the spiritual realm. In practical terms, this can manifest as spiritual awakening and a deeper connection with your true life purpose. Often, the divine message contained within the number 7 contains a burst of positive energy and reassurance that you are on the right path, and that you can expect miracles if you persevere.

What does angel No 77 meaning?

Angel number 77 speaks of your soul’s purpose and of your connection with the spiritual realm. When you see angel number 77, it is a sign from your guardian angels and the spiritual forces watching over yoou that you are on the right track and that your efforts are taking you in the right direction.

The number 7 is also associated with good fortune and simple good luck! In other words, if you keep seeing angel number 77, it is like receiving the green light from the universe in relation to your current endeavors.

Having said that, the angel number 77 is not necessarily all smooth sailing – while it brings with it a gust of positive encouragement and energy, it is up to you to make it happen, to say yes to the adventures and to undergo the changes that this angel number demands.

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Lucius has been slinging tarot cards professionally since 2014. He’s taken the tarot to places most wouldn’t think of: His best-known patrons include Torture Garden, The Dark Circus Party, Handel & Hendrix, A Curious Invitation and The Candlelight Club, where he has been resident tarot reader for the past half-decade. His writing on divination, magic and creativity has been published in Sabbat Magazine and on Medium.


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