Are Gemini And Cancer Sexually Compatible?

Are Gemini and Cancer sexually compatible?

If you are a Gemini or a Cancer and you want to discover the truth about Gemini and Cancer compatibility – and specifically sexual compatibility – then you need to read this article, because it has all of the answers you need.

There are many upsides to a Gemini-Cancer relationship, despite how different these two signs can seem on the surface. Cancer is gentle, nurturing and attentive, and this draws curious and lively Gemini like a moth to the flame. It is easy for Cancer to make Gemini feel loved and appreciated. Gemini, meanwhile, can help Cancer become more outgoing and uninhibited, which can bring Cancer a level of joy and freedom that they could barely fathom.

There are, however, also areas in any Gemini and Cancer relationship where these two completely different characters clash. Is the bedroom one of them?

Keep on reading if you want to find out.

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The Gemini partner

In order to understand how two zodiac signs fit together sexually, romantically or otherwise, we have to look at both of them individually. Let us start with the Gemini zodiac sign, before moving on to Cancer.

Gemini is the mutable air sign, which in itself tells us a lot about the Gemini partner in a relationship or sexual liaison. Air is a light and ethereal element, and these qualities are reflected in all three air signs; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Air signs are, by definition, quick-witted, communicative, inventive and playful. They’re often the first to conceive of and embrace both new ideas and new technologies. They’re also changeable, spontaneous and excitable – it is not at all unusual for an air sign to jump from project to project, or even from one romantic partner to another, with great gusto.

The fact that Gemini is a mutable sign only adds to the changeable and flighty nature of this zodiac sign. Mutable signs are the the signs that wrap up the seasons, and as such, they’re possessed of a liminal, curious and restless energy.

The symbol for Gemini is a pair of twins. This is a nod to Gemini’s ‘split personality,’ and the fact that Gemini is often full of contradictions. In other words, you never really know where you’ve got a Gemini, and much as you keep peeling back the layers to discover who they really are, they appear to keep changing and shifting right before your eyes.

Geminis are very playful, outgoing and talkative. They’re truly fun to be around, and they’re very easy to like. Because they’re masters at reading situations and people, they often know precisely what to say to make any of the other zodiac signs feel seen and at ease.

When it comes to love, sex and romance, Gemini is drawn to partners that make them valued and appreciated. Gemini loves to be showered with attention and adoration – and conversely, it takes a lot to not only capture but also to hold a Gemini’s attention for very long.

Almost every Gemini goes through a phase, if not multiple phases, of simply wanting to play around and sample a plethora of different sexual experiences with different partners. Eventually, though, most Geminis will be looking for a serious long-term relationship with a truly compatible partner.

Gemini man

The Gemini man is incredibly charismatic and intoxicating to be around. He’s usually surrounded by a large flock of admirers, of all genders. He’s magnetic, lively, enthusiastic, as well as extremely adept at getting others to laugh while feeling truly seen and appreciated.

However, getting to truly know the Gemini man – even if you are in an intimate relationship with him – can prove tricky. You might get relatively close to a Gemini man surprisingly quickly, but good luck getting him to let you the rest of the way in.

Gemini men have a tendency to be uncomfortable with deep and intense emotions, and tend to shy away or deflect instead of leaning into them. Gemini men also don’t like being too open and vulnerable, and will go to great lengths to keep their innermost selves hidden. In other words, if you are a Cancer man or a Cancer woman dating a Gemini man, you will have to approach his heart with great patience.

In and out of the bedroom, Gemini men are spontaneous, fun, curious and open-minded. Gemini men are inherently playful, and whether Gemini stays home to surprise his romantic partner or has a penchant for role-playing, this is definitely something that comes through in the ways in which he expresses his sexuality.

Gemini woman

The Gemini woman is every bit as outgoing, fun-loving and charming as her male counterpart. In fact, she’s truly magnetic and you can often find her at the very epicentre of a very large social circle.

Family, friendship and romance are all equally important to the Gemini woman. She’s highly social and rarely spends any time on her own. Her social calendar is always jam-packed, but because she is so spontaneous, she may change any of them at the very last minute if something more interesting comes along.

When it comes to her love life, the Gemini woman is on the lookout for the next great romantic adventure. Whether she’s looking for something to last weekend or a lifetime depends on where she’s at in her life, her career and her emotions. Regardless, her ideal love match is someone who can make her feel seen and adored, someone who can show her enough of an extraordinary time to allow her restless mind to forget about all of the other possibilities out there, at least for a while.

The Cancer partner

Now, it is time for us to discuss the Cancer partner in the Gemini and Cancer sexual equation.

Cancer is the cardinal Water sign, which tells us many valuable things about the Cancer personality. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and they are know to be the leaders and initiators of the zodiac. They’re often driven by strong conviction powerful inner motivation. The fact that Cancer is a cardinal sign gives it an edge and a toughness that none of the other water signs are known for.

Water signs are famously governed by their emotions. They’re admirably comfortable expressing how they truly feel, and are often highly creative. Their sensibility means that they’re also extremely adept at picking up on the vibes and emotions at play in every room they enter. Because they’re so plugged in and in touch with both their own powerful emotions and the emotions of everyone around them, they always have their metaphysical ear to the ground and sense things long before any of the other zodiac signs do. Like the other water signs, Cancer trusts his or her intuition to tell them what’s what.

Most Cancers are introverts and it can take very long time get to know them. Once they’re comfortable around you, however, they’ll trust you with their tender, beating heart without batting an eyelid.

In terms of love, romance and sex, Cancer is rarely interested in a one-night stand. Cancer craves emotional intimacy and closeness, qualities that are unlikely to exist in a superficial sexual relationship. As far as Cancer is concerned, love and sex are intrinsically linked and very difficult to view as separate entities. In other words, Cancer doesn’t view sex as a source of entertainment and fun, but rather as a vital source of affection and love. Cancer’s ideal match is someone he or she can trust, not only with their body, but with their intense emotions too.

Cancer man

The Cancer man is sensitive, attentive, creative and alluring. He’s often able to pick up on what someone else is about to say or do before the person themselves has any clue. Cancer men are fantastic observers, but it may take a while for them to open up and share anything about themselves.

On the whole, Cancer men are remarkably disinterested in flashiness and trends – they’re much more interested in the substance underneath. Romantic to the core, Cancer men are often very into art, music and other forms of creative expression. They’re often artists or creatives themselves in one capacity or another.

In terms of sex, love and romance, the typical Cancer man prefers the full package. He’s rarely interested in superficial flings and prefers a parter he can entrust with his large and sensitive heart.

Cancer woman

Cancer women are gentle, nurturing, highly empathetic and highly creative. Like her male counterpart, the Cancer woman is often an artist or a creative of one variety or another.

Cancer women value family, friendship and love about pretty much everything else. Their social bonds and the emotional connections they form are dearer to them than gold, and they will go to great lengths to comfort and defend a friend in need.

There’s something about Cancer women that puts others at incredible ease in their company. There’s also something about them that invites emotional openness and trust. It is not at all unusual for a Cancer woman to know everyone’s deepest secrets.

When it comes to sex, love and romance, the typical Cancer woman sees them all as one marvellous thing. She’s unlikely to be satisfied with just one or the other – she wants it all, and preferably with one partner.

Gemini and cancer compatibility

Now, it is time for us to summarise what we’ve learned, and to draw some conclusions. How compatible are Cancer and Gemini really, both in the bedroom and otherwise?

Gemini and Cancer sexual compatibility

There is intrinsic sexual attraction and chemistry between Cancer and Gemini. Initially, these two zodiac signs will be drawn to the otherness and mystery of the other. Gemini will be drawn to creative and sensitive Cancer, while Cancer will fall for Gemini’s sparkle and charm.

When the two connect sexually, it can take them a little while to work things out. Gemini is spontaneous, frivolous and potentially promiscuous, while Cancer is deep, intense and romantic.

After ironing out any initial disquiet and getting on the same page, the sexual chemistry between playful Gemini and loyal Cancer can truly begin to unfold and might result in an intense, fun and extremely satisfying sex life.

Gemini and Cancer marriage compatibility

We know that Gemini and Cancer are capable of having great sex, but can they each see the other as a permanent romantic partner?

Despite their differences, Gemini and Cancer may manage to find their very own fairy tale ending, and a lifelong relationship is absolutely possible.

Conclusion: The final truth about sex in the Gemini and Cancer relationship

All in all, Gemini and Cancer compatibility is low if the two only hook up for a fling. These two zodiac signs are simply too different to be in sync with each other right from the start.

However, once Gemini and Cancer have gotten comfortable in each other’s company, their relationship may yield many an intoxicating experience, both in and out of the bedroom.

The ways in which Cancer and Gemini express themselves sexually are always going to differ. Whereas Gemini is spontaneous, unpredictable, fun-loving and erratic, Cancer is sensual, deep and intense. Initially, their differences can cause the Gemini partner and the Cancer partner to struggle to truly understand and accommodate each other – but once they find a middle ground, a good sex life is often the result.

Cancer and Gemini have the ability, particularly in long-term relationships, to draw out the best in each other after some initial clashes. Gemini is often phenomenal when it comes to inspiring Cancer to let go of the daily responsibilities for a while in order to have a little fun. Cancer, in turn, provides Gemini with the emotional support and security this air sign needs to be able to reveal his or her innermost self.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Cancer and Gemini good in bed?

Not initially. Cancer and Gemini express themselves extremely different sexually, so when these two signs first hook up they are unlikely to find themselves on the same page right from the get go. It usually takes a little work and a whole lot of communication before this pair find their tune in the bedroom.

However, when they do, their sex life can be extremely satisfying and fulfilling for both. Gemini is fun and spontaneous, while Cancer is deep and intense. When the two find their middle ground, they’re both able to provide the other zodiac sign with what he or she really needs.

Why are cancers so attracted to Geminis?

Cancer is attracted to Gemini’s charm, charisma and openness. Cancer intrinsically senes that Gemini has something that they themselves are often struggling with or even lacking. This can often make Gemini absolutely irresistible to Cancer.

Can Gemini and Cancer marry?

Absolutely. In fact, Gemini and Cancer compatibility is often much higher in long-term relationships than in short-term or superficial ones. The reason for this is that Gemini and Cancer are so very different that it inevitably takes these two a while to find their equilibrium, both in terms of sex and everything else.

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