What You Need to Know About Cancer Leo Cusp People

What is a Cancer Leo cusp, and how can being born on one of the Cancer Leo cusp dates influence someone’s personality traits?

The Cancer season runs from June 20 to July 21, while the Leo astrological cycle begins on July 22 and ends on August 22, so those who came into the world from July 19 to 24 are on the Cancer-Leo cusp.

When you are born on the edge or border of two zodiac signs, it is known as a cusp, and while it does not mean that you belong to two signs simultaneously, you share both traits.

The progressed Sun is an extension of your birth sun and shows how you mature and grow. This reveals why being born on a cusp makes a difference. The progressed Sun advances one degree each year from the day of your birth. It means that if you are born when the Sun is about to enter the next sign, it begins to combine the traits of the next zodiac sign into your solar personality from a very early age, and as you age, those traits will slowly merge with those of your natal sun sign.

People on the Cancer Leo cusp tend to be kind, sensitive, and compassionate. They are individuals with a potent combination of energy and emotion. They are creative and artistic, caring and generous.

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They are deeply involved in family, home life, children, and other domestic matters. Nothing makes them happier.

They like to spend quality time, so they are very generous with the energy they give themselves. They want to ensure everyone around them feels loved and cared for.

They are great listeners and very protective of their families and friends. They love to help others in any way they can.

When people are born on the cusp of Leo Cancer, they are born with the nurturing sign of the Lion and will never lack friends. These people will be very popular because of their generosity. You will see them at all social functions enjoying themselves to the fullest.

They can be very imaginative, positive, assertive, and energetic. They can be strong leaders who show and treat others with compassion, sympathy, respect, and care. These combined qualities make them successful in most things they set out to do.

Cancer Leo Cusp Personality Traits

Cancer and Leo are two very different signs. The former is a water sign ruled by the Moon, which means it is emotional, sensitive, calm, and loves romance, while the latter is a fire sign ruled by the Sun, so it has attributes such as confidence, passion, and intensity.

Those who possess the influence of both can go from shyness to enthusiasm in a heartbeat. It is difficult for them to stay in one state of mind; however, when both traits combine harmoniously, their personalities sparkle.

According to astrology, they are empathetic, supportive, and capable of influencing others. It is common for them to be bosses of their own companies, activists, or leaders.

The personality of this cusp also influences their romantic life. Cancer is jealous, and it takes time for them to open up with their partner; however, when they allow a person to enter their heart, they do everything for them and love them without excuses.

On the other hand, Leo follows the leadership patterns in a relationship; they are planners and want to control any situation.

The combination of both zodiacal energies makes this cusp passionate, with the desire to have affection, and very committed to their relationships. In short, they are sensitive souls but with fiery passion.

Cancer Leo Cusp People are Compassionate

A person born between Cancer and Leo has a lot of sensitivity and a great facility to put themselves in the shoes of others and knows how to listen and understand the other person’s problems. It is a welcoming sign and delicate with the words since it worries that its acts or sayings can damage others. Often in this cuspid, you can find a great friend.

Cancer Leo Cusp People are Expressive

Generally, they are extroverted people who attract attention wherever they go. They like to surround themselves with friends, travel, and party. Also, they have the ability to make themselves stand out from the rest of the group they are with and generate remembrance in those who meet them. This is a cuspid that does not hold anything back, and it is a person who prefers to give it all than to stay halfway and then regret it. They are pretty intense and romantic, they love details, and although many may think otherwise, they prefer to give gifts rather than be given presents.

Cancer Leo Cusp People are Leaders

If you are born on the side of Leo, then Leo’s traits lead to the expression of your sun sign. Leo’s symbol is the Lion. As a fixed fire sign, these individuals work hard to be creative, fun, recognized, and lead groups, whether for work, sports, or different associations. They are at their best when expressing their unique talents and taking center stage. However, they must learn self-discipline to achieve their lofty goals. Being around Cancer makes them more responsible and obedient, which helps these Leo individuals avoid arrogance and bullying.

Cancer Leo Cusp People are Jealous

One of the traits of people born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo is that they have a very insecure side; it is difficult for them to trust at first time and even more so after a disappointment. Hence they are very meticulous when they give their heart to someone. They have a hard time dealing with their jealous side, so they are excessively demanding. They want to feel secure with someone who puts loyalty and trust first. When their temperamental side is activated, they may do things they later feel ashamed of. They do have the courage to face the consequences of their actions.

Cancer Leo cusp in a Relationship

Individuals on the cusp can function well in relationships because they connect to two energies as part of their natural design. Imagine that each sign has its language. A pure Cancer individual talking to a pure Leo individual may have difficulty communicating. The cusp individual is can speak both languages, making them very pragmatic when interacting lovingly with another person.

They have a very romantic, devoted side that honors the home side. But there is also their logical side, the one that focuses on what they want, the realistic one that is not satisfied with just listening to words, is the one that demands deeds. They are the ones who don’t regret anything and move on. They may one day end up with a broken soul, but they will pick up every last piece to get back on their feet.

People born in Cancer with a cusp in Leo are Cancer. Cancers are more compatible with other water signs, such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. However, those born on this cusp may be attracted to individuals who express characteristic Leo traits.

Although it may be challenging to have a romantic relationship with someone born on the cusp of Leo and Cancer, they are not the type of people who conform; on the contrary, they want an explanation of everything, and when they feel that they minimize their emotions it is simply enough reason to say goodbye. Sometimes even they don’t understand themselves; their mind is demanding, their soul is adventurous, and their body may have all the energy today but not tomorrow. They are changeable and can say some very hurtful things when their explosive side comes out. It’s best to back off and give them their space, and they’ll be back to their old selves.

Cancer Leo Cusp Woman

The Cancer-Leo cusp woman is very gestural and expressive, is dramatic, and has distinctive facial features that many admire. She can change her personality to suit the occasion.

She is bright, loving, and energetic. At times she can be a bit moody and unpredictable as she is a person who can go from shy and joyless to enthusiastic and fearless, or vice versa, in a short period. This can be challenging for anyone around her as she must keep up with such abrupt mood changes. It is also difficult to please her.

However, these two opposites can work together and make her a person who was born to be a boss or an activist who fights for worthy causes.

The Cancer-Leo cusp woman is kind-hearted, loyal, and kind. She wants to be noticed for her compassionate nature and selfless acts of kindness. This woman is a gentle empath with a fierce drive to impact others and create a clear difference.

She is also very ambitious. She likes to be in business for herself and works well independently. She always tries to strive for the best and seeks to be at the top of her job or career. She likes to be admired and wants her work to help others. Handling bad comments is something she doesn’t like. It is difficult for her to deal with criticism properly. Sometimes she can get very defensive and attack others, saying hurtful and exaggerated words. If you want to give her some non-positive feedback, try to find a funny way to let her know that she is not doing something right.

The Cancer-Leo woman may be able to manage a good-sized household or family by being a successful homemaker. She has strong family ties and loves spending time with her loved ones. If she marries, it will be for life because she is faithful and loyal, although she demands loyalty.

Cancer Leo Cusp Man

The Cancer-Leo cusp man is tender, loving, and devoted to family. He likes and needs to spend much time with his family to feel satisfied. They are also excellent at raising their children and their friends’ children.

The Cancer-Leo cusp man is quick to show his tender side by giving gifts or inspiring his partner with tender words spoken from the heart. He loves funny moments, especially with other people. He is talkative and friendly and likes to spend time with his friends and loved ones.

He is responsible and knows how to deal with most situations patiently and without losing his temper, even in very stressful situations. He is pretty understanding and kind to others if you talk to them during one of his excellent mood moments. If not, he may make you angry and give you some headaches.

Although the Cancer-Leo man was born to be a leader and feels very strongly about what is right or wrong in life, he rarely advises others.

This man likes to be someone other than the center of attention. He likes to spend quiet time with those close to him or go on adventures on his own.

Cancer-Leo men usually make plans to prepare for the future when they are young. They think ahead to take advantage of every opportunity to reach the top of the social ladder.

Men on the cusp of Cancer-Leo have a firm determination that backs up their goals. Moreover, they are sure that things will come to them and can visualize their purposes efficiently.

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Topics & Questions

What date does Cancer change to Leo?

The date it changes to the sign of Leo is July 23.

Is July 21 a Leo or Cancer?

Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits through the sign Cancer between June 21 and July 22.

Those born on June 21 have as characteristics a combination between the signs Cancer and Leo, but being born on the last day of the sign of Cancer, their qualities will be more inclined to this sign.

People born on this date are Cancer, but the predictions would not be as accurate as they are for other Cancer people because they were born on the cusp.

Is July 23 a Leo or Cancer?

The zodiac sign for July 23 is Leo. The Leo sign begins its reign on this day, so those born with the Sun sign of the Lion have a birthday during the cusp between seasons. The Cancer season officially ends on July 22.

Those with birthdays on July 23 are loyal, affectionate, protective, and romantic. They are also known for their sense of humor and confident attitude.

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