Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming Someone Died

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming someone died?

Dreaming of someone dying can be terrifying – especially if that person is still alive in real life. And just like how your imagination can go wild, things can get pretty morbid in your dreams.

You wake up from your dream feeling anxious, sometimes in tears, shaking, your heart racing, and you actually feel scared. You have this sense of loss that you can’t explain. And most of the time, you reach out to that person to check on them and make sure they are okay.

It is not like dreaming of somebody who has already passed away where it can be comforting because it feels like you are getting a message from beyond the grave. For some who dream of deceased people, it could be unsettling – as if they are being haunted by that person.

Sometimes, you also get to dream of your own death and this can be traumatizing. You might think it’s a premonition and avoid situations that happened in that one dream.

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It may all be just a dream but the emotions you feel are very real. You may fear that what you see is a premonition.

Experts do not yet have a clear explanation on why people dream. Some would say they do not really mean anything while others would think that they are a way for the subconscious to communicate our innermost desires or thoughts that we do not acknowledge while we are conscious.

But these dreams often have spiritual meaning and can be interpreted. And guess what? Death in dreams is actually pretty common. Dreaming that someone died does not have to be taken literally. It may actually mean something else. Death in a dream is a common sign that an important change is coming or needs to be done.

In this article, we will discuss the common dream interpretations behind why we dream someone died and other concerns that you may have about these kind of dreams.

How to interpret death dreams

Like most dreams, death in a dream can be interpreted in so many different ways. How one person sees it may be different from the way another sees it.

This is why you have to pay attention to as much details as you can if you want an accurate interpretation. Here are some of the most common scenarios people dream about.

When you dream of your partner’s death

The death of your person signals that there is something wrong in your relationship. Your dreams may be acknowledging your fear that they will leave you or that they have fallen out of love.

Has your relationship changed? Is your partner acting differently? Perhaps you should work on communicating and spending more time with this special person. This could greatly help re-establish the special bond that you shared.

When you dream of your child’s death

Your child dying is probably one of the most disturbing death dreams anyone can have. These dreams tend to be scarier and more vivid because of your emotional connection to your child. It is bad enough for you to get a heart attack.

But in reality, this is actually less scarier than what you would think. Your dream could mean that your child has reached a milestone or ended a phase in their life. It could be when they start walking, when they start going to school, when they move out of the house.

It seems like they were just little babies and you blinked once and now they are old enough to start their own family. As a parent, dreaming that your child is dying is your subconscious’ way of grieving how fast time goes by.

When you dream of your parents’ death

It is a natural way of life for parents to pass away first before their children. But we do not really put much thought into it. When people dream that their parents are dying, it is most likely because they are starting to realize that it can happen anytime.

Such dreams may be triggered by realizing suddenly how much your parents have aged or how weak they are when they get sick. These are emotional thoughts that can make you worry and your subconscious mind could register on those thoughts and make you realize your fear.

When you dream of your sibling’s death

Dreams of your siblings dying could simply mean that you are missing them. Maybe you all have moved out of your parents’ house and now you are not seeing them as often as you would like.

But then, this can also have a darker meaning. It can mean that you may be jealous of your sibling. Perhaps you envy the way they live or they have traits that you secretly want to have for yourself.

When you dream of your friend’s death

Your relationship with your friend is probably changing if you have this type of death dream. It can also mean that you are worried about your friend. It can also be a message from your subconscious telling you that you have an inner desire to cut off that friendship.

But if there is nothing different in your friendship, then it could actually have something more to do with you than with them.

Your friend could represent a part of yourself. Think of a quality that you share. Maybe the both of you are cheerful. How has that changed for you? Maybe you are depressed or in need of cheering up.

When you dream of your pets or plants dying

Your pets and plants are things in your life that you nurture and spend your effort, time, and money on. If one of them dies in your dream, it could mean that there is something in your life that you have neglected.

When you dream that your beloved plants are dying, you should start thinking of what you missed. Plants usually represent something that has growth potential and you may have missed it.

A pet dying can also have different meanings. A dog usually represents a relationship with somebody you are close to like a best friend or someone who is loyal to you like your personal assistant or secretary. A cat often represents a relationship with a woman. And a fish often represents creative ideas.

When you dream of an ex dying

This usually happens if you still harbor some feelings about your ex. This feelings can be both positive and negative. It can be that you are still harboring some pain and bitterness about your failed relationship.

Maybe you have found a new love interest and now you are all over the heartache your ex has caused. Maybe you still feel betrayed and your subconscious is telling you that it is time to let the grudge go.

Your ex dying in your dreams can mean that you have totally moved on and that any feelings – positive or negative – are gone. It can also be a warning sign for you to move on from the past and leave it all behind because there is something better waiting for you in the future.

When you dream of an enemy dying

Dreaming about an enemy dying is not as cruel or morbid as you think. Experts believe these type of dreams have particular meanings behind it.

It could mean that this enemy is no longer a threat to you. Your subconscious may be telling you that this enemy will no longer be disturbing your happiness and you will no longer be affected by anything they do.

It is a sign of peace and harmony and that you no longer have to worry about whatever move your enemy is plotting against you. It is time to move on from whatever issues you had and focus on the people that actually do care about you.

When you dream about a stranger dying

When you dream about a stranger dying or someone famous that you do not personally know dying, you may dismiss it as something random. But it is not. That stranger represents something in you that is going through a change.

To pinpoint what it is that is going through a change, figure out if this someone’s death means anything to you or if you had something in common with them. Dreaming about them unlocks something that signifies something you can’t control is changing.

When you dream of an unknown child dying

A child dying in your dream could mean that it is time for you to grow up and be more matured. Your subconscious is giving you a message that now is the time to become more serious in life and pay more attention to your responsibilities.

You should take this as a warning that you should stop behaving like a child and that you should start investing and working towards your future.

When you dream of faking death

If you are dreaming that somebody else is faking their death, it could mean that you will discover something about this certain person. This discovery can be something big enough to change your perception of this person.

This discovery can change your relationship with this person. It can be that this person is not what they appear to be or that this person is keeping a dark secret from you.

When you dream that someone warns you of your death

Being warned that you will die soon can be very unpleasant and scary and you could misinterpret it as a warning about your impending death. But you should relax. As we mentioned several times in this article, dreams should not be interpreted literally.

A warning that you will die soon could mean that you have to make a very important decision in the future and that this decision can change the course of your life.

When the time comes, you will more likely be under pressure and be given a little time to decide so you should be careful when it comes to choosing what is best for you.

When you dream that you are talking to a dead person you do not know

If a person you do not know is dead in your dream and you are talking to them in your dreams, this could be a warning.

It could mean that you are surrounded by negative people. This is your subconscious warning you that you have false friends or not to trust your workmates. It is a warning that a betrayal will soon be revealed.

On the other hand, talking to a dead person can also be a symbol of material loss. It could signal that you will be going through a tough situation soon and you will be losing something precious to you.

When you dream of a random animal dying

If a random animal dies in your dreams, it means you have an inner desire to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts in your life. You may not realize it yet when you are awake but you are in dire need of positive change.

A dream about a random animal dying could also mean that someone is trying to abuse you or that you feel controlled. In real life, we do not really realize how toxic a person can be until the damage is done. Your subconscious may be picking up on signals that a certain person is bad for you and is trying to warn you to stay away.

When you dream of being in a funeral

Whose funeral it is could mean a different thing. If it is somebody else’s funeral, then there may be some issue between you and that person that you can now put to rest.

Maybe you harbor some guilt, maybe you are mad at this person, or maybe this person is someone you would rather forget. Seeing their funeral means you are now at peace and that you should put your issues to rest.

When you dream of being at a graveyard

If you dream about being at a graveyard but there is no funeral taking place, it could be a warning from your subconscious. Something from your past is probably going to be dug up and your subconscious is telling you that it should stay buried.

What about when you dream of your own death?

Seeing yourself dying dreaming signals that you are going through a major life transition. It is also possible that your subconscious is calling for your attention because you are neglecting your own needs. The way you die in your dream can mean different things as well.

A peaceful death

If your death happens peacefully in your dreams, it is a good sign that you are okay with whatever change you are going through at the moment. You’re subconscious is giving you the message that you are okay with a particular ending.

A violent death

If your death in your dreams is violent, this could mean that you are uncomfortable with whatever change is happening in your life at the moment. You may be resisting something or you are afraid of what could happen in the future.

Someone you know killed you

If you dream that someone you know killed you – like a family member, your love interest, or a friend – this means that this person are urging you to make a change. This person probably wants you to change something but you are resistant to the idea.

Let’s say your father wants you to quit smoking. Or your close friend wants you to stop hanging out with someone they think is a bad influence. Or an older brother wants you to grow up and move out of your parent’s house.

A stranger kills you

If you dream of being killed by a stranger, the stranger represents a part of yourself or forces at work to make a particular change happen. When you have this kind of dream, you should start reflecting on whether you are being pressured to change.

Dying young

If you die young in your dream, meaning you see your younger self dying, this could signify something in the past that you have been carrying around with you until now.

What was going on with you at that age? Maybe you experienced something traumatic at that age or went through a tough time. Your subconscious may be telling you that it is all in the past and you have to bury that issue.

Faking death

If you are the one faking your own death in your dream, it could mean that there is something in your current life situation that you want to change as soon as possible. It is a desperate subconscious cry for help to change something in your life so that you can go back to the right path.

Your funeral

Your subconscious may be telling you that there is something in your real life that you need to lay to rest. It may be an issue or past hurt that you have never really recovered from. Your subconscious is giving you a message that it is time to letting it go and leaving it behind you. Or it is a sign telling you that you are at peace with your past.

Waking up before you die

There are instances when you wake up right at the moment when you are about to meet your death in a dream. This is your body’s physiological response to your fear of dying. In real life, it could mean that you are going through an actual change that has not yet been completed and you fear it.

What can you learn from dreaming about death?

Here are the lessons or reflections that you can take from dreaming about death. Again, your dream can have a different interpretation. Try to see which one would speak out more to you in the moment you had the dream.

You need to cope with change

Death in dreams usually signifies a change or rebirth in life. It could be a chance to develop a new relationship, a chance to grow in your career, a chance to let go of your toxic friend, or a chance to move into a new place and create a fresh start.

Change does not have to be bad. There is a lot of positive change that can improve your personal experience in life. Your subconscious realizes these opportunities for change and is sending you a message to seize these opportunities.

Something is about to end

Dreams about death can signal an ending happening. Many see death as the end of life. Your dreams may be telling you that there is something in your life that is about to end.

It can be anything from your relationships, your career, or the end of a problem that you have been carrying around for some time.

You need to manage your stress or anxiety

Death can represent the stress and anxiety levels that you are currently facing. The person who died in your dream may be causing this stress or worry within you and that you have to do something about it.

You are afraid of losing someone

Death dreams make you think of the person and how they matter in your life. Sometimes you dream about them this way simply because you fear that they will be gone soon and that you are afraid of losing them.

This is a common dream if that person is terminally ill, if you feel like your partner has fallen out of love, or if you are losing your bestfriend. Sometimes, dreaming that they are dead is your subconscious echoing what you fear in reality.

You envy this person

The specific person dying in your dream may have certain qualities that you want to have. And because of this, you secretly want to be like them or feel envious of them.

It may be helpful to identify what it is that you subconsciously lack and try to work on achieving them yourself.

You feel guilty

When you are feeling guilty about something involving that person, it can show up as dreams of them dying. This usually happens if something terrible had happened and you were not able to help or something you did had caused trouble for this person.

You need to stay away from the person

Your dream can be your subconscious’ way of telling you that you need to stay away from this person. This person may be controlling you or is toxic for you. Dreaming that they are dead does not necessarily mean you secretly wish them dead. It just means you need to escape from them during your waking life.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when I dream about somebody who is already dead?

This is pretty common especially if you recently lost the person. Such a dream is natural and is a way to grieve and is a sign that you are still coping with the loss. This is especially true if you are having a hard time letting go of your deceased loved.

Another reason why you would dream of somebody who already passed away is that you miss them. Some family members would dream about dead relatives often because they miss seeing them around. Such dreams can be a source of comfort for them.

Some people believe that there is a spiritual meaning behind the dream visitation of a deceased loved. This deceased loved sometimes have a message for you that they were not able to say while they were still alive.

What does it mean when I actually experience leaving my body after dreaming I died?

It could be an indication from your subconscious that a great change has already happened. Remember, death signifies change. The feeling of you leaving your body in that dream could mean that this change is transforming you and that you are feeling that impact.

What if I dream about killing someone?

If you are the one doing the killing in your dream, then it means you are the one causing the change in your real life. If you are trying to cut off ties with a toxic partner, you may dream of killing them. If you are frustrated at your boss and you want to leave your job, you might dream of killing your boss. You may be killing off a part of your life subconsciously.

What if I repeatedly dream of the same person dying?

Recurring dreams like this one could mean that you are harboring negative feelings for this person or that they are a negative presence in your life. Think about it – are you angry, jealous, or carry any resentments towards this person? Are you uncomfortable around them? Do you find yourself avoiding them or trying to get away from a conversation with them often?

Dreaming about their demise is not like you are fantasizing about their death and that you want it to happen. It’s just your subconscious’ way of symbolizing that things are not okay with this person. If you want the dreams to stop, it would help to find a way to make peace with this person.

Why do I keep having death dreams?

Recurring dreams about death could mean that you have a lot of unresolved issues or that you are going through a lot of stress. Confronting the issues and trying to relax could help stop these dreams from coming frequently. If nothing seems to work, it may help to see an expert like a licensed therapist.

Is it possible for dreams to predict the future in real life?

At this time, there is little scientific evidence to support this. There are reports about people whose dreams have come true but they are not enough to merit as evidence.

To consider a dream to be precognitive, it must have a significant number of unique and specific details so that it can not be fulfilled by chance. If your “prophetic dream” is influenced by something that you already know, then it does not count.

How would I know if my interpretation for my own life is correct?

If you want to find out the true meaning of your dream, you should remember and take account of all the details that you have seen – even the smallest detail can be an important clue.

Think about the person who died in your dream and try to think of any issues you may have with them. But at the same, remember that dreaming of someone dying does not necessarily have to be about that person in particular. That person can represent something about you too.

Always remember that it is important to understand what is happening in your conscious life that could trigger such dreams in your subconscious. If unsure, you can always consult an expert.


Dreams about death or dying are usually frightening and unpleasant for the dreamer. And it can be terrifying and traumatic if you have family members, close friends, or your partner involved in the dream.

But as you can see, dreaming of someone dying does not necessarily mean you are getting a bad omen or literal death. Death in dreams often signifies a change in your life and relationships. As unsettling as it may seem, it should not be taken literally in your waking life.

Dreams are usually a way to help us process life – our subconscious’ way of sending a message of something that we should be aware of that we do not usually mind while we are conscious. Dreaming about death happens to be the way your mind copes with processing the fear of the unknown.

So, instead of being scared, think about what you are currently going through in your life. Your subconscious is telling you to reflect on that change. It may be a significant one that teaches you a lesson or signals the start and end of a milestone or phase in your life.

Dreaming about death can serve an important purpose for you and your future. If you get to interpret and understand these dreams properly, you will be able to use them to put your best foot forward and avoid any impending disaster or negativity in your life.

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