Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Cheating

Would you like to discover the spiritual meaning of dreams about cheating?

If you have ever woken up in a cold sweat after a horrible dream about your romantic partner or spouse cheating on you, this article was written with you in mind. It is also for you if you’re the one caught cheating in your dream.

Some would advice you that a dream about cheating is ‘just a dream,’ and to therefore let it go. But is ignoring cheating dreams really the best way of handling something that could have a deeper meaning? Stuffing our unresolved issues in a box and closing the lid isn’t a solid long-term strategy.

Fortunately, dreams are rarely direct representations of what goes on in your waking life. Nevertheless, dreams happen for a reason.

When we are in the sleeping state, our subconscious mind often presents us with feelings and thoughts that we normally suppress or avoid when we’re awake. This is why dream interpretation can be such a helpful revelation; understanding why we dream about certain things can help us resolve issues in our lives that are holding us back or poisoning our relationships with other people.

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Dreaming about your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife cheating on you is a surprisingly common dream motif. In fact, most people in long-term relationships dream about their partner cheating on them at one point or another. The question, of course, is what such dreams can tell you about the relationship, your partner, and yourself.

Now, are you ready to learn the true meaning of cheating dreams?

Dreams about your partner cheating

There are countless different potential dream scenarios where your spouse or partner is cheating on you.

In your dream, you may catch your partner cheating, or your partner may even be quite obvious and open about it, in a way that just wouldn’t play in waking life.

Dreams about cheating partners can be particularly jarring, as they play into some of the most primary fears that most people who are in a long-term relationship or marriage have. These fears go deeper than the immediately obvious, which is of course the fear of the person you love and are the most attracted to having sex with someone else without your consent.

Cheating, even in dreams, can make you question the truth and stability of your relationship, because cheating isn’t just about the sex, it also encompasses deliberate lies, deceit and emotional betrayal.

This is why cheating dreams are so terrible, yet so important. A dream about your partner cheating shouldn’t be dismissed as a mere dream. Instead, the reasons for it should be considered, and discussed openly with your partner.

Dreams where you are the one cheating

Dreams where you are the person cheating are a somewhat different beast.

While a dream about your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating can be painful and unsettling, dreams about cheating on them can be more of a mixed bag. Here, guilty feelings may be mixed with thrill and pleasure.

Dreams about cheating on your partner can be just as unpleasant to confront as dreams where they are cheating on you, because dreams where you are the one cheating hold a mirror to yourself and may reflect back at you some unpleasant truths that you have not been wanting to acknowledge.

Should you share a dream about cheating on your spouse with him or her? Dreaming about cheating on one’s partner can, unsurprisingly, bring up feelings of guilt and shame, but feeling guilty or embarrassed may not be a good reason for not being open and honest. At the very least, you should confront what your dream is trying to tell you, rather than simply dismissing or surprising it.

What a cheating dream can tell you about your relationship

Now we are getting to the truly interesting part, the meat and potatoes of this article.

Dreams always have something to say, some small or great message that you can take and use to improve your life. And yes, this is also true for dreams about cheating.

Cheating dreams aren’t positive or pleasant when you have them. But if you have the gall to analyse them afterwards and confront the feelings they bring up, you’ll likely discover that they have something important to say about your relationship, yourself, or your partner.

An indication of relationship issues that require a resolution

Dreams are like mirrors – granted, they can sometimes be distorted fun-house mirrors – of the things that are going on in real life.

Even the simplest analysis will tell you that cheating, at its core, represents a great problem and a threat to a relationship. Because of this, dreaming about your wife or your husband cheating can be an indication of issues within your relationship that have to be dealt with and resolved.

If you dream about your lover or spouse cheating, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether there are any unresolved problems or conflicts between the two of you. Your relationship issues may be completely unrelated to sexual cheating. We may be talking about a conflict around family, children, money or long-term goals. The feelings of resentment, of hidden truths and of not being on the same page are the important part.

Unresolved issues and old resentments, just like cheating, have a corrosive and destructive effect on a relationship. Over time, unresolved relationship issues can turn into deep fissures and rifts that can be almost impossible to heal. In this sense, your dream may be a wake up call, a sign that it is time to take the health and the future of your relationship into your own hands.

An unwelcome reminder of old wounds

Sometimes, the spiritual meaning of dreams about cheating has to do with healing old wounds and trauma.

If either you or your partner have been cheated on in the past, you or they may have brought the pain from that experience into your current relationship. This can cause all sorts of trouble, including trust issues and paranoia.

If you’ve faced abandonment or cheating in your romantic past, you naturally have a fear of the same thing happening again – no matter how close to your partner you are and how much your rational mind tells you that you can trust them.

Conversely, if your partner has shared with you that he or she has been cheated on in a previous relationship, dreams about cheating on your partner take on a particularly sinister hue, because you know that it is a great trauma for them.

A sign of bad intentions or secrets

Whether you dream about cheating on your partner or about your partner cheating on you, dreams about cheating can sometimes be an indication that something is off about your relationship.

Are you and your spouse perhaps keeping secrets from each other? Are you living separate lives? Can you trust each other?

Cheating represents something that is hidden and then uncovered. Is something like that going on in your most intimate relationship without you being consciously aware of it??

Warning signs of real-life cheating

It is an unfortunate truth that large numbers of people cheat on their spouses or long-term partners. Is it unthinkable that your partner could be playing with the idea of cheating on you? Are there any indications that he or she already has a secret love life that you know nothing about? Are you perhaps the one keeping secrets?

Dreams rarely tell you exactly what is going on in waking life, but ironically, a dream about your spouse cheating may just be the wakeup call you need.

Sometimes, the waking mind can choose to censor or overlook things that it does not like. In dreams, however, the subconscious mind hits us with the feelings and the intuitions that our consciousness deliberately shuts out.

What a cheating dream can tell you about yourself

One of the many interesting things about dreams is that they often tell us much more about ourselves than they do about the other people in our dreams.

This is not to say that everything a person says or does in your dreams is merely a figment of your own imagination. After all, the people we dream about tend to be the people we are closest to in real life.

Still, it takes guts to really look at what your dreams – particularly your more unpleasant dreams – might be able to tell you about yourself. Are you ready for the self-insights that cheating dreams can give you?

Self esteem issues

Dreams about cheating can often indicate or tap into low self esteem issues.

If you are powerfully confident and sure of your partner’s total devotion, a dream about cheating is less likely to occur – and less likely to faze you. But if you’re going through a bit of a down period or your relationship is, you’re susceptible to critical thinking and might even be looking for signs that something is wrong or insufficient about you or your relationship as such.

If you dream about your girlfriend or boyfriend cheating, pay attention to your own reaction. Do you dismiss the dream because you consider your partner cheating on you to be laughably unthinkable? Or does the dream fan the fires of existing doubts and fears?

Unresolved anger and resentment

If you have unresolved anger, resentment or other forms of emotional pain they can cause you to have dreams about your partner cheating. This is particularly true if these feelings are connected to your partner in some way.

Negative feelings that go unaddressed have a tendency to turn into poison. They poison and color your entire outlook and how you view your partner – your dream may be trying tell you as much.

Fortunately, there is a clear solution if your dreams are caused by unresolved or repressed negative emotions: You’ve got to let them out. Sharing them with your partner may prove sufficient, but journalling, making art or seeing a therapist are also powerful tools that you can reach for.

Abandonment issues

Have you ever experience abandonment?

There is so much more to abandonment than merely being left behind by someone you expected to be there forever. If someone is unreliable, trustworthy and inconsistent in terms of how they show up in your life, these are also forms of abandonment.

If you have abandonment issues, you have a constant fear of being abandoned, neglected, ditched and left behind. These feelings can be very deep-seated and irrational – in other words, they can be extremely difficult to shake. Even if your current partner is as reliable as a rock, you might still be harbouring irrational fears that he or she is going to leave you at any moment. Naturally, this causes uncertainty and anxiety.

Abandonment issues can have surprisingly deep roots. They may stem from your past relationship history, or they may even go all the way back to your childhood.

Trust issues

Trust issues are another key factor and frequent cause of cheating dreams. If you’ve been betrayed in the past, whether in a romantic relationship or otherwise, you might find it very difficult to trust anyone now – including your spouse or romantic partner.

Your trust issues may result in constant doubts, speculation and paranoia aimed at your partner. You dreaming that he or she is cheating on you – perhaps even with a specific person – – can be just another manifestation of your trust issues.

If you are struggling with trust issues, it isn’t your own fault. But it is important to acknowledge hat it isn’t your spouses’s fault either, and to take ownership of the issue. Working with a good therapist is often the best solution, as he or she will be able to suggest helpful coping skills and can help you find ways to alleviate your anxiety about your partner hypothetically betraying you.

Pent-up sexual desire

Yet another potential interpretation of a dream about your partner cheating is that either you or they have pent-up sexual desire that is not being met and satisfied.

One issue most people in monogamous relationships have to work out is the issue of mis-matched sex drives. Of course there are cases where both partners have perfectly matched sexual cravings, but in most cases, one partner is likely to have a higher sex drive than the other. In these cases, the two partners will have to find a middle ground or a solution that they are both happy with.

What a cheating dream can tell you about your partner

Now that we have taken a good hard look at what your dream about your partner cheating on you might reveal about you, it is time for us to look at what it might reveal about them.

This may not be what you were hoping to hear, but if the dream is yours, it usually says more about you, the dreamer, than it does about the people who appear in your dream. In other words, when one of your loved ones acts shockingly or badly in your dream, you can’t really blame them for it.

Having said that, you can still analyse the meaning of the actions someone takes in your dream, and that is precisely what this section of the article is all about.

Your partner is physically, emotionally and spiritually distant from you

If you dream that your partner is cheating on you, the spiritual meaning of this can sometimes be that he or she is distant from you. He or she may seem more withdrawn than usual, and he or she may seem disconnected from you emotionally, physically or even spiritually.

Naturally, you sensing that your partner is distant, disconnected or tapped out is going to cause you anxiety, worry and potentially suspicion. If this resonates, bring your dream and the resulting feelings up with your partner. Tell them about your dream and about your sense that there is something distant or disconnected about the way in which he or she has been engaging with you lately.

Final words on dreams about cheating

If you frequently dream about your spouse or partner cheating on you – or vice versa – this is definitely something you should bring up with him or her. Open and honest communication, including about topics and feelings that make us feel uncomfortable or even guilty, is key to creating and maintaining a healthy relationship. Cheating dreams are no exception to this golden rule.

There is no direct translation or fact sheet that can tell you precisely what your dreams about cheating mean. The precise meaning is going to vary depending on your specific context, but if you’ve read this article all the way through, you probably have a pretty good idea at this point as to whether or not your cheating dream is a reminder of past trauma related to cheating, or whether it is more likely to be a sign that you and your partner aren’t connecting enough sexually, emotionally or spiritually.

It is tempting to try to hide from the unpleasant feelings that cheating dreams invariably inspire. But you can be absolutely certain that confronting the negative forces that are seeping into your relationship, whether in waking life or via your own subconscious when you’re sleeping, is the best medium-to-long-term solution.

If you are with the right person, you may even discover that sharing the insecurities, doubts and fears that your cheating dreams have brought up can be a tremendously healing experience.

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Frequently asked questions about cheating dreams

What symbolizes cheating in a dream?

Dreams about cheating can indicate a variety of different things, depending on the context. Are you dreaming about your boyfriend cheating, or are you dreaming about being the cheating partner and getting caught?

If you dream about your partner cheating on you, it can often be a sign of unresolved issues in your own psyche. If you have experienced cheating, abandonment or betrayal in your past, these experiences will have imprinted on your subconscious. The feelings they leave behind are like lingering ghosts that can haunt you in your dreams.

Another potential reason for dreaming about your spouse cheating is that there are problems in your relationship that the two of you have not adequately dealt with. If there is physical, emotional or spiritual distance in the relationship, this too can be a reason for dreaming that your partner is cheating.

Only in rare cases is a dream about your partner cheating an indication that your partner is actually cheating in waking life. Still, this possibility shouldn’t be ruled out right out the gate. Sometimes, our subconscious mind has a way of presenting us with the thoughts, feelings and realisations that our conscious mind is refusing to acknowledge.

What does it mean to dream of your partner cheating on you?

If you dream about your spouse or romantic partner cheating on you, such a dream is often a sign of pent-up negative feelings.

In most cases, dreaming that your partner is cheating on you can tell you more about yourself and your relationship as such than it can about your partner.

Almost invariably, dreaming that your spouse is cheating comes down to unresolved issues, whether in your own past or in your relationship’s past.

If your partner has failed to make you feel secure and certain of his or her faithfulness, this can lead to a great deal of insecurity in you. As a result, your subconscious mind may be questioning whether or not your partner or spouse can be trusted. Confronting you with dreams about your partner cheating on you could essentially be your subconscious presenting you with the possibility and fear of that very scenario playing out in waking life.

Even if your partner has always given you every indication that he or she can be trusted, you may bring your own trust issues into the relationship that stem from a previous relationship or even from your childhood.

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