229 Angel Number

Are you looking for the keys to unlock the secret meaning and message of the angel number 229?

If so, you have come to the right place.

Angel number 229 often appears when it is time for you to take a positive stance and stop second guessing yourself, whether in relation to your love live, your career or your spiritual journey.

Seeing the angel number 229 is a reassuring sign, a reminder that if you approach your life’s challenges with a positive attitud, many possibilities and opportunities are bound to open up. It is time to take the leap you have been waiting to take, to lift yourself up to a higher vibration and to view your life path from a higher perspective. 

The question is, are you ready? If you are, then seeing angel 229 marks a pivitoal point on your personal journey through life.

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Keep reading to learn more interesting facts about the 229 angel number and how its positive energy and symbolic meaning can help you unlock the wonderful life you deserve.

How to receive messages from your guardian angels

If you are wondering how to receive guardian messages, including angel numbers, in the first place, then definitely do not skip this section.

Whether you call them angels, ascended masters or simply positive energies, the spiritual forces that are watching over you can provide you with invaluable guidance and insights that you can use to improve your life in a myriad practical ways. 

Receiving angel numbers and other subtle clues from your guardian angels is simple enough – all yo uhave to do is watch and listen carefully as you go about your day-to-day life. Angel numbers or other repeated symbols can appear anywhere – in emails, on billboards, on phone bills. 

Of course, not every number is an angel number, but if you keep seeing the same number sequence again and again, to the point where it begins to feel like it is following you around, you can be sure that it is an angel number containing a hidden message just for you.

If you are a spiritual seeker, keeping a spiritual journey is a great way of paying attention to your own life and the messages it contains. This journal could detail your dreams, as well as synchronicities, encounters and experiences that teach you about yourself, other people and the universe.

When you begin to deliberately pay attention to your own life, for example by making a note every time you see the angel number 229, it is a way for you to express to the universe that you are open to receiving guidance. Not surprisingly, this has the effect of increasing the number of synchronicities and fantastical events you experience on a day-to-day basis.

Dissecting angel number 229

Understanding the individual digits that make up 229 is key if you want to uncover the hidden layers of meaning that this angel number contains. 

So let’s look at the numbers 2 and 9 individually. As we do this, keep in mind that the emphasis is on the number 2, simply because it appears twice.


The numner two is universally regarded as a harmonious number. It is associted with concepts like balance, harmony and collaboration. Think about it for a second; two is the smallest number needed for equilibrium. Imagine a person standing on two legs, or the way in which yin and yang complete each other.

2 is also associated with differences, or rather, with opposites – night and day, man and woman (Adam and Eve, if you are viewing this through a Christian lens), left and right, summer and winter, up and down. As such, the number two represents a sense of completion, of the necessary opposite and counterweight to any given thing.

The number 2 in the Kabbalah

The Jewish Kabbalah’s Tree of Life consists of ten interconnected spheres, each with its own number and meaning.

The second sphere is called Chokhmah, the Hebrew word for ‘wisdom.’ What is referred to here is not merely the wisdom that comes with age, but rather the kind of profound understanding that results from spiritual enlightenment.

Chokmah represents the longing for wisdom, true wisdom, wisdom of the highest order. In a sense, it represents the desire to see and understand what lies behind the external layers of reality.

The number 2 in the Tarot

The number two appears in the Tarot in both the Minor and the Major Arcana. For the sake of not dwelling all day, let us focus on how the number 2 is represented in the Major Arcana, where it takes the form of the High Priestess.

In the Tarot, the High Priestess is the custodian of the inner temple – she represents the inner voice, inner wisdom, inner knowing. She is depicted seated on a throne inside her temple, flanked by two pillars, one black, one white. She occupies the nuanced and balanced space between opposites. Her regal presence is imposing, but she is not a ‘loud’ archetype at all. She doesn’t approach the would-be spiritual seeker trying to sell her wares. Instead, it is up to you to pursue her and the wisdom she has the power to bestow upon you.


The number 9 is both transitional and transformational. Nine is the highest, oldest, largest single-digit number. Its very shape, reminiscent of a snail house or an open-ended spiral, appears to form a bridge between the lower numbers that preceed it and the higher numbers that follow.

9 is bridge not only between numbers, but also symbolically between different worlds or realities. It is no wonder why the number nine is associated with both great great mental agility and great enthusiasm. There is a boldness to the number 9, as it leaves behind the well-known space of single digits and leads to the different vibration of double digits.

The number 9 in the Kabbalah

In the Jewish Kabbalah, the ninth sphere on the Tree of Life is called Yesod, which means ‘foundation.’ 

Yesod is located near the base of the Tree of Life, hovering just above the tenth and final sphere, Malkuth, meaning ‘the kingdom.’ As such, Yesdod connects the physical and tangible world of Malkuth with the higher and more ethereal energies of the spheres above.

The number 9 in the Tarot

In the Tarot’s Major Aracana, the number 9 takes the shape of the Hermit archetype

The Hermit is essentially an ageing magician, with long snow-white beard and wearing a long flowing grey robe. In one hand he clutches his magical staff, and in the other a lantern held aloft with a single golden star trapped inside. It is by the light of this star that the Hermit navigates the steep mountain side he appears to be climbing.

What propels the Hermit up the cold, steep mountainside is his desire for spiritual enlightenment. He is steeled by his inner strength and his commitment to getting to the very top of the mountain. The mountain, of course, represents the spiritual journey and the Hermit is the seeker, on the path to greater self-knowledge and ultimately enlightenment. 

The Hermet is ready to turn his back on petty earthly distractions, and even its comforts. There is defintiely nothing smooth or easy about the journey he is making, and yet he is compelled to keep going.

Angel number 229 key messages

Now that you have gained a better understanding of what the number 2 and 9 mean individually, your mind is probably already forming answers as to what angel number 229 means.

Still, there is no reason for you to figure it all out on your own. We’ll give you some pointers.

Spiritual awakening

Angel number 229 represents spiritual awakening and a true longing for personal discovery and growth.

The number two provides a great starting point, a stable foothold in reality from which to start exploring and delving deeper. 

It is important to maintain balance as you start developing your spiritual gifts and looking behind the curtains of reality. In fact, if you don’t have a good sense of order and stability, making headway on your personal journey may prove destabilizing. So, take your time, make the journey one step at a time – as though you are climbing a steep mountain side. 

Brainstorm and exchage ideas with others

If you don’t already have many professional friendships and an ever-expanding network of connections, it is time to develop these things.

The number 2 indicates the need to exchange ideas and collaborate with others. You may be perfectly capable of quick thinking and creating wonderful things on your own, but if you combine your ideas, your vision and your efforts with others, your projects could really take off.

Give your restless mind something to aim at

Angel number 229 often appears when you are overthinking your options, perhaps even to the extend of getting paralysed by all of the choices you have to make.

On of the most important messages contained within angel number 229 is to make choices, to not be afraid to pick something. If you never make decisions, you cannot make headway towards your destination. This is true in both your professional life, your love life and your spiritual life. 

So, gather the information, the skills or the practical experiences you need to be able to choose something.

Venture beyond your comfort zone

Seeing angel number 229 is a clear sign that you should seek new challenges beyond your comfort zone. This could involve reaching for a better-paid position (or ask for a raise where you already work), sharing a creative project with the world, or deciding to pursue an interest you think others might judge you for having.

Develop your natural talents

229 is very much about pushing against your own internal limitations in order to develop, grow and become bigger than you are right now. It is the alchemical process of refining your life and your own being. This also means tapping into your untapped potential and finding a way, or several new ways, of expressing it.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the number 229? 

Angel number 229 represents positive new developments in both your spiritual, personal and professional lives. 

The catch is that you have to approach your current life challenges with a constructive and positive attitude. In other words, you have to take charge of the direction of your life journey. This requires you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to reach higher and become more.

The changes you will have to make might not be dramatic. Start small and stack your wins; accept routine, focus on developing healthy habits, develop your skills, cut out toxic people, and learn more about the things you are interested in.

What does 2323 mean in angel numbers?

Angel number 2323 is a sign of positive developments in your life, often as a result of a combination of your own efforts and pure luck.
The number 2 indicates harmony and balance, while the number 3 signifies good fortune and forward momentum.

What does 256 angel number mean?

Much like 2323, and indeed 229, angel number 256 also indicates change and development. However, the kind of change we are talking about here is hard-won, often up-hill, and involving pushing against a not insignificant measure of both inner and outer resistance.

What does angel number 231 mean?

Angel number 231 indicates that powerful energies and divine inspiration are currently flowing into your life. Don’t hold back – lean into the changes and roll with them. They are all leading you down the right path.

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