3 Angel Number

Are you here because you want to learn everything you can about the 3 angel number and its secret meaning? If so, you have come to the right place.

One of the first important things to know about angel number 3 is that it is a sacred number, imbued with many layers of symbolic and spiritual meaning. Overall, angel number 3 is strongly associated with postive and uplifting energies, including creativity, humour, abundance and interpersonal connection.

When angel number 3 appears, it is usually positive sign. It indicates that you are on the right path and are motivated by higher ideals and goals. Because you are being true to your inner spirit and trust in its promptings, you are also in harmony with the external universe.

Indeed, when you see angel number 3, it indicates that the universal energies all around you are responding favorably to your positive attitude and the efforts you are currently putting into pursuing your goals. Because of your bold self-expression, the universal energies are also rallying around you to support your progress and further unfoldement.

But this is only a fraction of the full spiritual meaning of angel number 3. Are you ready to dive deeper and learn much more about this powerful number and the messages it has for you?

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What angel numbers are and how to receive them

Angel numbers are a way for your guardian angels and ascended masters to provide you with spiritual guidance when you need it the most. Angel numbers are individual numbers or number sequences that seem to appear everywhere you go. If you keep seeing the same number on license plates and phone bills, in phone numbers and social media handles, it is because the number contains spiritual messages just for you.

Sometimes, your guardian angels will send you unprompted messages, simply to offer you guidance and affirmation. And other times, the divien realm will send you angel numbers in response to a prayer or a wish that you have sent out into the cosmos.

What this should tell you is that you do not have to wait to receive angelic guidance. You can ask your guardian angel or the spiritual world at large to help you resolve a particular dilemma or crisis you are facing. Let us say, for example, that you have reached a crossroads in your love life. You might be in the position of having to choose between an existing partner and a new romance. A situation like that can be extremely taxing on te nerves, not to mention a major distraction from all of the other importnat projects you have on your agenda. In a situation like this, asking the spiritual realm for a sign is not a bad idea.

If you have never received an angelic message before in your whole life, you might be doubtful as to whether or not the divine realm is going to respond to your request for guidance.

The good news is that you can be absolutely sure that it will. You are a child of the universe, and yur own inner voice never goes unheard. Having said that, the important messages you receive may not be the ones you had hoped for. Sometimes, you might find yourself secretly or not-so-secretly hoping for a specific message, but you cannot pick and choose.

This is why receiving spiritual guidance in the guise of numbers is so powerful and useful: Numbers have objective if multi-layered meaning, and if if interpret your angel number honestly, the message it holds for you is usually crystal clear.

Deciphering angel number 3

All right, let us get to the meat and potatoes of this article: How to decipher angel number 3.

The 3 angel number, like all of the other angel numbers in existence, is imbued with multiple facets and layers of meaning. In other words, it does not mean one simple, singular thing.

Instead, much like a Tarot card, an angel number contains a rainbow with many shades of overlapping meaning, and if you wish to fully understand the specifics of angel number 3, you should start by looking at the full picture.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and decipher angel number 3.

Number 3 in numerology

In numerology, angel number 1 is imbued with positive energy and divine forces.

The number 3 forms a triangle, an ancient symbol of fortune, wisdom and harmony. If there is one number associated with fairy tales, magic, possibility and beating the odds, the number 3 is it.

Because of its associations with good fortune, abundance and pure unbridled good luck, it is easy to see why 3 is considered the penultimate lucky number.

However, it is important to note that the luck and univeral goodwill contained within angel number 3 isn’t passive – on the contrary, it is a very active force. The positive energy might come flowing from on high, but it is you, the human element, who are the channel and the lightning rod.

3 is a number that connects you with the divine realm. It is a sign and a reminder that you are a custodian of divine energy. Very far from a lowly observer of divinity, your inner self is at one with the supreme god-force. And if you manage to channel it properly, you can transform your entire life. There is self-fulfillment and meaning to be found in that.

3 as a destiny number

The concept of destiny numbers is an area of numerlogy that focuses on an individual’s life path and personality traits.

People with life path number 3 are known to be highly creative, inventive, curious, open-minded and optimistic. These people are often artists and storytellers, and are driven by a desire to channel and share divine energy and inspiration with the world.

Those with life path number 3 tend to be very compassionate and considerate of others. They have a desire to dispel negativity and unfairness wherever they find it, as well as to nurture and heal wherever they can. It is not rare for someone with a number 3 life path to be a healer, a doctor or a charity worker.

Because those who share life path number 3 are both socially engaged and visionary, they have it in them to start large-scale projects for the betterment of mankind. This could be anything from starting and running charitable or non-profit organizations to community theatres to art spaces.

Number 3 in Christianity

If you look at it from a Christian perspective, three is a holy number. It is associated with the Holy Trinity, consisting of three divine beings – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Trinity represents the different facets of God, of divinity. Even if you are not a Christian, the symbolic meaning of angel number 3 according to the Bible is clear: It represents divine love and creative energy.

Number 3 in the Kabbalah

From a Kabbalistic perspective, angel number 3 is symbolized by the third sphere on the Tree of Life. This sphere is called Binah, the Hebrew word for “understanding.” The kind of understanding that is alluded to here is a deep inner knowing, or intuition, rather than simply intellectual understanding.

Binah is the uppermost feminine element in the Supernal Triad, and is often expressed as the mother of the Shekhinah.

Number 3 in the Tarot

Now, if we look to the Tarot, we see some of the different facets of the angel number 3 begin to crystallize.

In the Tarot, the number 3 takes the form of the Empress archetype in the Major Arcana. The Empress is the powerful female rule of the Tarot, and she is depicted seated in her abundant, flowering garden. The garden, of course, is symbolic of her power and wealth. The many flowers and vines also hint at fertility, creative power and nurturing.

The Empress herself is seated on an opulent throne, dressed in a long flowing gown embroidered with flowers. It is clear that she is a woman in her prime, at the peak of her powers. She is seated and appears relaxed, almost leaned back – it is clear that she feels no need to flex or demonstrate her dominance. She’s just not that kind of ruler. Her power comes from the earth, as well as from her own innermost being. She’s in complete harmony with the world around her and doesn’t need to exert any force in order to achieve whatever she wants.

An interesting detail about the Empress Tarot card is the fact that, underneath the Empress’s feet, underneath her flowering garden, is a chess board. This hints at strategic cunning and the ability to think long term. This adds an element of patience and mental stability to the Empress card that you might otherwise overlook.

This is what it means when your guardian angels keep showing you angel number 3

Now that you have a firm grip on what angel number 3 means when viewed through different lenses, can you also tell what it has to say about your own personal life?

If not, here are some practical examples of what angel number 3 might be trying to tell you.

A sign that only you can take the leap

The angel number 3 meaning always encompasses an element of taking a leap into the unknown while trusting in yourself. Think of it this way – the number 2 represents stability, solid ground under your feet, and three is the next step onwards from there.

3 is a number in perpetual forward motion – its energy never rests or stands still. It’s a number that wants to move and shake and create, rather than rest or wait.

Taking a leap forward, particularly if we are talking about a leap of faith taking you from the known into the unknown, always feels risky. You might fear losing face, losing money, or losing you old self. But the truth is, it is always more risky to be standing still and refusing to evolve.

So, go forth, evolve and change. Angel number 3 is a sign that your guardian angels are encouraging you to do so, and that they have your back. The angels and other positive forces watching over your life always want to see you moving forward, continually growing into yourself.

The idea of reaching a comfortable plateau and then stalling there until you begin to decay is an illusion, and moreover, a very bad idea. The human soul demands expansion, adventure, continual growth. Seeing angel number 3 can be a reminder of that.

Creative energy

Angel number 3 is practically bursting with creative energy and fresh, new ideas waiting for you to manifest them in whatever way you can.

Creativity can take many different forms. It is not just painting, writing or making music. Building a business or giving life to a child are other endeavors that also require creative force.

Sometimes, seeing angel number 3 is not tied to a particular goal or outcome. It can simply be a sign that you need to make more space for creativity, improvization and adventure in your life once more. Because when life becomes too rigid, too predictable and too comfortable, the human spirit inevitably suffers. We were never meant to be treading water.

Spiritual growth

Angel number 3 often appears to provide encouragement and to cheer you along on your spiritual journey.

Growing spiritually is ultimately a matter of letting your curiosity and intuition guide you. Whether your intuiton is telling you to delve into an established spiritual practice or faith, or to develop your own, you should follow. Even if your curiosity leads you down a seemingly dead end, you will have learned more about yourself along the way.

Great fortune

When you see angel number 3, it is often a positive omen.

The number 3 is univerally tied to luck, fortune and divine goodwill. Make of this what you will, but if there is one major project or idea that you have left sitting on the shelf while waiting for the right moment to act on it, now is the time to get the ball rolling.

Succeeding at something the third time

It is a fact of life that things don’t always go as planned or envisioned the first time we try them. Seeing angel number 3 can be a reminder of that, and a sign that the third time really is the charm.

Initially failing at a project or venture does not mean that it isn’t mean to happen for you. It can simply mean that you were unprepared or underprepared, that you misjudged your timing, or that you were met with some form of external resistance that put a spanner in your plans.

If your guardian angels are showing you angel numner 3, it is because they do not want you to give up on your dreams just yet. You have at least one more try left in you, so have a really good go at it. This time, you’ll be heading into the battle better prepared than before. If you’re going back to a project that failed, chances are you know what went wrong. Armed with this invaluable experience, you’re now in a position to go about it differently or to simply persevere and press through the dip this time around.

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Frequently asked questions

What does 3 mean spiritually?

Angel number 3 is powerfully associated with the divine realm and with higher forms of consciousness. When you see angel number 3, it is an indication that you are fully plugged into the cosmos and that you’re receiving divine inspiration and guidance. All that is left is for you to act on it.

What is the meaning of number 3?

Angel number 3 is a powerful number and is associated with self-confidence, good luck, magic and possibility.

When angel number 3 appears, it is a sign that the universe is backing you up and cheering you on in your endeavors. If you have been waiting for the right time to strike and take action on a particular dream or goal, seeing angel number 3 is the sign you have been waiting for.

Because the number 3 is also strongly linked to good fortune and luck, it means that you can expect a little more metaphysical wind in your sails at the moment. It is up to you to make the most of it.

What does 3 mean in love?

When it comes to love and romance, angel number 3 is a sign that something exciting is unfolding or just about to unfold in your personal realm.

3 is a number associated with change, magic, new adventures and divine guidance. When it comes to love, these qualities translate into a good relationship, filled with excitement, exploration and soul-deep connection.

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