606 Angel Number

What does it mean if you keep seeing the 606 angel number?

Seeing angel number 606 can mean many different things, depending on the context. Overall, however, seeing angel number 606 is an encouraging sign that you are steering your life in the right direction.

Angel number 606 is strongly associated with spirituality, creativity and unconditional love – for yourself as much as for others.

Angel number 606 carries a particularly important and urgent message if you are someone who struggles with self-love issues, low self esteem or a crippling fear of going after your dreams. If this sounds like you, then angel number 606’s key message is one of healing and reconnecting with your inner self.

In some cases, angel number 606 can be a sign of reconnecting and mending broken relationships with family members or friends that you may have fallen out with or simply lost touch with in the past.

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Now, are you ready to really peel back the layers of symbolism, meaning and message contained within angel number 606? If so, then simply keep on reading.

What angel numbers are and how to receive them

Have you ever received spiritual guidance from the universal energies (or from your guardian angels, if you prfer to think of them this way) in the form of numbers, symbols or other interesting signs?

If you haven’t, the entire concept of angel numbers might seem a bit wacky to you, but hold on. Let me explain how angel numbers work and how you can easily receive angel numbers, even if you have no previous experience with receiving and decoding cryptic messages from the universe.

It doesn’t amtter what you believ in, the fact remains that the your guardian angels or spiritual guides, or your own inner self, is always communicating with you and trying to prompt you to follow the right path, which is to say the path that will take you towards the pinnacle of living your truth and expressing your human potential.

Following your true soul path is the one thing that has the potential to bring you the greatest possible amount of meaning and fulfilment in life. But it isn’t all about you. Living out your potential is also how you are going to add the greatest possible amount of meanign and joy to the world and to others around you. In other words, following your calling is both how you serve yourself and how you serve the world.

With that being said, following your intuition and living in accordance with your innermost potential is not always simple. It takes a lot of courage, and it takes clarity too. This is where angel numbers and other divine messages come in. 

Numbers have irrefutable meaning. So when you keep seeing the same number or number sequence, it can provide you with the clarity and fortification you need to be able to take the next step on your personal and spiritual journey.

Receiving or perceiving angel numbers can happen either spontaneously or because you have asked the universal energies for a sign. And this is worth pointing out: You do not have to wait for the universe to give you a nudge. If you are feeling lost or unsure, ask the universe, ask God, ask whichever deity or energy you believe in to give you a sign or an answer to a particualr dilemma you are facing.

The spiritual forces that be are unlikely to give you an immediate answer. But if you simply keep your eyes and your mind open, and you focus on resonating outward your desire for guidance, sooner or later you will start seeing recurring signs, symbols or number sequences.

But how to recognize an angel number amid the onslaught of numbers that we all see around us on an everyday basis? Picking an angel number out amid the cacophony is simple enough. Angel numbers are number sequences that appear repeatedly. Seeing angel number 606 one time probably doesn’t mean anything. But if you start seeing it again and again, perhaps several times in the same day, you know you’re dealing with an angel number.

Decoding angel number 606

If you really want to understand what angel number 606 is trying to tell you, you need to peel back the layers and study the individual components. In the case of the 606 angel number, the individual components are the single digits 6 and 0.

As we look at what the individual digits mean, keep in mind that the emphasis is on the number 6, for the simple reason that it appears twice where the number 0 only appears once.

All right, are you ready? Let’s tuck in.


The number 6 is the number 3 times two. 3 is, uncontestedly, the most magical and spiritual number there is. In fairytales and folklore it is often associated with wishes, magic, or the challenges that the hero has to overcome in order to succeed in his mission.

The number 6 contains much of the same magic and vibe as the number 3, but is more outwardly focused. The number 6 has many different connotations and seems to connect divine forces and material aspects.

The numerological number six is often associated with family life, and human connection. It is a very sociable number and governs our social life and involvement in other people’s lives. This includes everything we are to other people, and how we influence them.

Number 6 from a religious perspective

The Biblical meaning of the number 6 is fraught and dual in nature. If you have ever studied the Bible, you probably recall that God created human beings on the sixth day, as the crowning achievement of his creation, before finally settling down to rest on the seventh day.

Viewed through a Christian lens, human beings are both fatally flawed (Just think of Adam and Eve and their fall from their original state of grace in Eden because they disobey God and eat of the forbidden fruit offered to them by the serpent) and full of redemptive qualities. Human beings are created in God’s own image, and because of this they straddle the divine realm and the animal kingdom.

Compared to other animals, human beings are incredibly sophisticaed and have a high vibrational energy. But when compared to God, the ideal, we all fall dramatically short. The number six represents this dichotomy, this split, this eternal dilemma.

If we look at the Jewish Kabbalah, the number 6 is represented by the sixth sphere on the Tree of Life. This sixth sphere is called Tiphareth, meaning ‘beauty.’ Its planetary association is the Sun, the ultimate symbol of victory, accomplishment, wholeness, happiness and truth.

Number 6 in the Tarot 

In the Tarot, we encounter the number six first and foremost in the Lovers card.

The Lovers card depicts Adam and Eve standing in the Garden of Eden, with the archangel Gabriel soaring above them. At the very top of the card, filling the entire horizon, is the sun. The sun, of course, is symbolic of God’s omnipresence and all-seeing eye.

The Lovers Tarot card represents stading on the brink of an important decision or life-altering move. This card may come up in Tarot readings when the querent is moving away from home for the first time, committing to a purpose or a vision, or either leaving or entering into a long-term relationship. What all of these disparate scenarios have in common is that they require the querent to take decisive action and to stand by their choices. The stakes are high and the consequences stretch far into the future. Some of the consequences cannot even be seen or imagined from where you are currently standing – and yet you have to make your move, roll the dice and trust your intuition.


Now, let us deep dive to the bottom of the number 0. 0 is, of course, an incredibly fascinating number. Its very shape suggests an unbroken circle, a loop, a portal, a void.

0 precedes all of the other numbers, and it is pretty obvious that it is associated with the primordial void from which all life has come. By this we could mean the womb, the big bang, or whatever existed before God created the world.

0 is inherently a mystery that cannot ever be fully understood – that’s part of its message. 0 is without end and without beginning. It represents the deepest truth, and at the same time presents a clean slate with nothing written on it. We can project onto it anything we want.

Number 0 from a religious perspective

The number 0 represents the mystery of the unmanifest, the inexplicable, the universal mind. In one word, the number 0 signifies God, or whatever you prefer the creative, animating energy that flows through all creatures and things.

In the Bible, God is never fully defined or described. But one thing is certain: Just like the number 0, God precded all of creation.

In the Kabbalah, 0 is presented as the concept of ‘Ein Soph.’ Ein Sof is God prior to self-manifestation. The expression is believed to be derived from Solomon ibn Gabirol’s term, “the Endless One” and can be translated from Hebrew into “unending”, ” no end”, or “infinity”. You’d have to look long and hard for a better reflection of the meaning of the number 0.

Number 0 in the Tarot 

In the Tarot, the number 0 only appears in one of the 78 cards: The Fool.

The Fool Tarot card shows a young man in jester’s clothing walking in the mountains without a map and without a care in the world. His few possessions are bundled up in a wadsack casually slung over his shoulder. At his feet, a small white dog is dancing and yapping, clearly as excited about the journey as its owner. Of course, the little dog wears no leash or collar – he is as free as his master.

The Fool Tarot card represets having an intuitive spiritual connection, but lacking experience. The Fool embodies youth, optimism, freedom, positive energy and infinite potential. Although the Fool is inexperienced and is totally lacking in either material abundance, wisdom, connections or experience, he has his youthful energy, adventurousness and absolute faith in the goodness of the universe to rely on. 

There is an innocence to the Fool card that all of the other Tarot cards lack. His optimism is so heartening, and even the color of the small dog jumping next to him represents something unblemished and pure.

What it means when your guardian angels keep showing you 606

So now, you have a decent grasp on what the numbers 6 and 0 represent individually. The next step is to put them together, and to add another 6 at the end. 

What does angel number 606 represent, and what is it trying to tell you? Here are some practical suggestions that will help you closer to a personal understanding. 

Taking the next step on your spiritual journey

Angel number 606 is intrinsically linked to your spiritual journey. 

Whether or not you already have a spiritual practice or a belief system you find meaning in, the appearance of angel number 606 indicates that it is time to dive deeper, to explore further, and to make more space for pursuing your spiritual inclinations and callings.

Overcoming obstacles

Angel number 606 is a fortifying sign if you have been struggling recently, whether we are talking mental or physical health, interpersonal relatinships, career or something else entirely. If this is your situation, angel number 606 is a reminder to bring the different aspects of your life back into balance. Focus on repairing and nurturing the parts of your life that are broken or neglected.

Angel number 606 is an incredibly well-balanced number. Two sixes with the zero in the middle. It reminds you of your centre of gravity, and the fact that you are always connected to the source. You’re always able to tap back into your purpose and the vision you have for your life. Even if, for a while, you feel like you have been lost. 

Improvements in your domestic life and family relationships

Because angel number 606 is so closely associated with emotional bonds, with healing and with nurturing, it inevitably has something to say about the relationships you have with the people in your life.

It might be time for you to honestly evaluate the quality of your most influential relationsips. There are some you should invest more time, energy and effort in, while others require distance and firm boundaries.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the number 333 mean?

Angel number 333 is an incredibly powerful and remarkable number, consisting of three threes. The number 3 in and of itself represents magic, wishes, good fortune and victory. When the number is repeated three times, its meaning is only amplified.

What does angel number 222 mean?

Angel number 222 represents harmony, stability, love and support. More often than not, this angel number carries a message related to your love life, and is an encouraging sign to see, not least if you’re at the beginning of a brand new relationship and want to see it grow and develop.

What is the meaning of angel number 626?

Seeing angel number 626 is a sign of making progress and building momentum. It can also indicate that you are currently restructuring and rebuilding certian areas of your life, which can take time but is ultimately going to be more than worth the effort.

What does angel number 555 mean?

Angel number 555 indicates that your life is currently in flux. Whether or not you have chosen it, everything from your romantic life to your career are currently up in the air. You might be dealing with conflicts or conflicting desires, and are trying to find a way to unify all of the different energies in your life so that you can keep moving forward.

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