Angel Number 6

Are you seeing angel number 6 in all sorts of random places and are you wondering about its hidden meaning?

If the answer to both of these questions are yes, then you have landed in precisely the right place. In this article, we’re going to deep-dive into the many layers of meaning and message contained within angel number 6.

If you boil it right down, angel number 6 represents the curiosity and drive that compel you to reach for higher states of being in both your spiritual, professional and personal life. What this means on a practical level is that angel number 6 is a symbol of your ambition and your desire for both progress, growth, meaning and connection. 

The calling of the spiritual self can sometimes contrast with your everyday life. Let us say, for example, that you are a young professional, in your 30s, but you’re already married, have a couple of kids, and a mortgate. A lot is riding on you staying in your current career. Taking risks or changing your path, even if that’s what the inner you is calling out for you to do, can be both challenging and fraught with opposition. 

In this sense, angel number 6 can pose a significant challenge. Are you going to stay put where you are, even if your current life path doesn’t fulfill you, or are you going to take the risk of pursuing your creative and spiritual desires?

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Angel number 6 can also represent unconditional love and healing. Seeing angel number 6 is often a reminder to focus on building and nurturing your inner self, as well as your most significant relationships with others.

Keep reading to discover much more about angel number 6 and its messages.

Why your guardian angels are showing you angel number 6

If your guardian angels keep showing you the number six, it is the furthest thing from a coincidence. The divine realm doesn’t play about – so when it sends you a message, it is because that message holds power and meaning that you can take and implement into your life in order to transform it for the better.

Angel numbers can appear in all sorts of seemingly random places. You might see the same number or number sequences appear on phone bills, in social media handles, on buses, on tables at restaurants and so on. If you keep seeing the same number frequently enough to start wondering whether it might be an angel number, the answer is almost inevitably yes.

If you have never received angelic guidance before but are open to the possibility, all you have to do is open up your mind and inutition with the intention to receive. You can even choose to pose a specific question to the universe-at-large. Doing so is particularly useful if you would like guidance on a particular topic or question.

Nedless to say, communicating with the spiritual realm is not as simple or direct as communicating with another human being. Your guardian angels may not always present you with an answer to your dilemma or request right away, but you have to trust that they will. Patience is key, as is an open mind and perception.

Decoding angel number 6

Once you’ve been seeing the same number repeated so frequently that you’re certain it must be an angel number, the next step is to decipher its meaning and messages. In this case, let’s see if we can peel back the layers of what the number 6 represents.

To gain the best possible understanding, let’s look at it from as many different spiritual, religious and symbolic angles as possible.

Religious perspectives on the number 6

If you look at the number 6 from a Christian angle, its connotations are mostly negative. 

On the sixth day of creation, God created all the creatures that live on land, including the first human beings, Adam and Eve. In the beginning, Adam and Eve were perfect and content, but soon they started questioning and longing for more. More wisdom, more agency, more experience. Their inability to be content with the perfect paradise they had been given was what made them vulnerable to the serpent’s silver tongue. 

Other fascinating Biblical tidbits related to the number six include Christ suffering on the cross for six hours, and men in Exodus having to work six days a week, just like God worked for six days before resting on the seventh.

It is also interesting to note that, in the Greek alphabet, the number 6 is encapsulated by a symbol called “stigma,” a word that we all associate with suffering and shame.

If we look to the Jewish Kabbalah, where the number 6 is associated with the sixth Sepiroth on the Tree of Life, we get a more positive energy and perspective. The sixth sphere (or sepiroth) is called Tiphareth, the Hebrew word for ‘beauty,’ and its planetary association is the Sun.

The Sun is symbolically linked to positive outcomes, triumph, optimism, inspiration and overall well-being.

The Lovers Tarot card

The Tarot has a way of blending together religious, symbolic, astrological and numerological aspects and presenting their meaning in one powerful and compelling archetype. This is also true for the Tarot’s take on the number 6.

In the Tarot the number 6 is crystalized in the Lovers card. Interestingly enough, the Lovers card depicts Adam and Eve standing in the Garden of Eden. Behind each of them is a tree – the one behind Eve recognisable as the Tree of Knowledge thanks to the serpent wrapped around it. The tree behind Adam is aflame, a clear symbol of the desire that drives him to follow Eve’s lead and bite into the forbidden fruit. 

In the background, behind and above both of them, is the Archangel Gabriel, his wings unfolded as if to shield or envelop them. And above Gabriel, only the radiant sun, symbolic of God’s presence, or omnipresence.

The Lovers card represents the difficult seperation from the comfort and safety of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden could represent your family home when you move away to go to college, or it could represent the workplace you have been accustomed to and have come to consider a safe and comfortabel haven. But here’s the catch. Even though Paradise is a wonderful place to be, it is human nature to long for something more, something else. We all crave discovery and the ability to unfold our creative potential, even when doing so is neither practical or ‘allowed.’

All in all, the Lovers Tarot card embodies the pain and difficulty of growing up, or of making the leap from one state of being to another. Sometimes, the choices that are represented by the Lovers card can be mistakes – but even so, they can be necessary in the moment. If we cannot pursue, strive, and occasionally fail, how can we ever hope to learn anything?

The secret meanings of angel number 6

Now that you have a well-rounded overview over what angel number 6 means when viewed from different angles, you are probably beginning to see the outlines of the message it holds for you.

Still, translating layers of ancient meaning into practical life advice in the present can be a challenge. Hopefully, you’ll find the following takes on what angel number 6 means useful.

Spiritual life developments

Angel number 6 is powerfully tied to the spiritual side of life, and can represent a spiritual awakening.

If you are open and receptive to seeing angel numbers you are definitely profoundly spiritual, whether or not you’ve ever consciosuly pursued or tried to develop this aspect of your being.

Seeing angel number 6 means that something is stirring within you and your soul is calling out. Its calling may not be convenient at all, and can even cause a degree of disruption. This is especially true if you are already subscribed to a particular religious or philosophical view. Realizing that there may be something else or something deeper waiting to be explored can seem unsettling and unwelcome. Your desire to pursue new avenues of self-devleopment may even be met with resistance or ridicule from your surroundings.

Still, the key is to listen to your spirit. The inner you is the ultimate truth. It always knows what it wants and which way to go. The only question is whether or not you are willing to let it lead you in the right direction. 

Family life changes

Angel number 6 is one of the most sociable angel numbers, and often appears to make us aware of sometihing that is going on in our personal relationships, most often our relationships with people in your own family.

It is not at all unusual for angel number 6 to appear following a chapter fraught with conflict between you and some of the most important people in your life, such as family members or close friends. If this is the case for you, angel number 6 can be the nudge you need to finally reach out again, now that the intitial negative emotion has settled. As human beings, we tend to be motivated by the same things, and most likely, the person or people you have come to blows with want a peaceful life and to maintain your connection just as much as you do.

Of course, there are cases where the self-loving thing to do is to distance yourself even more from toxic people. Much as you may love them and share core memories with them, angel number 6 is a reminder to not allow the people in your life to walk all over you. 

Interestingly, angel number 6 is sometimes dubbed the ‘motherhood number’ because of its emphasis on healing, providing care and strengthening meaningful emotional bonds.

Increased material wealth

Angel number 6 is not only important in spiritual and emotional matters, but is also tied to the creation and accumbulation of wealth and material things. 

Angel number 6 has a way of appearing when the path to manifesting your most burning material desires is finally becoming clear to you. Because knowing what you desire is one thing, knowing how to stack your efforts in order to get there can be quite another.

Occasionally, seeing angel number 6 can be a good financial omen, a sign that a bonus, a raise, an inheritance or some other considerable sum of money is about to fall into your lap.

Mental and emotional healing

Angel number 6 is closely associated with healing on all levels. Whether it is your physical body that is out of balance, or your have been going through a difficult chapter with your mental health, angel number 6 is a reminder to face the challenge of self-healing head-on.

Bringing your mind or your body into a better and more healthy balance can seem like an insurmountable task. But angel number 6 asks you to let go of unrealistic expectations and to stop demanding expectation of yourself. Starting where you are and working your way forwards from there is enough. Tangible if incremental improvement is always so much better than theoretical perfection anyway.

Success in creative endeavors 

Angel number 6 is associated with creativity and with the desire to nurture others through what you create. 

Angel number 6 is encouraging you to pursue whichever form of creative self-expression is appealing to you. Whether you have a story within you waiting to be written, or a series of paintings waiting to spring to life, now is the time to get moving on realizing your creative vision.

Keep in mind that creativity can manifest in many different ways. Building a business or a social media following are also expressions of the creative drive.

Healing, inner peace and a deep sense of fulfilment can come from expressing yourself creatively, and pursuing a creative passion simply for these reasons is enough. However, if you have the ambition, angel number 6 is your sign to see how high you can soar and whose lives you can touch with your stories, your music, your words.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the angel number 6 meaning?

Angel number 6 is imbued with both material and spiritual meaning. If you keep seeing angel number 6, take it as a sign from the universe – or from your guardian angel – that now is the best possible time for you to work on improving yourself and your life in a myriad ways.

Building a harmonious life does not happen overnight. And if your life right now does not look or feel like the life of your dreams, changing your stars is going to require a whole lot of patience, tenacity and decision-making. Fortunately, seeing angel number 6 is a sign that you’ve got what it takes within you. 

Your desire to grow and become richer both spiritually, emotionally, creatively and materially means that you already possess the personality traits needed to create these positive changes in your life.

What is special about the number 6?

Where do we even start?

The number 6 is assocaited with a deep-seated longing for the divine realm and for the perfect balance and harmony it represents. This longing can manifest in many different ways, including spiritual curiosity, professional or creative ambitiousness, a desire to change society, or merely your own family, for the better.

What does the number 606 mean biblically?

and full of potential. Case in point: Adam and Eve, although they were leading a carefree and perfect life in the Garden of Eden, fell for the serpent’s temptations and ate of the forbidden fruit. Because of this they were cast out of Eden. 

Yet, had they not been cast out, all of human history would never have taken place. As human beings we are driven by curiosity and a desire to always explore and reach higher. This can both be our downfall and our redemption.

As for the number 0, it represents the primordial void, the emptiness that existed before the world was made. The number 0 may represent God, or even whatever preceded God. 0 is the ultimate mystery, a blank page full of nothing but possibility.

When you put the numbers 6, 0 and another 6 together to form angel number 606, the overall message is a desire to reach for divinity and to seek to unfold your true and full potential as a human being. You could also interpret it as the desire for unity with the divine and all of its mysteries.

What does 9 mean in love?

The energy and vibe of angel number 9 is at once restless, dynamic, open and wildly creative. The number 9 is inherently curious, open-minded and hungry for new discoveries.

When the number 9 comes up in relation to your love life, it indicates that a thrilling chapter is just about to begin. This can either mean a brand new relationship with a wildly exciting new person, or it could mean exploring new avenues and going on new adventures with a long-term partner. Either way, the overall impression is one of transcendence, discovery, newness, adventure and exploration.

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