7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

What are 7 obvious signs he likes you?

Men are masters at hiding their emotions. You can’t blame them, society taught men to hide their feelings to avoid being seen as emotional and weak. As they go about life, they become better at it. This is one of the reasons that make dating even more complicated.

Fortunately, behaviors and body language don’t lie. Moreover, men who are genuinely interested drop hints to see if the other person reciprocates.

If you can read through these subtle signs, you can crack the code. So how do you tell if a guy likes you? What signs should you look for? Here are 7 obvious signs he likes you.

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

1. He makes eye contact or steals glances at you.

As said earlier, body language doesn’t lie. One of the most obvious signs if he likes you is if he can’t keep his eyes off of you.

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Eye contact is the many obvious signs of attraction – it’s a way of telling you (indirectly) that he is paying attention to you and what you do. Be careful though, as it is completely normal for a person to make eye contact when they are talking to you. And some are good at making eye contact with anyone and everyone, as it is a way for people to recognize their presence in the room.

However, if a guy continues to hold his gaze or you catch him glancing at you, then that is a clear sign. If you caught him glancing at you on several occasions, then, those stolen glances were not coincidences. There is a good chance he’s been watching you from afar, daydreaming of you two together.

2. He is drawn to you and gives you full attention.

Another tell-tale sign if a guy truly likes you is if he seems to be drawn to you and does not seem to care about other women, especially when you are in the group.

Generally, he focuses his attention and energy on you, even if he is talking to someone else.

If you are in a group or in a crowd with lots of people, you will notice that he may make small talk to others, but doesn’t stay with them for too long. And if he gets the chance to be with you, he could talk to you for hours and doesn’t like to be distracted by something or someone else. Most of the time, they want a one on one time with you.

If a guy in class or at work likes you, you can feel it from their vibe. Whenever you are around, his energy will change. He likes to be close to you and spend time with you, even when his closest friends are around. This is because he can’t resist your presence, and want you to notice him too. This is his way to connect with you on a personal level.

Moreover, he pays close attention to what you do; he knows when you are bored, tired, or sleepy. You may be surprised by his lines like “how was your nap?” or “you have been on your phone for more than 25 minutes now”.

3. He communicates with you often.

If a guy you just went on a date with, you can tell if he genuinely likes you if they follow up after your date. You might get a text message the next day saying how fun your date was. Some guys even send memes they found funny, or an article on a topic you recently talked about. Some may go all out by asking you out again or making future plans.

The communication will also be constant and consistent. This is because he wants to stay in touch. He will ask you what you’ve been up to, and he may share the same just to keep the conversation rolling. Whether through text or in person, you will notice how he asks follow-up questions or offer detailed answers to your questions, rather than just one-word replies.

When it comes to texting, one of the most obvious signs is it doesn’t take long for him to reply to your messages. However, note that not all people like texting; some find it tedious, while some are just completely busy and occupied with something else. Thus, if a guy doesn’t text back right away, that doesn’t automatically mean he is not into you.

4. He makes an effort to impress you.

Another simple way to tell if a guy likes you is if he makes an effort to impress you. This doesn’t have to be grand or anything; it’s actually the little things, such as dressing up a little better, wearing a good perfume, etc.

Generally, they walk about their achievements and mostly about themselves. This is their way of building themselves up to impress you. He may (dramatically) insert his past accomplishments into the conversation. Some may even make up incredible stories.

Some men become extra competitive whenever their crush is around. They are motivated to perform well. For instance, when playing basketball, men may refuse to pass the ball and find a way to shoot to catch a woman’s attention.

Another example is when in a work setting brainstorming, a typically shy and quiet guy may share his thoughts and ideas more when the woman he wants to impress is around. This is his way to show his intelligence.

Those who are into music may show a recording or videos of themselves singing and playing a musical instrument. Some may even make you listen to their own composition or their own version of their favorite song.

Also, if he generously treats you with delicious food, then that is a good sign he likes you. Some guys would surprise women with food deliveries, while some prefer to deliver the food themselves hoping to strike a conversation. Either way, it is his way to impress and make you notice him. Most guys know for sure that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.

5. He gets nervous and fidgety.

As said earlier, men tend to have their emotions under control. Thus, if one feels nervous and anxious around you that is probably because he likes you.

While some people are naturally awkward and nervous, you know a guy likes you when they become extra clumsy, panicky, or really anxious when you are near. You can easily distinguish this with sweaty hands, constant tapping of feet, rocking, rumbling, uncomfortable in silence, laughing at everything, etc.

6. He wants to know if you’re available

If they are not interested, most guys will never ask about your relationship status. They simply don’t care about it. So if a guy asks you whether you are in a relationship or available, that is because he is interested and sees you as a potential partner.

If you are available and ready to entertain him, let him know. Otherwise, he will move on.

7. He makes an effort to please or make you happy

Out of all the signs listed above, this is by far, the easiest to spot. While men are good at hiding their feelings, they know what they want. And if they want to be in a relationship with you, you can feel it by both their actions and words – they want to see you smile and be happy.

Most men like to treat their women with gifts. But before they can do that, they want to know more about you. This is why they often ask about your hobbies, your interests, favorite book and author, favorite food, favorite bottle of wine, vacation spots, etc., anything that makes you happy.

If you are interested in the guy, make sure you don’t blow off these curious questions. Answer them directly with clear answers, not some vague and uninterested answers like “I don’t know.” Be authentic and enthusiastic. They are gathering data for the future, and they can’t do that if you don’t provide them with enough information to work on.

Watch His Body Language: Obvious Signs to Watch For

Experts agree that at least 70% of all communication is nonverbal. And while men are good at hiding their feelings, they cannot escape their nature – they will eventually show signs of their affection through body language.

If a guy raises his eyebrow, it’s a tell-tale sign he likes you. This is true in any part of the world, regardless of race, nationality, age, class, etc. Lifting of the eyebrows opens the eyes more, making the eyes look brighter and more inviting.

Also, if his lips automatically part for a moment and if his nostrils flare, that is a sign of “open expression”, which is an indicator of interest.

Another tell-tale sign if a guy is interested in you is when he smooths or messes up his hair. Obviously, this depends on the guy’s hairstyle. Some guys like their hair messy, while other guys like it brushed up. Whatever the case, it is their way to look more flattering. They even do this involuntarily, which is a great subtle sign for women to catch.

Why is a guy hiding his feelings for you?

Most men find emotions and feelings scary. Their way of handling these things is completely different from women. From a young age, men are taught to toughen up, devoid of emotions. This is how they develop their coping mechanism – to hide their feelings.

When it comes to dating, men hide their emotions because they don’t want to lose power and appear too available and vulnerable. They don’t want their feelings to be used against them and they are afraid they will lose the chasing game of dating when they show their feelings.

This is especially true for men who were hurt in their past relationships. Expressing their feelings is a big deal for them, and they want to be 100% the other person will reciprocate.

Final Thoughts

Men will always find it difficult to express their feelings, for many reasons, be it society’s expectations, upbringing, past experiences, etc. However, they cannot hide from it for too long, and their nature will eventually expose them through their actions and body language. And while it is easy to mistake good actions for romantic gestures (there is nothing worse than reading the signs all wrong, right?), if you don’t shoot your shot, you will never know.

So if you think a guy you like also likes you but hides it, then ask him directly. Of course, in a casual, non-threatening, and a little sexy way. If he says yes, then let the fun begin!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you know if a man likes you but is hiding it?

A. If he blushes and gets fidgety around you that are tell-tale signs, especially if he cannot get his eyes off of you.

Q. Is he nice or interested?

If he likes to hang out, doesn’t mention other women with you, and he introduces you to his friends, then he is definitely interested in you. Also, notice his body language. If he likes you, he will constantly look for opportunities to touch you, be it “accidentally”, and make eye contact with you.

Q. What are signs of attraction?

A. If a guy is attracted to you, he will make uninterrupted eye contact. Notice his eyes; science says if his eyes dilate when you are staring at them, that is a tell-tale sign of attraction.

Q. What are the signs of flirting?

A. A generally friendly guy keeps eye contact when talking to you, it’s just the right thing to do. However, if he is being extra touchy, likes to keep a conversation with you for hours, listens intently to what you are saying, compliments you, and you catch them checking you out on multiple occasions, there is a good chance he is flirting.

Q. Can you sense if someone is attracted to you?

A. Absolutely, body language doesn’t lie. Pulling nervous behavior such as subconsciously engaging you in mutual eye contact, then that is the first sign. This is because they want to feel closer to you and they are interested in what you are about to say.

Q. What are subtle signs he likes you more than a friend?

A. Aside from the signs listed above, you can tell if he likes you if he makes casual physical contact, such as tapping your shoulder, touching your arm, stroking your hair, etc.

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