20 Signs He Is Making Love to You

What are the definite signs he is making love to you when the two of you are intimate?

Many people often think of sex and making love interchangeably. However, they don’t mean the same thing and it is important for you to know the difference. Is it just sex or is there a deep emotional connection in the act? You need to identify the signs he is making love to you.

Once your relationship has reached the stage of physical intimacy, it’s becomes easier to develop that confusion. This is true for women who don’t consider themselves as a good judge of body language.

Let’s be real: you want your man to be making love to you rather than just desire you for his sexual gratification. So, before you give into your physical pleasure, you need to look for the signs that he is making love.

What Does Making Love Mean?

To help you better understand the signs he’s making love to you, first you must define what love making is. The main difference with sex is that it goes beyond physical pleasure for him. He is engaging in this act based on deeper intimacy and deeper feelings toward you.

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The act of love making involves more than the temporary pleasure shared. It is when two people have an intimate encounter and are completely satisfied with each other. The sexual act is a way for them to strengthen their bond, especially when both are in a committed relationship.

Fortunately, there is not one specific way to look at it. Every act of physical intimacy is different since every couple is unique. However, you should never have any questions about your sex life and how he feels about you after you engage in sexual intimacy. That is one key difference when guys who prefer to have casual sex with most women.

If you’re still having doubts if he is engaged in love making with you, read on to look for other signs that he is feeling connected with you through physical touch.

20 Signs He is Making Love to You

What is a good sign that he is making love to you? These are the signs he is making love to you that you need to be on the lookout for the next time you have sexual encounters.

1. He Wants to Pleasure You

You know you have a strong connection and that he is love making when his goal is to help you achieve ultimate pleasure. Most people think that there is a fine line between sex and making love. However, there is a huge difference between the two.

If he is engaging in a sexual intercourse for selfish reasons, then he will also be selfish and focused on his own pleasure. This can be frustrating for a woman.

On the other hand, if he enjoys love making with you, then he wants you to achieve the same level of satisfaction. He will do whatever it takes for you to enjoy the sexual act as much as you do.

To achieve pleasure while love making, you need to communicate openly with each other. It also takes a lot of practice. You need to communicate your needs so that he can focus on giving it to you. If he is enjoying sex with you, then he will be open to giving oral sex (and not just getting it) or trying out different sex positions. He would be interested to know what positions and moves you like for him to do.

2. He Isn’t Afraid to Tell You He Loves You

A man who is in love isn’t afraid to let themselves be vulnerable. It’s important that he shows you how much he loves you by fulfilling your carnal desires, but that is not enough to show just how much he cares. It is important that he tells you that from time to time.

It’s worth noting that he shouldn’t be saying this to you during the act of physical intimacy. You know he has strong feelings for you when he feel good being around you and isn’t shy to express how he feels – on and off the bedroom.

3. He Makes Time for Foreplay

Foreplay has a vital role to play in every act of making love. It is one of the ways that you can differentiate just sex and love making.

Foreplay is a bigger deal for women than it is for men. It is also one of the surest way to assess if he is being selfish in bed or not. A man who takes his time to engage you in foreplay is an obvious sign that he has a strong connection with you. While most guys would rush into the sexual intercourse, men who prefers to take their time with foreplay so that you can be in the right mood and be aroused care about you.

It’s also a good way for him to realize his sexual fantasies with you. You can engage in role playing so that you are both on the same page. This approach to sex is going to ease the sexual tension and make the experience pleasurable for both of you.

4. He Makes Constant Eye Contact.

Eye contact is a very intimate act, especially during a sexual encounter. When a man looks you in the eye, it means that he is completely satisfied and he revels in this intimate moment that you share together.

Unlike sex wherein a man who is more interested in achieving orgasm, he takes it slow and enjoys the moment. There are deeper feelings involved in sex within a committed relationship so it is easy for both to look each other in the eyes.

Eye contact is also considered a universal sign of physical attraction. It can make you feel vulnerable and not everyone can hold eye contact for long. If a man isn’t shy to make eye contact, then you have one of the best signs he is making love to you. In fact, it can make your sexual experience even more intense and filled with burning passion.

On the flip side, if he rarely makes eye contact with you during a casual encounter, then you should be concerned. Unless he’s shy, he does not want to establish an emotional connection that comes with an intimate eye contact.

5. He Does Not Rush Things

A man who only cares about sex would not spend time to engage in foreplay or whisper sweet nothings to you. Instead, he only has one mission in mind: to achieve orgasm. He does not even care if you have reached orgasm as long as he is filled with pleasure.

If a man only has this objective in mind, he does not think of others but himself. As a result, your sexual needs and desires are left unfulfilled and he is done before you could even get into the mood.

One of the best signs he is making love to you is if he enjoys the entire process of attaining pleasure with you. He also considers it as a journey that you should experience together. It’s not just the end that he cares about but the entire process.

Does he take his time to make sure that you are enjoying the physical intimacy? Does he engage in slow sex to put you in the mood? Make sure your guy is constantly checking with you to make sure that you are comfortable with the pace. This is especially important if you have a new partner or you are engaging in sexual intimacy for the first time. He needs to pay close attention to your cues and respond accordingly.

6. He Appreciates Your Body

One of the signs he is making love to you is when he appreciates your body. Most women have insecurities about their body and can be shy getting naked, especially with a new man in their life. However, a man who is in love with you and enjoys love making will show appreciation for your body.

This is one key difference between men who engage in sex for carnal desires and those who have strong feelings for you. He makes you forget about your body insecurities but allows you to enjoy yourself at that particular moment. It does not mean that you have no imperfections; instead, he makes you feel good about your body despite them.

Apart from appreciating your body for what it is, he loves to connect with it. He looks at your body that is a temple that is sacred. As such, he treats it with utmost respect and loving.

7. He Whispers Sweet Nothings To You

Casual sex is rushed and disconnected. It’s easy to know if you have a casual encounter based on this alone. On the other hand, a man who feels strongly about you likes to take his time and whisper sweet nothings to you. He also loves to say your name while love making. He could whisper it onto your ear or shout it loud – it depends on what kind of a guy he is in the bedroom.

Whether he likes to whisper sweet words in your ear or say your name, it goes to show that he is lost in the pleasure of making love to you. He is connected to you and in the sexual act in the best way possible that he gets lost in the experience.

8. He Showers You With Passionate Kisses

Kissing, like eye contact, is an intimate act. If a man likes to shower you with kisses during your intimate encounter, it means that the act is more than just sex to him. He has a deep emotional connection with you prompting him to kiss you often during sexual intercourse.

Kissing does not mean only kissing through the lips. He could kiss any part of your body – it is off limits! The same can be said with giving oral sex or pillow talk before engaging in the ultimate act. Your goal is to build up sexual tension before to engaging in sexual intimacy so you are feeling connected with each other in a deeper way.

9. He Stays Intimate With You

Sex is not the only way to be intimate with your partner. One of the best signs he’s making love to you if a guy wants to continue being intimate even after you’ve done the act.

For example, a man who enjoys sex with you will want to cuddle afterward. Most men would also sleep over and have breakfast with you the following morning, or stay longer after that. This is a good sign that a man has seen the sexual encounters he has with you as a way to strengthen the emotional connection with you.

Whether you engage in good conversations or just spending time with each other, then it will surely make you want to look forward to spending more time in each other’s arms.

10. You Communicate With Each Other During Sex

Another one of the sure signs he’s making love to you is when he spends time to talk during sex. A lot of couples find this awkward but you can see what works for you.

Communicating while engaging in an act of physical intimacy show just how comfortable you are with each other. You can be coy about it and even share a good laugh in the process. This is a great opportunity to check with each other about your preferred sex positions and what you want the other person to do to achieve pleasure. It shows great affection and it helps you to enjoy the experience because you can get the other person’s input.

Communicating is definitely a great way to fulfill your desires rather than by making the other person guess based on their facial expressions.

11. He Isn’t Afraid to Try New Things, But Also Respects Your Boundaries

If a man is interested in just sex, he will be keen to try new positions and tricks without ever consulting you. This can be a problem since not all women are as open-minded or experimental in the bedroom.

On the other hand, a man who’s into love making will honor your boundaries and respect that. He is keen to try new things with you to realize his sexual fantasies about you. However, he won’t push his ideas towards you if you are not comfortable trying them. Instead, he lets you define your limits and sticks to that.

12. He Isn’t Scared to Give You Oral Sex

It is selfish behavior for a man to want to receive oral sex without wanting to reciprocate it. It is a good sign when a man is willing to go down on you even before you ask him, too. This sexual act is one way that he can manifest his desire to give you pleasure and make sure you are completely satisfied.

This can be a great surprise for women who aren’t expecting it!

13. He Does Not Hold Back

A clear sign of a man who enjoys making love to you is when he does not hold back in expressing his desire for you. He looks at the intimate encounter as a way to express how he feels and he wants you to feel it, too.

You will notice how loose he is in the bedroom. There is no pressure whatsoever because he feels playful around you. He might give you a coy smile from time to time, but you can definitely see his passion and enthusiasm in his face.

Sure, he might get a little overexcited but he is not crass. He will pull you in closer from time to time, and he’ll even make noises. He’s got nothing to hide when it comes to expressing his desires for you.

14. He Will Never Pressure You

One of the signs he is making love to you is when he does not engage in coercion. In fact, this behavior is a serious red flag! A man who will force you to do things in the bedroom is toxic and does not have respect for your boundaries.

If you are not in the mood, not feeling well, or just don’t want to have sex at all, this should not bother a man who feels connected to you. He understands that for sex to be enjoyable it should be consensual and there should be no pressure from him to do it.

This mindset is applicable not just for engaging in a sexual act but in every stage of your dating life.

15. He Puts Priority on Personal Hygiene

One way for a man to honor his women is through keeping up with his personal hygiene. There is no other way to show your disrespect towards a woman than to neglect your hygiene, especially if you are about to engage in an intimate act. A man must wear clean underwear and make sure he is clean, as well. Otherwise, you could make a woman feel uncomfortable.

This is something that is not a big deal for some people but it is for others. Find your common ground and discuss with your man how you feel about this.

16. He Has That “Look of Love”

When you look at him, does he have that look of love and passion? Or is it just sex?

Appearances and facial expressions are very telling, especially in an intimate and committed relationship. If you glance at your man during and after sex, it’s important to assess if he looks at you with love or if there is no passion at all. You will be able to tell the difference just by looking at him.

If a guy is making love to you, he will be more connected to you than ever before after the act. You will know this because you will also develop that deeper connection after love making.

17. He Compliments More Than Just Your Looks

Physical attraction is a good thing to have in any relationship. This is often the start of a lasting relationship. But if he is too focused on complimenting your looks and your body, make sure to pay closer attention. It’s a clear sign that he is only after you for his lustful desires.

There is nothing wrong with a man who is crazy about your looks; the point of emphasis here is to ensure that this isn’t the only thing he is after.

Make sure that he also compliments your personality, not just for how your body looks during intimate moments. There should be a balance in his desire to get to know you better and your life experiences, not just for the physical connection that you have.

18. He Considers Your Sexual Preferences

Do you have any favorite sex positions? One of the signs he’s making love to you is when you consults you about the act. Men like to take control in the bedroom, but make sure you are not neglected in the process.

He should be courteous enough to ask you what positions and tricks you want. That way, he can work it into the act so that you can achieve maximum pleasure from it. Making love is all about putting care and thought into every element, and positions can make all the difference.

19. He Does Not Stop Communicating With You

A guy who is in it just for sex will be gone after he got what he wanted from you. However, a man who deeply desires you will keep in touch with you even after your intimate encounter.

It is a good indicator that he is making love with you by how he treats you after. He engages in pillow talk or just talk about random things. It is his way of building an emotional connection with you. He wants you to know how deeply he cares about you and isn’t shy about expressing his intentions to you.

20. He Makes You Look Forward to the Next Time

Satisfaction is an important component of making love. If a man works hard to give you pleasure during intimate moments, whether through slow sex or passionate love making, it makes you want to keep coming back for more.

An obvious sign that he is making love to you is when both enjoy it so much that you look forward to the next time you do it. You crave that feeling of satisfaction that you get from the experience. Therefore, you anticipate having those same feelings in the future.

Why Does It Matter if He’s Making Love to You?

It’s important because you want to know if he’s in it for the long haul. A lot of men would lure you in and then engage in sex with you. After they get what they want, they will be gone, too. It can be a waste of your time and emotions for a guy to not reciprocate the same feelings you had for him.

Therefore, it is important that you know the signs he is making love to you so you don’t end up being prey to casual sex. While there is nothing wrong with casual sex, especially if that is what you prefer, this isn’t what you should be after if you are looking for a committed relationship.

Even casual encounters can be risky. Some women think they can engage in a sexual act and be devoid of feelings, but there are cases when they do develop feelings toward the guy. You could end up being hurt in the process.

If you’re not sure and you don’t know how to read the signs, it is best to be upfront with a man. Let him know what your intentions are and try to get to the bottom of his. Is he making love to you? Or are you simply a tool he uses to fulfill his sexual fantasies?

Sex is a tricky subject to talk about, especially if you are not in a relationship with a guy. But if you are not prepared to get your feelings hurt and your expectations shattered, then you need to be upfront about it with a man.


Making love means different things to different people. Some of the signs he is making love to you include a desire for vulnerability, the desire for pleasure, and an emotional connection. If all of these things are present, then you can almost guarantee that a guy is into you beyond just sexual pleasure.

He craves physical intimacy with you as an expression of his feelings of desire for you. It is his way of physically manifesting those emotions and letting him know about how he feels towards you. Make sure to read through the signs above so you can analyze his behavior in the bedroom and if he is sending you a signal for a deeper connection.

Sex is an important element to a successful and happy relationship. Intimacy is like glue that brings you closer together. If making love is a big deal in your relationship, then it is important that he treats you with love, passion, and safety. It’s also important to look at how he treats you elsewhere, not just in the bedroom!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you tell if a man loves you by the way he makes love to you?

A. If he asks or listens to what you like, dislike, preferences, and doesn’t judge you for your sexual fantasies, then that’s a tell-tale sign he cares about satisfying your needs over his. He will pay attention to your reactions and do everything until you are fully satisfied.

Q. What does it mean when a man wants to make love to you?

A. There’s a big difference between just “having sex” and “making love”. The latter involves an emotional component. When he says he wants to make love to you that means he is in there for the long haul and wants to be in a proper relationship with you.

Q. Does making love mean you’re in love?

A. Making love is expressing love through sex. There is emotional intimacy involved, other than physical. While making love doesn’t necessarily mean being in love, it is more likely to involve a strong emotional connection.

Q. Does making love strengthen a relationship?

A. Yes. Sexual intimacy increases the bond between couples and improves the level of emotional commitment and connection. Moreover, hormone such as oxytocin is associated with trust, sexual arousal, and the building of a relationship. This hormone is released after orgasm, making you feel closer to your partner after making love.

Q. How does a man act when in love?

A. Men who are in love tend to be happier. This is because of the increased level of a feel-good hormone called dopamine in the brain. This hormone is the primary driver of the reward system of the brain, it spikes whenever you experience a pleasure.

Q. How do you know if a guy thinks you are good in bed?

A. If he enjoys sex and is open-minded with your desires, and eager to please and satisfy you, then he enjoys your company in bed.

Q. Does It Matter If He’s Making Love to You?

A. That is entirely up to you. If your goal or you think what you are doing is making love to him, then you definitely want him to feel/do the same. Moreover, if you want to be in a serious relationship with that man, then yes, it matters if he is making love to you.

Q. What are the signs of casual sex?

A. Casual sex is sexual interaction outside of a committed relationship. Meaning there are no expectations for a romantic relationship in the future or emotional commitment involved.

If all he wants is sex and doesn’t want to be committed to you, you only see each other on his terms, only calls you at night, never hang out with you during day time, you never met his friends, you never go on dates, and you feel lonely as soon as it is over, then it is just casual sex.

Q: What are the signs that a man is falling in love?

Different men have different ways to express that they are in love with a woman. Some men are more expressive about their feelings than others. You need to understand how a guy usually behaves around you and if there are any changes to that behavior.

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