888 Angel Number Meaning

Whenever the angel number 888 appears in your life, it can only be considered great news. A more potent sign of luck and abundance is hard to come by.

Angel number 888 assures you that an energy of great fortune and prosperity is flowing into your life, giving any current projects and endeavours unusually high odds of bearing fruit.

What’s more, seeing 888 is a clear sign from your guardian angels, telling you that any previous efforts are about to pay off, big time. The hard work you have been putting into various areas of life – your job, your relationships, your finances – over the course of months, years or even decades – is about to come back around with interest. Presuming, of course, that you have done the footwork by actually planting the seeds. If you haven’t, now is a fortuitous time to begin.

888 – the number of luck and prosperity

The 888 angel number is synonymous with ease, luck and abundance in all earthly endeavours – seeing 888 means that you have caught a metaphysical wave of goodwill. You have good reason to be grateful, but don’t chalk seeing 888 down to blind dumb luck. You are seeing angel number 888 because you have been working diligently on yourself, created a measure of balance in your life and otherwise prepared the way for great opportunities to come your way.

Through your kindness, positive energy, affirmations and efforts on the physical plane, you have been adding to your metaphysical bank balance for quite some time. Now it is time for you to start seeing the pay-off.

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Let go of resistance

Abundance is god-given and natural. For the most part it is own ingrained subconscious resistance to prosperity and good fortune that keep both at bay. The appearance of angel number 888 in your life is your guardian angels assuring you that you are on the right path. You will know from the fact that many of your life’s possibilities suddenly start bearing fruit.

When you see 888, it is the angels gently encouraging you to let go of your resistance and self doubt, and to open your arms, ready to embrace the many blessings that the universe is about to dump into your lap. It is up to you to direct this flow of positive energy, and it is your own responsibility to accept what the universe is about to deliver. Trust that you have earned it and that you fully deserve it every step of the way.

Seeing angel number 888

When your guardian angels want to nudge, encourage and guide you, they do so by planting subtle clues and messages all around you in your day-to-day life. Numbers is one of the primary symbols they use to communicate, as numbers are universal and undeniable. Interpreting the meaning of numbers can give you a much clearer impression of the messages the angels want to share with you, than dream interpretation or other forms of divination.

If you start seeing the 888 everywhere for a concentrated period of time, you can be sure that it is an angel number, a communique from the guardian angels watching over you.

Why you are seeing 888

When the angels are consistently showing you the 888 numbers, the message is clear. The positive energy, efforts and affirmations that you have been sending out into the universe have gotten through and are starting to have an effect – the god force is about to deliver to you what you have been asking for. The angels are showing you 888 as a heads-up. It’s them telling you not to miss the boat, and to get ready to harvest the fruits of all of your hard work.

What the angels want you to know

Your guardian angels are always watching over you. They don’t control your life in any way, but they have your highest evolution and fulfilment at heart.

Whenever they can, they show you little signs and try to gently guide you down the right path. If you become derailed or sidetracked as you pursue your life’s mission – and let’s face it, most of us do – they are always there, waiting and ready to help you restore balance in your life and get back on track.

If an instance of bad luck is threatening to descend on your life, the angels will try to warn you as best they can – and when you are about to hit a winner, they want you to know, as well.

When you allow your intuition to guide you and become acutely tuned in to your spiritual side, the angels take note. The more of their messages and guidance they see you picking up on, the more they offer you.

Spiritual meaning of angel number 888

If flipped on its side the number 8 becomes the symbol of infinity – an endless loop of energy flowing and feeding into itself. From the very shape of the number 8 its bountiful symbolism is clear. The number eight represents energy in motion, superabundance and eternal growth.

Number 8 in numerology

In numerology, the number 8 represents luck, success and things coming to fruition. 8 is the number of manifestation.

The number eight is primarily focused on the physical realm and earthly matters, from moneymaking to sensual pleasures. The number eight is inherently materialistic and if you were to consider it the ultimate symbol of hedonism you would not be wrong.

Despite its concentration on the pleasures, beauty and riches to be found in the physical plane, the number 8 is far from superficial or frivolous. The vibe of the number 8 is mature and discerning, and for the most part very well balanced.

Number 8 in Tarot

In the Tarot, the eight archetype that we encounter in the Major Arcana is either Strength or Justice, depending on which deck you are using.

The Strength card signifies self-confidence, self-belief, potency, virility and vitality. In the Crowley-Thoth Tarot, the Strength card is given the alternative title of Lust. The Strength card universally depicts a person taming a lion. The lion represents ego, drive, ambition, raw power and sexuality. The lion tamer represents self-restraint and intellect. The symbolism is clear; the Strength card implies a person successfully embracing all sides of themselves. Rather than putting the lion in chains or in a cage, the lion tamer gently but firmly controls the lion. The meaning of the Strength card is that we must put our intellect and more refined nature in charge, while not disowning our shadow side or so-called lower impulses. We are complete beings, body, mind and soul. Suppressing our desires is a sure recipe for unhappiness – we have to own all that we are. On the other hand, we must not allow our impulses to run the show. Integrating all sides of ourselves, led by our ‘higher’ nature but accepting and making space for the ‘lower’ is how we become complete and fulfilled.

The Justice archetype is a symbol of balance and the law of action and effect. The Justice card is most often depicted as a judge holding up a pair of scales. This archetype teaches us about the effects and consequences of our actions – what comes around goes around, what we so we shall reap, and so on. Whenever the Justice card appears, we are encouraged to look at our lives holistically and contemplate whether we need to start putting in a different kind of energy if we are hopeful of manifesting a certain outcome.

Number 8 in the Kabbalah

The 8th sphere (sepiroth) on the Kabbalisric Tree of Life is called Hod, meaning majesty, splendour and glory.

Hod is the sphere that gives physical form and expression to ethereal and intangible energies. In other words, Hod is the sphere of manifestation, of things coming into being, of plans bearing fruit. Hod is essentially the link between possibility and reality and could be considered a portal between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Whatever passes through here takes on tangible form and becomes real and cemented. When an idea or a dream passes through Hod, it is transferred from its hazy-wave state to solid and indisputable reality.

The number 888 sequence

Number sequences amplify the meaning of any repeating numbers within the sequence, as we see here with 888. All of the aspects of the number eight are supercharged in 888, and since the energy of the number eight is mostly a promise of luck and abundance, this is overwhelmingly a good thing. When you are seeing the angel number 888, you can expect every ounce of good fortune that the number 8 implies to manifest in your life threefold.

The flip side of the 888 angel number

Whenever the energy of a number is amplified and repeated, there is a potential for the energy of that number to become overwhelmingly strong. The bigger the wave, the easier it becomes to lose your balance as you ride it. Working with vast spiritual energies is not entirely dissimilar to surfing.

The challenges posed by the meaning of number 888 include overcoming any resistance you may have to accepting opportunities and abundance. Even if you have been striving and working hard to translate an idea from the state of potential into tangible reality, actually taking the final step, even if the door is open and the metaphysical wind is in your back can be difficult. Through our conditioning we often internalise feelings of being unworthy or insufficient – we become afraid of our own power and potential. Unlearning any negative conditioning in time to receive life’s rewards is easy in theory but not always in practice.

Another potential shadow side to the 888 frequency is its heavy focus on the joys of the material realm – think of the Strength card. Remember, you need to remain in control of your lion, your ego and its whims. They are your friends, but don’t give them any opportunity to become your masters.

Angel number 888 meaning in personal development

When it comes to your personal development, the angel number 888 comes bearing gifts, and a few potential challenges to get past as well.

The meaning of 888 is of course abundance, flowing energy and good fortune. When this angel number appears in your life it is very likely that ideas and dreams you have been working hard to manifest are about to take on tangible form. Perhaps you have been sharing your gifts or your art or your services for a while and now you begin receiving some recognition and accolades. Whenever we are pursuing opportunities in life, it is the so-called priming of the well that takes the longest. Whenever we embark on a new endeavour, whether a passion project, a business idea or a spiritual journey, the first results of our efforts may be a very long time coming. It is very common for people to give up during the initial phase of manifesting something new. Lack of recognition and reward discourages many from following through on their potential. We have been conditioned to expect instant success, but in reality, manifestiation is mostly a longterm, gradual process. You may have to throw in enormous amounts of energy, for a long time, before you see very first success saplings bursting through the ground.

If you have been planting seeds and tending them, the angel number 888 is akin to the moment where those seeds start sprouting. Which of course doesn’t mean you can lie back and rest on the laurels, expecting the rest to take care of itself. In fact, this is a crucial part of the process – now is the time to double down and work with the potential and accept the opportunities as they present themselves.

The message here is to lean into your path and into your projects. When the angel number 888 is permeating your life you will find a lot of doors open – so try them. Don’t expect anything to be impossible. You have the universe on your side and the angels are in your corner, cheering you along. If you think an ambitious idea may be possible, it is. Go for it. If you think you may be worthy of something, you are. Apply. Not everything you put your hand to may come to fruition, but right now the odds are in your favour. Make the most of this time. The angel number 888 is an encouragement form the angels to reach out for what you want. Don’t let yourself miss out on the full range of wonders and experience that the earthly realm has to offer.

The angel number 888 is telling you to step un and collect. Make good on your positive potential. Harvest what you’ve planted. Have confidence in yourself and your own capabilities. You truly deserve the opportunities, offers or accolades coming your way. The most important thing is to remember to lean in and accept – don’t lean out and shut off.

Finally, you may thin of the numbers 888 as not particularly spiritual, since the eight vibration is focused on the physical realm and its abundant gifts. Thinking of it in this way is, of course, a trap. While the 888 frequency does concern itself with physical matter, with money, possessions and sensuality, there is nothing un-spiritual about it. There is a long and unfortunate tradition of separating the spiritual from the material, as if the two are mutually exclusive. Your guardian angels want you to experience abundance, and are encouraging you to ask yourself, if you can have both spiritual and material abundance in your life, shouldn’t you? The challenge of the 888 angel number truly is to allow yourself to have everything you want. The universe and all of its angels so want to let you have it all, your full heart’s desire. The question is, will you let you?

Angel number 888 meaning in love life and friendship

When it comes to love and romance the angel number 888 is a very encouraging sign indeed. You may be in for a period of blossoming, deepening or even revival of your love life.

If you are in a committed love relationship, the angel number 888 implies that you are entering a chapter in your connection with this other person where things deepen, heighten and come into bloom. You may have been courting, dating, even living together for a while, but now you are getting to a point where you feel completely at ease around each other. A deep trust emerges, and perhaps the fever of infatuation gives way to something deeper. There is a solidity to the number 888, implying that you are feeling confident and secure in your romantic liaison. Any shadows of distrust must be exorcised, any wounds or slights brought out in the open and healed. You deserve an exciting, nurturing and fulfilling relationship. If you find that any areas are of your relationship are lacking or lacklustre, now is the time to address them and make them whole.

If you are single, you will find that opportunities abound. Be open to change and approach any new situation or person with an abundance mindset – if one thing doesn’t work out, another will. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be in a rush to limit yourself in any way.

Angel number 888 suggests that you are in for a period of flowering and abundance in your non-romantic relationships as well. Time spent in the company of friends and family will seem particularly delightful and enjoyable at the moment. You will be feeling truly comfortable in your skin and around others. It may be time to focus more on deepening some of your most important friendships and familial relationships, in order to be able to enjoy the full richness of their presence in your life.

Even when it comes to total strangers, you will feel unusually comfortable and conversations will flow easily. This will prove to your tremendous benefit whether the goal is forming new relationships, friendships or simply contacts.

Angel number 888 meaning in work and career

In the context of work and career, the angel number 888 implies that you are entering a supremely fruitful new chapter. If you are about to start in a new job or enter into a partnership with someone, the angel number 888 bodes well for how things will develop.

Your communication skills are strong at the moment – you seem to find the words easily and intuitively put them across to full effect. This, of course, means that you are a particularly skilled negotiator at the moment. If there are any negotiations or agreements you have been shunning, now is the time to grab the bull by the horns.

Because the angel number 888 implies that you have already been putting in enormous amounts of work and positive energy for a while, your metaphysical bank balance and leverage are in the green. With this in mind, now is a good time to negotiate a raise, present the prototype to the board or insinuate yourself to a new business partner. Sometimes in life, opportunities exist all around us but is not offered to us directly – this doesn’t mean we cannot have what we want and deserve, but that we may have to be the ones reaching out and initiating. Remember Hod, the eight sphere on the Tree of Life? Obtaining the promotion, the contract or the business deal you want may require you to express a similar energy by proactively creating a link or a portal between potential and reality.

Angel number 888 means that you have planted and tended to the seeds and that the fruits of your labour are now bursting into bloom all around you, the fruits of manifestation are hanging low. Don’t be too proud to take the final step by reaching out to collect.

Angel number 888 meaning in personal finance

Seeing angel number 888 in relation to money and wealth is cause for celebration. You won’t find another angel number more closely aligned with material success and financial prosperity.

Angel number 888 implies enormously good luck and existing potential bursting into bloom. This of course means that the level of financial abundance you are going to experience when the 888 number comes into your life is dependent on how well you have prepared to receive this abundance.

If you have not been thinking much about your financial future, winning the lottery is still unlikely, though not impossible, under the influence of the 888 angel number. Nevertheless, angel numbers always work with what potential exists, and you are likely to come into a windfall or to hit an upswing of some kind. This is particularly fortuitous if you have been experiencing financial difficulties and volatility lately. Your guardian angels are ushering you back towards the right path to financial stability and prosperity by opening any doors they can for unexpected goodwill, luck and opportunity to flow into your life.

If, on the other hand, you have developed a certain financial prowess and are already coming from a position of stability or even abundance, you are likely to receive even more. A business deal may come through, a new venture may take off much faster than expected. Either way, you are in for a stream of good luck in all of your moneymaking endeavours. As always, be discerning about any partnerships or business transactions you get involved in, but know that the universe has got your back and that many doors of opportunity are open to you. You are all but insulated against bad luck and rotten deals.

Whenever the angel number 888 is present, there is alway a focus on enjoying the gifts and pleasures of the physical plane. If you have been doing well in financial matters, the angel number 888 appears as an angelic reminder that money is not only for security or growth – it is there to be enjoyed and relished. One of the most wonderful things money is capable of is buying experiences. Everyone has had tough year – it is time to take some of that disposable income and turn it into wonderful experiences for you and your loved ones to relish together. Of course, another joy of financial abundance is to see the positive change it can create for others. Coming from a position of financial security and abundance, it is a joy to altruistically give a little of it away, knowing that the universe is about to deliver to you some more. As a savvy businessperson and spiritual seeker you are well aware that to he who has, more shall be given.

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