The True Meaning Of Your Moon Sign

Are you ready to discover the true meaning of your Moon sign?

When someone asks you what your star sign is, you can be absolutely sure that what they are asking about is your Sun sign. However, your Moon sign can tell someone just as much about you – if not actually more.

Just like your sun sign or zodiac sign is determined by the sun’s position at your exact time of birth, your moon sign is determined by the moon’s position.

Your moon placement reveals who you are on an internal, emotional level. In other words, your moon represents what people see about you once they truly get to know you.

When you know someone’s moon sign, you’ll know how they perceive and process emotion. This is particularly important when you are in an intimate relationship with someone, because you need to know how to work with this person’s emotional inner world.

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So now, are you ready to plummet the depths of what your moon sign really says about you?

Why your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign are the key factors in your birth chart

Have you ever heard of the ‘Big 3‘ in astrology? Many astrologers use the expression ‘the big three’ to refer to your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign. The reason for this is that these are the three most important factors in your birth chart.

If you look at someone’s Sun, Moon and Rising sign, you’ll get a pretty accurate picture of their personality. On the other hand, if you only know someone’s Sun sign, the picture will be much more vague and superficial.

A person’s Sun sign represents their core personality. This is how a person is immediately perceived by others, and while knowing your own or someone else’s Sun sign can tell you a great deal about that person’s personality, priorities, strength and weaknesses, the picture is far from complete.

Your Moon sign reflects your internal realm, your inner self. This side of you isn’t immediately obvious to people the first time they meet you. However, once you get close to someone, their private self, their Moon sign, becomes clearer and clearer. 

Finally, your Rising sign is whatever zodiac sign was on the Eastern horizon at the precise moment of your birth. Regardless of what your Sun and Moon signs are, your rising sign could be any of the 12 signs of the zodiac, as the sign on the Eastern horizon changes every two hours. Your Rising sign governs how you project yourself into life and into the world. In other words, your Rising sign is how you appear and how you show up to others.

When you take the Moon and the Rising signs into consideration, it is easy to see how there can be so much variability in personality among people born under the same Sun sign.

How to use a Moon sign calculator to discover your Moon sign

The fastest and easiest way to discover your Moon sign is to use an online Moon sign calculator. This one from Cafe Astrology is quick, accurate and 100% free to use.

To be able to calculate your Moon sign accurately, you’ll need to put in a few vital pieces of information: Your month, day, year and exact birth time as well as your birth city or region.

How Earth Moon signs process and express emotion

If your Moon sign is either Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, your Moon sign belongs to the Earth element. 

If you’re born under the Capricorn Moon sign, you’re emotionally and mentally stable, but also somewhat rigid in your outlook and approach to life. Capricorn Moons crave solitude just as much as they crave love and affection. If you are a Capricorn Moon in a romantic relationship, you’ll still need plenty of time alone in order to recharge – the partner of a Capricorn Moon sign has to be comfortable with that. 

People born under the Taurus Moon sign are rather emotionally stable. However, they are very affected by their surroundings and are going to suffer if they aren’t surrounded by beauty and adoration. A Taurus Moon sign is independent and reliable but needs plenty of affection, or they may feel insecure in their romantic relationships or friendships. If you are a Taurus Moon sign, you see beauty and find inspiration all around you. You’re highly perceptive, as well as generous with your time and other resources. 

People belonging to the Virgo Moon sign are pragmatic in their approach to emotion. Virgo Moon sign natives are always looking for ways to improve their friendships and relationships, because they are always striving for perfection. They’re natural problem solvers, as well as being fiercely protective of and loyal to the ones they love. Because of their practical attitude to life, Virgo Moons express love and devotion through acts of service.

How Air Moon signs process and express emotion

Air signs are known for their quick wits, charm and changeability. The same is true for the Air Moon signs. 

An air Moon moves through life with a lightness and a sense of playfulness that none of the other Moon signs can emulate. Air Moons have the ability to fall in and out of love easily, or to become enamoured with many different ideas, one after the other – or all at once.

Air Moons are exciting people to be around, but if they have a weakness, it is their tendency to feel entrapped by anyone requiring a commitment from them.

Gemini Moons are charming, playful and magnetic. They’re curious and adventurous, and always fun to be around. To a Gemini Moon, love and friendship are both extremely important. Gemini Moon natives don’t like spending too much time on their own – they love to be surrounded by people, and more often than not, they love to have an audience to entertain.

Libra Moons are diplomatic and sociable, but in a much more subdued way than the Gemini Moons. Libra Moon signs tend to take a rational approach to emotional matters, and weigh their words carefully before uttering them. Libra Moons are emotionally stable, but tend to derive much of their emotional fulfilment through their work or mission, rather than through personal relationships.

People born under the Aquarius Moon are individualistic, creative and rebellious. They crave emotional independence and freedom above the stability and comfort of a traditional relationship. In fact, Aquarius Moons are likely to challenge the pre-conceived notions and values of those who get close to them. Aquarius Moon natives tend to have a fear of being tied down or restricted by emotional closeness, as they value their freedom and autonomy above everything else.

How Fire Moon signs process and express emotion

The fire element fizzes with excitement, charisma, warmth and sometimes aggression. The fire Moon signs feel intensely and are the emotional thrill seekers of the zodiac. These Moon sign natives are completely unafraid of being their true, authentic selves.

A fiery Aries Moon native is likely to be impulsive and ready for adventure in life. This Moon sign native craves a life full of excitement and new discoveries. If things become a little too predictable, an Aries Moon sign can be trusted to shake them up until something new happens. Aries Moon sign natives express love by inviting others to join them on their life path and adventure.

The Leo Moon sign is protective, loyal and charismatic. He or she will love admiration and will go to great lengths to both earn and keep some. If you are in a romantic relationship with or perhaps a parent to a Leo Moon sign, you will already be aware that these Moon sign natives crave all of the love and attention you have to give them. Unsurprisingly, Leo Moon signs crave being the emotional centre of attention in the lives of their loved ones.

Sagittarius Moon natives are looking for equal parts wisdom and adventure in life. Like the other fire Moon sign natives they’re natural thrill seekers, and they are forever drawn to new experiences and discoveries. They et easily bored – it takes a lot to capture and hold a Sagittarius Moon sign’s emotional attention. 

How Water Moon sign process and express emotion

The inherent attributes of the water element include depth, perception, intensity, loyalty and what you might call feminine energy. There’s a dreamy quality about all of the Water Moon signs – they’re romantic souls through and through. These Moon sign natives believe in true love, and they will do anything to achieve it.

If a Water Moon sign is ever betrayed by a loved one, this will have a substantial impact on them. A wounded Water sign doesn’t heal easily or quickly, but will carry that wound around with them for a long time to come.

The Cancer Moon sign is nurturing, protective and sensitive. As romantic partners, parents or friends they’re unfailingly loyal, devoted and reliable. A Cancer Moon native will go to the end of the world to provide for or protect their loved ones. Cancer Moon natives are generous and giving – sometimes, they give more of themselves than they really should.

Scorpio Moon natives feel everything with great intensity. A Scorpio Moon is a romantic soul with a large beating heart behind a hard shell. Scorpio Moons only let others in slowly and reluctantly, but once a Scorpio Moon trusts you and loves you, you can rely on them forever. Scorpio Moons have a tendency towards melancholy and they heal very slowly – if at all – after emotional betrayals and upheavals. 

Pisces Moon natives tend to be spiritual, or at the very least highly perceptive and guided by their intuitive impulses and impressions. Pisces Moon signs trust their feelings implicitly and use them to guide them through life. Like the other water Moon signs, Pisces Moons are loyal, devoted and gentle.

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Frequently asked questions

What is your Moon sign?

Your Moon sign is determined by where the Moon was located at the precise moment of your birth. You can find it in your birth chart, or use an online Moon sign calculator.

Your Moon sign says a lot about you – in many ways, it may say as much about you as your Sun sign. But while your Sun sign describes your outward personality and people’s first impressions of you, your Moon sign describes your inner and more hidden self. Not everyone you meet is going to see your Moon sign characteristics, but the people who are close to you will become very familiar with the aspects of your personality that are determined by your Moon sign.

Your Moon sign also describes your internal reality, your emotions and your inner landscape. People who are born under an Earth Moon sign are generally very pragmatic in the way they process and express emotion. These Moon sign natives value stability, security and reliability, and their love language tends to be acts of service. Earth Moon signs know how to set strong boundaries, and may at times seem a little emotionally distant.

If your Moon sign is an Air sign, your emotions can ripple, shift and change as easily as the surface of a lake. You are fall easily in and out of love, and you don’t hold grudges. Air Moons are in touch with their inner child and have a way of making others laugh and feel at ease. Your weaknesses as a Water moon sign is that you may struggle with a lack of consistency. You can feel trapped easily if anyone gets too close or attempts to pin you down.

Fire signs are intense and charismatic, and this is also true for the fire Moon signs. A Fire moon sign seeks thrill and adventure, and don’t hold back from grand gestures and intense feelings. Fire Moon signs truly want to feel the highs, the lows and the intensity of love and other emotions.

People born under a Water Moon sign feel deeply and intensely. They’re loyal, devoted and protective of their loved ones, and of course they take betrayal extremely badly. Water Moon signs are creatives and dreamers – they’re true romantics.

How do I know my Moon and Sun sign?

The easiest way to discover your Moon sign, your Sun sign, your Rising sign and other astrological facets of your birth chart is to visit an online birth chart calculator. This one from Cafe Astrology is quick, free and with no strings attached.

In order to discover what your Moon and Sun signs are, you have to know where and when you were born. The planets in the sky are constantly moving, so it is extremely important to know your precise time and place of birth if you want to find out how the planets were positioned at the moment you arrived in the world. 

What is your Moon and rising sign?

Your Moon sign refers to where the Moon is placed in your birth chart. While your Sun sign describes your outward personality, your Moon sign describes your subconscious self and the inner you. 

Depending on how you look at it, you might think of someone’s Moon sign as their real self – the side of them which hides behind the Sun sign exterior, but which comes through when you get close enough to see who they are on an internal level.

Your Moon sign also describes how you process and express your feelings. In other words, if you are in a romantic relationship with someone or otherwise close to them, knowing their Moon sign can prove extremely useful in understanding how they function.

Your Rising sign is the zodiac sign that was on the Eastern horizon at your time of birth. It describes what you are moving towards in life, and what kind of energy you show up with.

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