Leo Personality Female

What is the typical Leo personality, female version?

Leo men and Leo women share a significant amount of Leo personality traits, but of course they manifest slightly differently depending on a person’s gender.

Leos are known for being natural born leaders, fun-loving party animals, as well as somewhat self-centered. But do all of these qualities and traits hold true for the female Leo, and how do they come to expresion?

Other questions we seek to answer in this article include how to woo a Leo woman, what a Leo woman is looking for in a romantic partner. To learn all this and more, keep reading.

The Leo zodiac sign

People born between July 23rd and August 22nd are Leos.

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Leo’s planetary ruler is the Sun, which very tellingly is the planet at the center of the universe. This already tells you a lot about the typical Leo personality.

Leos tend to view themselves as being at the very center of the universe – think major main character energy. Leos have a great sense of their own importance and self-worth, in a way that can either seem inspiring and magnetic, or annoying, depending on your own point of view.

Leos, whether male or female, are loud people. This is often true literally, but it can also manifest in other ways such as a bold fashion sense, a daring artistic vision or an uncompromising dedication to success in their chosen career field.

Of course, there is a lot more going on in every horoscope than simply the placement of the Sun. What this means is that you could round up ten Leo women, and they would all be very different from each other, shaped as they are by the rest of their horoscopes, as well as countless other factors including their age, cultural background, social classs and so on.

Having said that, there are still some very striking Leo traits that always seem to come through. Let us go over what they are, and how they tend to manifest in the female Leo personality.

Leo woman personality traits

Are you a Leo woman, or is there an important Leo woman in your life? If so, she probably possesses most or all of these personality traits.


Leo women are confident. They don’t hide their light, but actively turn it up as much as they can in both their personal and professional lives.

A Leo woman’s confidence may manifest in all of the obvious ways, but it can also be more subtle, taking the form of unwavering dedication to her goals and values or a striking aesthetic sense. As a besides, Leo women are usually very comfortable in their own skin.

Generally speaking, Leo women want to be both seen, heard and admired. They don’t shun the limelight, but tend to be attracted to it like moths to a flame.


Leo women are passionate and fiery creatures. This applies to all alreas of their lives.

As lovers, Leo wmen are uninhibited, confident and fun. They tend to place great importance on physical intimacy in their relationships.

Leo women are also passionate in their careers, in their creative pursuits, and when it comes to reaching their personal goals.

Hot tempered

Unsurprisingly, Leo women have a tendency to hot tempers. You might consider this the negative side to the passionate quality that each Leo woman abundantly possesses.

Leo women know what they want, and are not above throwing a tantrum when things don’g paly out as planned. A Leo woman is never satisfied with anything she perceives to be less than what she deserves.


Leo women have big, warm hearts that envolop everyone they know, and then some.

It is not unusual for Leo women to work in charities or to otherwise fight for a better, more just and abundant world for all. And despite how much they love talking about themselves and their own personal goals, Leo women are also known to be great, compassionate listeners.


Leo women can be very stubborn, which is usually a great strength. Leo is the fixed fire sign, and like any fixed sign, Leo is capable of a level of constancy and dedication that not many others are able to match.

The female Leo’s stubbornness renders her capable of great things. It can also, sometimes, be very frustrating to anyone who ends up in an argument with her.


Leo women have a tendency to be jealous and possessive. Fiercely loyal themselves, they demand the same from their romantic partners.

Leo women will not tolerate any betrayal of their trust.


Leo women are usuaslly extremely loyal andvprotective of their loved ones. This includes their significant other, their family and their friends.

In love, most Leo women tend to want an exclusive long-term relationship.

Things every Leo woman likes

If you want to woo a Leo woman, you should pay close attention to the characteristics and idiosynchraties of her personality. Knowing what a Leo woman values and craves is of great importance when you want to win her over.

If the Leo woman you have set your sights on is a typical Leo, here are a few ideas to get you started.


All women – and men too, of course – like attention and compliments. However, attention is absolutely crucial to the female Leo.

You should make a point of noticing and complimenting her; her achievements, her intelligence, her looks and her character. Never miss an opportunity to highlight some little thing you appreciate about her. Make her feel seen, appreciated and admired.


All Leos, and Leo women perhaps in particular, love to be treated like royalty. They simply love big and obvious displays of affection and devotion – displays that may make more modest star signs squirm with uncomfortable self-awareness. There are no two ways about it; your female Leo lover will be impressed by grand gestures.

If you have the financial means, treat your Leo love interest to extravagant dinners and gifts, nights at the theatre, and travels to exotic locations. And if you are more constrained by your budget, make up for it by being inventive. Plan an elaborate picnic, prepare a relaxing and romantic bath full of rose petals and essential oils, and so forth and so on.


Leo women are very loyal and they expect or rather demand loyalty in return.

A female Leo is likely to be very unhappy in her relationship if she senses that she doesn’t have your full attention. Your female Leo wants to know that she is your queen, your number one. She is not one of those women who will be more attracted to you if she thinks that you are undecided or uncommitted. She wants to know that you are all in.

Female Leo compatibility

Everyone – including the Leo woman – has an entire horosope full of planets, which is to say that we are all so much more than just our Sun signs.

This makes it impossible to give any truly reliable acr0ss-the-board advice as to the specific star signs a Leo woman (or anyone else for that matter) should consider as romantic partners.

Having said that, there are some general astrological compatibility patterns that seem to apply to almost everyone. Here they are.

A Leo woman’s most obvious romantic match is a fellow fire sign, so either a fellow Leo, an Aries or a Sagittarius. The reason for this is that a fire sign is naturally going to be a good energetic match. There are some important traits that all fire signs have in common; they tend to be passionate, bold, confident, loud, optimistic and enthusiastic. Having a romantic partner who is similar to ourselves on a core level can ensure a shared understanding and is a good predictor of shared values.

Alternatively, an air sign might make an ideal match for a Leo woman. The air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and like fire signs, they tend to be confident and energetic. They also bring some new and interesting qualities into the mix, such as being very open-mided, curious and knowledge-hungry.

Of course, a female Leo may also choose to date an earth sign or a water sign. However, the female Leo may feel suffocated by the typical earth sign’s more conservative and serious outlook on life, or she may be exhasperated when faced with the emotional and sometimes indecisive energy of a water sign.

Famous Leo women

Are you a Leo woman, or do you love Leo women? Either way, you are in great company. Here are few of the most famous Leo women:

Cara Delevigne, Dua Lipa, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, Halle Berry, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Jourdan Dunne, Madonna, Meghan Markle (aka. the Duchess of Sussex) and Whitney Houston.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Leo female weakness?

Leo woman have a penchant for lacking self-awareness, which can sometimes cause them to tread on other people’s toes without intending to, and without even noticing.

Leos, whether or male or female, tend to speak their mind without a filter. This can sometimes make them seem intimidating or even rude to more subdued and polite star signs.

What kind of person is a Leo?

Leo’s dominant planet is the Sun, which is associated with confidence, enthusiasm, optimism and a generally magnetic and powerful presence.

When a Leo walks into a room, other people pay attention. The Leo man and the Leo woman are both naturally confident and comfortable in ther own skin. This comes across in all sorts of little ways, from the way they dress to how they speak to their body language.

Leos love attention, admiration, and to have fun. At a party, you will usually find the Leo attendee busting moves in the middle of the dancefloor, or cracking jokes at the bar amid a bevvy of laughing spectators.

Leos are also typically very active and don’t like to stand still for very long at all. This is true both in their personal and professional lives. They also tend to love sports – and if they are a typical Leo, the more risky and competitive the sport is, the happier they are.

Who Should Leo woman marry?

There is no hard-and-fast rules about who a Leo woman should marry, but generally speaking, a fellow fire sign (so either a fellow Leo, an Aries or a Sagittarius) will make a great energetic match. Two fire signs will have the advantage of an inherent shared understanding – and they will both be able to hold the other’s attention.

An air sign (a Gemini, a Libra or an Aquarius) may also be a great match for a female Leo. Like fire signs, Air signs have a lively energy and plenty of enthusiasm.

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