Did He Block Me Because He Cares?

If you’re asking yourself the question ‘did he block me because he cares?’ this article was written with you in mind.

In this age of social media, blocking someone is a big deal. It might be a virtual act but it is an indicator of one’s decision to disconnect from someone in real life. When a guy blocks you for no apparent reason (at least that’s how it seems to you), it can be shocking and leave you in limbo. Did he block me because he cares? Did I do something wrong? All of these questions start to overwhelm you as you grapple for answers to explain why things happened the way it did.

A lot of people dating usually connect on social media or other digital apps. These tools make it easy to communicate and get to know each other. Whether you are exchange text messages or phone calls with someone on a daily basis, it helps to establish that closeness and make you feel more comfortable.

This is why it comes as a shock when a guy blocks you for no apparent reasons. This is true when a man has decided to block you all of a sudden and without any explanation after that. Read on to learn more about why a guy would block someone even if your relationship seemed perfectly fine.

Did He Block Me Because He Cares?

One could only assume that when a partner blocks them on social media accounts that they are struggling with their feelings. There is a real possibility that a person would do that. However, the circumstances of your relationship will help you get a better idea on why would a guy block you rather than talk things with you straight up.

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The following are potential explanations to why a person blocks you on social media, especially from someone who you thought cared about you.

He Cares for You Way Too Much

A lot of men are incapable of handling such strong emotions toward the opposite sex. When he develops strong feelings toward you, many of them are scared. They are afraid to face the consequences of those feelings and emotions that they would rather shut those feelings down.

This reason for why a guy blocks you is more common than you think. If this applies to your situation, a guy would choose to block you because he is uncomfortable seeing you on social media. He does not want to be reminded of you. A guy would also want to avoid the temptation of checking on your social media profile. He wants to distance himself from you because he does not want his feelings to get the best of him.

The reason why would a guy block you instead of telling you about how he feels is that he might not be sure what you feel about him. He has decided in his mind that you won’t reciprocate his feelings. Thus, he would rather deal with the pain in silence than to profess those feelings to you.

He Is Mad

Another reason why a man would do such a thing as to block you is when he is mad at you. Whether it’s something you did or your behavior towards him, he will be compelled to cut you off in his life if he is mad at you.

If you had a big argument that had him feeling hurt because of what transpired, then it could be one of the reasons why he blocked you on social media. Most people do not make rational decisions when they are mad or feel hurt about the situation they are in. Men are no exception.

A guy would block you because this is how they can regain their power. You hurt his feelings and blocking could be his revenge tactic. It could be also his way of communicating how he feels about your behavior.

Use this as an opportunity to assess your behavior. Did you mean to hurt his feelings? If not, then he might expect an apology from you.

He Can’t Handle Relationships

Being in a romantic relationship is not always about the fun times; it can be rife with challenges. This could be a reason why a man blocks you on social media.

People who have been hurt before are dealing with several hidden issues. They do not know how to handle relationships because their feelings get the best of them in most situations. As a result, they do not trust themselves when they enter into relationships and would rather not be in one to avoid complications.

Another reason why one would choose not to be in a relationship is when they are afraid of commitment. This issue affects more men than women. The reason why one is unable to enter into a committed relationship could be due to mental health problems or a general lack of trust to the opposite sex.

By choosing to hide rather than make himself vulnerable, they feel much safer this way. While some men change their minds about their view of relationships, those who are not emotionally stable simply can’t handle relationships due to feelings of insecurities and lack of trust.

He is Hiding Something From You

This is one of the possible reasons he blocked you. Social media has made it easy for people to lie and cheat. It is easy for people to hide behind the screen and create a totally different persona than who they are in real life. Unfortunately for you, this could also mean that your man might be hiding something from you.

If this is the reason why a man blocks you, then he did not have feelings for you in the first place. If you are asking yourself, “did he block me because he cares?” then you are in for a disappointment. He blocked you because he did not want you to find out the things that he is hiding. A lot of men are caught up in their web of lies that even they are overwhelmed by the level of deception they portray and are no longer able to keep up with it.

Some men are good at developing a second identify based on falsehood. You can take solace in the fact that this is much better than if he continued to lead you on with his lies.

He Can’t Handle You

It’s difficult to find a man to love and take care of you if you are a strong, independent woman. Most men are intimidated by strong women. In a relationship, men want to be the dominant force and they want to be in charge. Most men like to be with an agreeable woman; someone who lets them take charge and who are submissive to them.

Unfortunately for these men, modern women are bold and confident. They also prefer to have their own opinion. They do not want to be controlled by the men in their lives as they have their own values.

If you and your man do not agree with this, then there is a possibility a guy would block you. The act of blocking you is his way of regaining the power that you refuse to hand to him in the relationship. Weak men are intimidated by a strong woman. Instead of encouraging her to be independent, he would rather give you the silent treatment and then block you than own up to the fact that he can’t handle you.

He Doesn’t Want Drama

Men do not thrive in drama. Instead of participating, they would rather walk away and give you the silent treatment. If you are spending time together arguing, then he might feel bad about the situation and choose to sacrifice by taking himself out of your life.

It could also be that he has lost interest in you. Instead of going through the motions of a relationship break up, he chooses to silently step out of your life. It is part of his desperate attempt to regain his time and space.

If you are surprised about his sudden change of treatment towards you, it would be best to reach out to his mutual friends. He might have mentioned your relationship with his friends. This will help you gain closure because he simply does not care anymore.

He Changed His Mind

Did he block me because he cares? Well, this is easily one of the most common reasons why he did it.

There’s a plethora of options for both men and women when it comes to online dating. This creates a “choice overload” that makes choosing difficult since there are too many options and possibilities. People with lots of options find it difficult to commit to someone romantically, since he/she will always compare their matches. So don’t assume you’re the only woman he has been talking to.

With that said, he blocked you because he may have simply found someone else. This doesn’t necessarily mean he hates you, he just like someone better. Rather than coming up with a lame excuse to cut you off or tell the truth, he picked the easy (or coward) way out of ghosting and blocking you.

He Got Want He Wanted

Did you hook up? If yes, then that’s your answer – he already got what he wanted from you and he has now lost interest in seeing you again. This is an unfortunate truth that happens more often than you realize.

If this is the case, then you should never feel bad about it. A man like that is not worth your time and energy. He actually made it easier for you to forget about him. So be thankful that he ghosted and blocked you. Now is the best time to focus on yourself.

He Is Hurt or Afraid to Get Hurt

Blocking someone in social media is always done for a purpose. For most people, especially men, they block their ex because they are hurting and want to move on from the pain. Seeing their ex on their newsfeed can remind them of the pain, so they don’t want to be constantly reminded of that someone.

Blocking is also a way for men to explicitly express their sentiments. Most men are non-confrontational with their partners. They don’t want to talk to you because of something you said or did. And instead of saying it to your face, or ranting or venting on social media, they choose to cut off any connection, especially if it is still causing them pain to see their ex on their newsfeed.

If this is the case, then the easy fix would be to talk to him directly, or at least call or send a text message that you are sorry and you want to talk about it. This is a good way to show you care, and the first step of healing.

Some men also block their ex when they see their ex having fun and being happy with someone else, while they are being miserable from the break up.

He Didn’t Care at All

Go over your conversations with him in Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, etc. and try to be as objective as possible. Remove yourself (and emotions) when your read his messages and be neutral. Does he sound genuine? Do you really believe your conversations are heading somewhere serious? Do you think he had something special, or was it all just wishful thinking from your part? If this seems too hard, try to consult a close a friend. They can give you an objective point of view.

The problem when you project your own ideals and sentiments onto another person is that, you become biased. Your reasoning becomes clouded and you start to imagine things the way you feel. Worse thing is, you try to assume he felt the same way too, when the truth is, he wasn’t actually too invested at all.

His Current Girlfriend is Jealous

This is a different scenario that you are dealing with here. Most exes are able to stay friends even after a relationship break.

However, if a guy gets into a new relationship, you cannot expect to maintain the same level of communication as you did before. Since he is your ex boyfriend, you no longer have the same level of access with his time and space as an ex girlfriend.

A guy might have a jealous girlfriend and the only way that he can win over the new girlfriend’s trust is to block you. You must understand that people block others for a number of reasons and it is not always personal. It’s time to move on from such strong feelings you have and let him work it out with his new relationship.

The Psychology Behind Blocking Someone

For some, blocking someone in social media is a petty move and a foolish practice. This makes sense, since it merely covers tough social interactions over the internet. It is like throwing difficult situations under the rug rather than confronting perfectly natural human differences. So why do people do this practice in the first place?

While social media is probably the greatest tool to connect people from all corners of the world, reunite old friends and families, find new friends, cultivate relationships, and reduce loneliness, evidence shows that too much use of social media negatively affects someone’s self-esteem.

Cognitive hypnotherapist and psychoanalyst Steve Mckeown confirmed that “those who block other people over the slightest disagreement are egomaniacs.”

McKeown explained that what people say about you is their choice. How you choose to react is your choice as well. This is where the problem starts as it challenges the egos.

The cycle creates resentment that makes you feel the other person don’t deserve a space on your virtual world. You have two options; you can ignore or block them. Most social media platforms give you the power to do both.

“Blocking seems the easiest option to avoid feeling aggravated, frustrated and anxious.” Blocking has become so normalized in the online world that when you do it, you feel the issue simply disappears. When the truth is, it doesn’t.

The issue doesn’t go anywhere, they are simply compounding. You are simply running away from it, until you bump into them at the park or grocery store.

So why do social media platforms allow this? Well, it is pretty obvious. Online interactions, particularly in social media are highly curated. They play on your real human insecurities, low self-esteem, and your innate need to feel accepted. And those who are quick to block are likely to be “self-consumed or absorbed’, citing ‘egomania’ to ‘indirectly describe them along with a deep seated low self-esteem” McKeown added.

However, it is important to note that blocking is not all bad It is actually a good option to prevent trolling, online harassment, or even stalking and pervasive online abuse, which is particularly prevalent in open debate platforms online.

Blocking Someone After Rejection

As said earlier, blocking someone is always done on purpose, a lot of times, there a motivation behind it. If you rejected him, then there is a good chance he simply wants to move on and doesn’t want to be constantly reminded of you through his social media. Rejection hurts everyone. It’s not a good feeling, and people will do anything to forget that feeling. This includes choosing not to see your Facebook status or tweets, pictures, or other contents that may continue to appear on his newsfeed.

Social media algorithm shows updates from people you engage with. Thus, you probably show up more on his newsfeed. By blocking you, he helps himself forget about you. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you anymore.

Despite being hurt, he is actually being courteous by blocking you. The best you can do is to respect that, give him space, and keep your interactions to a minimum. When he stops avoiding you, that’s a sign he has moved on and you can interact with him again.

Blocking or Ignoring – What Hurts More?

This totally depends on lots of factors and circumstances leading to the action. Besides, you are free to say or feel what hurts you more and what doesn’t affect you.

For most people however, being ignored hurts more than blocking. This is the same feeling when someone reads your message on online messaging app and you know they saw your message and decided not to reply. This puts you in limbo, knowing your message has reached their end but they chose to ignore it.

With blocking however, you usually know the reason behind it. It is conclusive and implies that you are no longer interested and don’t want to waste your time. It gives a sense of closure since you know both of you cannot receive and read messages from each other anymore. With that, you can move on.

What to Do After He Blocks You

Look into the future

Stop asking yourself “did he block me because he cares?” You know exactly the answer to that – he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. That’s fine. You should feel the same way too.

However, don’t let your feelings over past failed relationship hold you back from living your best life and going where you want to go. Instead, use the experience to be stronger and wiser. Learn from it, build from it, and be better.

If someone new arrives in to your life, you will be more prepared to establish a new connection and eventually, relationship with that person – free from the irons of the past.

Focus on yourself and your goals

When someone you used to care about becomes distant ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, you have no other choice but to move on and focus on creating a life for yourself that is fulfilling and happy. You can’t depend on anyone to brighten your day.

Let the dust settle and give yourself some time to comprehend your emotion. While it is good to let all the negative feelings out and cry all the sorrows away, you cannot allow that to trap you in a cage of misery. You have to use that experience to pick yourself up and be stronger and wiser. After that, you need to learn how to move forward with your life without them. Before you know it, you are more emotionally and mentally ready for a new relationship.

What Not To Do After He Blocks You

Stalk him on social media

You will be tempted to look what he is been up to and stalk his social media – don’t!

Social media is not reality. As said earlier, it is the curated version of people’s lives. People show and share the highlights of their lives, making it seem better than it actually is.

Thus, whatever you can find in their online presence, it is not always the full story (it may not even be true). Stalking your ex in social media traps you in the vicious cycle of misery. Remember, he blocked you for a reason. Stalking him will only cause you to miss out on the opportunities to truly experience your own reality.

Make contact right away

You may want to contact your ex right away either through phone calls or online to know what their motivation was, what they’ve been up to, or how they are feeling. But this will only cause more harm than good to both of you.

Again, he blocked you for a reason. It doesn’t mean he wants to play mind games or be mysterious – he simply doesn’t want to be reminded of you. He doesn’t want to see you, at least in the virtual world. So imagine if you try to reach him by sending a message.

Yes, it is hard to deal with uncertainty. It is a basic human nature to want to know everything. But the reality is, so much of life is unknown, and we need to learn to embrace that. So take a step back and look at the bigger picture of life. Do you really miss him? Or do you just want to know whether you are “winning” the breakup or not?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would someone block you if they like you?

A. Since everyone is different, and everyone is under different circumstances, there can be no definite reason for this. The most common reasons, however, the person may have relationship issues, hiding something, or simply changed their mind.

Q. Does blocking someone mean you care?

A. Blocking someone on social media is a form of self-care. It is drawing a clear line for yourself; it creates boundaries, helps you make your space for yourself, and more importantly, removes negativity from your life.

Q. Should I reach out to him if he blocked me?

A. No. It is abundantly clear that the person doesn’t want anything to do with you. You have to respect that and move on.

Q. Is blocking someone toxic?

A. Not that if the one you are blocking is toxic too. It is the best thing you can do for your well-being, and the act of cutting that person off is the best thing you can do to take full control of your life.

Q. Is Blocking someone a good way to move on?

A. Absolutely, yes! It means you want to distance yourself and move on. This is particularly important if the person you are talking about is making you feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Q. Will narcissist come back after blocking me?

A. Yes that is exactly what a narcissist will do to reassert their control. So be very careful.

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