Leo Most Compatible Sign

Are you curious about the Leo most compatible sign?

Leo is sometimes affectionately referred to as the leader of the zodiac, and if you have ever met a Leo, you can probably see why this is the case. Leos are known for being outgoing, loud, bold, confident, charismatic and optimistic. They’re simply magnetic people that it is always fun and exciting to be around. But which of the other signs are most compatible with Leo, in friendship and in love?

Every Leo is, of course, unique. But by looking at the astrological factors that influence and shape the Leo sun sign, it is possible to get a clear understanding of the typical Leo personality traits, values and aspirations that determine which of the other star signs Leo is most likely to be attracted to and compatible with.

It is often said that all zodiac signs have the highest compatibility with those who are of the same sign, or at the very least of the same element as them. But is this also true for a big, loud zodiac sign like Leo?

Discover the answers to this and many other questions by reading through to the end of this article!

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What makes a Leo

Before we can take a stab at understanding the most compatible signs with Leo, we have to start out by painting a clearly defined picture of Leo.

There are number of different astrological factors that influence and shape every Leo’s core personality. Let us take a look at what they are!

Leo is a Fire sign

One of the most important things you should know about Leo is that it is a Fire sign.

Fire signs are known for being zesty, enigmatic, charismatic, fun, bold and enthusiastic about life. Like the fire element itself, they’re full of energy, desire and drive.

Fire signs are rarely boring, timid or shy. Quite the reverse – you cannot walk into a room without noticing and being drawn to the fire signs.

All of the fire signs possess a powerful and compelling aura that makes others both pay attention to them and want to be around them. And if there is one fire sign that truly loves this attention, it is Leo. In fact, Leo can be a bit of an attention seeker. It doesn’t matter whether he or she is the captain of the football team, the class clown or the most extravagant dresser at the party – he or she will welcome very bit of attention, and will indeed seem to drink it in, like a flower basking in the sun.

Leos are true extroverts that thrive in the company of others. It is quite possible that the term “party animal” was first applied to a Leo.

Leos tend to be both hot tempered, impulsive, and flirtatious.

Yet, underneath the flashy exterior is a great, big beating heart, capable of absolute loyalty and devotion. It is Leo’s enormous heart and capacity to feel deeply that makes him or her a phenomenal friend, collaborator, lover or spouse.

Leo is a fixed sign

Leo is the fixed Fire sign, which means that Leo embodies the quintessence of the fire element. In other words, out of the three fire signs, Leo is the archetype.

The fixed nature of the Leo zodiac sign also means that Leo craves consistency and reliability. While capable of acing spontaneously while in the grip of a powerful urge or an exciting idea, Leo nevertheless values stability and constancy in his or her personal life.

As a result, Leo is a reliable friend or partner who doesn’t tend to play games or flake out of shared plans or promises.

Leo is ruled by the Sun

All of the zodiac signs are ruled by a planet, and Leo is ruled by the Sun.

In astrology, the Sun is the center of the universe, and this perfectly describes how the typical Leo views themselves. Leos are often rightly accused of a being a bit egocentric and attention-seeking.

Being ruled by the Sun imbues Leo with oodles of natural, God-given confidence and charisma that other signs can only hope to mimic and attempt to acquire.

Leo is symbolized by the lion

Finally, Leo is signified by the symbol of a lion.

It is a well-known fact that the lion is the king of the jungle, and certainly a majestic animal perched somewhere near the top of the foodchain.

The symbol of a lion perfectly describes many of Leo’s core qualities. Leo is a born leader, and takes botht power and responsibility for granted. Leos also possess an easy and relaxed grace that isn’t refined and rehearsed, but rather arises spontaneously from within. Every Leo wears an invisible crown.

Leo key personality traits

Now that you are familiar with the astrological factors that underpin the Leo personality, it is time for us to look at how these influences manifest as personality traits.

Leo is loud

Show me a quiet, reserved and introverted Leo and I will show you a complete anomaly. Most leos are loud, bold, colorful, confident and outgoing. Of course, not every Leo is an extreme extrovert or an alpha, but all Leos carry themselves with the knowledge that the rest of the world revolves around them.

Leos are always remarkable, and they love to both share and shof off their talents and creativity in whatever way they can. A Leo may spend as much time bragging about his or her accomplishments as he or she does in the studio or at the office actually getting things done. But whatever a Leo decides to do, they infuse it with their particular brand of irrepressible, irresistible energy.

Besides, Leos are often bold and even eccentric dressers. If you walk into a party and there is only one guy wearing a red flowered suit in a sea of grey, you can be almost certain that he is a Leo.

Leo is optimistic

Leo is carried through life by an almost supernatural sense of self-confidence and self-belief. No matter what setbacks a Leo experiences in life, he or she will find a way to see the light in the situation, and to bounce back.

Leos are very difficult to defeat or put down, at least on a permanent basis. On a core level, Leos simply believe in themselves and in the goodness of others around them. You cannot convince a Leo that the world is a corrupt and evil place, even if they have seen evidence to suggest that there might be a degree of truth to this with their own eyes. As a result, Leos can both seem a little naive in their optimism – and more than a little protected, as if by some ethereal light.

Interestingly enough, things often work out well for Leos. Their lives aren’t necessarily easy or effortless through and through, but there is generally a sense of flow and fortunate timing. It is impossible to tell what existed first – Leo’s optimism or sheer good luck.

Leo is fun

Leo is both fun to be around, and fun loving.

It is absolutely impossible to get bored if you have Leo friends. They will entertain you, make you laugh, encourage you, and generally lure you out of your shell. Even if you are a bit of a bench-warmer yourself, being close to a Leo will have an affect on you, in ways that may surprise you.

Leos see life as one great adventure, with many a great party scattered throughout. You can always trust a Leo to bring the fun and to enliven any situation. Even a funeral is less gloomy with a warm, kindly Leo telling amusing stories about the recently departed.

Leos are also born entertainers and comedians. They love to make others laugh, and have a natural knack for holding a room’s attention.

Leo is loyal

Because Leo is such a party animal and has that special something that captures many people’s interest and attention, many make the mistake of believing that Leo is superficial or a bit of a flake. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Whether in friendship or in love, Leo feels and commits deeply and absolutely. Leo is also both reliable and trustworthy in his or her interactions.

Indeed, Leo is loyal and dedicated to his or her spouse, friends, colleagues and family, by blood as well as chosen. It is no coincidence that the symbol of the lion is often used to symbolize loyalty, as well as dignity, royalty and power.

Once a Leo has let someone into his or her heart, that person will proceed and looked after forevermore.

Leo is creative

Leo has a creative streak running through its core.

There is a real desire to create and to make things happen. Leos tend to want to be where the action is, and to take a very active role in keeping the vibe going. No doubt there are many Leos in Hollywood, in the music industry and among stand-up comedians.

Leos are rarely solitary artists, creating on their own. Instead, their art or creative self-expression tends to extroverted, always aimed at an audience.

Leo is affectionate

Leo is an affectionate sign, and cannot abide any signs that are emotionally cool and distant.

If you are friends with a Leo, you can expect both many hugs and many compliments.

Leos don’t like to hide their feelings and are not ones to shy away from public displays of affection. This is particularly true when they are around their romantic partner, whom they are likely both proud of and madly in love with.

Leo compatibility: The best, the worst and the so-so

Now that you have a clear idea of how the Leo personality manifests, it is time for us to look at how the Leo personality pairs up with the other signs in the zodiac. Let’s get to it!

Fire signs

As a rule of thumb, Leo is highly compatible with any of the other Fire signs, including fellow Leos. The reason for this is clear and simple: A Leo can keep up with a fellow Leo, and two Leos will both want and expect similar things from the relationship, and from each other.

Leo and Aries

Leo is the fixed Fire sign, and Aries is the cardinal Fire sign.

The cardinal signs channel the primary energy of their element, whereas the fixed sign embodies the archetypal qualities. In other words, Aries is even more fiery and intense than Leo.

Aries is both fun, wild and rebellious – qualities that appeal to Leo, and inspires Leo to get his or her own freak on. Together, Aries and Leo are in for a wild ride and a fiery romance.

Leo and Leo

Leo and Leo might just be the ultimate match. Two Leos together make an absolute alpha couple, and their relationship is bound to be both intense, exciting and madly passionate.

Having said that, Leos are known for their big egos, and two Leos together – or any two Fire signs together, for that matter – may occasionally butt heads over whose ego to prioritise. But the dash of drama this adds to the relationship may simply have the effect of spicing things up even further.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius is a wonderful combination. Here, we’ve got two passionate, creative and adventurous characters.

When Leo and Sag get together, sparks inevitably fly. We’re talking sexual chemistry, creative sparks flying everywhere, the works. These two star signs are often imminently able to fertilise each other’s imagination and drive.

Water signs

Leo generally doesn’t get along too well with the Water signs, at least not in a romantic relationship. Having said that, Scorpio is the notable exception to this very general rule.

Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer come from different planets, and they have very different value systems and love languages.

While Cancer is emotionally guarded yet deeply devoted, Leo’s word of love come easily and quickly. Cancer may doubt Leo’s intentions and motivations, and may be suspicious of how affectionate and flirty Leo generally is with others. All in all, this pairing is likely to clash time and time again, based on misunderstandings and fundamentally different ways of navigating the world.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio is a match with plenty of attraction and potential. While these two zodiac signs are dramatically different from each other, they are also both fixed signs, and find some common ground through the parallels this creates between their personalities.

Leo and Scorpio have the potential to develop a strong and loving bond. The two may sometimes misunderstand each other, but if they are both committed to the relationship and its future, they can make it work, and make it work extremely well.

Leo and Pisces

Leo and Pisces make for an odd couple. This pairing usually doesn’t last very long at all.

Leo and Pisces may be curious about each other, but they will never truly be able to understand each other. They may also find some of each other’s tendencies and core traits annoying or incomprehensible. For example, Leo may view the Pisces partner’s penchant for constant daydreaming as a fatal character flaw and a sign of lacking ambition, while Pisces may view Leo’s social calendar as an attempt to avoid dealign with emotions.

All in all, Pisces and Leo is probably one of the least compatible pairs in the entire zodiac.

Air signs

As for the Air signs, Leo tends to get on with them amazingly well. When fire and air meet, the result is often explosive, fun and thrilling. Fire signs and air signs work fabulously well as creative collaborators and friends, and sometimes as lovers.

Leo and Gemini

A Leo and a Gemini together in the same room is enough to get a party going.

Leo and Gemini complement each other extremely well. Leo is bold, action-oriented and full of enthusiasm while Gemini is brimming with great ideas and mischief. These two can both make each other laugh, and egg each other on.

As a romantic couple, Leo and Gemini are compatible, for a while. In terms of establishing a long-term relationship, the two may struggle as they begin uncovering their different value systems. Leo ultimately wants something resembling monogamish commitment, while Gemini prefers to keep things loose and open. And while Leo can be relied on in any situation and is known for fostering lifelong friendships, Gemini tends to be more situational with his or her loyalties and affections.

Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra are both fixed signs, and as such, they get on like a house on fire. What’s more, Libra is decidedly more stable and reliable than both Gemini and Aquarius, which makes them a more appealing partner for a Leo.

Libra is idealistic and intelligent, and these qualities appeal to Leo a great deal. Together, these two are capable of accomplishing amazing things. They may even be able to change the world.

Leo and Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius are a fun, fast-paced couple. However, they may struggle to form a long-term romantic relationship, as their views on love are simply too different.

Even more so than Gemini, Aquarius tends to believe in free, unrestrained love and a life free from commitments and restrictions of any kind. And while Leo isn’t exactly conservative, he or she will usually want a bit of commitment and clarity.

Earth signs

Finally, the Earth signs. Leo generally doesn’t vibe well with any of the Earth signs, at least not romantically. For this, the Earth signs tend to be too conservative, calculated and serious.

Leo and Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn isn’t the best match there is. These two may respect and admire each other, but their differences are generally too vast to be overcome.

While Leo is outgoing and sparkling, Capricorn is more introverted and highly private. And while Leo works to live, Capricorn lives to work. While Leo is planning the Christmas party of the century, Capricorn is busy laying plans and setting goals for the year ahead.

Leo and Taurus

Leo and Taurus is a potential match, but they would both have to make compromises and accommodations in order to make things work.

Leo tends to live in the moment, while Taurus plans for the future. And while Leo values adventure above all else, Taurus values security.

Still, there are definite points where Leo and Taurus connect. They are both great lovers of art and music.

Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo are an odd couple. It might be possible for these two to build a relationship, but a lot of work would be required.

As collaborators, Virgo and Leo are a great pair. Leo supplies the creative talent, while Virgo tweaks the sales funnel. Together, these two might build a business or launch a creative project, but as romantic partners, it’s a long shot.

Conclusion: These are the most compatible signs with Leo

In summary, the signs with the highest Leo compatibility are, in this order: Fellow Fire signs (particularly fellow Leos), Sagittarius. Libra and Scorpio.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Leos best match?

Fellow Fire signs are often make the best romantic partners for Leo. Another Fire sign will be able to match Leo’s passion, pace and optimistic outlook on life.

Leo may also be highly compatible with one of the Air signs. Air and Fire have a way of mixing that makes both of them grow bigger than they were separately. An Air sign and a Fire sign can really inspire and egg each other on towards new heights of self-expression and adventure.

Earth signs, generally speaking, may be too introverted and measured in their approach to life to pair well with an energetic and outgoing Leo, and the Water signs tend to be too emotional and pessimistic.

What is the soulmate for a Leo?

Leo’s ultimate soulmate is usually another Leo.

A Leo-Leo romance is guaranteed to be passionate, creative and exciting. The two are also likely to want the same things out of life, and out of their relationship.

What sign is Leo attracted to?

Leo can be attracted to any of the other Sun signs, but is highly likely to be attracted to other Fire signs (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius), or to other fixed signs (Scorpio and Aquarius).

Leo is really attracted to charisma, as well as to a sense of adventure and excitement. A Leo is always unlikely to notice, let alone select for a mate the wallflower in the room.

What sign should a Leo marry?

When it comes to forging a lifelong relationship, Leo is best off marrying someone who is both highly compatible and shares similar life goals. In many cases, the ideal spouse for a Leo will be a fellow Leo, or at least a fire sign.

In some cases, though, opposites attract and Leo may choose a Scorpio or an Aquarius as a life partner.

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