Libra Soulmate

Are you ready to discover which of the other zodiac signs have the potential to be the ultimate Libra soulmate?

Libra is the cardinal Air sign, which already tells us a few important things about who a Libra is, and what he or she is going to value in a life partner.

Libra zodiac natives are idealistic, kind, compassionate, outgoing and social creatures. They are also highly intelligent, and are know for their gifts with words, both written and spoken. Libra natives play with ideas, concepts and words. They’re often driven to bring change into the world, usually in the service of whatever they perceive to be the highest good. Libra natives truly want to see the world and all of humanity moving forward in the right direction.

Libras challenge old and outmoded ideas and barriers wherever they find them. In this sense, some of the more conservative-minded star signs might clash with them or see them as provocateurs. However, because Libra is so amicable, it is hard for anyone to truly dislike them.

But what does any of this say about what Libra is looking for in a soulmate sign? Well, let us dive deeper.

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What makes the Libra zodiac sign

Before it is possible for us to understand who the ideal Libra soulmate is, we first have to understand who Libra is.

Like every other zodiac sign, Libra’s core personality is shaped by a number of key astrological factors. Let’s go over them here.

Libra is an Air sign

The most fundamental truth about Libra is that it is an Air sign.

The Air element is tied to the ephemeral reality of the mind, of thought and ideas, and the ways in which these shape the tangible world around us. This is the realm in which Libra operates.

Most Libras are of above-average intelligence, and rather than being physical and interested in the world of the senses, they tend to be interested in ideas.

Libras are fast-thinking, and their minds are constantly working. A Libra is never just along for the ride – he or she will always be looking for ways in which he or she can contribute and help shape the future of humanity.

Libra is also a mater communicator, as well as being socially adept. You might say that Libra is the born politician, and you would not be wrong. Many Libras are also journalists, lawyers, activists or writers of some stripe or another. Libras simply want to partake in, and help shape, the public debate, usually with an eye to seeking greater balance and justice in the world.

Libra is a cardinal sign

As well as being an Air sign, Libra is also a cardinal sign.

The cardinal sigs are the zodiac signs beginning each season, and as such, they are the ones that set the tone for their entire element. In other words, Libra is the ‘original’ Air element, expressing the qualities of that element in a primary and fundamental way.

When Libra has an idea or a mission to complete, they are absolutely dedicated to their purpose – and they go all in. Libras don’t tend to do anything by half-measures. They also rarely doubt or second-guess themselves, but are still open to pivoting, mid-air, when they feel it is necessary to do so.

Libra is ruled by Venus

Al of the zodiac signs are ruled by a planet, and the planet ruling Libra is Venus. Venus also rules Taurus, and is the planet of love and beauty.

In Taurus, the influence of Venus manifests as a love of art, music and the wonders of nature. In Libra, it is more likely to manifest as a deep-seated love and appreciation of humanity, the planet, and the animals. In other words, for Taurus, the Venus influence is more immediate and focused on their own lives, whereas for Libra, the Venus influence is diffused and global.

Libra is symbolized by Scales

Libra is symbolized by a pair of evenly balanced scales, not unlike the ones held aloft by Themis, the blind-folded goddess of justice.

The Libra scales represent perfectly what Libra is all about and values. Libra’s mission, if you were to boil it down, has to do with creating a more fair, equal and kind world. Libra is that star sign which truly possesses a global and self-less consciousness. Libra wants to see a better world manifest, a world in which all people are equal and free, and where resources are more evenly distributed.

What Libra is like in a relationship

Now that you have an overview over the cosmic forces which give shape and direction to the Libra personality, it is time for us to look at what Libra is like in a relationship. Following this, we’ll look at what qualities Libra is seeking in a soulmate.

Libra’s mind is always moving fast, and so is a Libra’s feelings. Libra truly has the capacity to fall in love quickly, or at any rate, at first sight.

As a date and as a boyfriend or girlfriend, Libra is an extremely thrilling partner to be with. Libra is always up for a new adventure, for trying something new, or for staying up all night having intense discussions in-between bouts of lovemaking. A Libra is clever and perceptive enough to be able to put their partner at complete ease, and make them laugh their heads off besides.

It is when it comes to commitment or building something a little more permanent that Libra struggles and often balks.

Libra truly hates the feeling of being tied down, limited or restricted in any way. For this reason, Libra often hesitates and takes a long time before he or she is ready and willing to make any kind of serious commitment.

Anyone dating a Libra should understand and accept that this is nothing personal. Your Libra beau may adore and love the living daylights out of you, and still be reluctant to commit.

Even if Libra does enter into a committed long-term relationship or marriage, he or she is unlikely to ever become the penultimate family person. He or she will have a social, entrepreneurial or global mission of some kind to fulfil, and is unlikely to prioritise his or her family above it.

Libra’s soulmate will also have to accept that Libra requires plenty of alone time and freedom within the relationship. The moment a Libra starts feeling smothered in a romantic relationship is the moment the relationship begins to die.

Having said that, the Libra zodiac sign is absolutely capable of forming stable and loving long-term relationships. It simply has to happen slowly, and with the Libra partner not ever feeling restrained by family obligations and feelings of being limited or held back from what is truly important to them.

What Libra craves in a relationship

All right, you now understand what other zodiac signs can expect when dating or marrying a Libra. But what is the Libra partner looking for in a romantic connection or even a life partner? Let us take a closer look.

Once Libra has actually decided to jump into a romantic relationship with someone, they are going to reveal their romantic side. Libra can be extremely generous, giving and fun loving, and they want a partner who can both appreciate and reciprocate these gifts.

Libra craves love, fun, adventure, caring and playfulness in a relationship. Libra also longs for a partner who is mature and self-reliant enough to give Libra the space he or she inevitably needs. Because while Libra is a social animal, he or she also needs plenty of alone time to think and to process.

The last thing a Libra wants in a relationship is an emotional vampire, or a drama queen. Libra simply doesn’t want to play games or be in a relationship that includes lots of emotional turmoil and upheaval. Because Libra doesn’t necessarily need or want to be in a relationship, any relationship that a Libra enters into has to be good, healthy, loving, and fun. If it isn’t all of these things, the Libra will be out of there in a heartbeat.

Libra soulmate zodiac signs

You now have a clear picture in your mind of both what the Libra zodiac sign is like, and what the ideal Libra soulmate might be like.

It is not time for us to put these two concepts together and go over the rest of the zodiac signs one by one to see how likely each other is to be the ideal soulmate for a Libra.

Can you already guess what the top Libra soulmate zodiac signs are?

Fellow Air signs

As a rule of thumb, all zodiac signs are highly compatible with their own sign. The reason for this is that two of the same sign are automatically going to be on the same page about a lot of things.

Libra with Libra is a fantastic match, and quite often a fellow Libra can make the best life partner for a Libra. It is easy to see why: Two Libras are guaranteed to share identical traits and values, which makes it easier for them to be on the same page about what they want out of their relationship, and out of life in general.

Gemini, the fixed Air sign, is another probably contender for the title of ideal Libra soulmate. Like Libra, Gemini is extremely quick-witted, intelligent, and in possession of a great sense of humour. Gemini is also very outgoing, and will enjoy social outings with their Libra partner. At the same time, Gemini understands and respects Libra’s need for a certain degree of freedom as well as crucial alone time.

Finally there is Aquarius, another possible Libra soulmate. Aquarius is the mutable Air sign, and as such, is extremely spontaneous, creative, open-minded, and with a rebellious streak. Libra and Aquarius work well together, both romantically, creatively, professionally and as friends. These two air signs can really bring out each other’s wild side, and when they join forces, big ideas and great adventures often ensure.

Earth signs

Libra natives may struggle to find a soulmate among the Earth signs. Earth signs, broadly speaking, are on a totally different plane of existence and have totally different values than Air signs.

While Air signs are focused on ideas, concepts sand language, Earth signs are focused on physical beauty and material manifestations of wealth and status. Air and Earth signs may be great friends and collaborators, but they rarely last in romantic couples. While Air signs often shun commitment, commitment is one of the key things almost every Earth sign native craves.

Libra with Capricorn is an interesting dynamic, and usually not in a good way. Capricorn and Libra are both cardinal signs, and both are stubborn and ambitious. However, this is just about where the similarities end. Capricorn is known to adeptly climb professional ladders and thrive within established structures – often the very structures which Libra is on a lifelong mission to overthrow.

Taurus is also usually ill-suited as a Libra soulmate. Like Capricorn, Taurus tends to have a somewhat conservative temper, valuing stability, security and structure, and resenting risks and ideas that haven’t been proven over the long haul. Moreover, Taurus’s focus on material gain and status may infuriate a social justice warrior like Libra.

While still not the ideal Libra soulmate, Virgo nevertheless is somewhat more flexible, adaptable and open-minded than the other Earth signs. Virgo and Libra may collaborate or form a thriving friendship, but they are unlikely to work out as a romantic couple.

Fire signs

Air and Fire signs tend to get on extremely well, each partner drawing out the best aspects in the other.

Libra is especially compatible with Sagittarius. The Libra-Sagittarius match is a meeting of two rather different, but extremely compatible people. Sagittarius is powerfully attracted to Libra’s classy, refined personality, while Libra is drawn to Sagittarius’ fire and enthusiasm. Libra and Sagittarius can sometimes make the best life partners, sharing an unusual and fun relationship from start to finish. When Libra and Sagittarius get together, there is a magnetic attraction between them, and the two are capable of complete devotion, even if their relationship is highly unconventional.

Leo is another possible Libra soulmate. Leo and Libra both love a good party, a social event, and going on adventures together. Libra feels drawn to Leo’s big heart and charisma. They may, however, struggle to get on the same page if Leo wants more commitment and presence than Libra is willing to give.

Libra and Aries click immediately and are very attracted to each other. This couple will enjoy exceptional physical intimacy, as well as many adventures together. Because Libra and Aries are both unconventional, rebellious and believers in a better world, these two signs can discuss, play and travel together for years, if not decades.

Water signs

Water and Air usually don’t mix all that well. From a Libra’s perspective, the Water signs are overly emotional and clingy.

Cancer, the cardinal water sign, is not relly Libra’s cup of tea – and vice versa. Cancer is loving, nurturing and caring, all qualities that Libra appreciates, but whereas Libra likes to keep a global perspective, Cancer keeps it all very local and personal. Libra is likely to view Cancer as irrational and emotionally draining, while Cancer is unlikely to trust Libra with his or her affection and devotion.

Scorpio is another bad match for the typical Libra. While Libra and Scorpio may find each other fascinating in a curious sort of way, the two are unlikely to want to get too entangled with each other. Libra simply cannot stand the ferocious intensity of Scorpio’s emotions, while Scorpio may regard Libra as fickle.

Libra with Pisces is perhaps one of the most odd matches that the zodiac wheel is capable of producing. These two signs are simply so different that it is almost impossible to imagine the two building a thriving, mutually satisfactory and long-term romantic bond. Pisces craves emotional closeness and much reassurance – while Libra craves a good mix of shared adventures and alone time.

Conclusion: These signs are the ultimate Libra soulmates

So, who is Libra’s soulmate?

Ultimately there is no simple answer, and there are no right or wrong answers either.

When discussing the ideal Libra soulmate, it is important to note that Libra often struggles to find his or her soulmate, and that Libra may generally find it difficult to make a long-lasting relationship work. While Libra craves love, romance and affection, this zodiac sign also flees from anything that smells even remotely like commitment and therefore perceived restriction.

Generally speaking, the best Libra soulmate is going to be another air sign. A Gemini is a great bet, as is a fellow Libra. Aquarius is also a potential Libra soulmate.

As for other Libra soulmate zodiac signs, Leo and Sagittarius are possible options.

In almost all cases, it will be difficult for a Libra to forge a soulmate connection with an Earth sign, or with a Water sign.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Libras best love match?

Libra’s best love match is a fellow Libra, a Gemini, an Aquarius, or potentially a Sagittarius.

Who should Libras get married to?

If and when Libra is ready to marry, he or she ought to choose a life partner wisely. Libra craves a partner who doesn’t restrict, smother or control, and is unlikely to find their ideal life partner in an Earth or Water sign native.

Libra’s best long-term love match is a fellow Air sign, or, if they can get on the same page, a Fire sign.

Who is Libras twin flame?

Libra’s twin flame is likely to be a Fire sign, as Libras and any of the Fire signs are capable of sharing an intense connection and chemistry, but may struggle to sustain a romantic connection in the long run.

twin flame is someone you are extremely drawn and attracted to, and with whom you have great chemistry. But a twin flame is also frequently someone with whom you are fundamentally incompatible, in the long run.

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