Signs You Met Your Soulmate

What are the key signs you met your soulmate?

The idea of meeting and being with your soul mate is the stuff that you often hear about in the movies. Is it actually real? With that said, there is indeed something really comforting about feeling like you are meant to be with someone. This is probably why many people believe in the idea of destiny, fate, and soulmates.

Can you have a deep connection with someone and start a soulmate relationship? It does not take a professional psychic artist to know what soul mates are. If you have crossed paths with someone who you have an unspoken understanding with, you just feel it.

Whether you have found your soulmate or not, you might be curious about the soulmate signs to look for. This guide is here to show you how to identify the spiritual signs to know when you have met your soulmate.

What Are Soul Mates?

Soulmate relationships are unique. It is based on the concept of soul mates. According to experts, this soul connection happens with another person to that you feel deeply connected. This connection that you have when you found your soulmate is not in a needy or toxic manner. It is when each other’s feelings are fulfilled and your needs are equally met. This is how all your love possibilities become a reality because you experience a sense of fulfillment.

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While not all soul mates are meant to end up in a romantic relationship, you are utterly connected with each other that it feels as though you share a part of your life with them. Once you met your soulmate, you feel as though they complete your life. Even if you don’t end up in the same place or have a great relationship, they can still have a lasting impact on your life.

As soul mates, you are able to look beyond each other’s flaws. You are extremely comfortable with each other that you feel as though it becomes easier to be a better person for yourself or for them. This is part of the reason why most people spend their lives trying to find that soulmate relationship. You have that instant connection that you did not have with your past relationships.

Have You Met Your Soulmate? Signs to Look For

Have you found your soulmate? It is easy to get overwhelmed with emotions when you think you have found your perfect match. However, you need to know the spiritual signs to look for that will tell you that you have met your soulmate.

1. You just feel it.

Ever heard the expression “you feel it in your guy”? That’s what meeting your soulmate feels like – only you can describe the emotions that you feel when you have met your soulmate. Even if you have not known them in your previous life, you have a unique insight into them and can feel each other’s happiness. There is a spiritual sign that is telling you that this person is different from all the others that you have met or known before. It defies any logical explanation.

2. You develop an instant connection.

A soul connection is hard to deny, the instant connection is strong, yet natural and effortless. You know when you have an instant connection with your soul mate because it seems that your two souls are finally home. This deep connection transcends various aspects of your life.

You don’t spend time figuring them out because you have this feeling that you’ve known them all along. Take this as a spiritual sign that you have crossed paths with someone that you have a soul connection with. There is also no way to tell when this soul connection will happen so you have to be open to all your love possibilities.

This is what most people often mistake as love at first sight. They don’t realize that they just met their soulmate.

3. You are connected with their deepest thoughts

The type of soul connection that two people in a soulmate relationship share is difficult to explain. However, someone who has a deep connection with their soulmate can feel it. It is like you can hear their deepest thoughts, especially in each other’s presence.

You have the ability to read the person’s thoughts even if they have not yet verbally expressed it.

4. A gifted advisor confirms it

You can always turn to a gifted advisor or a professional psychic artist to interpret your thoughts and feelings about another person. They can also help interpret the spiritual signs that you might miss.

When in doubt, turn to the experts for advice. It is important to turn to them for tailor made advice when you want to find the right person or get a unique insight when you think you have found your soulmate.

5. People will notice your chemistry too

Obviously, you don’t need an expert’s opinion to confirm your feelings for one another. However, one of the tell-tale signs that you and your partner are soulmates is that, your chemistry and feeling of comfort with each other is so undeniable that it makes people giddy.

6. You feel each other’s pain, burdens, and secrets

Your soulmate is your safe space. Your deep connection with your soulmate is not just there during the happy times. You can also feel their pain (and vice versa). When your souls meet, you turn into one person. This is why you can feel each other’s pain so that you no longer have to tell this other person how you feel; they already feel it.

It’s not just pain that you share. You also share each other’s feelings like sadness, stress, and worry. In the same way, you also experience each other’s happiness.

With that said, your insecurities and vulnerabilities don’t matter. Both parties don’t need any pretense or lies, as both feel whole and at home with each other. Soulmates don’t simply listen to hear, but they meet each other’s needs.

7. You consider them your best friend

Your soul mate is also your best friend. You have that instant and strong connection with each other that only best friends have.

Before any great relationship could start, whether it is a romantic relationship or not, it must be built upon the foundation of friendship. When you are best of friends, you have this undeniable bond with a particular person. Not every soulmates become romantic partners but all soulmates are best friends.

8. You have the same life goals

Soul mates are very similar in their values and views in life. Therefore, it is not a surprise that they can also have same life goals. They are on the same page when it comes to their values and ethics. Moreover, your dreams for the future also align.

Even if you have different ways of realizing your goals in life, you both want to achieve the same thing.

9. There is an unspoken understanding between you two

Soulmate relationships are characterized by the unique and tight bond that soul mates share. This bond is unlike any other relationship you have in life. This unspoken understanding encompasses various aspects of your life and it is something that you don’t even have to talk about, you just know.

This type of connection you have with your soulmate is a good sign that you have met your soulmate. You are able to communicate with each other without using words. You can also understand each other’s feelings.

Whatever happens to your lives, you can know for sure that the other person will be there and they will always have your back. You are also always on the same page and have the same values.

10. You met them at the perfect time

Timing is everything. However, timing is something that is out of your control. If fate does not intend for you to meet your soul mate yet, then you won’t cross paths with them yet.

You know you have found your soulmate when they arrive in your life at just the perfect moment – never too early or too late. You can feel it because the moment this particular person enters your life, it changes and you become a better person.

There is a strong sense that this person is different and that they will impact your life in ways that you haven’t seen or experienced before. It’s not just toxic spirituality that is giving you the false sense of illusion that you have found someone that is the right person for you. You have felt the impact on your life when that person arrived at the perfect time.

11. You respect your differences

Even though you share the same values and life goals, you also acknowledge that you have many differences, too. And that is perfectly okay because you have learned to accept and honor that.

In fact, it is those differences that make you right for each other and help you make a great relationship.

Do not be tricked into this illusion that you have to be similar to your soul mate. It is also possible that you can be polar opposite of each other. It is important that you recognize the spiritual signs.

12. You enrich your lives

A soulmate relationship consists of two people who are also close friends. You look at the relationship as something that adds value to your life, not diminishes its quality.

If you want to know if you’ve met your soulmate, then look at your own life. What was your life like before you met your soulmate? What kind of life do you have now? There will be ups and downs, but they are there with you through all the ups and downs.

Soulmates and your soul connection do not just exist for their sake. You share your life with them. This is why it is important to read the spiritual sign correctly to ensure that you are with the right person.

If not, it could end up in a toxic relationship wherein you diminish the quality of each other’s lives rather than enrich it.

13. You can be yourself around them

Most people wear different personalities depending on the varying life situations they are faced with. For example, you carry a different persona in the office than if you were at home with your family or around your friends.

With your soulmate, you don’t feel the need to wear a different persona. Nor you will ever feel the need to pretend when around them. Indeed, it is not always easy to show people your true self when you have just met. But if you never have to wear a mask and pretend to be something different around your partner, you two are probably meant to be.

You can be your authentic self and you don’t have to be afraid about it. Your two souls are so connected that they can see right through you, which is why there is no point in pretending to be someone else.

At the same time, you know you have found the perfect match for your soul when you are unapologetic about who you are. This person does not make you feel sorry for showing your true persona. They will never judge you for it. They will accept you simply for who you are, not for who you are pretending to be.

14. There is a strong pull between you

It’s not just about physical attraction. In fact, many soulmates who are on spiritual journeys together are not physically attracted to each other.

However, there is a deep and strong pull between you that you cannot put into words. You’re like a magnet that is being pulled together or there is an invisible string that connects your lives together.

It is hard to explain to anyone from the outside looking in but you both feel it.

15. The spark is mutual

Love and affection are reciprocated in both ways. No one in the relationship begs for attention, this is because the universe has prepared the two of you to complement each other.

16. You two want to make your relationship work

There is no perfect relationship; even soulmates can have their challenges and difficulties. This is because even if you complement each other perfectly, you are still two different persons, with different life experiences that shaped your characteristics, preferences, and values.

However, soulmates are willing to give everything you’ve got for your relationship to work. You two will put effort into nurturing your relationship.

Tips to Help Find Your Soulmate

If you believe you are destined for someone, then you are already halfway there.

The problem with many people is that they believe they are entitled to a fairytale-type of love story. That their prince charming or princess will magically appear out of nowhere and pull them out of their misery. Well, that might work in movies, but that is not what happens in real life.

Understand that you are not entitled to anything. Finding your soulmate takes a lot of work, self-reflection, and self-improvement. How do you do that exactly? Here are some tips:

Work on yourself first

Focus on how you can improve yourself. Invest in yourself and find ways to be more mindful. Learn new skills, be curious, overcome your fears, improve your health and physique, declutter, leave your toxic environment, seek feedback from other people, focus on your strengths, learn to overcome your weaknesses, and more importantly, celebrate your wins, no matter how small they may seem.

You can also find interesting hobbies to pursue, like learning how to play a musical instrument. Also, you cannot go wrong in pursuing a more stable career or profession. Whatever it is, be interesting.

No matter what you do, keep a journal and write down all your achievements and accomplishments, and don’t forget the celebrate them.

Cultivate desirable traits

Be someone people feel good to be around. Have a positive outlook in life. Start small, but always move forward.

One of the best ways to do this is to list down all the traits and good characteristics you look for and enjoy in a partner. Perhaps you want someone with a pretty smile, a good sense of humor, someone who reads novels, is into sports, etc. From here, consider how you may be able to embody those traits. Working on yourself this way will make it easier for you to find someone with the same interest as you.

Keep an open mind

While science says people really do have a “type”, the interesting about meeting your soulmate is that, oftentimes, they don’t look like someone you consider to be attracted to, let alone to be in a relationship with. You have to embrace whatever life throws at you.

But that’s the thing – the idea of soulmates really defies logical explanations, as you two will feel connected with each other despite your preferences. For this to happen though, you have to keep an open mind.

While you have a list of desirable traits, it is entirely possible to be attracted to a person who exhibits traits that are different from your preferences. Of course, it is completely fine to have a couple of “dealbreakers” as you search for an ideal life partner. However, try to keep an open mind as much as possible, and let your instincts guide you through more than the pros and cons of a person. You might be surprised by the other qualities of the person you meet.

Also, try to do away from your prejudices and internal biases. Don’t judge people from their looks. Take time to know them before you decide on anything. Be open to meeting new people, you will never know when you will meet your soulmate.

Find joy in being single first

This may seem counterintuitive, but the only way for you to find someone you will be comfortable and happy with is to be comfortable with yourself first. Relationships last significantly longer if both of you are confident, stable, and happy in yourselves. Strengthen your relationship with yourself. Learn to look deeper within for support and encouragement.

Also, figure out what you truly want. Being single gives you the best opportunity to learn more about yourself and the space to truly understand your desires and dreams.

The same goes with accountability; being single means you have the power to make choices. And that comes with accountability. Cultivate your inner confidence and resilience. More importantly, learn to enjoy your own company.

Stay away from attached people

There will be a time (multiple times even) when you meet an interesting and wonderful person who is in a relationship that you may feel you are connected to or even be attracted to, resist the urge. Understand that relationships that start off from infidelity don’t last. It is because attraction is rooted in the idea of wanting something that you cannot have.

If you truly want to pursue that person, wait until he/she is single for a while.

Expand your network

The more friends you have, the more chances you have to meet interesting strangers. Expanding your social network means expanding your dating pool. Obviously, to find someone who will interest you, you have to be in touch with like-minded people.

Pursue a hobby, join meet-up groups, volunteer for some charity work that you care about, join an alumni organization to reconnect to your old acquaintances in high school, etc. Whatever you do, make sure you cultivate genuine friendships.

Learn how to flirt

There are countless styles to flirt. However, to be successful you have to be respectful, expressive but complementary, and more importantly, learn how to use and read body language.

Smile and laugh often, and make eye contact, especially when talking to someone you like. Try to continue the conversation, and share a few personal details about your life that you think they may find interesting. Ask questions to learn more about the person.

Final Thoughts

Like most things in life, you can’t rush your way to finding your soulmate. While being proactive and manifesting things is far better than just sitting back and leaving things up to fate, understand that a genuine connection may take time to find. However, when you find it, and when the timing is right, things will eventually fall into place.

The key to finding your soulmate is to be positive, yet patient. Believe that that person is out there, and fate will eventually bring you together. In the meant time, work on yourself. Be someone you want to be with, someone you can be proud of.

Also, never settle. Your soulmate is your “epic love”, so don’t force it if you believe something doesn’t feel right and natural.

And if going out, meeting new people, and dating feels like things are getting exhausting, don’t be afraid to step back until you are fully ready to come back in. Don’t rush into things, enjoy the journey itself. Your soulmate will come along when you two are ready for each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do soulmates feel when they meet?

A. Soulmates are two people who are incredibly compatible with each other. That means the connection is immediately strong, yet effortless. Everything just comes naturally.

A Ukrainian poet Vironika Tugaleva once said, “A soulmate is not found, a soulmate is recognized”. People often have this feeling that they have known each other for a while, as the connection feels comfortable and familiar.

When people meet their soulmates, their dopamine (happy hormone) level shoots up, making them feel both happy and good about themselves – almost like a euphoric feeling. They connect to an intimate, emotional, and intellectual level.

Q. Do soulmates always end up together?

A. While not everyone is lucky to meet their soulmates, the chances are still pretty good for most people. Some soulmates, however, may not end up together for various reasons and circumstances. However, though they may not be physical with each other, the love will always be there.

As soon as soulmates meet, they touch each other in deep and profound ways that their memory of each other will remain embedded in their brains.

Each relationship has its ups and downs, even soulmates. However, soulmates know when to keep holding on and when to let go. This is because they know when to come back for each other.

Q. What happens when you meet your soulmate for the first time?

A. You will know it instantly – and that recognition of each other transcends space and time – it goes beyond comprehension, it defies logic. The connection will be instantaneous, as you two will be on the same wavelength. Other people will see (and feel) it as well, as it will be that obvious.

You will have a feeling of familiarity – even though you have never met each other before. You will also feel a deep emotional and spiritual connection. A connection that makes you feel complete, comfortable, and satisfied.

Physical appearance will not matter for the both of you, as the magic of the connection overwhelms reasoning and beats all misconceptions. In many cases, people are surprised their soulmates look quite different from what they thought they would look like.

Q. What age are you most likely to meet your soulmate?

A. Data from a dating site called suggests that women are likely to find their special someone at age 25, while men meet theirs at 28. Also, half of the participants in their survey said they have found their “The One” in their 20s.

If you have not found yourself “the One” by the age cited on the survey, there is no need to worry. Each person is different and each relationship moves at its own pace. Anyone can meet their soulmate at any age.

Q. How do soulmates connect?

A. Soulmate stirs each other’s soul when they meet. They connect strongly and deeply, yet naturally and effortlessly. The feeling of strong connection is instant; yet, both will feel they have known each other before. It sounds silly, but both will feel they have known each other for a while.

Q. What is deeper than a soulmate?

A. A twin flame refers to a mirror soul or the other half of your soul. This brings an even deeper connection than a soulmate, as both can alter the course of each other’s life. While both soulmates and twin flames aren’t necessarily romantic partners (they can be a friend, your best friend, a sibling, or a close family member), they can force a person to tackle their biggest issues and obstacles head-on, making a way for an intense, emotional, and more dramatic relationship. You have may experienced similar trauma in the past, and feel like your present mirrors each other.

Finding your twin flame, however, doesn’t automatically mean finding someone like you. As a matter of fact, twin flames are polar opposites of each other. However, they balance out and complement each other. The relationship brings an intense sense of belongingness.

However, due to the intense connection, a twin flame can be toxic, as both can mirror each other’s issues, bad characteristics, and imbalances.

Q. What happens if you let your soulmate go?

A. Losing your soulmate is not always a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it can be a chance for you to grow and your soul to awaken. It can give you the best lessons in a relationship and in life, it will teach you what you need to learn in your next relationship. It will make you realize what you can (and will) give up, put up, and more importantly, what you don’t want to deal with again.

Q. How many soulmates can you have?

A. A soulmate is someone your soul recognizes and resonates with. This may come as a surprise, but many people will actually meet multiple soulmates in their lifetime. This is because there are many different types of soulmates: friend/companion soulmate, teacher soulmate, past life soulmate, and lover soulmate.

Q. Do soulmates marry?

A. While a relationship with a soulmate is natural and sweet, getting married can be harmonious, passionate, and healthy, not all soulmates get to marry. This is because a lasting relationship requires more than love – it requires commitment.

When you found your soulmate, it requires a lot of work. Sometimes, people meet their soulmates at the wrong time when they prioritize other things over love or when it happens at a young age.

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