Libra Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility

Are you ready to discover the truth about Libra man and Cancer woman compatibility?

Libra and Cancer are signs belonging to two different elemental groups, which guarantees that they will have plenty of differences. On the other hand, they are both cardinal signs, which guarantees some common ground and shared perspectives.

The Libra man and Cancer woman relationship isn’t an obvious win. While these two signs have enough in common to be able to make things work between them if they really want them to, their differences are bound to make them both feel, at times, like they come from two different planets.

So, what are the keys to making a Cancer-Libra relationship work? How can these two very different zodiac signs turn their attraction into a thriving and blossoming long-term relationship? Keep reading to learn the answers to these and many more vital questions about Libra man and Cancer woman compatibility.

About Libra men

In order to understand where Libra and Cancer vibe together and where they differ, we have to start out with a good level of understanding of both of their personalities.

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The personality of the Libra male is shaped by a number of key astrological factors. Each of them can tell us a great deal about what drives, motivates, inspires and informs a Libra man’s personality.

Libra is an air sign

Libra is an air sign, which means that the Libra personality is defined by the air element and its various associations.

Air is tied to the workings, mechanisms and qualities of the mind, the thoughts and the intellect.

Like the other air signs, the Libra male is governed by his intellect – this is the faculty that he trusts and relies on most of all as he navigates his life.

As a species, Libra men are highly intelligent and are often fantastic communicators. Libras possess a rare gift for putting words, sentences and narratives together in a way that inspires and convinces others. All in all, it is no wonder why many successful writers, politicians, salespeople and influencers are Libras.

As an air sign, the Libra man makes his decisions based on facts and logic. If he is engaged in a debate, he will absolutely demolish his opponent the second he or she presents an illogical, emotion-based argument.

Libras are interested in new ideas, technologies and inventions. They’re also ambitious self-starters and might start their own companies or charities.

Libra is ruled by Venus

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet as well as the ancient Roman goddess of love, beauty and pleasure.

Being ruled by Venus lends a sensuality and a seductive quality to the Libra zodiac sign. The Libra man is also highly drawn to and taken in by beauty, art and music.

The fact that Libra is ruled by Venus lends this star sign native a hedonistic edge, an eye for beauty and a desire for the various pleasures that life has to offer.

Libra is symbolized by a pair of scales

Every star sign has its own symbol, and for Libra, that symbol is a pair of scales.

The scales are universally recognized as a symbol of balance, justice and fairness.

As indicated by the perfectly balanced scales, the Libra male takes a measured and well-balanced approach to everything he does. He thinks his actions through before he takes them, and he always weights up his options carefully before he makes up his mind.

The scales also indicate Libra’s famous drive towards creating a better, fairer and more just world for all. The Libra male tends to think big and looks at how his actions can have impact on a large scale. In other words, a Libra man is usually much more interested in planning or raising funds for a social housing project than he is in tending his own garden.

Thanks to their silver tongues, Libra men often find it easy to connect with and rally others to their cause.

This is what Libra men want in a romantic relationship

What the Libra man is looking for in a romantic partner is someone who complements him and supports him in every conceivable way.

Libra’s ideal partner is the perfect mix of self-reliant, ambitious, nurturing and well put together. Libra is always on the lookout for a partner that he can be proud of being seen and associated with.

Libra doesn’t tolerate fools gladly and because of this, Libra has no patience for low-level drama and games playing. As an air sign, Libra also requires ongoing mental stimulation, so an intelligent partner who is interested in everything from science to art to politics is definitely a must.

Despite being social and outgoing most of the time, Libra also requires plenty of alone time to think and to process. 

What this means is that Libra men cannot get on with a clingy or needy partner. A Libra man’s ideal partner gives him all of the time and space he needs, and never pressurises or tries to guilt trip him into spending more time together.

Libra men are inherently idealistic and are at their happiest when they are pursuing some lofty goal or mission. In most cases, Libra men derive their greatest fulfilment through their professional work or by serving what they conceive of as being some higher calling. In other words, you shouldn’t expect a Libra or spouse to to put family before his career or sense of purpose.

Having said that, Libra is loving and attentive as a romantic partner. As long as he is given the space and time he needs to get on with his own thing and pursue his vision, whatever form it may take, he is also capable of being fully present and attentive when he’s in the room with you.

About Cancer women

Now that you’ve acquired a good degree of understanding of what makes the Libra male who and what he is, it is time for us to look at what makes the Cancer woman.

Cancer is a water sign

While the Libra man is a denizen of the air element, the Cancer woman belongs to the deep and mysterious water element.

The water signs are known to be governed by their feelings, emotions and intuitive impressions rather than by logic and reason. This makes them very spiritual, preceptive and creative, but can also mean that they become moody, or that their inner fantasy lives take precedence over the practical realties of life.

Having said that, Cancer is undoubtedly the most grounded and reasonable of the water signs, which is what creates a point of connection with rational and logical Libra.

As a water sign, Cancer feels both deeply and intensely. When a Cancer woman falls in love, she falls in love completely and without reservation. Once a Cancer woman has given her heart to someone she is in love with, she will never ask for it back – unless, of course, her chosen partner really goes out of his or her way to hurt and betray our devoted Cancer woman.

One of the things all water sign have in common is their acute sense of perception. A water sign can always read the temperature of a room, sometimes before even entering it. Water signs are also capable of smelling bullshit and deception several miles off.

Water signs are romantic souls through and through, and with that comes a dream of finding true and everlasting love with one person. If it is up to them, the water signs fall in love once and for all. What this tells us about the Cancer woman is that she is fiercely loyal and reliable as a romantic partner.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon

Cancer is ruled by the magnificent Moon. The Moon represents depth, mystery, femininity, secrets, magic and nurturing.

The fact that Cancer is ruled by the Moon means that she is mysterious and highly private without even trying. It takes a long time to really get to know a female Cancer, and when you first meet her she can come across as rather guarded and cautious.

Moonlight has a quality about it that transforms everything and opens the portals of the imagination. When you look out over a moonlit landscape, it becomes possible to imagine just about anything – and by the same token, you can never be completely certain of your next step, as the murky landscape may seem to shift and ripple underneath your feet.

In astrology, the Moon represents the archetypal, primordial mother. Its energy is nurturing, soothing and gentle – all qualities that come to expression in the Cancerian personality. 

Cancer is symbolized by a crab

The Cancer zodiac sign is symbolized by the crab. 

A crab is a hard-shelled creature with a soft and tender core. This perfectly describes the Cancer personality. At first glance, Cancer can seem like a bit of a badass, but underneath the armor is a big, soft, beating heart.

If they didn’t have their shell, their reservedness, to protect them, Cancers would undoubtedly wind up getting hurt too deeply and too frequently. Cancers need their protective shell to bolster them against slights and disappointments that wouldn’t hurt the other zodiac signs had as deeply, but which might prove fatal to an emotional Cancer.

This is what Cancer women want in a romantic relationship

Cancer women crave nothing less than a lifelong romantic relationship with a partner she can trust and rely on.

Cancer love goes deep, so when a Cancer woman gives her whole heart to someone, she knows she’s got to pick her mate wisely. A Cancer who has been hurt in love can take an inordinately long time to recover – which is why she wants to be very sure before pursuing a relationship.

Cancers are emotionally intense and value a deep connection, trust and great sexual chemistry above everything else. Cancers make the most loyal partners and expect the same degree of absolute loyalty, devotion and exclusivity in return.

Female Cancers are loving and nurturing – they love to make their partners feel valued and desirable. 

On the flip side, Cancer women also have a jealous and possessive streak, so the ideal partner of a Cancer woman is someone who doesn’t flirt too much or gives her reason to doubt their undying loyalty and devotion!

Key similarities between the Libra man and Cancer woman

Now you have an overview over the Libra man and the Cancer woman personalities. It is now time for us to tie all of the threads together and look at how these two rather different zodiac signs match up romantically.

Libra and Cancer are both cardinal signs

Libra and Cancer may belong to two very different elements, but they’re both cardinal signs.

All twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into cardinal, fixed and mutable signs (Each element has one of each). 

The cardinal signs are the primary signs, the ones that begin each season. They’re considered to be the frontrunners, trailblazers, explorers and entrepreneurs of the zodiac. Cardinal signs are determined, driven, stubborn, confident and independent.

The fact that both Libra and Cancer are cardinal signs ups their compatibility by a whole lot. Two cardinal signs are inevitably going to share a high degree of mutual respect and admiration.

Libra and Cancer are both deep thinkers

Cancer and Libra both think deeply about life. They both require time to process what they think, experience and observe. 

This shared tendency means that both partners in a Libra-Cancer relationship are going to need time to shut themselves away in their office and be alone. On the flip side, it also means that this couple are guaranteed to share many fascinating and windy discussions about life, the universe, politics, and everything in-between.

Libra and Cancer both are both empathic and attentive partners

Once these two zodiac signs get into relationships, they prove themselves to be caring and attentive partners. Not many of the other star signs are capable of expressing the same degree of care and nurturing that Cancer and Libra spouses show each other.

If the Libra man has fallen ill, the Cancer woman will be right there with the chicken broth and cough syrup. And if the Cancer woman is on her period, the Libra male will bring her everything she needs, usually before she’s even had to open her mouth and ask.

Both Cancer and Libra are very attentive listeners, and are great at remembering the important things their partners tell them.

Libra and Cancer both prioritize trust and truth in a relationship

While there are plenty of ways in which the Libra male and the Cancer female view the world differently, they both prize truth, honesty and trust very highly in relationships. 

These shared values ensure that the Cancer-Libra relationship gets started on a positive note.

Key differences between the Libra man and Cancer woman

Now that we’ve covered the key similarities between the Libra male and the Cancer female, let’s discuss some of the primary differences.

Libra is ruled by his intellect, Cancer by her heart and intuition

When it comes to navigating in the world, Cancer and Libra have got two completely different ends of the stick. 

As mentioned earlier, Cancer is ruled by emotions, intuitions and subtle feelings, while Libra is ruled by his intellects and whatever facts he can gather in support of his hypothesis or idea.

Needless to say, this can sometimes lead to clashes when the Libra-Cancer couple are faced with having to make important decisions together. The fact that they simply function completely differently in their decision-making processes means that neither will be able to justify their choices to their partner. This is just one of those areas of their relationship where the Cancer woman and the Libra man will have to develop a mutual appreciation for each other’s differences.

Libra is a social butterfly, Cancer is reserved

While Cancer and Libra both require oodles of quality time in their own exclusive company, Libra can also be very outgoing and social. When the mood strikes him, he can even be quite the party animal and will most likely have large groups of friends that he likes to spend time and stay in touch with on a regular basis.

Cancer, on the o there hand, is consistently reserved and introverted. Family and friends are important to her, and she loves to nurture and regale them with her cooking skills. However, when it comes to large and nosy gatherings, she may give it a miss more often than not.

Libra’s love is open-handed, Cancer’s is possessive

When it comes to structuring their relationship, the Cancer woman and the Libra man may encounter a bit of a challenge.

While Libra is unconventional and open-minded – and perhaps not opposed to having an open or merely monogamish rather than monogamous relationship – the Cancer woman is usually only interested in a romantic affair if the arrangement is exclusive.

Even if she is reassured of the exclusive rights to her lover’s heart, body and soul, the Cancer woman will still be prone to bouts of jealousy and possessiveness. The Libra man, who likes to flirt and connect with lots of people on a daily basis, may find the Cancerian brand of love slightly stifling. 

A note on the sexual connection between Libra and Cancer

When it comes to their physical relationship, the Cancer woman and the Libra man are highly compatible. 

These two signs are powerfully drawn to each other both physically and energetically. Together, they are capable of finding their rhythm and creating a thriving and fulfilling sex life that only works to further and deepen their emotional connection.

For a Libra guy, his sexuality is an important way for hime to express his love and devotion. And for the Cancer woman, it’s much the same.

While the Libra man and Cancer woman are not always capable of understanding each other’s motivations, they are usually capable of connecting very well in the bedroom. These two signs are both passionate and eager to please their romantic partner.

Our verdict: The truth about Libra man and Cancer woman love compatibility

Libra man and Cancer woman compatibility is neither exceptionally high or low. These two zodiac natives have enough common ground to stand on, which will allow them to build a solid, loving and lasting love affair, while also having enough differences for there to be a possibility of conflict and clashes.

If a Libra man and Cancer woman are in love and want to make a relationship between them work, they should both be prepared to engage in honest and open communication about what they both want and need in the relationship. If both the Libra partner and the Cancer partner are mature and dedicated, they’re absolutely capable of building a flourishing romantic relationship.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a Cancer woman and Libra man a good match?

The answer to this question completely depends on the two specific people involved. Libra and Cancer compatibility isn’t the highest in the zodiac – but nor is it the lowest.

In other words, a Libra-Cancer romance can turn into a blossoming and thriving long-term relationship, but only if the two partners are both dedicated to work out their differences.

Libra and Cancer belong to two different elemental zodiac groups, which means that they take fundamentally different approaches to life. As water signs, Cancer women tend to be ruled by their feelings rather than by their rational minds. Libra men, on the other hand, are air sign natives and tend to navigate their lives using logic as their primary navigational tool.

However, a Libra man and Cancer woman are also going to find that they have enough common ground to be able to understand each other. Cancer and Libra are both cardinal signs, which mean that they are stubborn, inventive, and individualistic.

Why is Libra so attracted to Cancer?

The Cancer woman’s classic femininity and emotional vulnerability are huge draws for the Libra man. Cancer women truly have a way of bringing out the hero instinct in Libra men, who will be inspired to care for and protect these seemingly delicate creatures.

At the same time, Libra admires the fact that Cancer has a tough shell and is deeply principled.

Can Cancer and Libra get married?


Even though Libra and Cancer have plenty of differences, they also have enough commonalities and shared traits to be able to make a romantic relationship work in the long run.

It is advisable that a Libra and Cancer get to know each other well and iron out their differences before they tie the knot. 

Cancer and Libra are typically very drawn to each other and fascinated by each other, but these two will have to learn how to understand and work with each other in order not to get caught up in their different ways of approaching life.

Is a Libra man more compatible with a Cancer woman or a Libra woman?

The answer to this question necessarily has to be broad and sweeping, but it is nevertheless clear-cut: In the vast majority of cases, two Libras are going to have a much higher degree of compatibility than a Libra and a Cancer.

A Libra man and a Libra woman are automatically going to share many of their goals, values and approaches to life. Like the Libra man, the Libra woman is governed and informed by logic, and never makes decisions based purely on emotion.

The Cancer woman, by contrast, is ruled by her emotions and she uses her intuition (a concept that Libras tend to find suspicious at the best of times) to inform her decisions and actions.

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