Life Path Number 8

Many influential people were born with a life path number 8. It may not be a master number, but the 8s have a “can do” energy that reflects in everything they do.

In numerology, the number 8 signifies balance, love, good luck, abundance, emotions, and a constant flow of energy. It is often connected to money, material wealth, and success in careers/businesses.

Famous people with 8 life path include Nelson Mandela, Sandra Bullock, Pablo Picasso, Elizabeth Taylor, 50 Cent, Whoopi Goldberg, Tommy Lee Jones, Barbra Streisand, Halle Berry, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jason Statham, Matt Damon, Stevie Nicks, Paul Newman, and Lucille Ball, among others.

Out of all the numerology numbers, 8s are also the most misunderstood. Their unwavering determination to succeed in something and everything is often misconstrued.

If you were born under life path number 8 and you want to work on your strengths and manage your weaknesses, this post should give you some insights.

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What Does Life Path Number 8 Mean?

If your life path number isn’t 8, but you keep on noticing the number 8 in your life, you should consider this a good thing. Almost all cultures (ancient or modern) believe in 8 as a positive number.

8 signify:

  • New beginnings. In the Bible, 8 signify hope, regeneration, and new beginnings. It is connected with Jesus and his resurrection.
  • Limitlessness or eternity. The infinity symbol, a figure of 8 but on its side, has been used to describe eternal love. The word infinity, which comes from the Latin word that means “without end,” often describes space, number, forever, and anything else that never comes to a stop.
  • Fortune and Good luck. The number 8 is HUGE in China. The number 8 (Ba in Chinese) has a similar pronunciation to 发 (Fa, meaning wealth or fortune). Not only does #8 express the totality of the universe, but it is also considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture. As such, they incorporate the number 8 in weddings, new kids, or even when choosing a new residence (8th floor, #8 lot, and so on).
  • Multiplicity – In Japan, people also consider the number as a lucky number due to its shape.  
  • The number of balance – Egyptians refer to the number 8 as the number of the cosmic order.

What does the number 8 mean spiritually?

Spiritually, the number 8 conveys the beginning of a new era. It is mentioned 80 times in the Bible, often referring to rebirth, newborns, and other similar nature. When Jesus rose from the dead on the first day of the next week, it referred to the 8th day since his death. It is for this reason that the Catholic Church regards 8 as the symbol of new life. 

During the Great Flood, Noah was the eighth person to step out into the new, flood-free world. They were 8 people (including Noah) who were saved in that ark.

The Feast of Tabernacles, a feast that has been said to have lasted for eight days, is one of the biblical holidays described in Leviticus 23.  

In Hebrew, the number 8 means “overflow,” “he who is rich in vigor” or to describe something that is “superabundant.”

What does the number 8 mean in love?

The number 8 is a love number that revolves around cycles, infinite updating, and past lives. It is somewhat uncommon for a number 8 person to date consistently since 8s are usually involved in the pursuit of something big.

However, if an 8 feels for another person on a karmic level, someone with the same thirst for accomplishments, life ambitions, personal goals, and own interests, the 8 tends to give his all.

For life path number 8, “all or nothing” extends even love and relationships. As you will discover later, this trait can be a double-edged sword, sometimes serving as a strength and other times as a weakness.

Personality of Life Path Number 8

Anyone who follows life path 8 values money at a deeper level – they believe this can pave the way to reaching their goals – the means to an end. 8s are hard-workers, from starting as employees or even as they become the boss.

It is easy for 8s to become leaders. They are very pragmatic with exceptional management and conflict resolution skills. And if 8 decides that his path involves inspiring others while working his way up, the 8 can actually change the world.

Positive Traits

  • Ambitious – The drive of life path number 8 is unmatched in any other numerology number. They impress others since 8s tend to make the impossible possible. And this happens no matter what industry 8s focus on.
  • Resilient – People on life path number 8 know the mental energy it takes to reach their goals, so they work on their physical health as well.  They know the stress involved in anything they put their minds on. Being resilient is second nature to someone with a life path number 8. They are aware of their strengths and are confident that they can solve anything, even when their careers are having a rough patch, or their business seems to be failing. 8s know that struggle is part of the process and success is in the end.
  • Dedicated – Life path number 8 was born to succeed in their respective careers. They do the work day in, day out. They plan out their goals, use utmost discipline at every step of the way, and dedicate their time and effort to accomplish their jobs beyond what is asked for. It is this unwavering determination that allows 8s to climb upward quicker than other life path numbers.  
  • Authoritative – 8s know their purpose in life at an early age. They know that money can help them succeed quicker, so they use this as a stepping stone for their ultimate goal. 8s also know that leading people can multiply his efforts, so it is normal to see 8s in a position of authority.
  • Problem-solver –People on life path number 8 thrive in problem-solving. They can be one step ahead of the problem and always keep their eyes on the goal. You can be rest assured that if an 8 is leading a project, he/she would take matters into his own hands until issues are solved.

Negative Traits

Because the positive personality of one with a life path 8 often leads to money, fame, and success in any field, the power could go straight to the 8’s head. When this happens, the 8 can become entitled, power-hungry, and even dismissive of other people’s opinions.

8s might find it hard to ask permission from fellow leaders or ask for forgiveness when they wronged other people.

Sometimes, when life path 8 has been in a position of authority for so long, he becomes too controlling, domineering, or unwilling to cooperate with others.

What Life Path Number is Compatible with 8?

Like other life path numbers, this personality number is not compatible with everyone.

For example, 8s and 7s rarely connect romantically, in careers, or even as friends, so you would see 8s connecting to 7s in a family life setting where they’re related to each other (8s parents are 7s, or 8s kid was born under the life path 7).

Life Path 8 Romantic Relationship

Probably one of the most impressive characteristics of people with an 8 life path is their ability to put the same dedication and intensity they have with their careers into their relationships.

Because 8s are high-achievers whose lives are aimed at reaching peak after peak, they are attracted to partners who have the same ambitions in life.

8s would gladly accept the main provider role and have known to make grand gestures during big events like anniversaries, engagements, or weddings, but their relationships are comparable to a contractual agreement with scheduled celebratory occasions they could place into a calendar.

People on life path number 8 are most compatible with:

  • 4s: The sensibility and persistence of 4s make perfect romantic partners with 8s. Because 8s love the kind of partners who are as dependable and determined as them, they respect 4s completely. Plus, 8s being the visionary, big-picture kind of guy matches the detail-orientedness of a 4.
  • 6s: Balance is the most important thing for 8s. Both 6s and 8s are goal-oriented and practical, but the loving and sacrificing nature of 6s will match the ambitious and hardworking 8s to the T. Both life path numbers are able to compromise towards a bigger picture or for the benefit of their family’s future.
  • 8s: Nobody else could understand the drive and determination of someone under life path 8 more than his fellow 8s. Both 8s in a romantic relationship simply is the perfect match since both would find satisfaction in their own visions. Both just have to make sure that if they suddenly bump heads for the same desire or positions, that they would make it a friendly competition.

8 Life Path Friendships

Opposite personalities as friends work the best because they could play their strengths and weaknesses against each other. 8s could be good friends with life path number:

  • 2s: Because 2s are extremely in tune with their emotions, and are one of the most patient life path numbers, they can understand when the 8’s drive towards a particular goal trumps over anything else (including other people’s feelings). 2s are emotionally sensitive. They make awesome friends with 8s since they could remind the over-achieving 8 to be humble with their feet on the ground.
  • 5s: While 8 continues to reach his idea of power, control, positions, or any other thing he currently desire, the playfulness and freedom-loving 5 could offer balance to the table. They probably wouldn’t be compatible as couples, but the loyalty of both 5s and 8s can lead to life-long friendships.

Numerology 8 Path Business and Career

Life path number 8 shines career-wise. They crave power, but what makes them different is they materialize their vision into reality. As partners or co-workers, 8s are most compatible with life path numbers:

  • 1s: In numerology, numbers 1 and 8 are both strong, impressive life paths. They both excel as leaders, which makes them tricky as romantic partners because one will try to dominate the other and vice versa. As business partners, if boundaries are made early, 1s and 8s could work their strengths and succeed in their common goal.
  • 3s: 3s could bring their unique creativity to the table, but their disorganized personality often pulls them back. 8s’ laser-focus in achieving his goals can help 2s re-focus on what’s important for the business.

Careers Best Suited for People on Life Path Number 8

People born on life path number 8 almost always succeed in their careers. They are drawn to careers that adhere to structure and strict discipline.

You can find life path 8 in the following careers:

  • Science – As natural problem solvers, 8s find any science field exciting. In this field, life path number 8 can bring his organizational, research, and analytical skills to good use.
  • Finance – People on life path 8 grow up reaching for the stars and building their wealth at an early age.
  • Education – A life path 8 finds satisfaction in areas where they have authority, so becoming a professor or teacher can be a good use of their ability.
  • Law – 8 life path people study hard and work hard, which is why they can excel in fields as competitive as law. 8s make a perfect judge and lead attorneys since they have a gift of words, persuasion, and communication skills.  
  • Management position – 8s can thrive in any field, especially if they fall in a leadership position. It doesn’t matter if they run a farm, or lead a real estate firm. They will be most comfortable under pressure and trying to solve problems every step of the way.

Life path 8 people are amazing business owners.  As a boss, an 8 life path love being in total control, but their diplomacy, leadership ability, and preference of getting their hands dirty usually lead to a good boss-employee relationship. 8s also have good intuitions and their business sense shows this.

While 8s prefer to share the wealth (instead of time or effort) as their version of social work, the meaning isn’t lost on the 8s. They can be just as generous as other numerology numbers, while still being true to their character.

Common Problems Life Path Number 8 Face

People following the 8 life path are some of the strongest personalities you could meet. It’s no wonder many people in power are 8s. But even if this numerology personality usually succeeds in whatever they put their minds to, they still face hardships like any ordinary person. Common issues may fall under these three things:

  • Maintaining humanity: 8s are naturally-born leaders with excellent communication skills and impressive networking skills. They are talented, hardworking, and laser-focused in reaching their goals, but the power and success could also get to their heads. One way to solve this is to participate in non-profit projects or foundations or have a relationship with someone who can remind you of the meaning of humility.
  • Losing relationships: 8s have a vision early in life. They’ve been studying, working, grinding hard to achieve their visions. Unfortunately, 8s tend to put their careers and material success above relationships. The key here is to find friends, business partners, or lovers that understand your nature, and learn to communicate your language of love in different ways other than gift-giving.
  • Unstoppable desire to reach peak after peak: 8s do not feel defeat, even if they’ve lost people along the way, or faced financial problems. 8s believe these are all part of the journey and they will eventually succeed in whatever they’re trying to achieve. The problem is once one goal has been met, 8s find another mountain to climb, another project to start, another company to build, and so on. Finding satisfaction as a life path 8 is hard, but possible.

8s must face these problems head-on, so they would not have to sacrifice loved ones or suddenly find themselves unable to feel genuine happiness or fulfillment.

Wrap Up

As 8s, you have the power to change the world in any industry you focus your energy on. But you can’t build an empire alone – you need team members, investors, friends, family, and other essential relationships to help you along the way.

To maintain these relationships, 8s have to open up about their goals, the level of commitment they’re willing to give, and your quench for fulfilling your visions. When other people in your life understand the meaning behind your actions, you’d be surprised to find less pushback, demands, or misconceptions from the people around you.

Listen to past failures, lessons, and triumphs. Choose the people who would bring balance to your busy 8 life is key to leading a happy and successful life.

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