Spiritual Meaning Of Number 5

What is the spiritual meaning of number 5?

If the number 5 keeps appearing in front of your eyes over and over again – in social media handles, on the fronts of buses, on grocery bills and so on – it is because the divine forces are trying to reach you with an important message. A message related to the symbolic meaning of the number 5.

Are you ready to ready to peel back the layers and discover the many secret meanings of the number 5? Well, let us begin.

Angel number 5

You do not have to believe in the existence of guardian angels or spiritual guides in order to receive spiritual messages in teh form of numbers. Angel numbers are merely a way to define a number or number sequence that appears with unusual, even uncanny, frequency.

But what does it really mean when the same number appears absolutely everywhere you go?

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Number 5 deep dive

Numbers have been around for a really long time, and over the course of centuries they have all been imbued and embroidered with layer upon layer of meaning. 

It is fascinating to note that the meanings of numbers are rather consistent across cultures and historical epochs. For example, the number 1 will mean much the same to someone born and raised in Dubai as it will to someone who grew up in the Swedish countryside. But because numbers are such a common and universal language, we rarely think about how deep their roots go.

When you want to really understand a number, what it represents and what it is trying to tell you, you have to trace its meaning back in time. Look at it through different symbolic and religous lenses, and somewhere in the crosshairs, the true meaning of the number will reveal itself.

Number 5 symbolism

Number 5 symbolically, it represents the five senses, and the way in which they connect us to the physical world all around us. It also represents the physical body and physical health, the vehicle through which we experience life and absorb important life lessons and experiences. Just think of the fact that we all (with few exceptions) have five fingers on each of our hands and five toes on each of our feet.

The number 5 also serves the critical function of connecting the material and spiritual aspects of life. This means that the energy of the number five is dynamic, social, transcendant and challenging.

The energy of the number five never stands still – it is always in motion. There is a restlessness to it, a curiosity, a desire to discover and explore.

Number 5 in religion

In Christianity, the number five represents the two sets of ten commandments that Moses carried down from the mountain. These commandments represent moral strictures – the moores of Christian society, if you will – that God presecribed.

According to the Jewish Kabbalah, the number five represents strength. It is tied to the fifth sphere on the Tree of Life diagram, which is called Geburah. As well as being associated with the number 5, Geburah is also associated with Mars, the planet of fire, llibido and warfare.

Number 5 in the Tarot

The number 5 crystalizes in the Tarot in the form of the Hierophant Tarot card.

Much like the two sets of five commandments, the Hierophant represents societal moores, rules, hierachies and structures. He is a figure filled with wisdom and is a custodian of valuable traditions. However, he can also represent the shortfalls of traditions and the ways in which they can seem stifling, limiting or simply outmoded and disconnected from real life in the present.

When the Hierophant comes up in Tarot reading, he represents this double-edged sword. On one hand, there is much that tradition can teach us, but it can also hold us back if we are unable to think adapt and think beyond it.

What it means when your guardian angels are showing you angel number 5

Now you have a good level of understanding in terms of what the number 5 means when you view it from different cultural vantage points. But, how does knowing that the number five represents the physical senses, or that it is associated with a lively, dynamic and somewhat unstable energy, translate into practical advice?

To help you along in your own interpretation, here is a handful of examples of what the meaning of the number five might be.

Physical and mental health

Because the number five is so closely correlated with the physical world and specifically with the human body, its message almost inevitably either brushes on or revolves around a message that has to do with the state and condition of your earthsuit. 

If you have been neglecting your body or your mind lately, seeing the number five can be a reminder for you to refocus on strenghtening and healing yourself. It could be that you are engaging in negative habits or behaviors that you know you need to stop in order to be at your best. Or, it could be that you have a health concern that you have been trying to avoid thinking about or facing – in which case seeing angeln number 5 is your sign to get that dental visit or that cancer screening booked in as soon as possible.

Often, seeing the number five can simply be a sign to pay more attention to the basics, including your diet, your sleep, and your stress levels. It is usually possible to start seeing almost immediate improvements to your physical and mental wellbeing from making small tweaks and improvements to the basic elements of health.

Personal freedom

Angel number 5 often has to do with matters of personal freedom, autonomy and responsibility. 

Because the number 5 is associated with societal norms and traditions, it also represents the desire to go beyond and to push against them. After all, if we live our entire lives within the clearly defined lines of what is considered ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal,’ we are guaranteed to not even come close to realize our full potential.

Inherent to the number five is a desire for more, a desire to explore, discover and challenge what already is.

A reminder to build your positive outlook

If you wait for good things to happen so that you can have a positive attitude, you might get stuck waiting for a very long time.

The number 5 calls upon you to take responsibility for the way in which you approach your own life and the world around you. If your outlook and attitude do not directly create your reality, they certainly shape it. It is up to you to choose to actively build positivity, possibility and hope into your reality.

Beginning your journey towards spiritual enlightenment

Angel number 5 represents not only the physical, but also transcending the physical.

When you keep seeing the number 5, it could be a sign that you are ready to pursue something beyond the earth plane. Even the staunchest atheists among us have a curiosity, a desire to discover the underlying principles and truths that govern the universe and our own lives.

This is exactly what the spiritual journey is about – it’s a journey of self-discovery, and the desire to go on the journey usually comes at a time in our lives when the ‘flat’ reality of the 3D world is no longer enough to inspire and sustain our interest.

Romantic upheavals

If the number five appears in relation to your romantic relationship, it is a sign that trouble is brewing. However, it is also a sign that it is within your power to do something about it.

The number five represents a certain degree of dissatisfaction. This can be either negative or positive, depending on your point of view and how you choose to tackle it.

If you know that your relationship doesn’t live up to what you want or expect from it, seeing the number five is your sign that now is the time to get your resentments out in the open. Instead of being afraid to rock the boat, speak openly, freely and honestly with your spouse or partner about what could be improved. If you both handle it right, this could be the best opportunity you have to create a stronger, better, more honest and connected relationship.

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Frequently asked questions

Why the number 5 is important?

The number five represents the physical senses, as well as the inherent desire to transcend them. The number five is a number in flux – dynamic, lively, and always unbalanced, never at rest.

What this means is that the number five presents as challenge. It represents growth, transcendence, discovery and exploration. In other words, it means that you cannot stick your head in the sand or remain within your comfort zone. Instead, the number five inspires you to take action, to get behind the wheel of your own life in order to steer it in your desired direction.

What does the number 5 mean in love?

If the number five appears in connection with your romantic life, it is not necessarily great news.

The number five represents a pushing against the current status quo, and if the status quo is your romantic relationship, it means that you are in for a bumpy ride. If your relationship is not everything it could be or should be, chances are that both you and your partner are painfully aware of the fact.

Seeing the number five is a sign from the universe, telling you to get all of your resentments, wishes, desires, dreams and needs out in the open. Only by confronting your problems or limitaitons head-on as a couple will you be able to build a better relationship together.

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