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It is no mystery why a very high percentage of the questions Tarot readers and fortune telling pros get asked are related to love, romance and relationships. Love is, after all, one of the most primal, fundamental and universal desires we have as human beings.

The Tarot is a particularly useful divination tool when it comes to finding clarity in matters of the heart, where judgement is sometimes clouded by powerful emotions. The Tarot card allows you to zoom out and gain an eagle’s eye perspective on the energies, feelings and motivations of the people involved.

Just about any Tarot spread in existence can be modified and adapted to helping you deliver clear and incisive love and relationship Tarot readings, though of course, some spreads are better suited than others.

These Tarot cards deal with love, romance and relationships

There are cards in the Tarot deck that talk about romance and relationships, whether or not that is the topic of the reading.

The Minor Arcana’s suit of Cups is associated with the element of water. Water represents feelings and emotions, interpersonal connection, creativity and spirituality. Cups appear not only in the Minor Arcana, but in the Major Arcana as well.

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Whenever Cups appear in a Tarot spread, they refer to romantic relationships, creative endeavour, and the emotional bonds shared with friends and family. Cups cards that are particularly indicative of romantic love are the Ace of Cups and Two of Cups, and the Page, Knight, King and Queen of Cups.

Things the Tarot reader needs to keep in mind when doing a love Tarot reading

People’s emotions and personal relationships are delicate topics. It is important that you as a reader handle them with great respect and delicacy.

As with any other Tarot reading, it is important to keep things confidential – everything the querent confides in you has to remain under metaphysical lock and key.

When doing love Tarot readings, it is important to remember that you, from an outside perspective, might feel like the querent’s best course of action is self-evident and clear as day. But from their inside perspective, things may not be so cut-and-dry. You cannot, and should not try to, force a quern’s hand in making decisions about their relationships. Your job as a professional reader is to channel the card’s messages, not dole out your personal opinions and relationship advice.

Another important thing to keep in mind when laying out a love Tarot spread is that it is not for you, the Tarot reader, to judge. You may not agree with the querent’s way of handling their situation, but you have to allow them to come to their own conclusions.

Finally – this one is vital – don’t sugar coat it. Tell the querent what the Tarot spread reveals, exactly as it comes to you.

How to do a love Tarot reading

Now you are ready to try your hand at different love Tarot spreads. What distinguishes relationship Tarot spreads from any other Tarot spreads is really just their focus – meaning any spread you are already familiar with and like to use can be used when doing readings about romantic relationships.

But if you want to discover new and effective love Tarot spreads, keep reading.

Tarot readings to help solve romantic dilemmas

A lot of the questions that tend to come up in relationship Tarot readings have to do with wanting to resolve a romantic dilemma. Every situation and relationship is different, but there are still similarities in the kinds of romanic problems people typically face. Typical scenarios include the querent finding themselves split between two different romantic partners, unsure of whether to pursue a new relationship, or unsure of whether to leave a current one if the trust has been broken or the romance has fizzled out.

Here are a few relationship Tarot spread ideas that are particularly geared towards problem-solving and finding clarity.

Yes or no love Tarot reading

The yes or no love Tarot spread is the most straightforward one there is. Keep in mind, not every querent is going to welcome the potentially hard-hitting insight that a single card can deliver.

There are numerous different ways of doing a yes or no love Tarot reading. The easiest by far is done by cutting the deck in two. Makes sure you have two even-sized packets of cards. Turn one packet on its head, so that the cards are going to come up reversed, while leaving the other upright. Then shuffle and mix the cards together. Pull out one card – an upright card means yes, a reversed card means no.

Option A or option B love Tarot reading

This relationship Tarot spread gives you a clear indication of whether option A or B is going to be the best way forward for you. This reading is ideal when you are standing at a crossroads with two different options in front of you.

Pull two Tarot cards from the deck, deciding which one represents option A and which one represents option B. Ideally, the two cards you have drawn indicate vastly different potential. If, say, you have drawn the Two of Cups and the Nine of Swords, the answer is clear – option A, leading to the Two of Cups, is best while option B, leading to the Nine of Swords, would be the wrong outcome for you.

Three card love Tarot reading

The three card Tarot spread offers endless possibilities.

Compatibility love Tarot readings

Compatibility readings are useful when you want to gain a deeper understanding of what potential relationships might have in store. A compatibility love reading can help clarify feelings and motivations when entering into a new relationship.

Two card compatibility Tarot reading

This compatibility relationship Tarot spread is as simple and straightforward as they come. For this brief and to-the-point reading, simply draw two cards, one representing each person in the relationship.

You are, of course, hoping that the cards that come up indicate harmony and mutual attraction. Ideally, the two cards will both be from the same suit or otherwise compatible. If, for example, you draw the Emperor and the Empress, it indicates that each person is equally emotionally invested, and that both a bringing a lot of energy and magic into the picture. If, on the other hand, you draw dissimilar or even dissonant cards, it can indicate a troubled love life.

Four card compatibility Tarot reading

Similar to the two card relationship reading, the four card Tarot spread allows you to analyse the energy that each partner is bringing into the relationship in a little more detail.

The first two cards remain as the core of the reading – one card representing each partner. Add anther card for each to gain insight into what each partner is looking for in the relationship.

Six card card mind, body, spirit compatibility reading

Romantic relationships and attraction work on all levels – physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.

This Tarot spread requires six cards, three for each partner in the relationship. Place them in two vertical rows next to each other. The first card in each row indicates physical attraction and compatibility, the second card signifies mental and emotional compatibility, and the third card tells you about the compatibility of the two romantic partners on a higher level.

Tarot readings to help with coping and healing after a breakup

A significant amount of relationship questions that come up in Tarot renderings relate to past love, lost love, and the pain left behind when a romantic relationship has fallen to pieces. These types of readings are necessarily more focused on the querent than on the other person.

When a relationship has definitively ended, the best advice you can give your querent if they want to focus the reading on their past partner’s feelings, thoughts or motivations, is to instead bring their energy and focus back to the present, back to their own healing and their own journey.

Three card spread focused on self-love and healing

Here comes yet another variation over the endlessly malleable three card Tarot spread. Draw three cards and assign each of them a position focused on encouraging self-love and healing.

For example, the first card might represent the querent here-and-now, the second card represents the most important lesson that the relationship has taught you, and the final card indicates your greatest strength as you move forward.

Five card spread for an eagle’s eye perspective

This relationship Tarot spread requires five or more cards. Sometimes, when we are swamped in intense and negative emotions, it can be very difficult to think ahead, or to remember that there is more to life than the intense pain and sadness that can ensue when a partner leaves you.

The five card reading can build on the previous three card reading, by adding two more. The first card reminds you of hidden reservoirs of inner strength, and the second one points out an unexpected source or direction from which new happiness and joy is going to come.

Next step Tarot readings

Whether the reading you have done has been focused on a current relationship, a new or a disintegrated one, it is always appropriate to end the reading on an encouraging note.

A final word of advice

Before the querent leaves, draw one final card of advice for the querent. Don’t assign this card any particular position, just let it come out with what it has to say. Ask it to end the reading with something positive and unexpected.

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