6 of Wands

The Six of Wands, sometimes referred to as the success card, is a decidedly positive omen when it comes up in Tarot readings. If there is any one Minor Arcana Tarot card that points to a successful outcome, a personal victory or public recognition, the 6 of Wands is it.

The Six of Wands card might appear in a reading to indicate that your hard work and efforts are just about to bear fruit by bringing you the rewards, accolades, or public praise you have been craving. The Six of Wands tends to indicate large scale public successes such as a career breakthrough, a runaway success, a triumphant launch or a life-changing opportunity.

Only rarely does the Six of Wands indicate a sense of luck. The successes that the Six of Wands refers to are the well-deserved manifestations of the positive energy, hard work and concerted action that you have been putting in for an extended period of time leading up to this moment of triumph.

What the Wands mean in Tarot

In the metaphorical language of the Tarot, the Minor Arcana suit of Wands represents fire and all of the qualities associated with the element; drive, ambition, passion, desire, willpower.

Numerology number 6 in Tarot

According to numerology, the number 6 is imbued with a gentle, loving and nurturing energy and stands for healing, support and compassion.

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The meaning and energy of the number 6 is relevant to the interpretation of the Six of Wands Tarot card, which very much suggests that you are receiving love and support from your surroundings.

Six of Wands Tarot card description

Depictions of the Six of Wands Tarot card can differ quite a lot form deck to deck, but you can expect to find versions of the classic Rider-Waite symbols and details in most renditions – for that reason, these are the symbols and details we will be taking a closer look at here.

The man

The main figure in the Six of Wands Minor Arcana card is the man riding a horse in the card’s foreground. His outfit combines earthy tones and fiery colours, suggesting practicality paired with fiery ambition – a potent cocktail by anyone’s standards.

On his head the man wears a laurel wreath, a universal symbol of victory.

The horse

The man is riding a white horse, its colour symbolic of the purity and clarity of his intent and mission in life.

The horse itself is a symbol of strength, power and resilience.

The wand

The man is armed not with a sword or any other traditional weapon, but with a large wand. Green shoots are bursting from its bark, hinting at the potency and life force it represents. Like the man’s head, his wand is also crowned with a laurel wreath, as if to suggest that his victories are fast stacking up.

The cheering crowd

In the background, greeting the man with their own lifted wands, is a cheering crowd. These people are the man’s supporters, fans, followers or patrons. The are celebrating his triumphs and achievements with him and are deriving a lot of happiness through watching him win. He, in turn, couldn’t do what he is doing without his loyal supporters cheering him along.

Six of Wands Tarot card meanings

Each Tarot card contains within it a true abundance of meaning – it has many layers, facets and possible interpretations. Here are some of the most prominent Six of Wands Tarot card meanings.

Victory, success, triumph

A key meaning of the upright Six of Wands Tarot card is victory, a successful or triumphant outcome.

Success can mean many different things and can take any number of different forms. It can be either public or private, great or small. But it is always triumphant; there is a sense of overcoming the obstacles, beating the odds, or succeeding in an endeavour you have been pouring time and vital energy into for a period of time. Victory is sweet, and right now, you are allowing yourself to enjoy it fully, to bask in the joy and joy of what you have achieved.


Not every achievement is a grand leap or an all-out success. Sometimes, there is simply progress, incremental growth, a single step in the right direction witnessed by only you.

When the Six of Wands appears in a Tarot reading, it can be as a reminder for you to recognise and celebrate simply moving forward and making headway, even when true victory is still far off on the distant horizon.

Recognition, accolades, clout, fame

Another important meaning of the Five of Wands Minor Arcana card is public recognition, clout and even fame. These are all derivatives of public success (or private success that you choose to share with the public in a meaningful way).

When the Six of Wands appears in its upright position in Tarot readings, it often suggests that others are taking note of your talents and achievements. Your work may be garnering a crowd, or your abilities and experience within an organisation or industry are being acknowledged and rewarded.

There is a wonderful sense of pride that comes with being recognised and applauded for your efforts and contributions.


The Six of Wands Tarot card often indicates self confidence and a healthy sense of self esteem.

One thing is having your efforts and talents recognised and appreciated by others, another thing is being able to see and appreciate them yourself. Far too many people enjoy objective success but are still failing to see their own worth. When the upright Six of Wands comes up in a Tarot spread, it indicates that you are not falling into this common trap but are fully aware and appreciative of what you have achieved in life so far, and of what you are still achieving.

Because you are approaching your work or avocation with confidence, you are much more likely to be even more successful in the future than if you were to come from a place of self-depreciation and diminished self worth.

Reversed Six of Wands Tarot card meanings

When the Six of Wands reversed appears in a Tarot spread its generally positive meaning becomes distorted, corrupted and turned on its head. Here are some of the key meanings of the Six of Wands reversed.

A bloated ego

In the upright Six of Wands card the main character is appreciative and grateful for his followers and the power and support they give him. The Six of Wands reversed plays out a completely different dynamic.

Painful as it can be to acknowledge, the reversed Six of Wands may indicate that you may have become bloated on praise and have allowed yourself to become blinded by self-importance. You no longer acknowledge your supporters but are taking them for granted.

You may have become fame hungry or simply obsessed with accumulating more material stuff for yourself. Other people no longer matter to you unless they are there to feed your already engorged ego.

A fall from grace

Sometimes, the Six of Wands reversed can indicate a fall from grace.

Most likely a combination of broken promises, egotistical behaviour and a lack of appreciation for your supporters is what has brought you to this place.

Take it for what it is, a powerful and vital lesson: Success is not necessary static or permanent, and it depends on the people who trust, believe in and admire you. If you abuse their trust or is disregard the relationship that exists between you and your supporters, rebuilding that broken trust can be a daunting and difficult task. A reputation once dented can prove very difficult to smooth out.

A lack of confidence

When the reversed Six of Wands comes up in a Tarot reading it can indicate a lack of confidence and belief in yourself.

You don’t really put too much credence in your own talents and abilities and don’t believe you deserve any rewards or recognition for the challenges you have faced and overcome, for the work you put in or for the art or wisdom that you so generously share.

When you are confident and take pride in what you have to offer the world, success is so much easier to manifest than when you don’t believe in yourself. If this is you, the Six of Wands reversed is a sign from the universe, telling you to start rebuilding your relationship with yourself. Find ways of stoking your inner fire and of rediscovering your inherent sense of self worth.

Personal definition of success

One potential positive meaning of the Six of Wands reversed is a personal definition of success.

Ultimately, true satisfaction come both from without and from within. If you are letting external markers of success dictate your enjoyment of life, you are setting yourself up in a very vulnerable position, doomed forever to pander to what you think others want from you.

If, on the other hand, you are able to see your inherent magic through a lens of spirituality that doesn’t rely too much on external validation, you will always be coming from a position of strength and graceful poise as you approach your life’s various goals and endeavours.

Six of Wands Tarot card interpretations

The Six of Wands contains many shifting, rippling layers of meaning. Which ones become relevant in any specific Tarot reading is always going to depend on the subject of the reading, the individual Tarot reader’s interpretation, and on any surrounding cards. To illustrate, here are a few examples of how the Six of Wands Tarot card might be interpreted differently in different contexts.

What the 6 of Wands means in a love Tarot reading


You are in a very positive, promising and empowering place in terms of love and romance. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you are not short on options or admirers. Others are recognising and paying attention to you, and you are feeling confident and bold in your desires.


The reversed Six of Wands is not a good omen when it comes to love and relationships. You may not be feeling very confident in terms of what you want sexually or in a relationship. Alternatively, you might be using the person or people you are romantically involved with, without regard for their feelings.

What the 6 of Wands means in a career Tarot reading


The Six of Wands is a good sign when it comes to career and finances. You are in a place of opportunity, of being recognised and rewarded. Financial success is implied, wider recognition is possible.


Whether this is objectively true or not, you are feeling deeply dissatisfied with where you are at in your career. Building your inner resilience and focusing on connecting with your supporters are your best bets.

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