Full Moon Tarot Spread

The moon cycle has always had a profound effect on human beings. By moonlight, our intuition is amplified while our deepest desires and most powerful emotions well up from the realm of the subconscious and come into full view of our conscious awareness.

On full moon nights, a liminal space of opens up, like a window swinging open and allowing us to reach heightened awareness and perception. In other words, the full moon is the perfect time for putting your trusty Tarot deck into action.

Laying a full moon Tarot spread can be part of a full moon ritual, where you carve out sacred space for yourself to reflect and set intentions, or it can be a full moon ritual in and of itself.

Truly, any Tarot spread can potentially be used as a full moon spread, but in case you are looking for inspiration, here are a couple of ideas for full moon Tarot readings that promise to deliver powerful insight.

Illumination, release, transformation – Three card Full Moon Tarot spread

This Tarot spread for the full moon is short and sweet – one of the many variations over the ever popular three card Tarot reading. This full moon Tarot spread is particularly useful if you are feeling trapped and are wondering how to release what is no longer serving you.

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Shuffle the Tarot deck, then draw three Tarot cards. Place them in a horizontal row in front of you and turn them over. Read the Tarot spread left to right, as when reading a book.

1) Illumination

The first card position brings the illumination of the full moon into the reading, by revealing what can no longer stay hidden.

Sometimes, this card position reveals additional resources, whether external or internal, that you were not aware were at your disposal.

2) Release

The second card position tells you about what is no longer serving you and what you need to let go of in order to thrive. For example, you may see the Devil card appearing in this position as an indication that you are enslaved to negative habits or obsessions and need to let them go.

3) Transformation

The third card position tells you how your new insights and the energy you are releasing are going to transform you and your perspective going forwards.

Horoscope full moon Tarot spread

The horoscope full moon Tarot spread is significantly longer and more complex than the simple full moon Tarot reading just introduced. This Full moon spread involves 12 card positions and is ideal when you really want to give your intuition something to work with as you read Tarot cards on the full moon. This Tarot spread allows you to go into great depth and detail, and just like the astrology horoscope, it helps illuminate all of the different aspects of your life in unexpected ways.

As with the illumination, release, transformation full moon Tarot spread, start by shuffling the deck. Instead of laying the Tarot cards out in a row, place them in a circle. Move clockwise as you place each of the twelve cards on one of the twelve hour of the clock – you are essentially placing the Tarot cards in a horoscope formation, where each of the twelve cards represents a different house within the horoscope.

1) First house

The horoscope moon reading begins with the first card position, which represents the first astrological house. In a horoscope, the first house stands for new beginnings, as well as personality traits, potential, and outward appearance.

The card that shows up in the first house position is going to provide you with a snapshot view of your life, your attitude, your approach and your circumstances as they are right now. It will give you a cursory view of your situation and of the general flow of the energies moving through and shaping your life here and now.

2) Second house

The second card position represents the second astrological house. The second house stands for values, tangible assets and material possessions.

Typically, this card position is going to tell you about your current financial and material situation. It will reveal whether you are on stable or unstable ground, on track or off-piste in terms of creating financial abundance.

3) Third house

The third card position represents the third house in the astrological horoscope. The third house signifies mental activity, communication, writing, and sometimes friendship.

The card appearing in the third house position is going to tell you about your mental health, and give you an indication of the flow of communication and truths in your life. If, for example, a reversed card comes up in this position, it can indicate that you have trouble asserting or expressing yourself, or getting your points and truths across.

4) Fourth house

The fourth card position represents the fourth astrological house. The fourth house stands for private life, home and family.

The card appearing in this position is going to tell you about your interpersonal relationships and the bonds you have with your nearest and dearest.

5) Fifth house

The fifth card position represents the firth house in astrology. The firth house signifies creativity, emotions, romance, playfulness, art and entertainment.

The card appearing in this position is going to tell you about the contents of your emotions and real what inspires you.

6) Sixth house

The sixth card position represents the sixth astrological house. The sixth house indicates health, work, hygiene and service.

The card appearing in this position is going to tell you about your physical health, and the different ways in which you collaborate with and serve other humans.

7) Seventh house

The seven card position represents the seventh astrological house. The seventh house stands for relationships, marriage, partnerships, and contracts of every kind.

The card which shows up in this position is going to tell you about your marriage, your agreements, your assignments, any binding promises you have made.

8) Eight house

The eight card position represents the horoscope’s eight house. Sex, transcendence, hidden influences, the occult, death and rebirth are all indicated here.

The card appearing here is going to show you where you are drawn, and how you are changing and transforming.

9) Ninth house

The ninth card position represents the ninth astrological house. The ninth house stands for education, law, philosophy, religion, dreams, travel and the higher self.

The card appearing here will tell you a clearer idea of your higher goals and ambitions.

10) Tenth house

The tenth card position represents the tenth astrological house. The tenth house represents public life, career, profession, accolades, recognition.

The card appearing here is going to tell you more about your earthly goals and ambitions.

11) Eleventh house

The element card position represents the eleventh astrological house. Friends, associations, groups, belonging, hopes and wishes are all indicated here.

The eleventh card is going to lay bare some of your deepest dreams, wishes and desires.

12) Twelfth house

The twelfth card position represents the horoscope’s twelfth house. The twelfth house is home to the unconscious mind, to secrets, karma, hidden limitations and mysteries.

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